Rate the race: 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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239 comments on “Rate the race: 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. Max “The Man” Verstappen .. Enough Said!

    1. from 16th to 3th in about 15,16 or 17 laps or so? WOW!!!!

    2. That was a clinic in how to race in the wet. From his spin & recovery early to keep his position to the last few laps driving like he had a different tire than everyone else. Amazing.

      1. Officially in the club of the great rain masters.

        1. Der Regenmeister – Rudi Caracciola.

        2. I think you missed Button….remember Canada?

          1. Unfortunately, today cancels that out ;)

          2. I thought that race by Button was far more impressive from the race by Verstappen today. I mean Button had 6 pit stops. Was in last position at times, yet won the race. That race was so much better than this one that I simply couldn’t give this 10 out of 10.

          3. @ Ben Rowe: If i’m correct Button had a big tyre advantage that last stint.

          4. @Ben Rowe: Asmuch as I admired the 2011 Canadian race, I must point out that other drivers had many tire stops too, not as many as Button, but still. He knocked Lewis, his teammate, out of the race. And Button did certainly profit from the changes, unlike Verstappen today.
            Verstappen had 5 tire changes btw (assuming everyone took new tires at both red flags); 3 more than most of his competitors.

            Both were truly exceptional performances. They deserve to be cherished, not compared to the bone. Times and circumstances are different anyway.

          5. Yep, that demolition derby in which Button t-boned Hamilton and Alonso. A real racer is cleaner than that.

        3. Cold feet lost Lauda a title in Japan

        4. Jos Verstappen

        5. Why not add Alesi?
          Montoya once lapped the entire F3000 field in a soaking wet Pau Grand Prix, so maybe he should be in the list too…

    3. I don’t understand to Nico. No aggressive driving on start, letting a lot of space to Lewis, nothing of courage during the race, it seems he don’t want to be World Champion. Hope on next race Nico wakes up or be the second one forever.

      1. I think he is racing like that precisely because he wants to be Champion. Ros is the only driver who can’t afford to take risks – imagine he attacked like Max, and put it in the wall like Max almost did. Championship over. In this race the conditions were very difficult (except maybe for Hamilton who had no one to follow). You only have to look at all the highly rated drivers who spun or crashed (e.g. Kimi, Vettel, Alonso, Max). I think Ros did an amazing job to keep his car on the road and on the podium, given the pressure.

        1. +1
          I think @marioroberto indeed doesn’t understand Rosberg(‘s planned route to his objectives this year).

      2. Nico knows he’s not very good in the rain, this season he lost a lot of points in Monaco and showed big weaknesses at Silverstone due to wet track. It’s not he’s preffered battleground and he did the right thing by trying to keep away from trouble.

  2. Wow. Great race. Verstappen, what a race !!!

  3. Great race, when there was racing… =P
    But I guess that’s understandable, specially after Bianchi =(

    1. Spafrancorchamps
      13th November 2016, 19:52

      Bianchi’s death was not due to rain, it was due to a crane inside the barriers of the circuit, that shouldn’t have been there without presence of a SC.

      1. No
        It was about not enforcing double yellows (be prepared to stop) the whole year before and thus bianchi drive too fast.

        1. It’s not about either of those explanations. What @arrows98 said is “safety is being monitored much more carefully, especially after Bianchi”. I agree, although the part where they went behind the SC and then it became a red flag again was a mistake from FIA. They could’ve sent out the SC on its own without bothering the drivers.

          1. @addvariety
            Thanks, that was exactly what I meant and I didn’t feel like entering a whole debate about Bianchi’s crash… Thanks again for clearing it up! ;)

  4. What was it, 16th to 3rd in 15 laps? Something like that any way. Witnessed a Senna/Schumacher like performance today. Game on for next year with Ricciardo, if Spain was first blood, this was the follow up left hook.

    1. Oh forgot to say 10/10, goes without saying…

      1. Normally 10 is when there’s an on track battle for the lead with me. Not today


    2. interesting you point out Ricciardo, which i personally regard as the 2nd best driver in F1 (after Lewis), but yesterday he was flat-out outclassed by Max.

      I’ve only started watching the race with 15 laps before the end, and the RedBulls were 13th and 11th, with Danny ahead. In no way i could have envisioned VES would finish on the podium while RIC only 8th on the same tires, but the kid pulled it off and showed he’s not the overrated driver most people are making him look.

      1. It makes sense that Dan Ric would get outclassed in the rain (Pending Max keeping it on the track), you have to consider what’s been really hurting Max has been how harsh he is on the tyres, where as normally this is a bad thing, in the wet it allows him to get the heat into the tyres needed to make them work.

        Which gives him more grip, he gets more confidence, he drives faster, which in turn gives him more grip. It’s why we often see amazing performances in the wet.

        1. what’s been really hurting Max has been how harsh he is on the tyres,

          Yep, look at spain for that ;)

          1. Michael Brown (@)
            15th November 2016, 6:54

            @mike He did a 30+ lap stint and won

          2. @mbr-9 Yes, he did. The season however is more than one race long, in several races he’s struggled to get as much tire life as Ricciardo.

          3. @Mike, look at the stats and do not believe all things fans shout here.
            VES is very good on tires but had some trouble with settings. It’s only those memory’s are repeated it seems..
            Like saying HAM is unable to do starts ;)

  5. Max doesn’t even allow his own rear-end to overtake him. What a driver…

  6. Outstanding from Max and brilliant control from Lewis. DOTW Lewis, DOTD Max! Tough call :)

    A 3.5 hour cliffhanger.

    Rosberg lucks out again!

    1. Ahh if Rosberg wins this championship ! He was utterly dominated today by Hamilton who would have been well over 45 seconds in front without safety cars and red flags. So lucky to get away with his half spin too ! People can say he’s improved this year all they want, but without the Malaysian DNF Hamilton would have just about wrapped things up. The end result is one driver has outqualified the other and won an equal amount of races despite having 3 qualifying issues where he started from last and an extra DNF….

      1. Rosberg was lucky Red Bull went to inters Ben,@psynrg – but perhaps Hamilton too, though I’d have loved to see a HAM defending from VES fight in these conditions, but I think VES today could have won.

