2016 Brazilian Grand Prix race result

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes
26Nico RosbergMercedes
333Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer
411Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes
55Sebastian VettelFerrari
655Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Ferrari
727Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes
83Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer
912Felipe NasrSauber-Ferrari
1014Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda
1177Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes
1231Esteban OconManor-Mercedes
1326Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Ferrari
1420Kevin MagnussenRenault
1594Pascal WehrleinManor-Mercedes
1622Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Honda

Not classified: Romain Grosjean, Marcus Ericsson, Kimi Raikkonen, Jolyon Palmer, Felipe Massa, Esteban Gutierrez

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42 comments on “2016 Brazilian Grand Prix race result”

  1. Max Verstappen is the Driver of the Day..Nobody beats him in that and no driver from now can complain of his driving..He is a world champion material..If Red Bull gives a good car next year, MErcedes will be dethroned by this guy no point to argue in that..Unbelievabale Max..No driver in the current field matches your drive..what a fantastic overtakes..I doubt if schumi did these type of overtakes..Great MAX.

    1. I disagree and would give it to Hamilton. Max was massively impressive but he did make a big mistake which could have took him out the race. Sure it was a fantastic save but He made an error whereas Hamilton was just pretty flawless throughout. Without safetycars and red flags Hamilton would have been well over 45 seconds ahead of Rosberg which is an utter domination.

      1. Hamilton drove good..but Verstappen is the driver of the race..no point to argue in that..he did fantastic overtakes..lewis only just drove his race and no overtakes..no point to argue in that man..am not putting down lewis but nobody matches verstappen today..see the entire race and you will change your comment

        1. Max did fantastic overttakes…..on drivers and cars that were on worn out wet weather tires when Max had fresh ones. Let’s stop the insanity. He had a great drive, but when he pulled to within 1 second of Lewis, Lewis dusted him and left him pressing, ending with Max spinning in front of Rosberg.

          1. Fresh wet? Are you kidding me? Were not talking soft/ultrasoft which have a advantage for the first laps! Please…

          2. Fresh wet? Are you kidding me? We are not talking about soft/ultrasoft which have a advantage for the first laps! Please…

          3. He flew past Ricciardo pretty easily with the same aged tyres and same car, and Ricciardo can really drive. Max is tappen on the door of greatness. I have never even seen Senna do what he did today and he’s still a teenager. Unbelievable talent.

        2. I saw the entire race and my mind is set. Verstappen was amazing, but he also made a big mistake and that means there is a point to argue in that… Hamilon was in full control and while he didn’t pull off any overtakes he put himself in a position where he didn’t have to. To not make any mistakes in those conditions is more impressive to me. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine, so please don’t suggest I’m wrong or I didn’t watch the race because that’s just childish.

          1. Thats fantastic..in your first comment you typed you disagree..then it means your are childish first..change that and then come to me..

          2. No, it’s not childish to disagree at all. It’s childish to say I need to change my view. I said I disagree with your thoughts. I didn’t say your thoughts were wrong and you had “no point to argue” or to imply I didn’t watch the race as if I had I’d agree with you.

          3. Sorry Ben but your are very wrong, max’s drive was one of best l have seen in F1, Senna in toleman was best l remember though Max was very close…Senna was driving the ‘Manor’ of its day in Monaco

    2. I cannot remember the last time I was absolutely amazed by a performance put on by a driver. His driving to the limit, recovery from crossing the limit and overtaking was nothing like I’ve seen from any driver before. That overtaking move on Rosberg was one of the best overtakes I have seen in over 20 years of watching this sport, not to mention, the way he schooled Sebastian Vettel was incredible.

      I just became a fan of Max Verstappen after this race.

      1. Absolutely true..MAX is the guy who took the brazilian crowd to their feet..everybody enjoyed his fights and overtakes..he is the DOTD..when voting opens..he will conquer it comfortably..

