2016 Brazilian Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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In Brazil the radio channels were dominated by discussions about which tyres were best for the conditions – and where the cars should even be racing at all.

While there was no repeat of Sebastian Vettel’s infamous tirade at race director Charlie Whiting from two weeks ago, the Ferrari driver was furious about the race being restarted in wet conditions on lap 21.

Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures
Prior to that had been another instance of the friction between Vettel and race engineer Riccardo Adami which has been evident at times this year. The pair have differed on strategic calls and Vettel was clearly misinformed during the race in Mexico.

In Brazil the Ferrari pit wall was keen for Vettel to pit for intermediate tyres early on. He was doubtful how that would affect his track position and despite asking for clarification the information was not forthcoming. Shortly after that frustrating exchange, Vettel had his race-ruining spin at turn 13 and then pitted anyway.

McLaren could give Ferrari a run for their money when it comes to bad pit calls, however. Jenson Button’s on lap 35 was a real mess.

Other drivers expressed frustration at the shortcomings of their wet weather Pirellis. “These tyres are just not capable”, declared Nico Hulkenberg.

Felipe Massa summed up the contradiction the drivers faced, noting the performance of the intermediate tyre was better despite it being more prone to aquaplaning than the slower wet weather tyre. He later crashed out of the race while running on intermediates.

But perhaps the most frustrated driver at Interlagos was Esteban Gutierrez. He grappled with engine problems affecting his braking for much of the race: an alarming problem in such tricky conditions. But eventually the car developed what the team described as an “emergency situation”, forcing him out. He later had an angry confrontation with team principal Guenther Steiner in the Haas garage.

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2016 Brazilian Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRFrom Lewis HamiltonIt’s very wet out here.
PRFrom Sebastian VettelUp at turn four quite a lot of standing water, heavy rain, seven quite heavy, rain still similar to the pit lane. Eight, nine, aquaplaning up the hill.
PRFrom Romain GrosjeanWhat happened? I crashed. The engine suddenly… I can’t believe it.
PRTo Romain Grosjean

OK copy.
PRFrom Lewis HamiltonIt’s really quite dangerous out here, it’s actually quite slippery. Particularly up the hill, down to turn four. Turn one is a little bit different to Silverstone. That’s a much more flowing corner. This is… if you want to start on the grid’s there’s probably going to be more risk of carnage, I would say.
PRTo Nico Hulkenberg

Tyre pressures low, watch out for aquaplaning.
PRFrom Valtteri BottasIt’s going to be wet tyre, these conditions. Otherwise it’s OK. Just 13, 14, there’s some aquaplaning.
PRTo Marcus Ericsson

Radar shows still the same. Consistent, light rain.
PRTo Felipe Nasr

Rainfall decreased slightly but will remain for at least the next 30 minutes like this.
PRFrom Nico RosbergGive me some feedback on brake balance from the other car on the laps to grid.
PRTo Nico Rosberg

On the laps to the grid Lewis did start with brake balance at 66%. He obviously moved it rearwards towards the end of his lap. He’s also got brake warming in our position, four.
PRFrom Nico RosbergWell is there any chance I can start the race like that.
PRTo Nico Rosberg

No don’t think so. You will obviously be using the brake warming magic behind the Safety Car.
PRTo Nico Rosberg

OK Nico it will be a Safety Car start so starting on [wet weather tyres]. There will be no formation lap.
PRTo Nico Hulkenberg

Nico current forecast ten minutes like this, half an hour lighter rain, and then more, heavier rain after that.
PRTo Nico Rosberg

Nico just make sure you have a look at the kerbs on these first few laps, expect there’s still water stalling those kerbs at turn three and there’s reports of water at the apex of turn two as well.
PRTo Daniel Ricciardo

Obviously think about brake warm-up behind the Safety Car, things like that. Also good chat on conditions like usual please.
PRTo Marcus Ericsson

Rainfall decreased slightly but will remain for at least the next 30 minutes like this.
1From Lewis HamiltonI can’t really see behind the Safety Car. Can you ask Charlie if we can hold a bit further back I can barely see the lights.
1From Sebastian VettelOK there’s a lot of water on the straights, even between three and four which wasn’t a problem earlier
2To Max Verstappen

OK Max so you’ve done a lap. Let’s have your thoughts on the conditions.
2From Max VerstappenIt’s just a bit the first sector and going into the second one. And then the last main straight, also a bit difficult to see with the aquaplaning. It’s a bit wet.
3To Daniel Ricciardo

