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Rate the race: 2016 Mexican Grand Prix

2016 Mexican Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Mexican Grand Prix.

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120 comments on “Rate the race: 2016 Mexican Grand Prix”

  1. 7. It wasn’t the best but it was saved by the drama at the end. On the plus side it was nice to see a track where cars are following close, there were some really some bold overtake attempts and of course the stadium and the track in general are great for the crowd.

    1. Ball tearer of a finish!!!!!

    2. You don’t mean that you want to see all races like this: Faster cars (Ferr/FI) unable to pass a slower car (Will) for 50 laps because the slow car has a high top speed, and other passes are near impossible. In that case, they better can do what Button suggests: Shorten the races to half an hour maximum :)

      1. That’s the reason why DRS was introduced. It wasn’t as effective here as it was on other tracks and I am happy for that! Some drivers did manage to take advantage of DRS, but they still had to rely on their skills to make the pass. We usually point our finger at DRS for making passing too easy and spoiling real racing, but not this time. To me it was perfect.

        1. +1

          DRS is a god send at some tracks(Cataluyna/Mexico/Bahrain) where it gives the driver “just enough” help and then has places where they overpowered it (by having the activation length be too long) at tracks that didn’t even need DRS in the first place(Interlagos/Spa/Montreal/Shanghai), thus eliminating some of the great racing we used to see at those tracks. These activation zone lengths are something that could easily be fixed by the FIA, yet they seem to ignore that it is a tool at their disposal.

          I love that most of our fanatics HATE DRS in the name of purer racing, but removal of DRS in whole will make several races on the calendar once again the processional parades of Trulli trains of the past with a couple strategic pit stops per race as the only tension inducing moments. So I’m still not joining with my pitchfork on calling for the end of DRS, but would rather the FIA selected a few tracks before next season to run without DRS activated, just as a sanity check and for a comparison to the other side of the aero-drag pendulum.

      2. Ferrari should leave F1. Much better follow other ways.

  2. 1/10 for most of the race but 4/10 overall because of the end. Ricciardo deserves the podium more than the two petulant children that he finished between.

    1. Ricciardo the winner…everyone left the track and vet moved under brakes

    2. Take Max and Seb away and it would have been the most boring race since Indianapolis 2005.

    3. You got what you wished for apparently ;-)

  3. 6. Start and first phase was good, middle absolutely boring and the end furious

    1. @rike, same reasoning but average 5 for me.

      1. I couldn’t vote yesterday and now I’m happy I didn’t, will vote 3 now for this farce… Seriously I like Daniel, and he is right after the rules been specified but this situation wouldn’t have come up if they’ve told ves to move his behind out of the way immediately

  4. 4. Three interesting moments (start of race, Max on Nico and Vettel on Max. Otherwise it was the usual boring procession. I walked away from the US GP and almost walked away from this one.

    1. Velo maybe F1 isnt for you..Nascar has more carnage

      1. I’ve been watching since the 70’s. Perhaps you don’t understand how good F1 use to be.

        1. +1 from me, and +1,000s from all the ex fans.

        2. velo you mean the boring single file processions?

  5. 6. Terrible race in the middle but brilliant start and end. The start, we had Hamilom cutting turn one unfairly, Verstappen hitting Rosberg. At the end we had Hulk spin, Vettel anger, the incidents with Verstappen and Ricciardo. But after the race sthat was crazy good.

    And for all those people saying DRS should be banned and tyres should last the whole distance, that’s how your races would be, what we had in the middle stint, such bore and 5 overtakes in total.

    First 69 laps – 2/10
    The ending – 20/10

  6. 5. As a Mexican not going to the race for the second time running I have to say that it is just not worth going to the race. Not even watching it. The only thing that kept me awake was the strategy from Vettel, but it was obvious that Mercedes wasn’t going to risk a pit stop. The end was good, but still this track is not just for racing. Ditch this track and build a new one, this people deserve a decent show.

    1. I think you are wrong here @cocaine-mackeine Boring races are awesome @ the track, while interesting races are much better watched with modern technology and TV so nothing will be missed.