    3. LOL how funny. So wasn’t he behind HAM but yet he couldn’t match his speed and then he made a mistake that could ended in him kissing a wall? And don’t tell me his car is inferior to the Merc, because Red Bull always claimed their car has better mechanical grip and better down force than Merc, if so is true, this leaves 1 choice which is driver talent, you figure it out.

      1. Max did not kiss the wall..that shows the driver talent buddy..after those many overtakes you are taking down a guy..am fan of lewis as well..but we have to be sportive and accept when other driver did wonders..when you can’t accept it..you are just an unsportive guy..

        1. Hamilton just said on the podium it was an easy race for him. He had no spray to deal with and faster car…These are not my words..lewis only told it..if you feel even that is wrong..go to sao paulo and talk to lewis..

        2. But verstappen said himself it was 50/50 luck and skill…

      2. Are you seriously so far up Hamilton’s butt that you can’t appreciate those astounding last 15-20 or so laps from Verstappen as the drive of the season, let alone the race?

        1. Who is not appreciating them???? I’m pointing at the certainty and conclusion that @Abhishek came to, that VES is the best driver with no doubt, from where that conclusion came from? Appreciating those moves doesn’t mean HAM wouldn’t control him, no? Ohh, and he was behind HAM but couldn’t do anything, actually he made a mistake.

    4. Hamilton was the best driver out their today. Easily controlled from the front, and had built a 25 second lead on the field and was still building when the safety car came out. Nico got close, Lewis dusted him. Verstappen passed Nico and got within 1 to 1.1 seconds of Lewis, and Lewis banged out a few hot laps and Verstappen was left 4.9 to 5 seconds behind in no time flat, with Verstappen subsequently spinning and nearly letting Nico by. Everyone else was spinning, Lewis was in complete control.

      1. Hamilton did not build up a gap. It was consistently around 1.1 – 1.6 s.

        1. It was up to 2 sec before VES made his mistake, just correcting your facts @Feuerdrache

      2. Omg at the lewis fans, he said himself he had a easy drive, he could see with no spray

        1. LOL @bogaaaa get ur facts right, HAM said he had an easy drive to win, that doesn’t mean he was saying the spray made the difference and made his life easy. That is really silly. Bottom line, VES was great BUT he made a mistake, while HAM was great with no mistakes.

          1. Boudi l added ‘he could see with no spray l should of been clearer’..driving at the front in a sodden race is a huge advantage, that is kinda what lewis was saying..remember the lead Ric pulled in monaco till they forgot the tyres..lewis wasn’t drive of the day, he was in the best place to drive..Max was dofd “Decade” and l dislike him and his dad but he is showing he is going to be a f1 legend already!!!

        2. Lewis producing yet another flawless drive. Nice from VES on fresh tyres (BTW, I’ve drove in these condition and after 30+ laps they do lose traction actually, but not like slicks). That said, I would expect Max to do what he did on fresh tyres, he’s a talented kid.

          Lewis controlled the race when he needed too, a true legend in the making IMHO.

      3. Hamilton was the best driver out their today.

        I just finished watching SKY. Now guess who was the driver every commentator lauded the most?

    5. Can’t agree: If you give each driver points per lap executed perfectly, Hamilton scores top. Verstappen ends with one lap short of perfect…

  2. Awesome to see a Sauber in the points at last!

    Looking forward to the last race. Go Rosberg.

  3. Epic Hamilton telling rosberg he saw vestapens crash on tv then rosberg saying you had time to watch tv?
    Gutted Rosberg getting an easy ride again.

    1. And you’re not gutted about Hamilton having an even easier ride? :)
      Hamilton is by far the better driver in these conditions, so today Rosberg had to do one thing: Damage limitation.
      Hamilton should’ve gotten “DOTD” with a large margin. VES was a passenger for a few seconds, and that kicks him off my candidate list.

  4. Gee, I wonder who will get driver of the weekend 😎

    1. Weekend has to be Lewis. Topped every session, bar one, and that was by the smallest of margins. He came to Brazil well prepared, totally focused, drove like the champ he is.

      I know Max will win it, and there’s no contest from me, but personally I’d give it Lewis. As ever, sublime in the worst conditions.

