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Vettel: Verstappen’s driving was “not correct”

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel has criticised Max Verstappen’s driving again after the Brazilian Grand Prix, saying it was “not correct”.

The two drivers were penalised after a bitter clash between the pair in Mexico and fought for position again in Brazil. Verstappen passed the Ferrari driver at Juncao and Vettel got onto the grass as the Red Bull came past him.

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Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures
“I think I was racing him side-by-side, he saw me. I still had a little bit of my nose ahead. he was much faster so it was about the corner you get passed, not if you get passed. But I don’t think that was correct.”

Vettel finished fifth after dropping back early on the race due to a spin. “It could have been anything today,” he told reporters after the race. “I think I was not the only one who got caught out by the aquaplaning. Lucky I didn’t crash.”

His team mate Kimi Raikkonen also aquaplaned during the race but he crashed heavily on the pit straight.

“I think it was a good recovery in the end,” said Vettel, who passed Carlos Sainz Jnr and finished within a second of Sergio Perez.

“Difficult to come back, I struggled to get past Carlos, I don’t know why. It took a lot of laps before I really started to feel well in the car.”

Verstappen has now closed to within five points of Vettel in the contest for fourth place in the drivers’ championship. Raikkonen is 19 points behind his team mate.

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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122 comments on “Vettel: Verstappen’s driving was “not correct””

  1. Seriously, Vettel needs to stop whining and seriously start showing some results. Seriously!

    1. I think you mean: Honestly!

      1. Blue flag, red flag, give Vettel a black flag.

      2. @stefanauss I don’t know if the rest of the people understood the reference, but I am laughing my lungs out, I mean, honestly

    2. It is important to know the context. He was probably asked a question about it and he feels like he was pushed outside. I think many drivers would have said the same thing when asked. So i consider it just a reply to a question. Not so much whining.

      1. He was whining about it on the radio right after as well.

        1. As do all the drivers when they are involved in an incident. Only Vettels whine is deemed worthy for television.

          1. @rethla I’m so happy there’s at least some people who use more than one brain cell.

          2. Exactly. They all do it, but it fits the narrative to just focus on Vettel.

          3. No, they don’t all do that. not even close. There are plenty drivers who just get on with it. Although I have to admit that Alonso also complained when Vettel pushed him off track.

        2. He didn’t say anything even remotely whiney, he just said he was pushed off– pretty objective statement. And considering the move was BS, I wish Vettel would wing his tires one of these days.

          1. @chaddy A totally biased Vettel fan vouching for his favorite driver? I’m sold.

          2. He got beaten and lost the position. Of course you can stay on the outside of the corner like a lame duck and then whine, but he should know that was what was going to happen.

            Especially since he pulled pretty much the same thing on Alonso and notably on Verstappen just before that. if he had let Verstappen live at that time he would have had a point. Now it was just pure and undiluted whining.

      2. I think he pushed Alonso really off track but I don’t hear him wining about that 😡

        1. I already explained below in a really, you can’t compare both situations. They were not the same.

        2. Yet Alonso did. You won’t find anyone complaining about his whining.

        3. Alonso did complain on team radio saying “He pushed me, Vettel Pushed me off the track”

      3. By that time he already forgot his move on Alonso.

      4. Max do some reckless moves every now and then but yesterday, IMHO, he did nothing wrong while battling Seb. He overtook him fair and square. Max was brave and had a better car.

    3. Vettel always seems like a Sore loser when things aren’t going his way.

      He’s definitely the new Whine-meister of the grid, and if he sticks at Ferrari, I expect him to be whining for a long time to come.

      1. Vettel likes lights-to-flag wins, he’s not got much in the way of stuffing.

    4. Read Mark Webbers book and you will know that Vettel will not stop the whining. And that with mark not really saying much about Vettel and much much more about Helmut Marko :)

      1. I’ve read it and hoped that the meltdowns described by Mark would stop at a team like Ferrari, but it seems no. He can’t contain his anger and frustration at losing.

        Max said Vettel had no respect for anyone and he’s right.

        Watch your wheels Seb, not all teams will put up with such behaviour, star x 4 times or no.

  2. Didn’t see Vettel on the podium…

  3. Sorry Seb, you’re the only one who thinks that. Even the Ferrari pit wall probably agrees you were “done up like a kipper” as Damon Hill said. Sorry buddy, you have to take it like a man (Damon, also).