      2. The driver having the most points at the end of season wins the championship. Both Hamilton and Rosberg did what was needed today. Hamilton needed the win and for Rosberg, 2nd is good enough in these conditions.

        Nice work from Mercedes strategists, no actual pitstops and a solid 1-2 finish.

        Honorable mention to Max who could have taken a win today without the intermediate tires.

        1. You are spot on, There will always be fan boys claiming the what if’s, but it all boils down to points, and doing the long haul. Anyone who thinks ROS would risk everything today is – well, wrong.

        2. Spafrancorchamps
          13th November 2016, 19:59

          “The driver having the most points at the end of season wins the championship.”

          It doesn’t necessarily means the driver winning it, is the one deserving it though. If Rosberg were to win the championship, I think he could be going down as the weakest F1 champion in history. Just look at today’s race alone, he got declassified by Hamilton. Just like in Monaco. Just like the entire season actually.

          It is a shame for F1 that an average driver like Rosberg can win the title.

          1. There is no such thing as a “deserved championship” as opposed to the championship that is being actually won. If all “if”‘s and “but”‘s would be consiredred and fans would decide a “deserved championship”, F1 history would look quite different (and mostly undecided).

            It is ok to have own favourite driver and rooting for him, but calling Rosberg an average driver is just silly. Rosberg has driven well this year. None of the other drivers have had any chance against Mercedes.

            If Rosberg brings it home in Abu Dhabi in two weeks, his name will be in F1 championship board and nothings going to change that. Anyways, we have to wait for the Abu Dhabi results, could be that Hamilton will, after all, be the “luckier” guy, as he was in 2014.

          2. “The weakest F1 champion in history.”

            That title is firmly in the hands of Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, 2008

          3. “The weakest F1 champion in history” is clearly Button. Despite the UK media elevating him to Senna ‘like ‘ status.

          4. SPF, yours is a thoughtless comment. If Ham is considered the best of them, then Ros clearly ‘deserves’ the championship for beating him. There is very little between them on a good day. After all, Ros still took 8 pole positions this year (and 11 to 7 in 2014) against supposedly the fastest man in F1. He would have led the entire season if it wasn’t for his stupid move in Austria. He is doing what he needs to do in these later races. If you think any driver would push to win in his position, you are wrong. Ham had it easy up front on race day this weekend. Ros was the driver under pressure and he did an outstanding job to keep his car on the road and on the podium.

        3. Probably, but I don’t think VES would have won had he stayed on the wets all race long. That fresh set of wets obviously helped him in his recovery from 15th. But, yeah, it was a mistake to pit for Inters, I guess he would have kept 2nd. Nico seemed pretty cautios and I understand that, he simply did not want to crash and lose the title this race. So, I think he would have settled for 3rd.

          1. Ricciardo also had fresh wets. Just saying.

          2. VES was being gapped by HAM before he pitted for inters. HAM never even pushed the whole race. Just saying.

          3. Ham pulled some 3-4 secs before Ver totally screwed up i think… he never got closer to Ham then he did in the few first laps, and he disappeared from Ham’s mirror for good… he had a chance keep 2nd, but thanx to his team, just got him out of the way of ros as Toto kindly requested… shame as it was gonna be the perfect recipe for the final race… very bad…

  7. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    13th November 2016, 19:12

    Race of the season

  8. Max the ‘Limpet’ Verstappen!!

  9. Lewis Hamilton – Imperious
    Max Verstappen – Scintillating
    Nico Rosberg – Shameful & Lucky
    Daniel Ricciardo – Underwhelming
    Sebastian Vettel – Underwhelming
    Kimi Räikkönen – Inconsistent

    F1 Brazilian GP – Exciting. 8/10

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      13th November 2016, 19:17

      @kbdavies – to be honest, I’d give anyone a “very good” just for finishing the race and go up from there.

    2. @kbdavies Sorry, how is Rosberg shameful and lucky? Are you saying he’s lucky because he almost crashed? Because Verstappen almost crashed and so did many other drivers out there.

      1. Hes lucky that red bull made the wrong call on tyres and shameful that the moment max pitted hes on the radio trying to get the race stopped! Hes an absoloute turnip that bloke.

        1. At first I thought ‘shamefull’ came out of the blue but after reading your explination I have to agree with this on second hand.

          I already forgot the “let’s redflag this race” radio comment, blatantly pushing his own agenda and almost robbing us from the drive of the decade! (imho anyway)

          1. Silverstone in the wet in 2008. LH came pretty close to lapping the entire field.

        2. Rosberg = paper champ.

      2. Rosberg has a way better car but couldn’t hold off Max. Max easily ate up Rosberg. Lewis on the other hand opened up the gap when Max was in P2.

        1. Visibility advantage huge!

        2. Personally I have three opinions: First: Hamilton is the leading car which has advantage on visibility.(Look how far that Nico left from Lewis to get a better/safe vision when all the three rolling starts) Second: Rosberg has no need to take the risks fighting for win in Brazil, especially in the wet&dangerous condition. A podium finish is enough for him considering Abu Dhabi is a engine-dominate circuit and hard to overtake, 2nd place there will secure his title even if he finished 3rd in Brazil. Third: Clearly that RedBull is faster than all the other cars in wet condition to me.

    3. Absolutely correct assessment for all six drivers, especially Rosberg. Now an exposed weakness for Rosberg. At every restart, he was dropping way back. We have another wet weather specialist in Max. He showed how different lines can be gainfully utilised for overtaking in wet weather. Vettel needs to stop complaining and focus on racing. Expected Daniel to be a bit stronger.

      1. Did you consider him dropping back on purpose. He was happy with second, so by dropping back, he got a bit better visibility, and a better chance to defend from attacks from behind. Defensive strategy. I must admit i prefer attack mode, but what he did was quite clever nonetheless.

        1. @testacorsa So, what was all that from Rosberg about going for the win. You’re just making excuses for him now?

          Time and time again he’s shown he can’t hang with the rain drivers.

          He lucked the 2nd today, purely down to Red Bull taking a gambol – which was fair enough – it could have won it for them, or pressured Lewis to do the same.

          Rosberg was literally treading water throughout. Sure, it’s enough to bag the lucky championship, but it’s not gaining him much kudos, is it?

          1. Of course he was going for the win at first, but as the race unfolded he was being mature and calculated, and thinking about the big picture. If you think he was going to risk everything for just the race victory, you are being naive.