      1. I agree. At the track, a boring race is fantastic. In Melbourne 2015 we had the smallest grid since the infamous US GP And, as a McLaren fanatic, a useless car to cheer for. There were so many retirements the last placed car (Button) almost got in the points. It was rated as one of the worst races in a long while, with people here even suggesting fans at the track demand their money back, but I had a fantastic time. Being at the track, the noise, the cars, the vibe, the people, the practice sessions, the stalls, the old cars. It’s fantastic. Just seeing the cars, even the few that we had, wizz by at full speed. You want a TV for a good race (which is why I also record the Melbourne GP whenever I go, to see it later). Track-side it really doesn’t matter. It’s still fun.

        1. Well said @nmsi and @selbbin, in an interesting race you lose quite a bit of context while sitting at the track (especially since Kangaroo TV isn’t around anymore), track side it is about seeing, experiencing the cars (hence the importance of engine noise, even though I myself quite like the V6 hybrids, with turbo, audible breaks and tyres).

  7. 4/10 overall. Almost a 5 just because of Vettel’s comments at the end.

  8. 6 from me. It was epic first sting from Vettel – wonder why they did not try it with both the SF’s
    The transcript sounds like – Verstappen was asked to move over by team and from stewards but disagreed, brake testing was a poor choice. Race made a bit interesting by the 19 yr old, Seb and Dan.

  9. Anthony Blears
    30th October 2016, 21:11

    I know it’s a boring race when I start doing housework, and I got a lot done. Great start and incendiary end though, so 4/10.

  10. The 66 first laps were pretty boring so ~3 for them but the drama in the last laps raises it for 6. Nice to have Verstappen in the grid so we have something to talk about in next 2 weeks :P

    1. I did actually gave 3 because i heavily dislike dishing out time penalties after podium. Leave them for next race or take away points or do something else instead.

  11. 4.

    A messy turn 1; a failed overtake on a Mercedes; a spinning Force India; a little bit of drama for the final podium place.

    A thoroughly dull event. Way too many of the 71 laps was essentially nothing.

  12. Half a lap of interest and excitement in 71 laps of racing makes for pretty dull viewing, but I’ll be generous and give it 3/10.

    1. Along the same lines, I gave it a 2/10. I was bored out of my mind for most of it. Can’t believe how highly most people are rating it. Even the excitement at the end was tempered by penalties and the drivers’ petulance.

  13. Let’s be honest: dreadful circuit layout (Mexico’s atmosphere is sensational, but sadly, I can’t want to see this track disappear from the calendar) resulting in processional racing, embarrassing conduct from a clearly embattled man, and inconsistent penalties (Hamilton cleared but Verstappen penalised; Vettel unpenalised against Ricciardo for moving under braking). I’m downgrading because of the entitlement and lack of self-restraint Vettel demonstrated, dreadfully boring racing (apart from the largely nullified highlights at the sharp ends), and lacklustre stewarding. 3.

  14. A race that seemed to hit both ends of the spectrum, with boredom and frustration as cars followed line astern unable to attack for much of the race followed by explosive action with what were frankly desperate moves. There was a lot of inconsistency with penalties as well, Hamilton and Rosberg getting away with cutting the second corner on the first lap (though stewards are generally more lenient on the first lap and Hamilton lost his advantage with the safety car) while Vestappen was penalized for near enough the same thing that Hamilton did (not being attacked and lost what he gained pretty quickly). Vettel didn’t exactly cover himself in glory with his response either.
    I really hope the 2017 cars aren’t going to have this much difficulty following each other next year

    1. Lewis’ advantage was one huge flatspot less and it didn’t go away with the SC

      1. That is true, though seemingly not a bad one.
        Still, what was and wasn’t penalized may cause some worrying presidencies.

  15. Really dull race really. Lots of people getting super close but not quite managing to get past and for all the threats of Red Bull or Ferrari really taking it to Mercedes were (again) for nothing. Rosberg seems happy to cruise to the finish as it were.