  4. season is almost over, relax Seb.

  5. The stupidity of it all, Vettel did the exact same thing on the same lap. The difference is that Verstappen was smart enough to go of the power and took his loss. There is difference between ‘pushing of the track’ and ‘going of the track because you are stubborn’.

    1. I think Vettel also did the same thing to Alonso earlier in the race.

      1. Yep, but that one was really over the edge. Alonso was slightly in front there.

        1. No actually he was not. Vettel had already overtaken him and Alonso was trying to come back at him from outside. That’s why he found himself out. That’s not the same thing as Verstappen vs Vettel at all as that’s done during the overtake itself.

          1. of course and that was the place VET pushed him out.
            Probably VET did not see him as a result of the spray, and it was not intentional. But he did pushed him out.

    2. Exactly, his complaint would have a bit more behind it if he’d not just done the exact same thing.

    3. Just what I thought myself

  6. Any newcomers to the sport would be surprised to find out Vettel is a four times World champion, cause he sure doesn’t act like one.

    1. He is a 4 time world champion. However, this time Max was fair. We need more drivers like Vettel who are not afraid to voice out. One being Max and Kimi. Vettel is afraid of dishonest people. I can somehow understand why he doesn’t like when the drivers do not follow the blue flags… it’s understandable… And even this year that he lost 3 possible wins(Spain Australia and Canada). Not to mention that he had reliability problems like Lewis… I understand how his frustration is…

      1. The frustration is understandable, but that doesn’t make it right for him to be so dishonest himself. He also makes a lot of his own bad luck (for example, by squeezing people in the first corner) and then blames others for it.

    2. Yeah cuz Alonso saying “I’ll push him off the road next time” really does sound like an “only 2 times champion because Vettel got the other 2”. People were mad at Verstappen for saying stuff like this, but it’s OK when it’s Alonso? No, it’s not.

    3. @emu55 – It’s funny because when you think about it, it’s actually how you’d expect a 4 time champion to act! Look at other recent multiple world championship winning drivers – Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher…… All of them would have had a serious moan if it was them in Vettel’s position on Sunday.

  7. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    13th November 2016, 20:33

    And your driving was OK when you overtook Alonso?

    1. @victorandrei1999 yet Alonso’s whining is not worth the reporters asking Fernando a question?
      So I agree with a comment above, all drivers will complaint as much as possible.

    2. Yeah? He overtook him and then Fernando tried to come back at him. That’s when Alonso found himself off the track. That’s nothing compared to Verstappen pushing Vettel to overtake. They are not the same thing.

  8. Vettels radio comments are getting pretty funny, during the race I lost the Skysports stream and switched to an Ozzy one, they were very quick to say to their viewers “wait and and see what vettel moans about after this move”, bang on! Vettel even says in the above article that it’s about which corner you get passed and not if you actually get passed, he knew it was going to happen so why waste the tyres by hanging it out on the corner and risking so much?

    1. @broke84 – for a moment you had me wondering when Ozzy Osbourne started following motorsport.

  9. VET is probably right that the ‘pushing’ was bit naughty.
    But I’ll forgive Max as he taught the others how to race in the wet, and singlehandedly made something interesting out of the Brazilian GP.

    1. maybe it was a bit naughty but remember that passing on the inside on such a wet track doesn’t always come out exactly like the driver intended, maybe Max got a bit too hot for the conditions, but this is racing and Vettel should have yielded IMO.

      Also, i remember in USA what Alonso did to Masa on a bone-dry track and was never penalised.

  10. Yet he did much worse to Alonso in Turn 11? He needs to stop whinging and rediscover the prowess he had at Red Bull. Really starting to lose a lot of respect for him, every race he complains about something.

    1. Two totally different situation. Alonso tried to pas him on the outside, which is why he was pushed off, cause there was no room. Vettel owned the corner. Totally legit. Max passed him on the inside and had position and just nudge him a little bit to the outside. A bit cheeky :)

      1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
        13th November 2016, 22:26

        No it is not. Vettel passed him on the inside, and left him even less space than Verstappen did to Vettel.

        1. Yes it is. Vettel was already ahead and it was Fernando trying the outside. Vettel’s move was already done beforehand.

          1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
            13th November 2016, 22:53

            yeah but Alonso still had a sizeable portion of his car next to Vettel. Vettel could have given him more space but didn’t, just like VES did (but he left a little more space).