        2. @testacorsa I think you’re right. And don’t let the self proclaimed fact of @pinakghosh that Ros was dropping back at every restart, way back even lol, get you distracted. At one of the restarts Ros found himself nearly in Ham’s gearbox. And @psynrg,He lucked the 2nd today, purely down to Red Bull taking a gambol – which was fair enough – it could have won it for them – This is not really helping your case now is it? Ham coming in 2nd and Ros 3rd would have had the points gap between them even bigger. Get the consequences of your Rosberg tirade straight first, before you put it online for everyone to read.

          1. @krxx Thank you for your advice on when I should or should not post something online. I don’t know where I’d be without you!

            My assertion that Rosberg was treading water still stands. My assertion that Lewis could have been under threat also still stands. Had different strategies played out. But we’ll never know, because they didn’t. What did play out however was Rosberg treading water. Saying one thing (“I only want to win the race”) and doing another (“Umm yeah, I was beaten”).

            This doesn’t change the fact I think BOTH championship contenders are game for attack, regardless of the scenario (of course I mean legitimate attack!)

      2. Yes, Vettel has turned into a crybaby

    4. You forgot Perez!!

    5. Perez always lucky, mmmh what does it take non believers ???

  10. Max Verstappen is the Driver of the Day..Nobody beats him in that and no driver from now can complain of his driving..He is a world champion material..If Red Bull gives a good car next year, MErcedes will be dethroned by this guy no point to argue in that..Unbelievabale Max..No driver in the current field matches your drive..what a fantastic overtakes..I doubt if schumi did these type of overtakes..Great MAX.

    1. Come on, Hamilton was easily quicker at every stage of the race, except the last couple of laps when he backed off a bit. Moreover, Verstappen (or Red Bull, whoever you want to blame) made the same mistake (going to inters) twice. If anyone played Senna, it was Hamilton.

      1. Hamilton drove good..but Verstappen is the driver of the race..no point to argue in that..he did fantastic overtakes..lewis only just drove his race and no overtakes..no point to argue in that man..am not putting down lewis but nobody matches verstappen today..see the entire race and you will change your comment

        1. Agreed, Max had more to do once he was past Nico, Lewis then upped the pace however has to be Max, utterly brilliant wet race. Rosberg terrible again terrible in the wet. Max proving why we expect him to an all an time great, wet drives separate the cream of the drivers.

      2. petebaldwin (@)
        13th November 2016, 19:26

        Hamilton just said on the podium it was an easy race for him. He had no spray to deal with and faster car… I’ve been far from a Verstappen fan so far but that was unbelievable today. That save on the straight was unreal…..

        1. Ham also said he saw Max’s race on the tv, while driving. My boy Alonso recovered for a point. Nasr and Sauber scored. Sainz scored well for Rosso. Pretty good overall.

          I was really hoping Ocon could have held on.

      3. Today on Brasilian TV they are talking about Max as the reincarnation of Senna!

        1. I don’t know if something is lost in translation there, but that’s pretty offensive.

          There’s no reason to bring such ideologies in to a drivers good performance. It was Max’s brilliant drive today, not Senna’s, sorry Brazil… A new generation of hero for a new generation of fan.

          1. @Tristan I think you’ve taken that a bit too literally. It’s simply an honour of the highest order, bestowed upon Max, from the Brazilian fans.

        2. If I was a fan of Max’s that would seriously infuriate me. This is about the absolute worst you can say about a driver.

      4. Don’t get me wrong, Verstappen’s recovery drive was great, but it was only necessary because he/the team made so many (tactical) mistakes before. And when he was behind Hamilton in the early part of the race, he couldn’t keep up. Everytime he tried, Hamilton answered by going a few tenths quicker. You can argue the Mercedes is a quicker car, but the circumstances at least cancelled the power advantage. Hamilton said it was easy, so he probably could have gone a lot faster. So most exciting driver Verstappen, the quickest driver Hamilton.

        1. Yeah, I would have loved to see what would have happened between Max and Lewis on similar aged tyres.

          It’s a shame RB made the wrong call, but they gambled agressively and that’s what you want to see from a strategy standpoint. I mean, IF the weather had eased up a little, Merc had to stop both drivers for inters (they effectively didn’t make a pitstop all race apart from the redflag period) and Verstappen would have been 20 secs ahead in the lead.

          1. ” Verstappen would have been 20 secs ahead in the lead” how do you suggest he is doing 20 sec gap? Ham already done 18 sec gap without stopping, and same age tyres, ham was pulling clear of Ver at start…

          2. I’m not saying VES would have gapped the field by 20 seconds dude…..

            After the safety car re-start, VES had inters on and was right behind the leaders in 4th or 5th. If it had then eased up a bit, both Merc’s would have had to make a stop for inters.

          3. Ham was still doing very much inter times, and inters only came into place at the end after safety car… ifs and buts, but giving one side a better ifs and other side buts is not constructive… ver had a good chance at start after ros, and he couldnt keep up with ham, how do you suggest he was gonna do it so easily? if he was so fast and car was so good, why did they pit twice unnecessarily?

      5. Come on man, Lewis was cruising at the front. Drove well but not more than that. Even Rosberg can become WM by cruising at the front in a Benz. Verstappen was in another league today.

      6. Sorry Max steal a sprayless race from Ham, Perez and Sainz what amazing race.

    2. How could Lewis overtake anyone when he led every lap of the race? And at every restart, he was imperious, and Max never troubled him when he was behind him. In fact. Lewis was consistently pulling away from him. Max was very good, but lets not forget the late scintillating drive was also down to having the best tyres out of everyone at that stage.

      I would have given it to Max, but I have to consider his new tires. Lewis gets it, and Max is certainly second.

    3. Hamilton was the best driver out their today. Easily controlled from the front, and had built a 25 second lead on the field and was still building when the safety car came out. Nico got close, Lewis dusted him. Verstappen passed Nico and got within 1 to 1.1 seconds of Lewis, and Lewis banged out a few hot laps and Verstappen was left 4.9 to 5 seconds behind in no time flat, with Verstappen subsequently spinning and nearly letting Nico by. Everyone else was spinning, Lewis was in complete control.