    Verstappen/Vettel – Even Red Bull told Verstappen he’d probably have to give the place back so I have no idea why he stayed out front. Then again the rules and race stewarding needs to be hardened up on this kind of thing as it changes per race. Little consistency.

    In short it was a sleepy race other than the minor dummy spitting at the end.

    1. It is simple. Verstappen did not give the place back becaause he saw Lewis and Nico cut the same chicane without consequences, and decided to force the stewards to look into this.
      He most likely expected a penalty, which would drop him to fifth (and did so, initially).
      If he let Seb by he would have to let Daniel by too, to give Daniel a chance for overtaking Seb.
      So to him it made no difference, except to give Daniel a better chance by boxing Seb up. Ain’t he a nice team player ;)

  16. lap 1: 7/10
    laps 2-67: 1/10
    laps 68-72: 9/10
    post race: 10/10

    How should I rate this?

    1. Weighted average thats how.

    2. that will be a 1.66 score

  17. 5/10 Start and end was pretty good. After the first round of stops the race was a struggle.

  18. 3/10 + 2 for Vettel = 5/10.
    There was no race (competition) for the win or any podium position. Apart from Vettel’s last few laps obviously.
    This track hates overtaking.

  19. Am I the only one to see cota rate the race results instead of Mexico one?
    Gave it a 5. Quite boring for 70 laps.

    1. I am seeing the results of COTA driver of the weekend as well…….

      1. +1 COTA DOTW vote results showing up @keithcollantine

      1. COTA DOTW only for me.

  20. 4 for me…and that was raised after the last few laps….Vettel is doing more commentary than Murray Walker…and some of it very very bad taste….and possibly we haven’t heard the last of third place…….as for the track….well the Mexican spectators seemed to like it…..surely they are not that easily pleased???

  21. 7 for me. Another boring race but the end was just great.

  22. Completely ruined by inconsistency in the stewarding.

    It’s hard to blame any of the drivers for their incidents really because none of them know exactly what the rules are or how they will be applied. I really hope they stop blaming each other (which is what I think the stewarding is trying to provoke, as it is entertaining, but for the wrong reasons) and realise that it’s a circumstance of the lack of consistency.

    The drivers should direct their ire towards the stewards rather than each other as it really is ruining the legitimacy of the competition.

    F1 should be about close and exciting racing, not exciting reactions from the drivers after the race… Watching Sky now lap it up and say “this is what F1 is all about” just about makes me want to turn of entirely. It’s a professional contest, not a guessing game as to what’s allowed.

    1. ^ 1/10 from by the way… I was actually somewhat enjoying the race (good battles throughout, albeit not wheel to wheel but on the time sheets) would have given it a 6-7 or so, but the circus it turned in to completely killed it for me.

      1. TacoofAdrenaline
        30th October 2016, 22:36

        Tristan is spot on that “he drivers should direct their ire towards the stewards rather than each other as it really is ruining the legitimacy of the competition.” Just what Vettel did!

        1. Some respect would be nice though.

  23. If anything this race was a statement against long-life tyres. Everyone stopped between lap 15 and 20 and then there was 50 laps of status quo. Only thanks to Vettel, we have something to talk about.

    I’m off to watch some 2012 F1 clips…

  24. Is it just me, or does anyone else also see “who was the best driver of the united states GP” instead of the poll field to give a race rating?

    I think i will give it a 7.

    1. Yep, me too.
      I think it’s Keith’s way of stopping the ratings for this race lowering the average for the season too much

      1. Me too. I’ve voted Occon out of 10. Disappointing and nowhere neat as good as the hype.

        1. Yes, had that too – Occon is an interesting choice; this morning it worked as planned, so I gave it a 7/10 – the middle was uneventful (and I bet I am almost as tired of seeing Massa’s diffuser as Perez must be, unlike the FOM director that kept showing it, hopeful of some action). This track isn’t great for these cars, I can only hope that next year somehow changes the balance; but the last few laps were quite good, even though I am glad I switched of soon after the podium, as the complaints apparently kept flying.