          2. (@wickedwicktheweird) I think you really need to watch that again. Alonso didn’t have a sizeable portion of his car next to Vettel at all and Verstappen didn’t leave him any more room either. What was different with that second move was Verstappen did it to pass the driver, so it was worse if anything.

  11. I’m more of the opinion that his CAR was not correct.

  12. can’t remember if vettel being right about his nose being ahead, dont care honestly, max drove too well to let that ruin his day.

  13. Vettel really needs to keep his mouth shut. He did the same thing to Max in turn 4 or 5 at the end of the straight and Max saw it coming and backed out. Seb just kept going until he ran out of road and cried like a girl and it’s getting very boring now.

    1. if it was the other way around, with VET passing Max, i’m 100% sure that Vettel would have done exactly the same move to push the other car wide, it’s no question about it. As always, Vettel’s comments over the radio are a bit hypocritical.

  14. Well I think Vettel actually has a point. The Sky presenters compared the two actions between Vettel and Verstappen, but they didn’t mention that Vettel indeed did leave a good amount of space for Verstappen to his right under braking. Where Verstappen decided to squeeze Vettel simply wasn’t under braking, it was under acceleration. The rules in that scenario are defined differently and haven’t been under such scrutiny lately.

    If Vettel and Ferrari wanted to mount a protest they’d probably have an argument. I think the wording is something (too lazy to look it up) like if any significant element of the car is along-side, then a cars width must be left on the outside. There simply wasn’t space on the track on the outside for Vettel, unless the kerb is the track now, in which case we have another problem.

    But the rules are a complete mess anyway honestly, we’ve seen multiple drivers squeeze each other wide around the outside of corners under acceleration all throughout the last few seasons be variably punished. Ferrari would be very brave to be the villains trying to take away Verstappens heroic tale via protest.

    Anyway, I guess all I’m saying is I can see his argument, in a sense. I don’t think this particular move was necessarily right either, and Vettel definitely gave Verstappen his hardest fight of the race.

    1. Really, you are one the few persons who hale the rules as they are in F1 today. Coming up with rules that stop drivers from racing. I call it the whining rules, special created specifically for drivers in the twilight of their career.

      1. “you are one the few persons who hale the rules as they are in F1 today”

        not quite sure what you mean there, but if calling the rules a complete mess are hailing(?) them, then I’m out of words.

    2. Look again what he did tot Max 2 corners before but Max lifted so didn’t get off track. That’s smart and vettel should have done that as well. Earlier in the race Vettel pushed of Alonso way further off track but I can’t remember hearing him talk about that move. So please stop wining Seb and start racing. We should be grateful for Verstappen cause he is the only one making F1 worth looking again.

      1. “Look again what he did tot Max 2 corners before but Max lifted so didn’t get off track”

        No, honestly, they were quite different scenario’s. Vettel under braking left plenty of room for Max on his right… Max never was getting pushed off track. As for pushing Alonso out (and multiple cars doing it to each other today) I agree. But that’s not what’s in question here.

  15. I don’t regard Vettel as a top 3 driver anymore. People will probably hate me for this, but I think that Vettel is the worst multi-WDC of all time. I’m not saying that he’s bad. He’s good, but not great. Just my opinion though. Verstappen did nothing wrong today. His drive was great.

    1. I don’t put it down to anything more than being in a form slump / on tilt. It’s only really been the second half of this season he’s really sunk. I think it’s a bit soon to say he’s no longer a great driver. Even when he was winning WDC’s he always had a egotistical attitude.

      I think the break will do him good and he’ll be back to the Vettel we’ve got to know over the last couple years. Otherwise yeah, if it’s same thing next year I’d have to agree entirely.

    2. @Uzair I guess you were also one to claim Raikonnen was worthless and should’ve been replaced years ago?
      Facts: -The Ferrari has its limits and is weak on downforce and mechanical grip.
      -Every single thing Vettel says gets aired, while other messages are limited.
      -Al lot of top drivers tend to vocalise their issues: Alo, Vet, Ham, Raik, Ves do this often. A Senna, J-P Montoya, J Villeneuve, and M Shu were also known to cause brain damage to their pit walls.

    3. To be honest I never regarded Vettel that highly. Him getting thoroughly whooped by Ricciardo didn’t help that image and a season like this only makes it even worse.

      I would love to see Vettel try on Rosberg for size.