How are the conditions at this point?
3From Daniel RicciardoAt the last corner it’s probably worse at the moment.
3To Daniel Ricciardo

OK understood so exit of the last corner is worst or worse than the lap to the grid?
3From Daniel RicciardoYeah worse than the laps to the grid. It’s probably the worst spot on the track.
3To Daniel Ricciardo

OK, understood.
3From Jenson ButtonVisibility is non-existent. Lot of standing water everywhere. But the corners that really matter are turn five and obviously the last corner. Because obviously they’re completely blind as well with the spray.
3To Jenson Button

Copy, Jenson, copy.
4From Carlos Sainz JnrIt’s possible to race but on the limit visibility at the minute.
4To Daniil Kvyat

All OK with the car, Danny, at the moment.
4From Daniil KvyatYeah OK. Plenty of aquaplaning at the moment and visibility, obviously.
4To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel any change in conditions?
4From Daniel RicciardoNothing dramatic at the moment. Obviously the track we’re running on’s got a little bit of a better line. But visibility’s pretty poor. But it’s slowly getting better as you’d expect.
4To Daniel Ricciardo

OK understood. Do you think it’s ready to start the race yet, question?
4From Daniel RicciardoIt’s getting close, yeah. Probably another lap or two.

What you think about a possible restart, Max.
5From Max VerstappenI don’t know. It’s just the spray, that’s the only thing. And if we just keep driving so slow it will not get any better.
5To Max Verstappen

OK understood.
5From Nico HulkenbergThe track is good it’s just out of turn 12 there’s a lot of water, aquaplaning. Can’t see [censored by FOM] on the straight.
5From Kevin MagnussenIt’s easily ready to race.
5To Kevin Magnussen

OK Kev, that’s good.
6To Max Verstappen

Any more updates, Max?
6From Max VerstappenNo I think we can start. Just the spray.
6To Max Verstappen

OK, understood.
7From Lewis HamiltonWhen I stop later if there’s any way you can block the top of my visor. There’s so much water coming in. Big, big chunks just landed in my eyes.
7From Nico RosbergStill a lot of water up the hill where Grosjean crashed.
7To Nico Rosberg

Copy that.
7To Pascal Wehrlein

Safety Car in this lap Pascal. Prepare to bunch up to the cars in front.
8From Kevin MagnussenBox for inters.
8To Kevin Magnussen

Understood, boxing for inters, Kev.
8From Jenson ButtonInformation on Magnussen, obviously, in the next 20 seconds if you can.
8To Jenson Button

Copy, Jenson. We will not get a sector time in time.
9To Jenson Button

Jenson Magnussen pace looks similar by GPS.
9From Jenson ButtonPit this lap, pit this lap.
9To Jenson Button

Copy, box this lap.
9To Marcus Ericsson

For info one car came in for the inters it was Magnussen. So far…
9From Marcus Ericsson[Unclear]
9To Marcus Ericsson

9From Daniel RicciardoOK let me know anything that will get me out of the spray. I’m not even full down the straight. Just visibility.
9To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate.
10To Nico Hulkenberg

How’s the conditions are we onto inters yet do you think?
10From Nico HulkenbergNo I don’t think inters.
10To Nico Rosberg

Cars are stopping for inter tyres now.
10From Nico RosbergNo way, too early.
11To Sebastian Vettel

We are in the crossover. Inters seem better, what do you think?
11From Sebastian VettelYeah but is their clean air with inter?
11To Sebastian Vettel

Are you happy to box for inter?
11From Sebastian VettelIs there clean air? Can I see something when I come out?
11To Sebastian Vettel

No clean air.
11From Sebastian VettelThen we stay here.
11To Sebastian Vettel

OK copy.
13To Daniil Kvyat

We are catching up a ton on Magnussen. Magnussen is going to block Button now.
13To Kimi Raikkonen

So we are on the crossover and lots of people are stopping for inters now Kimi, we need to think about coming in for inters.
13From Kimi RaikkonenOK but I almost spun again. I don’t know how you’re going to stay on the circuit that’s the problem. I have no rear end I’m aquaplaning all the time.
13To Kimi Raikkonen

Understood. We’ll get a warm set, maybe that helps, Kimi?
13From Kimi RaikkonenOK but I don’t think we’re going to stay on the circuit very easily if we change now.
14From Marcus EricssonAh but it’s game over.
14To Marcus Ericsson