    2. Me as well re US GP – rated it a 8 as I was always anticipating something unusual happening so it held my interest throughout – Max, Ricardo and Vettel in that order made it exciting at the end

    3. Ditto, can’t vote but I’ll give it a 6, after Max had a go at Rosberg and failed to pass or take him out I lost interest, even though it was another outstanding drive by Lewis.

    4. Same, no idea what’s up. I was going to give it a six but upped to 7 for the excitement at the end. It actually stopped me dozing off! The director was guilty of over-zealous nationalism focusing almost non-stop on the uneventful Perez-Bottas battle.

    5. No, you are not alone.
      Web site error (software or wordpress ‘post’ edit error).

  25. 7.

    What’s going on with Vettel?!? Jeez, dude, calm down a little, it’s not a death race!!!

    What this race underlined is that the stewards are not very consistent in their decisions, especially penalizing any of the drivers fighting for the WDC (HAM and ROS). They decided to investigate every incident, even incidents that are racing incidents and should have let them go (like VES-ROS at the 1st corner)… but no investigation on HAM. HAM obviously deserved a 5s penalty for cutting the 1st corner like that in the 1st lap. And now look, the RBR boys are making a big fuss about it and they’re very right to do so.

    PS: is there any other channel that takes HAM’s side more than Sky?!?

    1. I don’t know, but RTL.DE didn’t think HAM going off was a big deal and they expected a penalty for VES in the 1st corner for pushing ROS off track (sure ROS is German, but they didn’t think in the end that HAM was an issue anyway), so maybe it wasn’t such a big deal as the RBR guys want it to be now.

  26. 6

    Quite dull for long periods around the middle, pity RB didn’t have a tenth or so more pace.

  27. 6/10. This was going for 4/10 but seeing Verstappen pushed away from the podium was thoroughly pleasant. It’s time the FIA slapped him with a severe penalty. His team told him to cede position but he kept fighting which almost ended in a Vettel-Ricciardo incident.

    Incredible drive from Marcus Ericsson, shunted off by the Gutierrez-Wehrlein incident at the start and running the entire race on the same set of tires with a car probably suffering damage from the crash. Definitely my Driver of the Day.

    1. His team told him to stay put. This wasn’t broadcasted but is in the radio transcript. And he kept fighting to get Riccardio past Vettel to secure Red Bulls 2nd place in the constructors championship.

  28. Max Verstappen…the gift that keeps on giving.
    It’s been since the late 90’s that I had so much fun during a season.
    Keep it coming, kiddo, drive to win.

    And Vettel is a disgrace with his whining about, well everything, bust mostly moving under breaking.

  29. The track is really terrible and the race was quite boring. Good straightline speed was enough to keep a faster car behind indefinitely.

  30. I’m surprised no one is talking about Max Verstappen’s involvement with Nico Rosberg at the start of the race… I’m not talking about the merrits of whether the move was a good one or not, obviously others are talking about that. However, in all the history of F1 I’ve seen, and I’ve been around a while now… When the championship comes down to the wire, and with this being the 3rd last race, the main championship contenders are generally left alone and given a wide berth, because no one wants to be involved with ruining one drivers championship hopes. It seems Verstappen is either oblivious, or doesn’t believe in that unspoken rule by touching wheels with Rosberg on the 1st corner. I’m a little bit shocked that he would risk tangling with a main championship contender just to get a position on the track that he struggle to maintain in comparison to the Mercedes significant pace advantage.

    1. I think he genuinely doesn’t care about anyone else’s race or championship. He’ll dismiss it as ‘not my problem’.

    2. Like @selbbin correctly states, Max doesn’t give a rats ass about who he might be crashing into or how he might affect the championship. He is completely oblivious to what happens around him. Super talented driver but he made a lot of mistakes in this race.

      He should not have run Rosberg wide, he should have settled for P3 heading into the first corner. He should DEFINITELY have ceded his position when told so by his team near the end. Best moment of the race was seeing his face when he realised he was taken away from the podium ceremony.