      1. Lewis with 50bhp more could cruise safe to victory. He had only to be sure he could give “full power” in sector 3 …nothing special!

        1. That extra 50bhp is utterly useless when going half-throttle out of the final corner all the way up to the pit entry and also pretty useless around the rest of this (fantastic) twisty track.

          Hamilton controlled the race from the front and this wasn’t Spa in the dry, this was a very impressive and clean race from Lewis in conditions that saw several drivers binning and spinning, Vettel and Ricciardo struggle to mere pointsfinishes and had VES and ROS also almost losing it.

          Great races from Lewis and Max but I have to give DOTD to Max, simply because the way his race panned out gave him a podium to show how good he really is.

          1. Everyone was saying power power, Ros had the extra 50 as well, Hamilton pulled a full pit stop gap on him and some more whole race… thanx to the safety cars… everything he had done has been undone… people are praising Ver only because of this many safety car periods and lucky pit stops… fresher tyres and all, and he still wasnt significantly faster than Ham! he pulled massive gaps twice only be taken away by safety cars… if all those ifs and buts were to be reflected, hamilton would have lapped the field with extra pitstop in hand…

  11. I will rip my hair out if I see anyone complaining about the safety car start. It was 100% justifiable starting that race behind the safety car.

    Curious, what’s the record for the most amount of safety car starts in a season? Does anyone know?

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      13th November 2016, 20:19

      This year. Previously there have been only one Safety Car start in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007-2011 and 2014. Only the Belgium, Brazilian and Japanese GP’s have more than one SC start – in Japan’s case two different venues. China, Monaco and Canada have also seen a SC finish but not in the same race

  12. petebaldwin (@)
    13th November 2016, 19:15

    10. Amazing…. What a crazy race. I’ve criticised Verstappen before but Senna and Schumacher would havebeen proud of that drive today.

  13. 9/10 – Sensational race when we were under green flags – we had almost everything – tons of crashes, battles, senna esque performances, shocks and turns and twists

    But Charlie did stuff up on a few ocassions but the the three hours was well worth it. I feared it could be a USA 2005 but the race turned around. Absolute godly driving from Verstappen

    1. Turned out more like Canada 2011, didn’t it?

    2. Hmmm, not sure. In the circumstances I think race control actually did a half decent job. Sure, they should have started the race sooner on occasion, but then when they do they see Kimi drop it immediately. Had Kimi got struck head on, I’m not sure Charlie would have been sleeping that well.

      Let’s give them a bit of a break and congratulate race control for getting the full race run and no half points.

      1. Admittedly I was watching the delayed highlights so missed the frustration but I thought that, going off the conditions, the safety cars and red flags were just right.

        10 from me by the way. Anyone who finished did well and there were amazing overtakes and saves everywhere.

  14. Max Verstappen holy crap he is insane.

  15. What a stunning race, flawless drive by Lewis, Massa useless as usual in the rain, and what a pain for Manor, I feel bad for them really.

    1. They lost $30m today because Sauber got a point. Insane….

  16. 10/10 when they raced, but 8/10 because of the limited number of race laps.

    1. @aapje I agree.

      From me it was also 8/10 for the lack of battle in the lead. Other when Verstappen passed Rosberg, we saw nothing of them.

  17. Stunned by Verstappen! He just looked like he was in a different category! Amazing. Probably the best thing about the entire race and certainly makes up for the pointless red flags.

  18. Newey’s experience in building boats have just paid off I guess

    1. COTD in my book! Hahaha

  19. 10 for Verstappen comprehensively winning me over after his dangerous manoeuvres earlier in the season and this true test of car control and skill (some were unfortunate, and others, to quote Brundle from yesteryear, simply ran out of talent), -5 for Whiting’s incompetence and unforgivable indecision. The second red flag thrown was proven to be awful direction by the fact that the restart was given the go-ahead under identical conditions. Preposterous, senile, oversensitive mismanagement.

    1. One Charlie Whiting is one too many

  20. geoffgroom44 (@)
    13th November 2016, 19:23

    First, great that everyone got home safe.Under those conditions it is staggering that they race and stay safe. Undoubtedly,Max takes the day.Totally brilliant Such skills.

  21. Despite too many laps under the safety car, Red bulls aggressive strategy turned this race of tyre conservation into something special. Max’s bravery and commitment was one of the best drives I’ve saw in years, roll on 2017.

  22. What Verstappen did today, I haven’t witnessed that before on live TV.

    Thanks Red Bull for that failed pit-stop strategy. It gave us the best race of the last 3 years.


    1. Not the best race, but the best individual drive I would say.

      Races like Canada 2011, Valencia and Brazil 2012, USA last year were even better in recent years imho. But yeah, that spinning and winning teenage mutant ninja kid slicing and dicing through the field was THE best wet-weather drive I have ever seen since Schumacher’s Belgium ’95 from 16th on the grid.

    2. @paeschli I think you have to thank your idol himself for that failed strategy.

  23. Would have been a 10/10, but I have to reduce it to a 7 because of what the FIA stewards did today. Completely unacceptable and almost completely ruined the race. Oh and Sauber scored points, which depresses me.

    1. you bash verstappen when you think he deserves it, it should suit you when you give him credits when he drives like a hero!

    2. You reduce your rating because you are blaming the system. But I cannot see past as to how a racing fan could have lost today. it was a perfect 10 for me.

      1. Charlie Whiting’s incompetence along with all the other sheep in the stewards room was too big to ignore. For the first two hours I was extremely bored and frustrated and sometimes even laughing at certain decisions from the stewards today. Their failure today even led to a response from Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter. The rest of the race was 10/10 worthy, but I couldn’t even give an 8 for what happened before that.

    3. Agree completely. Race control is far too conservative and they ruined then possibility of having one of the truly great races, so this one is merely good due to Max. Without him this race would be no greater than a 4/10.

  24. Watching Verstappen’s charge was one of the moments I love about racing. Things like that can’t be manufactured you just get them when the stars align and they’re all the more special for it. Are his doubters ready to admit he’s a bit special yet?

    Really entertaining race 8/10

    1. Really refreshing to see drivers having to get inventive as to where to pass after a season of DRS passes.

  25. Gave 8 due to continuous stoppages. The SC-stoppage-10 minute start warning-more SC cycle was pure boredom. Otherwise brilliant.

