Grosjean: Haas didn’t plan to get into Q3

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean revealed Haas were unprepared to get into Q3 at Interlagos and hadn’t planned for it before qualifying began.

“We were not expecting to get into Q3,” he told reporters in Brazil. “I don’t think we had a plan, pre-qualifying to go to Q3.”

Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures
By taking seventh on the grid Grosjean equalled the team’s best performance in qualifying from Suzuka three race ago. “It’s great,” he said, “we’ve made some good work with the car.”

“The cooler track conditions has helped us a lot and there’s a lot we can learn about that. Clearly we need to improve when it’s warm but when it’s cold and grey as it was today we’re going pretty fast so that was good.”

Grosjean is using a new brake material this weekend following a series of problems in recent races.

“I used the new brakes, Carbone Industrie, the feel was a lot better,” he said. “Still not perfect in some places, but getting there, so a lot of positives for the future.”

“It’s been a rough run, since we came back from the summer break we’ve had a few issues, a few inexplicable problems with the car, a snap on entry.

“Even this morning I spun twice. The car was reacting very weiredly. It’s just part of the learning process and we just need to keep working around and try to figure out what’s causing the problem.

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “Grosjean: Haas didn’t plan to get into Q3”

    1. Mega lap from Grosjean! Good to him!

    2. Yes my man Grosjean showing what he’s about when the car is there for him.

    3. I think it’s amazing really, not just to put in these performances, and not just with an underperforming car, but a truly dangerous one. To be able to give 110% in that scenario is simply amazing. I don’t think it’s being focused on enough at all, he’d be consistently wondering every corner “Is it going to happen this time? Will I end up in the wall?” and pushing it to the back of his mind.

      That the car is even racing with constant unexplained snap oversteer is absolutely disgraceful from the FIA, if not Haas himself.

      1. I disagree.. Haas is clearly competitive but the team has no previous data or experience with this car to properly set it up. I think this is where the inconsistency lies. To say that people are culpable for a “dangerous” car is preposterous.

        1. Tell that to Patrick Head, who was only saved by the statute of limitation.

    4. MAG is frustrated and is complaining about his car is build on old and used parts as Renault doesn’t produce new ones any longer. His car feels weird and changes during training sessions because of this. In qualify his gearbox missed a gear in one corner. The difference between his and PAL’s car is growing every race. The motor in MAG’s car is still the same from the big crash in spa – refurbed..
      So really looking forward to see him in a team like Haas – they seems to have parts enough..the braiking problem seems to be solved too.

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