  5. Fantastic from Verstappen. Just seemed to find grip wherever he was on the track, some of the moves he made were astonishing, from so far back. People bandwagon against him, but he is an incredible driver, especially in the wet as we’ve seen today. So many good, clean moves in so little time.

    Hamilton and Rosberg both did what they had to do, keeping the title race going to Abu Dhabi, whoever wins it will be deserving of the WDC. I expect Rosberg to, just has to stay out of trouble, keep it on the black stuff and having the Mercedes under him will get him the podium he needs. He’s definitely eased off once he figured out he just had to keep coming second, but he’s doing what is required.

    Perez in 4th too, good result for him, 4th in the constructors wrapped up now basically. Really upset Hulk got that puncture, he was better than Perez all weekend and would’ve finished ahead of him in the race, probably even 3rd as I reckon he’d have been further ahead of Perez than Max was at the end with the pace he had, and he would’ve got that elusive podium, but bad lack again strikes him down when he’s looking good, like it did in Singapore and Texas.

    Sainz again doing well, not pitting all race and taking it home for 6th. Nasr doing the same thing for Sauber, not pitting and getting the crucial result that puts them ahead of Manor. Even though Ericsson’s been better this year, he’s much more prone to a crash, and Nasr is the better driver as we’ve seen in 2015. Such an important result for Sauber, that race means tens of millions. Also means that every constructor has got a point, can’t remember the last time that happened.

    1. 2 pts worth of $40m for Sauber

  6. Max wasn’t here to finish fourth.

  7. Great job by Nasr and Ocon today as well. Nasr finally puts in a good result this season after being outdone by Ericcson on multiple occasions this year. Ocon raced brilliantly as well today, and it was sad to see him fail to score points after such a promising race weekend.

    Jenson Button needs to be mentioned as well. While he can be quite the top notch driver on his day, there are days where he is nothing short of pure rubbish. Today was one of those days.

    1. Fair to mention Ocon, @todfod. Very strong race.
      He was within 2 seconds off Nasr until Alonso/Bottas overtook him on the last lap.
      He was also one who made it relatively more difficult for Verstappen; he still knows him well from the F3 days.

  8. Seemed once again the big-raked cars (RB, FI and McLaren) were much better in preventing aquaplaning.
    It gave the Red-bull drivers the possibility to go and stay off the dryer line. Max Verstappen maximised the result after taking the wrong gamble on tires. Had it stopped raining, the Mercs would’ve had a difficult decision to make in order to keep in front of them because RB gained a massive lot per lap, to lose it all again in two wet spots on track.
    But what a phenomenal car that Mercedes is.
    Saw a remark today about the Mercedes advantage this year being less than 14 & 15, but they’ve clearly looked at it in the wrong way: Yes, the points advantage might be less, but it’s the gap they leave to other cars, under any circumstance what really counts. They’re the best in dry, humid and wet conditions, they’re the best when it is hot or cold, they’re best at sea level, but also with 25% less air density.

    1. actually, what is less is their advantage on race days.
      Bahrein 2014 Rosbeg and Hamilton opened a gap of more than 20 seconds with a mere dozen of laps to the flag.
      Canada 2014 they were so far ahead that it took more than 20 laps for the other cars to catch them after their ERS failed. And Rosberg almost won that race!!

      Now they are wining with much more modest gaps. 10 secs or somethig like that. Rarely more.

  9. Great race – all the red flag problems….I know I’m not agreed with on this a lot of times but I hope HAAS will bench Esteban the last race. He is a baby that is thankless and thinks he is better then the team and has zero respect for anyone. It’s been that way since preseason testing when RG put him in his place at a team meeting after telling the team they are pretty much doing terrible and it’s not fair he isn’t getting running time. I’m happy Gunther didn’t take his crap after he pulled in. That’s why he is not being resigned, it’s his additude problem not his driving. Sad when a director can’t even bleep a message directed at a drivers own team. Had to get that off my mind

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