  26. 6.

    VES pretty incredible today. Wonder what would happen if he’d drive a Mercedes. Must be some sort of a shocker for HAM and ROS, like it was for ALO when HAM joined McLaren in 2007.

    1. I sincerely doubt that Max could trouble Lewis in the same machinery. As for Rosberg, that is a done deal. Mercedes must really be embarrassed!

      1. Your opinion, but I don’t agree. In the meantime, ROS is causing some trouble to HAM. I agree that ROS is not on the same level with HAM, but it’s not like HAM had a walk in the park all these years. HAM vs ROS does not really compare with MSchumacher vs RBarrichello or VET vs WEB. ROS is obviously a tougher nut. So, in my opinion, yeah, I think really seriously that VES could create serious problems for HAM in the same car.

    2. With a couple more laps, Max would have put Rosberg to shame – for the second time today! Doubt if he would have been able to take Hamilton, though.

      Excellent drive, Max.

      1. he has driven well today thanx to cock up by the team again, he lost second completely unnecessarily… everyone saying what if he raced ham… well he did at start, and Ham pulled a 3.5-4 secs in a few laps… and Ver went side ways out of desperation… trying to shortcut the distance he aquaplaned in similar place where everyone tried the curbs…

  27. 6. We’ve seen some great racing but too many laps under SC and too much red flag. Great ride from Max and mostly clean this time. Too bad for the strategic blunder with the inters (not sure if it was his mistake, probably the team’s). Without that he would have been fighting for the win with the Mercs (great for Lewis if Max had got P2 but disastrous if P1 which seemed possible)

    1. Mostly clean because he was a bit over the limit when pushing Seb out

  28. What a wierd race, first half of it was kinda boring mostly due to the stoppages and longer SC periods, second half was pretty good. Verstappen was magic at the end there, he surely is going to win more races if the RB can match the Mercs pace next year or after.

    Bring on Abu Dhabi!

  29. Looked like it was going to be a 4, but ended up as a 9.

    1. Yeah, I álmost turned it off after the race was red flagged again while the drivers all said the track was ready to go…. I was so annoyed and probably quite a few people around the world did turn it off but fortunately I stuck around haha

  30. (Only) a 7/10 from me.
    Upset with the unclear and inconsistent stop starts. Why red flag when drying up and restarting when pouring!? Too many laps behind SC.

    Some great skills by real drivers, but my hero is Max today.

  31. Mega race with cars difficult to drive and no DRS, and still plenty of superb overtaking! Glued in front of the screen for three hours. What a drive from Verstappen! A fine 9 over 10!

  32. Say whatever you will about Max Verstappen, but he is the real deal – bad driving or not. I would love to see him up against Lewis Hamilton in the same machinery. Lewis was exactly the same in his early years before the penalties, sanctions and tyres reigned him in; and even now, they are certainly cut out of the same cloth.

    As for Mercedes, if Red Bull have half a decent car next season, they really have to be afraid – as they will be regularly shamed through Rosberg. He just isn’t on the same level as the two drivers he shared the podium with.

    1. It’s just 1 race… and rain can level cars like no other. Plus, everybody can have bad days or yeah, can’t be that good on rain… be more cautions because of various reasons… or it depends a lot what’s the set-up of the car too. Maybe RBR prepped the car for rain too! Another example, look at last year’s Goodwood Revival, it was a rainy race and a car that had no chance in dry conditions won. Simply because it wasn’t so “furious” like the others and put power down better, in a more controlable manner. I’m talking about Aston Martin DP214. So, I wouldn’t consider ROS bad, afterwards the SC periods did not play in his favour either. It was a merituous place although he did not do anything spectacular.

  33. A relatively decent race despite the safety car being on track for most of the race and the red flag stoppages, and also the longest race regarding winners overall time since Canada 2011.

  34. reminded me of canada 2011, with verstappen as button

    1. But with less crashing into teammates and other drivers.

  35. Awesome race, 9/10 (-1 for the delays). Brazil should never leave the calendar, F1 would not be as wacky (or fun) without it.

  36. VES was just something else today. I’ve criticised him at points over the season but boy today he turned up and showed us what he’s made of. He will be WDC one day. I prefer RIC out of the two but today VES made him look average in comparison. HAM was bored up front, no mistakes, had time in hand for sure. ROS just lucky VES didn’t get a chance to overtake him(again) because in the wet he really falls away. Also shout out to NAS too for getting those points for the Sauber, they’ll be partying in the rain tonight. I gave it an 8 due to Red Bull deciding that inters were the way to go when they were never really looking like the superior tyre, especially in sector 3.

    1. I agree with pretty much everything you say. One of the great wet weather performances by Verstappen and like you I have criticised him in the past. Although I gave it a 9 which is my joint best of the season.

      You cannot beat a good wet weather battle.

    2. Yeah, Max was quite impressive. The new tires argument doesn’t really wash. There were guys on new wets at the beginning, that spun out of the race.

  37. This race was ”Verstappen”, a new word for awesome.

    1. Yes he did well but so did my driver Perez.

      1. Perez was lucky. Hulkenberg was faster but got the short straw having to pit under the SC because of a damaged tyre.

        1. Your right he always gets lucky. If Perez had better equipment Max would have no choice but to settle for 4th. I am not too impressed with him he drives a Red Rull after all. Plus VES did push VET off track.

  38. Is there a tyre differential between a new set and one which has been used for a lot of laps? Max did bolt a newer set of tyres – does the grip advantage not benefit in wet?

    1. To put into perspective… Ricciardo also was on a relatively new set of tyres.

    2. U mean like the ones Perez was on? yes a big deference not to mention the RBR has the most downforce which is ideal for the wet.

      1. And more important, the best driver ;)

  39. A potentially great race ruined by an over-intrusive FIA. Health and safety taken to extremes.

    Brilliant performance by Max. But how much better would it have been in a race that had been allowed to flow?

  40. Great race. Hamilton was the fastest man on the day, Max couldn’t match him with tyres with the same age. Nonetheless Max overtakes were amazing.
    Bad thing is that engine failure decided the championship.

    1. Absolutely!

    2. Lewis has been in a class of his own for the past 3 races, but you could also argue that Japan (dreadful start by Lewis), Baku (dreadful qualm by Lewis) or Singapore (poor weekend by Lewis) decided the championship.

