2016 Mexican Grand Prix championship points

2016 Mexican Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton cut the gap in the drivers’ championship to 19 points to Nico Rosberg after winning the Mexican Grand Prix.

Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 679
2 Red Bull 427
3 Ferrari 365
4 Force India 145
5 Williams 136
6 McLaren 74
7 Toro Rosso 55
8 Haas 29
9 Renault 8
10 Manor 1
11 Sauber 0

2016 Mexican Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2016 Mexican Grand Prix championship points”

  1. The F1 is corrupt, this is matchfixing. All the drivers have to get the same panaltey for the same foult. F1 Is not to be taking seriously.
    F1 is very corrupt and not fair!

  2. Red Bull P2 in Championship and Ferrari P3*

  3. What do Rosberg and Hamilton need to do from here to win the World Drivers’ Championship? Nico Rosberg has 349 points, Lewis Hamilton has 330. There are two races remaining, so with 25 points for a win then there is a maximum 50 points available. The maximum Hamilton could get between now and the end of the season is those remaining 50 points, taking him to 380 points. The deficit between that and Rosberg’s current 349 points is 31 points, so Rosberg would need to get a minimum of a second place and a third place (18 + 15 = 33 points + 349 = 382) to beat Hamilton. If Rosberg wins the next race (25 points) then he’d have (349 + 25 = ) 374 points, which is 44 points ahead of where Hamilton is now, so he’d become the World Drivers’ Champion regardless of the last race result because the maximum amount of points available to Hamilton would be 43 points (18 points for second + 25 points for first at the last race of the season).

    1. Rosberg’s surely got to go for the win in Brazil. Hamilton has never won at Interlagos, so it’s Rosberg’s chance to heap on the pressure and win the championship with some style and remove a little bit of the sense that he lucked into the title.

      Hamilton on the other hand should be hoping for on-off rain and a good degree of chaos.

    2. @drycrust – good shout out regarding Rosberg winning the WDC if he wins at Brazil, irrespective of what Hamilton does. Unlike the rather contrived set of circumstances that were required for Rosberg to win the WDC at Mexico, this is a comparatively more feasible set of circumstances.

      For a driver who keeps chanting a mantra of “I think about the race, not the championship” that should be an eye-opener. 😊

  4. A wet race at Brazil will set up a dramatic grand finale.The chances of rain is most likely at interlagos which is a track at usual circumstances not so kind to Hamilton so far but if it is rain then a great chance of Hamilton taking more than 7 points from Rosberg.with the red bulls and Ferrari s in the mix with rainy circumstances will be worth to watch.If track conditions are normal it will be another Mercedes one two.even if Hamilton wins it’s not going to help his title bid.

    1. Yep, hope the heavens open in Interlagos!

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