  16. Alonso:”I’ll crash into him and he will lose more points than me.”
    He really said that???…sounds worse than whining in my opinion.

    1. ill have to hear it for myself, but I was assuming he was meaning they would crash and both would DNF due to the dodgy vettel move, not Alonso deliberately crashing into him.

      Alonso is Spanish and his English is a bit muddled sometimes, especially his tenses. like last race where he was talking about sainz saying ‘i’m driving with a car which shouldn’t even be in the race’ and many thought he was referring to his own car and bigging himself up

      had he explicitly said ” ‘next time’ i’ll crash into him and he will loose more points than me” then it’s a totally different story.

      and indeed he was right, vettel would loose more points than him if they both DNFed.

    2. After that race today Max Verstappen showed he will be a future WDC champion, if strategy was right he would have won the race, lewis was quick when max was chasing at the start (mid 1:25) but remember he had clear track most of the race, until today Button in Canada was my favourite drive in the wet, 2 laps to go and vettel locked up under pressure there, every great WDC champ has got more out of a car than they should have and I think vettel had the best package when he got 4 wdc’s, he can’t stretch an inch of extra performance out that Ferrari, not like shumacher did in closing the massive gap between mclaren when first into the corner won the race or Damon hill taking a poor arrows car and coming second or alonso almost winning a WDC with a under power Ferrari. I hope red bull and mclaren get a competitive car against Mercedes, Rosberg is a nice guy, but he is this generations equivalent of Rubens barrichello, lewis, Danny ric, max Verstappen and fernando alonso are the best racers on the grid, vettel in my opinion is a paper champ, all due respect to him and his achievements but he makes headlines for whining and finger pointing, if he had been racing and not ranting on the radio he would not have got caught out v Danny ric in Mexico. Max can be on the edge at times, he’s 19, just going to get better, vettel will struggle for a top seat after his contract at Ferrari finishes after next year if he keeps moaning and whining like this

  17. At what point do people start realising the current Verstappen rhetoric is mostly down to moaners rather than actual problems he causes.

    1. Never I guess, but it will be entertaining to see them struggle to keep it up in the future.

  18. I always thought that Vettel was very good in the wet in a Torro Rosso and later Red Bull. Kimi is also very good in the wet. I think the Ferrari is not good in the wet, only Michael Schumacher made it look good in the wet….

    1. Vettel is really good in the wet, but alone, and not in the traffic, and this applies for the dry condition as well. He might be the fastest guy on the grid when it comes to a pole-to-win situation, but as soon as he finds himself close to other cars, he starts struggling, and that’s realy an area he should improve in the future. You can argue that he fought back today, gaining positions on the track, and even if it wasn’t a walk in a park, Ferrari is still the 3rd best construction, and I don’t remember him overtaking that level of cars.

      1. This is incredible. This never gets old. Some people seriously cannot accept that he is actually not bad at overtaking at all. On the other hand, Raikkonen always gets praised for it despite being worse at it.

    2. You are comparingh the present Ferrari with Michael’s over a decade ago, they are quite different beasts. The 2014 Ferrari looked good in the wet ’cause it was good in the wet, in fact it was one of the most dominant cars ever, both dry and wet. Sadly this is not the case now.

    3. Ferrari was always grat in the wet. Alesi was called a rain god driving that car. Then Schumacher and Alesi swapped cars. Suddenly Schumacher was hailed the rain god and Alesi was sliding around like a noob.

      What always baffles me is the Spain race that people refer to to show how good Schumacher was in the wet. That was one race and only six cars finished that race. That’s like saying Panis was a rain god since he won that race in Monaco where also only a few cars made it to the finish in the wet. Schumacher managed to crash out on the first lap there when it was wet. Typical rain god like performance that was.

      Schumacher himself even stated that he mostly had a broken exhaust to thank for less power and therefore better driveability in the rain.

      Verstappen and Hamilton keep on putting in great drives in the rain. Of course you have to be a but lucky with the setup since they can’t change much these days, but a race like this were the were aware rain would likely fall you can see how those two are just a cut above the rest in these conditions.

  19. Vettel has lost his aura of a 4 time champ. He still is a 4 timer but his performances and whining this year are about 10 steps backwards.

    1. He was a whiner when he was winning those championships. Did everybody really forget?

      1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
        13th November 2016, 22:07

        True but it has gotten worse. In 2012 he was very cool after that contact with Senna, even with the title on the line.