    3. you seem to forget the bad starts from lewis.

      1. you seem to forget bad starts from nico as well… hamilton more so due to silly team’s new clutch… like i commented before, did people really think hamilton really forgot how to start off the line after 10 years in F1? he doesnt know how to operate a clutch all of a sudden? get real guys, mercedes had terrible clutch problem, and it was evident almost whole season bar past 4-5 races!

        1. HAM obvious needed more time to adjust tot the new material.

  41. Verstappen was great today.when he passed rosberg he can’t manage to pull that gap to Hamilton also got a spin by chasing after Lewis.almost 7 Seconds fell behind Hamilton.Then his last stint was on much fresher tyres that gives an extra advantage for him he did some awesome passes which Ricardo can’t.but for me the driver of the day is Lewis Hamilton,how easily he is pulling away ffrom rest of the pack..Rosberg once again terrible and lucky.what a shame to f1 if he become the champion.

    1. It will be even worse if HAM wins the champ after what he did in Mexico! That was clearly a cheater move and this champ will be a tainted forever because of that. So, having ROS champ even because HAM had more tech problems is not even half as bad. Plus, it happened before more than once that some drivers lost the champ because they had more problems than others, so nothing new.

      1. It will be even worse if HAM wins the champ after what he did in Mexico! That was clearly a cheater move and this champ will be a tainted forever because of that.

        Shows how little you know.

        1. “Shows how little you know” says the man showing nothing to counter :)

          1. I think it is very clear to anyone with more than 5 brain cells that Hamilton did not cheat in Mexico

  42. Max’s race alone deserves a 9.

  43. Pirelli = 0%. FIA race direction = 0%. OK, the last few laps had some “spectacle” and young Verstappen showed what we’ve all (well, maybe just me) always believed that F1 was all about — get in a car and prove that you can drive it.
    Maybe enough said, but “the future” should not have Pirelli as sole tyre supplier. F1 cars should be able to race on all tracks given to them (thanks Ecclestone and Tilke) and all weather conditions possible. Every comment today can be brought back to Pirelli; drivers, teams, TV commentators, nobody disagreed.Then, every time a driver ran off track, Mr Whiting stopped, red flagged, safety-cared the race, most probably on the advice of lawyers, because of Pirelli tyres.

  44. The first half of the race was frustrating. But when things switched on, they took off like a rocket.

    Amazing end to the race. Stellar drive by Max today, we have a new master on the wets.

    Sad that Manor got knocked out the points at the end, Ocon was looking good for a points finish. Alonso sneaking in a points finish is so typical of the man. He really needs to be in a better car.

    The pit lane tribute to Massa was fantastic. Never seen anything like that on live TV before.


  45. 10 out 10 for me. My heartbeat is still far above the healthy. It took hours, the annoying starting behind safety car and the red flags, but then there was that last part with Max. My God I’m watching Formula one since 1972 but for me this was the most sensational race I have ever seen. Of course being Dutch I’m not unbiased, but men the man was unbelievable!!!

  46. No 10/10 for me as there was no real race for 1st, so gave it a 9/10.

  47. 9/10. Perez driver of the race. And Hamilton very close to him.

    1. ?? Did Perez do something today that Verstappen didnt?

      1. He did get lucky that his teammate had to pit with a damaged tyre.
        Verstappen didn’t.

  48. Best thing about rain… no DRS :)

    1. @john-h Preaching to the choir, man.

  49. Our hospitality destroys the others’, our food is the best.. great quote.

  50. Has to be a 9…..all the drivers who raced deserved that today….
    Hamilton never put a foot wrong…….Rosberg did what he had to do….and Vettel had a good drive but still complains about everything…..( and did anyone not smile when Max passed him???)
    But Max was simply outstanding……he made my afternoon

  51. Apart from bad tyres, no standing start and to much red flags and Safetycars it was an 10/10 race for me. All those things are easily fixable and i hope improvements are on the way.

    The best drivers got to shine and several championship skrimishes got resolved. This race clearly highlights that the modern F1 cars got to much grip and to little power, when rain evens that out and disables DRS we get a good show.

  52. They should do something about the safety car / red flag decision. When drivers saying that they can race but the safety car stays out it feels not right. Tires getting cold which ends in crashes. Don’t get it that such a high technical sport is making this strange decisions. It ruins the sport.

    But with Max it doesn’t matter how many red flags there are, doesn’t matter how many safety car will be deployed and doesn’t matter the strange pit-stop to inter from second place. He was amazing this race. I’ve never seen a driver racing like this. Its amazing, its making the sport great again.

    Because of Max a 8 out of 10.

    1. it is really terrible f1 management and stewarding! all drivers asking to race, race control says no, everyone’s temps drop, race control go… and bang many scraps the walls… any car at pit entry should auto red the entry, drivers doing otherwise getting unfair advantage as noone else can benefit… either dont allow anyone, or red flag so everyone stay the same!

      so many safety car periods caused by unnecessary long slow sessions due to safety cars… ironic

      Ros attempting to calls for finishing the race… pathetic!

  53. Verstappen is something very special.

    Fantastic race, but looses points due to the stop-start nature.


  54. Jorge did you see a different race :-)…..Perez driver of the day? Only one word in response….MAX

  55. A spectacular race even though it wasn’t a full race. Lewis and Max were absolutely amazing today – many may not realize this but with Max charging and destroying just about everyone, only Lewis held him off and was building a margin on him…

    Remember that when you vote for DOTW!!!

  56. Thank those fans in the grandstands for booing Charlie so loud that he re-started the race or you would have not seen that Verstappen comeback.

  57. It’s easier to rate this race highly rather than the incompetency of the officials.

  58. A 7. Mostly because of the seemingly random part after the first red flag . Great finish.

  59. 6/10. The race looked like it might be very interesting until Red Bull put Max on inters which in my opinion was stupid. His drive late in the race was exceptional but I can’t ignore the fact that he was on much fresher tires than those around him. It was interesting to hear the US broadcasters fall all over themselves praising Max and wondering about his driving off-line when Schumacher did it to good effect in Spain 1996. I’m definitely becoming a fan of Max’s as he’s shown time after time that he’s there to race and not just safely collect points.