14From Marcus EricssonSorry. Aquaplaning.
14From Max VerstappenWhat there’s someone in the pit entry?
14To Max Verstappen

There’s a Sauber in the pit entry just look out for him.
14From Max VerstappenIt will be tricky with these tyres, mate.
14To Marcus Ericsson

Understood. Switch-off procedure.
15From Lewis HamiltonWas that someone on inters?
15To Lewis Hamilton

That was Ericsson on inter.
15From Lewis HamiltonThere’s still way too much standing water.
15From Nico RosbergWe were still really far away from inters. There’s aquaplaning in a big way, still.
15To Nico Rosberg

OK copy that.
15To Nico Rosberg

So just information at the moment: Raikkonen is the car behind. Verstappen is behind him on inter tyres. So expecting the rain to pick up a little bit in 10 to 15 minutes.
16To Kevin Magnussen

So think Ericsson touched the white line on the inside of the last corner and that’s why he spun. And we saw Vettel earlier have a moment there. So 12 to 15 be careful there, Kev.
16To Jenson Button

So Jenson you might have seen more clearly than me now but if there is debris it’s on the right hand side after SC1 and on the left-hand side after SC1. You should cross from left to right at Safety Car One.
16From Jenson ButtonYeah it’s all on the left-hand side. The problem you have in the last corner, there’s so much running water all the way across the circuit, it’s a tricky one.
17From Kevin MagnussenThe puddle at turn five is really big now. Too dangerous, guys.
17To Kevin Magnussen

Understood you think it’s too dangerous. So Kev the pit entry is now open but at the moment we’re staying out. The trouble is you’re on intermediates at the moment so if you’re on wets it might be OK.
17From Kevin MagnussenIt can’t be it’s much worse now than when we started the race.
17To Kevin Magnussen

Much worse, understood Kev. Still under Safety Car.
17From Kevin MagnussenThe track is way too wet now. It’s really bad now.
17To Kevin Magnussen

You think it’s too bad for inters?
17From Kevin MagnussenI think it’s just too wet period. Both tyres.
17To Kevin Magnussen

18To Daniil Kvyat

OK Danny confirmed we have a slow puncture on the front-right. Stay out for now, pit lane is still closed.
18From Daniil KvyatSo what does that mean, we will have to box?
18To Daniil Kvyat

The pit lane is still closed, we cannot come in at the moment. Are we still OK to drive?
18From Daniil KvyatYeah well I feel the front right maybe has a bit less air. Yeah I can drive, of course.
18To Daniil Kvyat

OK we need to try to do one more lap.
18From Daniil KvyatYeah well I don’t feel anything at the moment I’m actually able to stay out.
19To Felipe Massa

Which is the best tyre do you think at the moment.
19From Felipe MassaI would say maybe this tyre is quicker but it’s bad aquaplaning, you know?
19To Felipe Massa

OK understood. We think it’s going to be like this for most of the rest of the race.
19From Felipe MassaOK.
19To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis just give us some feedback on current conditions in terms of spray.
19From Lewis HamiltonIt’s no different.
19To Lewis Hamilton

OK Roger. Lewis we expect the rain to get hard in five minutes. Ericsson’s spin was wheel on inside kerb, turn 14.
20To Max Verstappen

Safety Car in this lap, Max. OK mate so as I said we’ve got the long game here, you saw how conditions steadily improved as we circulated. So just think about it initially, no need to be a hero, try to keep it on the black stuff. Maintain position at the very minimum. And let’s see how we get on.
20From Max VerstappenYeah because it’s one where I feel like driving a boat mate, it’s a lot of water.
21To Lewis Hamilton

So stop 20 metres before the white line.
21From Sebastian VettelI mean this is just mad, honestly, it’s just stupid. Red flag. That’s what it is.
21To Sebastian Vettel

Cool the brake and how about extreme, you think extremes?
21From Sebastian VettelYeah we need extremes, first of all, second we need to stop the race. It doesn’t work. How many people do you want to crash? I nearly crashed into Kimi in the middle of the straight. Couldn’t see anything.
21To Sebastian Vettel

Red flag, stay out.
21From Sebastian VettelYeah, finally.
21From Felipe NasrIt’s so [censored by FOM] wet. I nearly lost the car in turn 12.
21To Felipe Nasr

Yeah we have seen a big shunt on the main straight.
21From Felipe NasrThe conditions are very heavy now, the worst.
21To Felipe Nasr