  20. Seb pushes Alonso, Max pushes Seb. Funny to me to see the former golden boy complaining about the current golden boy.
    Max can drive but he is dangerous. It’s all fun until someone gets hurt.

    1. I can’t remember Max causing accidents other drivers involved. (except Monaco 2015, Grojean). Thus I won’t call him dangerous. Only extremely talented. And perhaps for some people too talented.

    2. Would it not better for Rick to play with Carrera cars.?

  21. Vettel didn’t lift when he knew he had to, and then whining on the radio. Verstappen lifted when Vettel did the same to him a lap earlier, no problem.

  22. Vettel pushed Verstappen wide in turn 4 on the same lap, Verstappen pulled out of it, but I’m glad he gave Vettel some of his own medicine in turn 14.

  23. What an annoying person …

  24. I think the pass was a done deal anyway. It was a bit cheeky from Max but I don’t think it deserved a penalty.

    1. Exactly my thoughts.

  25. Ferrari radio: Sebastian …Max is faster than you…

  26. I don’t have much of a problem with what Verstappen did though it was a bit on the limit. But it wasn’t the same thing as what Alonso did to Vettel. Because Vettel overtook him before that move and Alonso was trying to come back at him. Verstappen, on the other hand, made that move during the overtake. Like I said, I don’t really have a problem with MV’s move either, but SV did absolutely nothing to FA compared to that.

  27. What told Alonso about Vettel?
    It is time Vettel retire.

  28. In the wet braking zones get longer.

    I am pretty sure some of Vettel’s defensive moves before Max overtook him were breaching the Verstappen rule.
    Maybe that rule deserves a name change now, any suggestions? ;)

    1. Let’s be fair, before the Verstappen rule, it was called the Schumi shuffle.

      1. When Vettel spun: wasn’t he moving under braking? 😀

  29. Vettel is just making a fool out of himself.

    What about all these complains about Max: Max has NEVER crashed anybody (not even Grojean).
    But check the list of Vettels victims since Max came into F1

  30. Sebastian …

    … either stop moaning, or just grow a moustache and change your first name to Nigel …

  31. Seb needs to pick his battles before “boy who cried wolf” syndrome sets in.

    Max had the inside line very clearly and Seb knew full well that he was going to end up off the track if he tried to hang on around the outside. Not worth whinging about. It decreases the impact of his (justified) complaints in Mexico.

  32. I agree that Vettel is a bit of a whinger at present – but only slightly more so than Alonso, Raikonen and Button – and, on occasions, Lewis. WDCs seem to develop, or perhaps need to have, big egos, and don’t like if when they aren’t winning! Maybe in 10 years time Verstappen will be doing the same….

  33. It’s the pressure of driving for Ferrari, of being the ‘next Schumacher’ to the German press and fans, and it’s starting to show. I remember the incident in Russia when Kyvat punted him off into the wall, Sebastien just lost it over the radio. Turned the air several shades of blue and then some, and this really surprised me from someone who I thought was a professional. A professional driving for the biggest team in motor sports, the most successful team in grands prix history.
    This season has not been Vettel’s nor Ferrari’s. Sebastian has also had a resurgent Kimi Raikkonen to deal with, and to add insult to injury, the ‘kid’.
    Max Verstappen, the next big thing, driving the very car Vettel had won all those championships in. A car and a team that was supposed to be on the downturn, Ferrari a natural progression in his career towards possibly matching Schumacher’s championship record.
    The frustration is plain to see from Vettel. Screaming at his team to tell Charlie Whiting to go ‘f@@k off’ in Mexico was as embarrassing as it was stupid, as tepid as it was unprofessional. I can be sure that at Marranello, watching that outburst from their star driver, the Ferrari hierarchy must have been as red with rage as the paint on their adored race cars.
    Vettel just didn’t just embarrass himself, he embarrassed them. This has happened before many times when young talent comes in and upsets the natural order, but Vettel is a man under the gun. The reality is that Verstappen maybe driving Sebastien’s old car, but how long will it be before he is driving the current one?

  34. Umm… This one sentence in the headline is in fact uttered by him. But isn’t this a bit sensationalist as that’s like only 1 sentence answer to a specific question in an intereview. And he wasn’t even complaining really. It comes across a lot different than it was in reality.