    1. and high marks for the producers of the broadcast as it was excellent. They caught everything, even what took place in the Manor garage after Gutierrez went out.

    2. The full Wets dont have much deg in them. And for most of the time the cars were behind the safetycars. Hamilton drove the same laptimes in round 35 compared to his last one.

  60. Amazing Race ! The spirit of Senna was on the track today…. This is what we want – excitement on the track.

  61. 0/10 for the first 30 laps, 8/10 for the remainder, that makes it a combined 4/10.

    Highlights: Hamilton reaches driving perfection * and the pitlane salute to Massa.

    *I’m not a fanatic Hamilton supporter, but drives like today are on par with the best I’ve seen from my personal heroes Tazio, Jimmy and Alain.

    1. Alain was an absolute great… but the wet never suited him. He was well above Ayrton in the dry but couldn’t hold a candle to him in the wet.

      And btw you’ really seen Tazio? (I mean live, not footage) he retired 67 years ago so I’m doing the math.

      I share your personal heroes, including two more: Juan Manuel and Jackie (and I did see Jackie. And Alain. Missed Jimmie by little. And of course Tazio and JM.

      But I rate Lewis way, way, way below any of them. Today he was flawless if you will, but he had it real easy. The real fight was yesterday for the pole, today he didn’t even have the trouble of starting, as it was under SC. He had the fastest car and didn’t have the spray of anyone in front. He was totally unchallenged, he said himself his win was “very easy”. Not trying to detract from him, he did nothing wrong, but any driver in the grid would have been able to do the same.

      1. No, haven’t seen Tazio live, only in recorded images. There are many clips and some docu’s on youtube. And there are of course lots of books.

        These are the kind of stories that first attracted me:
        For the Targa Florio of 1932 he requested of Enzo Ferrari a mechanic who weighed as little or less than he. Nuvolari took the young and inexperienced mechanic that Ferrari had given him and told him that he would warn him when they approached a particularly difficult corner so as not to unduly frighten the young man. As they approached a corner, Nuvolari would shout for the mechanic to take cover under the dashboard. After the race and another victory for Nuvolari, Ferrari asked the mechanic how he had made out. “Nuvolari started shouting at the first bend and finished at the last one,” the boy answered. “I was down at the bottom of the car all the time.”

    2. Tazio? You’re 105 years old?

  62. So, in the 44th
    brazilian gp, LH,
    driving in the wet,
    in a Senna-tribute helmet,
    won his first brazilian gp,
    and by it, broke the 51 gp win – record
    of Alain Prost, Senna’s old time ‘nemesis’, and eventually friend.
    And all this, one day before tomorrow’s ‘supermoon’.
    Gotta love it

    1. He won without his helmet.. it was leaking.
      The race with MAX = 9
      The Race without MAX= 6

    2. and both were 31 in doing so, 25 years apart.

      1. Slight difference.

        Lewis has done it in 15 fewer races and in two fewer WCC cars…

        With similar front running DNF counts there is no argument.

        It’s an astounding achievement for both drivers.

  63. Really great drive from Verstappen, he clearly had a feel for those conditions and was in a groove . Glad to be alive to witness it.

  64. Too many mixed emotions to rate it for me. Max was amazing but the delays and inconsistencies in the way they call red flags ruined it for me.

  65. I think perhaps people should go and race. I would expect VER to perform the way he did on fresh wets, the tread pattern fades after 30+ laps and makes a HUGE difference.

    1. Hardly, Pirelli even sees 70+ laps on performance with enough water to cool the tire. No problem there..
      There’s hardly any serious degradation.

    2. don’t forget that RIC was also on fresh wets and ahead of VES after the stops.

    3. Is that your’e way of saying Verstappens drive is overhyped because of the fresh tyres and that is reason why he could overtook all those cars in front of him from 16th to 3rd? So why couldnt Ricci do it?

  66. 9/10 for me. After all the red flags and safety cars we finally got the race we wanted. Great entertainment. Hamilton won the race but I think Rosberg is the real winner today.

  67. Great race! Every time Max turned his steering wheel I expected some drama. He is my DOTD, with Lewis the DOTW.
    Those two are the most exciting racers on the grid today!

  68. I give it an 8 on average. It didn’t have a fight for the win and just too much safety car. The last quarter of the race was definitely a 9 though in terms of entertainment value.

  69. As expected when it comes to Max over looking gaining qn advantage by going off track and shoving people off track. Whiting”s pet no doubt and these don’t get him interested.

    In these conditions he could have caused a serious accident. He lives to fight another day .

    1. Vettel fan?

  70. A highly entertaining race, even if it continues to prove the wet tyres need reworking. Would have liked to have seen how the Red Bulls would have done if the team hadn’t tried to be clever, disappointed it won’t be a winner takes all in Abu Dhabi after Rosberg got second and was distraught for Massa, but still a very entertaining race. Goes to show how skilled some of these guys are.

  71. Thank god I recorded the race and could fast forward through all the red flags and safety cars.
    Thank Max for making the race worth watching.

  72. Watching Max take the wet racing lines, gripping unbelievably well, pleasure to watch. Totaly on the level of young MSC.

    Especially the lines he took. Why didn’t other drivers take those lines? If he was not done by strategy he would have finished first or atleast second.

    Then there was Vettel wheel to wheel, and his car snapping allover the track at times… Was fun to see, despite nowhere near fast enough. Awesome against Alonso, awesome dice with Max.

    Watching cars twisting and turning was a pleasure. FIA part was booring, but race itself was a slamdunk 10.

  73. Can I give that an 11? Utterly fantastic race.

  74. 9/10 It was very exciting, but the too many SC period and red flags reduces it.

  75. We were overdue a stonker of a race.

  76. 7/10 – still a Mercedes procession up front despite whatever else was happening further back

  77. Cannot believe anyone on here who rated it past a 7 watched all of the coverage including every SC and each red flag and each crash.

  78. Should be 10, but i rate 8 due to start under safety car…

  79. I rated this race 10/10. It wasn’t really a great race but seeing Massa crash out, find a Brazilian flag and slowly walking down to the paddock (including the mechanics of Mercedes and Ferrari lining up mid-race to applaud him) made my eyes tear up. Formula 1 has not been this emotional since 2008, when the very same man lost the WC at the very same track. If I’m tearing up about F1, then something about this sport is still pretty healthy. 10/10.