      1. I also think that moment was one of the reasons Rosberg didn’t seem to feel all that much sympathy for Verstappen as that happened @chrischrill, @dragoll, it was notable how Rosberg and Hamilton seemed to bond over the weirdness happening behind them (below them ;) on the podium

      2. His team told him to stay put. Check the radio transcript.
        And why should any driver care about the battle between the mercedes drivers; they are all fighting for there own position. And on top of that; He didn’t do anything wrong, just sticked to the racing line which is his right. Rosberg could have backed out of it but choose not to.
        It’s racing, not a mercedes procession.

    3. Come on.. this is racing. Not a procession following the great potential winners in a very fast car with and without much talent.
      Do you really like racers who do not dare to race against a potential champion contender?
      Try darts next time.

  31. Race was a 6, Max oh well you win some you lose some.Bring back the gravel or sand that should keep them on the track!

  32. I drifted off (hey, it started here at 6am) a few times and just listened, and eventually was dreaming the race. I thought it was the real thing. A few various things happened based on what I was hearing. Then Hamilton clipped a chicane and damaged the front wing, slid into a wall and crushed the left front. He was out. He got out of the car and was kneeling on the track with his head in his hands, knowing the championship was over. Then I woke up and looked up to see he was in the lead and nothing had happened. That’s actually a true story.

    1. @selbbin – nightmares of Malaysia? 😊

  33. 3. Mostly boring. Turn 1 needs gravel. Max and Seb need a spanking.

    1. Mwahaha, and they both got it. Only, Max’s was more visible, but Seb should also have been kept apart from the champagne.

  34. Horrible race. Pirelli’s zero grip tires ruined the full weekend. With the air so thin at that altitude they need tires with actual grip since the aerodynamics won’t produce it. It was like watching cars on wood tires.
    And then the drama produced by the inconsistency of rules enforcement. Charlie has become F1’s biggest danger.

    1. I actually enjoyed seeing the cars sliding around, drivers applying opposite lock for a fast smooth result rather than just to correct an error, should be more of it, pity the cars were so strung out for most of the race though.

  35. I think it was pretty good. Start was intense and the final 2 laps was just Mega!! Amazing battling…. i for one disagree with Vettel’s penalty, i feel it’s the FIA are just ruining the racing with so many penalties in general (however Max deserved his today)

    Race also had pretty decent strategy variations

    The only problem was that the middle 69 laps were just boring as can be

    Overall 6/10

  36. Race would have been 10 times better if there were some advertisement boards on the grass in turn 1 to stop drivers from playstationing it:

    We could have had a race between the mercs if Hamilton had fallen behind at the start, but with clearly superior pace to Rosberg it sure would have been a good battle.

    Also Vettel could have overtaken Verstappen fair and square on track and we wouldn’t had that total farce with three different drivers in P3.

    Race itself was a 7/10 for me, post-race farce makes it a 2/10.

  37. 1/10. A real farce.

  38. 7 from me.

    The tension due to the Rosberg vs. Verstappen battle for second was entertaining through most of the race, and ended only when Verstappen’s failed attempt resulted in Rosberg drawing away.

    The ending had excitement, but it turned out to be the unwanted kind due to the penalties, particularly with Vettel’s penalty being handed out so late.

    Perez chasing the Williams was also very entertaining – a better car stymied by the straight line speed of the slippery Williams.

    Also great to see a Sauber finishing 11th ahead of the McLarens, although they’re probably wishing they had broken into 10th to get that elusive point.

  39. 4/10
    Negatives: The quality of stewardship, Max Verstappen’s driving, Sebastian Vettel’s cursing, lack of challenge for the lead, grass on turn 1 was more like tarmac, lack of challenge for the lead
    Positives: Good to see so many spectators, Hamilton in the zone, Ricciardo’s third place

  40. The most boring race of the year for about 69 laps, then exciting at the end. I’ve given it a 5 overall – the end doesn’t quite make up for the fact that I could count the total number of overtakes on one hand.

    Also possible is that FOM just didn’t show the interesting action further down the field…

  41. Seriously flawed logic by stewards not to penalize Alonso in the last race but hitting Sainz with a penalty. Hamilton lives to fight another day in another gift from Whiting and Co and to top it all Vettel got messed up due to a failure of in-race stewarding.

