Grosjean says it’s “not a good day for F1” as rain stops Brazilian GP twice

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean said he sympathised with fans at the Brazilian Grand Prix as the race was stopped twice due to rain.

The Haas driver failed to start the race after crashing on the wet track as he drove to the grid. Grosjean told the BBC the conditions “were not that bad” at the time and he “didn’t know what happened in my case”.

“I’ve seen a few more later on in the race, makes you feel a bit better, but it’s just not normal the cars are spinning on a straight line.”

Once the race began a series of crashes including a heavy shunt for Kimi Raikkonen at the start/finish line led to the race being stopped twice before half-distance had been reached.

“I know for the fans it’s embarrassing to see that the race is not going on,” said Grosjean. “Not a good day for F1.”

Grosjean said visibility and aquaplaning were the most serious problems the drivers were facing.

“I think the visibility is never great when you are not the first car in wet conditions,” he said. “But right now it’s just a fact that you lose the car in a straight line.”

“We’ve seen Kimi, that could have been an horrible crash if the car had come more in the middle of the track. And Seb [Vettel] was a heavy one. It’s just that we don’t get any grip.”

Asked if the race could be completed Grosjean said “it’s not raining heavily so it could be possible.”

“I want to see the show, I want to see the race and I guess the fans the same so hopefully it goes again and with no Safety Car.”

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Grosjean says it’s “not a good day for F1” as rain stops Brazilian GP twice”

    1. Super Red Bull, super Max.

      1. Big strategy mistake though, hhh.

    2. Jeez, how wrong did Grosjean turn out to be here? Not a good day for F1? I still reckon there’s gremlin’s in his car, didn’t seem like user error or simple aquaplaning to me, it just stepped out on him. Looking forward to seeing news of the investigation, if it ever surfaces…

    3. petebaldwin (@)
      13th November 2016, 19:30

      Not a good day for you son but F1 kept trying and trying and eventually put on a modern-day classic.

    4. I would say mixed day for F1. There were great drives from Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Nasr and Hulkenberg, but the FIA stewards were an utter joke. The race would have been an easy 10, but it’s -3 points for the bad decisions from the stewards.

    5. Spafrancorchamps
      13th November 2016, 20:09

      He’s right. Red flag after Raikonnen’s red flag was unnecessary. And it ruined the race badly.

    6. I am sorry we didn’t get to see Grosjean start the race.

      The delays and running under SC were boring but when they were able to run the race was fantastic.

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