    1. @chrischrill – I’ve not been a big fan of Massa the driver in recent years, but we’ve got to love Massa the person. I did have tears in my eyes when he was walking back. It’s the onions, I tell you!

    2. +1. I also teared myself when I saw him embraced and cried on his wife’s shoulder. One of my most favorite drivers, he won in here like a hero in 2006 and left here as a hero in 2016. Even if he might not perform as good as he was before 2010. It is very hard to say goodbye.

  80. 9/10: 10 points for Verstappen. -1 since I’d have loved to see Hamilton and Verstappen duking it out in the wet.

    It was also nice to see the reception Massa got in the pitlane – it would have been sweeter and more poignant if the Williams garage took him past more teams.

  81. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    14th November 2016, 6:56


    Would’ve rated it a 9 if red flags didn’t delay the race for hours. Seeing Verstappen doing an incredible overtake on Pérez is somewhat better than his overtake on him last year.
    This is why the Brazilian GP is dramatic on wet weather.

  82. After sleeping through the night, it is actually really hard to rate this one. There have been only a handful of races where I’ve been scared for the drivers, and this was one of them: it seems like any lap we might see a catastrophic accident on the front “straight”, and it was hard to enjoy this race. Also the lengthy delays certainly did not improve the show, which was pretty good eventually.

    1. @kaiie – very true, the rain somehow reminded me of 2014 Suzuka, and I was also afraid. When I saw the safety car bring the field around after Massa’s crash, to see a recovery vehicle also out there made me pray that no one would lose their car on that stretch.

  83. Gave it a 9, would have been if a 10 if there was a true scrap for the lead and for the unnecessary second red flag. Perhaps these 10 minute restart warnings are too long? I think 5-7 minutes would be enough. At times watching the race was terrifying, particularly up the hill and down into the first corner. How they could see at times, i’m not sure.

    Verstappen was sensational, a drive for the ages. Hamilton was faultless, but it is easier when you have no spray in front of you. Stoked for Sauber and Sainz showed how good he is, what a gem.

  84. Great race. Some amazing skill keeping cars on the road. The save by Max was awesome as was the save by Ros – that one moment possibly saved his championship. Can’t understand why fans think Ros was a poor performer. He was the only driver under pressure and he kept it to a podium. Yes he benefited from Max pitting, but he would have been (and should have been) happy with third in any event. Bottom line is that in those conditions, with no visibility, there would have been no sense in Ros fighting for positions unless he needed to – and he didn’t need to. In my opinion, Ham had a clear advantage being up front out of the spray.

  85. Good race. Second red flag and SC starts were ridiculous, however.

    That said, I know current F1 cars have more difficulties to run under wet conditions than in the past. I see 2 reasons:
    1- Pirelli wet tyres are bad (even worse than their slick tyres).
    2- Parc fermé rules: no real wet setups allowed on cars. This is stupid and dangerous.

    1. I’m with you @bebilou. They really need to change the wet tyres and parc fermé rules!

    2. @bebilou
      “Second red flag [..] were ridiculous, however.”

      No, it actually wasn’t. Instead of running for 30 minutes behind the Safety Car with temporarily increased rain intensity, the Red Flag came out and stopped the race-clock. That decision gave the spectator 20-25 laps more racing at speed when the rain eased off again.

      1. Yes, but… I wanted them to race, not to red-flag the race or stay behind SC.

        A few years ago they would have raced, and we would have had a standing start. This overcautiousness from the FIA must stop.

  86. About a 2/10 for the first half, and about a 8/10 for the second.

    I’m sure you all can do the maths.

  87. 3/10, it would have been 1/10 it is wasn’t for Verstappen overtaking 11 cars in 14 laps, that is the only thing of note that was good about this race. The wet weather tyres are so bad, it wasn’t a good race at all.

  88. Such a great race. Unfortunately I was not able to watch it completely as my HD recorder was not able capture all (I did not plan for it to take so long) and it was not available on replay TV :(

  89. Extremely hard to rate this race – weird decisions by race officials to race when it was ok to race then calling drivers back out when it got worse – first half 4, second half 9 even 10 for Verstappen – really odd race not helped by the red flag periods meaning I had to stay up till 3am to watch with work next day – living in Singapore. Red flag decisions made no sense, other bits of the race outstanding, will therefore skip rating as makes no sense

  90. I rated the race a 9.

    Having only watched the highlights I definitely felt like I missed some of the action and my overall enjoyment of the race would have been better if I had seen the whole race live, although it did mean I avoided the safety car periods and the red flags stoppages which I have no idea how long they lasted. Because of this I increased my rating slightly to compensate for only seeing the highlights.

    Red Bull got the rain they wanted in the hope they could take the fight to Mercedes in the race but then threw away any chance they had of victory when they gambled on changing to inters.

    You could understand when Ricciardo made the switch as he was the second Red Bull on the track, and Ricciardo was starting to post some quick sector times on inters when Verstappen came in but we then had some team radio broadcast of I think Force India informing Perez that the rain was due to get heavier in the next ten minutes, as I understand it all the teams receive the same weather reports so the decision to call in Verstappen then was strange.

    Without the strategy mistake Verstappen would have got at least second and could have taken the fight to Hamilton for the victory, but we don’t know who would have come out on top between the two of them. Post-race Verstappen said he didn’t think he could have beaten Hamilton as he was using all the same lines that Verstappen was so he wouldn’t have had the same advantage he had over all the other drivers.

    While Hamilton’s win takes the championship battle down to the last race the fact that Rosberg came second means that Rosberg is still the heavy favourite to take the title as he only needs to finish third even if Hamilton wins, and he has shown he can comfortably do that.

    To make the final race really interesting it would have been better if Rosberg had finished about seventh with Hamilton winning, then they would have gone into the final race equal on points and number of wins, so that whichever driver finished ahead on track would be crowned the champion.

  91. The only thing stopping me from scoring this round a perfect 10 was the needless second red flag period. They need to shorten the safety car periods upon restarts too. It makes zero sense to have the cars circle at turtle speed for six or more laps where much more water would be displaced by circulating at race speed.

    Aside from that, what an incredible race! We are witnessing something truly special in the form of Max Verstappen.

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