    Only Vettel’s moves and Max’s stupid divebomb moves livened it up but overall no more than a 3 from me. A shame that Ferrari fixed RAI’s face to give vettel a move on as there was no need for him to do an extra stop. Hulk again crumbling under pressure – he is destined to be an also ran.

    Felt sorry for Checo who was decent enough not to play dirty with MAS. Mexican GP was such a letdown and not worth staying up till 3 am (IST).

  42. A bit of a slow burner, but still ultimately a bit dull. At least DRS wasn’t an overpowered monstrosity.

  43. The epitome of a dull race. This was exactly the kind of race plenty of people criticised in the refuelling era, but instead of Magny-Cours or Imola we now have this Tilkefied version of Hermanos Rodriguez. What does it say about a race when the most exciting thing is Verstappen getting booted out of the pre-podium room?

  44. The 3rd quarter of the race was very dull, but we had a spicy opening to the race and a fair amount of action going on throughout the rest of the race. I’m not dissuaded by a lack of passing or battle for the lead. Cars were fighting and on top of each other which keeps the suspense even if a pass isn’t pulled off 7/10

  45. i give it a 1. I don’t know if it is fhe race track but it seems it is almost imposible to pass in that race track. Perez was behind an slower car (massa) almost the entire race. This race was boring. Only bit of excitement was ricciardo trying to pass vettel and verstappen. I’m tired of the constant cursing and whinning of Vettel. I hope another driver punches him for disrespectful. You can’t call stupid,idiot and worse bad words other people for doing their job. Like when he call Massa Idiot for not letting him pass even though massa was fighting for that possition. Unvelievable

  46. Drama in the end made it quite awesome, 8 for me…

  47. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    31st October 2016, 8:40

    1. I’m sorry but…Dumbest race ending ever.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      31st October 2016, 12:22

      Same. I left my rate the race for long enough for it to descent from a total omnishambes to an absolute clusterfarce, with all the stewarding consistency of F1 2009 on Nintendo DS.

      What an absolute joke this ‘sport’ is becoming.

  48. Terrible. What an awful track that is. Vettel making a fool of himself was the only interesting thing all weekend.

  49. 3/10

    These penalties make the sport look silly. All these investigations and the great confusion around the podium have changed F1 into a farce. The racing was boring for almost the whole race. The last laps became more interesting but all this interest was wiped out by the marshals.
    The new graphics during replays are cool, but F1 needs a lot more changes than that to be more appealing.

  50. Anybody else noticed that Rosberg hurt his back on the podium from lifting up the engineer?

  51. 2. Racing being desks and gaining positions in the office is not my type of thing.

    Stewards are awful this year and they are interfering in the wrong away with the sport. They should make clear and attempted decisions.

  52. An OK race. A little quite regarding on-track racing at times, but better than last year’s edition at least, so not too bad.

  53. It was a strange race, tyres performing more durably than normal left the majority of the race rather static. If everyone had gone to the end on their mediums, then it would have been a 2.5 at best, but the trigger of alternative strategies mid-race by some improved the race dramatically come the end. Verstappen having a go at Rosberg, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg’s battle, and of course the intensely heated battle at the end between Verstappen, Vettel and Ricciardo. Improved to a 6

  54. All this race has is an energetic and lively grandstand.

    If we didn’t get a string of questionable stewards decisions and an impetuous vettel swearing on the radio like a child, the mean of this poll would be closer to 4.

    And now house Rosberg looks certain to become the second only to have a championship winning son of a champion, I’d dare say that this is the dross that’ll be served up for the rest of the season. Semi-competitive, overtake lacking bore fest highlighted by shots of ex drivers wives on phones, celebrities watching from a chair in the garage and gurning idiots in the grandstands, itching to embarrass themselves as soon as they notice themselves on the big screens. Cars tiptoeing around on low grip tyres that have effectively lasted the race distance. Very poor from the race director too. It just didn’t flow and seemed to lack something. The cars were close to breaking the speed record, yet they looked no faster than the cars on a parade lap.