  35. Common, Seb!!! I love you man, but common!!!
    Max put everybody in the shadow today! Damn it!!!

  36. Shut up and keep racing Seb. Anyone here saw what he did to nando? Well it is racing.

  37. Sebastian’s just gone overboard now. He complains about max verstappen at practically every race. I believe (despite it being denied) that Vettel’s Ferrari days are numbered, he is just getting way to frustrated every race. He just needs to stay focused and deliver a good result in Abu Dhabi

  38. After all that whining I’ve forgotten that he is an 4 times world champion. His present isn’t WC worthy. Face it! You’re not the fastest anymore. Take it like a man! Take it like a champ!

  39. How long will Vettel stay in F1?

    1. Another Ferrari contract then he is done. Probably another 5 years.

      1. If he doesn’t start producing better results, he may not get another contract..

  40. Max IMO is the best thing to happen to F1 since Lewis and next year I really want to see them given the kit to battle it out. I think Lewis will watch the race and know who his strongest challenger will be given parity.
    As far as Seb, just look back at his early years, his mistakes and attitude, not great. He then had an appalling seasons and returned to the old Seb when Red Bull lost it’s edge. He has not matured like others.
    The mark of the man is when he’s not in the best car, or he has misfortune and that is why I am a big fan of the like of Hamelton, Verstappen, Alonso, Button and Ricciardo, some took a while to mature, Max started higher up the ladder than most! I had my doubts to start with but he has earned my respect this season at Red Bull and I’m now a fan.
    I loved his comment after the race, 2nd was doable for sure but not the win, Lewis was taking the correct lines!

  41. Seb: I like you, I like your humour, the way you behave outside the car. I even share most of your views about current issues in F1.
    But please, stop whiting… sorry… whining all the time !! Everytime you get in a position of close racing, we hear you moan on the radio, begging for a penalty, a blue flag, a red flag… This is school ground behavior.

    It’s racing, Seb. And we love it.

      1. He’s great outside the car, charming, witty and intelligent. Don’t like him when he’s in it.

  42. G.c.a. Van Berkel
    14th November 2016, 15:31

    What about the same action you pulled of earlier in the race in the same corner, driving your college on to the gras !!!!
    Be honest Seb !!! Max is the better driver so far.

  43. I remember Hungary a few years back when Seb had a hard time getting past Button. I remember him screaming “do something, do something!” and thinking the day he’s not driving a superior car is gonna be hard for him to deal. I say this not to be critical, I think any driver would probably be the same. He does seem to complain more than most . My issue is a lot of the moves he complains about are moves he himself has pulled in the past. I’m not a hater F1 is the only sport I love and have nothing but love and respect for these amazing athletes. Yesterday exemplifies just how brave talented they all are.

  44. If Red Bull gets a good car and start winning again, we all go how boring they have no competition…

    1. I think we re all hoping for a 2010 scenario next year. I know dominance has always been apart of F1 but years like 2010 are magical.

  45. Vettel is making a fool of himself and his team with his behaviour and language. He just cannot accept losing. An angry driver is a bad driver, (shown by the Mythbusters programme).
    Webber’s book described Vettel’s meltdowns out of camera. I thought a more serious team as Ferrari would make him behave in a more mature manner, but no. Max was right when he said Vettel has no respect for anyone.
    The team should send him to a sports psychiatrist, as was Ronnie O’Sullivan when his frustration as his lack of perfection wound him up too much.
    Let it go Seb, Max would have passed you next corner anyway.

    1. Vettel is behaving in true ‘prima donna’ fashion and now the spot-light is no longer on him, his only way of gaining attention is by winging about all and sundry and particularly about Max because he is a much better driver than Seb has been or will ever be.

  46. Granted Vettel has had bad luck but he has pretty much lost it this year.
    Ferrari haven’t improved enough for him to win a WDC and he is seeing his former team challenging Merc and pushing ahead. His hopes are starting to fade.
    To say he is frustrated is putting it mildly. He had a great situation at Red Bull until he got a car not to his liking and Ricciardo got into his head. It was pretty much proven Seb can’t handle a car that isn’t to his liking.
    Now he is realizing he may not be looked at as one of the truly great drivers so much as lucky to drive a superior car for 4 years that others could win with.
    Maybe he will prove the naysayers wrong but if Ferrari don’t step up their game he won’t get that chance much like Alonso. Luck plays a part in racing and Seb may have run out.
    His world is crashing down on him.

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