    And higher speeds with more areo probably means it’ll be even worse next year. Great!

    Anyway, once the novelty of the grandstands wears off, I’ll worry about the future of this race.

    That’s my 2 pence worth…

  55. Worst track on the F1 calendar. No real racing oppurtunities, just following the car in front until DRS kicks in. Awkward stadium section.

    1. @me4me

      Drs does even’t work. There is no way to overtake here

  56. A grand prix of formation driving where the few passing opportunities attempted by the top end of the grid were penalised by the stewards.

  57. Gave it a 6. Hamilton not getting penalised is ok, as long as the stewards were going to be consistent. But they weren’t, Verstappen was harsh done by.

    The battle for third was pretty sensational, but it was only a battle for third and not the victory.

    There’s something wrong with the Mexican circuit but i don’t know what it is. The final sector is like the final sector of Catalunya, which makes overtaking very difficult down the main straight. I don’t know how i’d change things, either. Would be cool to have a discussion/forum on that!

  58. This track is almost as bad as Catalunya when it comes to overtaking (which means almost worse than Monaco) which is a real shame the way it’s supported. It ought to be modified.

    Exciting race nevertheless, with the small performance gaps. I really hope this is a sign of things to come next years. Hopefully with Brawn at the helm, this can happen.

  59. @spoutnik @basbozz @glynh @mjf1fan @phylyp @hohum @bascb @ceevee @danielh @bosyber @edw4 @budchekov @mortyvicar @alexde

    Apologies we had a few problems on the site immediately after the race – you should be able to vote now though.

    1. Cheers @keithcollantine , it was fine by Monday morning when I voted 👍

    2. Yep, was fixed as I voted on monday @keithcollantine, thanks for your efforts as always!

    3. Thanks for the heads up Keith. Voted done :-)

    4. No worries Keith, stuff happens, I did vote later.

  60. I only gave the race a 5.

    The race was pretty boring and uneventful apart from the last few laps with Vettel’s battles with the Red Bulls, without which my rating would have been lower.

    There was a bit of drama at the start with Hamilton locking up and cutting the corner and the Rosberg and Verstappen incident, but after that nothing much happened for most of the race, it seemed very hard to overtake unless a driver had a much higher performance advantage than we have become used to in this age of designed to degrade tyres and DRS, it was just a case of follow the leader for most drivers, Perez was probably sick of the sight of the back of Massa’s Williams by the end of the race.

    Once again the Mexican fans were great so it was a shame they didn’t get to enjoy a race their support deserved.

    I seem to recall that last year’s Grand Prix wasn’t that good either, hopefully next year things will be better.

    I am not sure what the main cause for the dull races is, whether it was the lower than usual tyre degradation, the thinner air at the high altitude meaning DRS was less effective, the circuit itself or just a combination of several factors.

    Regarding the debate about going of track, gaining an advantage and penalties due, I always thought that events that happened in the chaos of the opening lap were viewed differently to events that happened later in the race, and more leeway was given for incidents at the start.

    However some of the steward’s decisions so far this season mean I no longer know what to expect when something happens in F1 now.

    I know there has been some comments lately about the TV footage of races and the camera angles used, maybe it was because of the dull race but watching the full race it really stands out how many camera shots don’t even focus on the cars and are more about the sponsors adverts, celebrities and others in the garages or the fans in general.

    It was probably due to the later time slot but Channel 4’s live coverage was a bit different this weekend, and not for the better, they had a lot of time after qualifying to fill up, about double what they usually have, but they had hardly any time post-race to do analysis, and this was a race that definitely needed time afterwards to go over the events in the final few laps and the steward’s decisions.

  61. Horrible track. The drivers have no place to make a decent passing move other than the main straight.
    That is why someone like Perez couldn’t even try overtaking at any other place despite his pace over Williams and had to abandon hope since the Williams were too fast in the straights(Force India screw up too without doing the undercut though).
    Basically a track that only allows a DRS pass at best.

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