Understood Felipe, stay calm, stay out.
21From Nico HulkenbergWoah big shunt on the straight. I have something hit in front of my chin, my front wing maybe. Some part hit my front wing, check that. The aquaplaning is not fun. These tyres are just not capable.
21From Max VerstappenI almost lost it there on the straight and I was not pushing. Can someone bring me an extra pair of gloves because they are completely soaked.
21To Max Verstappen

Will do.
21From Esteban Ocon[Censored by FOM] hell. That was one millimetre close. Guys it is blind in the straight line now. Nicholas tell Michael that I have water coming in the helmet and I need the rain joint on the visor.
21To Esteban Ocon

OK, copy that.
21To Jenson Button

The FIA have mandated that all cars start on full wets, so we’re on that.
21From Esteban OconThe visibility is very, very poor. More than when we stopped.
21To Felipe Nasr

So we will do more than one lap behind the Safety Car.
21From Jenson ButtonWe have the Safety Car beeps, is there any way to get rid of them.
21To Jenson Button

Jenson default echo nine.
22To Sergio Perez

Heavy rain coming soon, we expect at least 50 minutes of this.
22From Sergio PerezMore than this?
22To Sergio Perez

The heavy rain is starting now.
22From Sebastian VettelOK up the hill it’s still quite bad. People are not daring really to go fast. Four, five seems a tiny bit better. So is between three and four. But big issues up the hill.
23To Nico Hulkenberg

We have a puncture, right-rear, we have a right-rear puncture. Pit this lap.
23From Nico HulkenbergOh really, Jesus.
23To Nico Rosberg

Nico let us know how the conditions are.
23From Nico RosbergStill very difficult. Still a lot of water.
23To Nico Rosberg

Copy, copy.
23To Fernando Alonso

How are track conditions compared to before?
23From Fernando AlonsoA little bit better.
25To Max Verstappen

So Max they are potentially expecting an increase in rain intensity, in around 20 minutes we expect.
25From Sebastian VettelThe rain teams to get heavier. Still up the hill but there’s more rivers now in turn five. So it seems to get worse. There’s definitely more rain now. I nearly lost the car between nine and ten, also eleven. More rivers.
25To Valtteri Bottas

Feedback on the track condition, Valtteri.
25From Valtteri BottasStill the same. The other tyre’s going to be quicker.
26To Daniil Kvyat

Double yellow Danny, Raikkonen crashed in turn nine, Safety Car.
26From Daniil KvyatOh no, he crashed me. Check my sidepod, left. Car seems OK. [Censored by FOM] sake it was a big one guys. Keep checking rear-left. Palmer crashed.
26To Daniil Kvyat

OK at the moment everything’s OK we are checking.
26From Daniil KvyatYeah confirmed, puncture.
27To Daniil Kvyat

Yep. Take it easy.
27To Jolyon Palmer

Double yellow end of the straight. Double yellow. Be careful. Safety Car.
27From Jolyon PalmerYeah that’s me. I’ve had quite a lot of contact.
27To Jolyon Palmer

Yeah, you have a lot of damage. What have you done Jo? We haven’t seen.
27From Jolyon PalmerI can still drive, I’ve hit the side of Kvyat.
27To Jolyon Palmer

Do you have a lot of damage? Front wing, suspension?
27From Jolyon PalmerI’ve got some damage. Something’s broken on the steering.
27To Jolyon Palmer

OK box, box. And if you feel the car is unsafe just stop. But try to bring the car back.
27From Jolyon PalmerI’ve lost a lot of power.
27To Jolyon Palmer

Yes and you have a front-right puncture as well.
27To Sergio Perez

OK Checo confirmed the puncture for Nico was debris. It was definitely a cut from debris, we suspect around start/finish line.
27From Sergio PerezIt was obviously a new set, right?
27To Sergio Perez

27From Lewis HamiltonFeels like it’s starting to rain more but it’s difficult to say.
27To Lewis Hamilton

OK copy that Lewis. May do, very hard to tell. Just remember if the track condition is drier we need to maybe look after the wet a little bit more. Condition was good at the end of the first tyre.
27From Lewis HamiltonThe longer we wait, the more rain comes down.
27To Lewis Hamilton

Copy that, Lewis.
27From Max VerstappenI think we can definitely race now.
27To Max Verstappen

Yeah we have fed that back to race control. Max you cannot pass the Merc I understand he just braked pretty aggressively there but make sure you keep well behind.
28From Felipe NasrIt’s very bad. The main straight is undrivable here.
28To Felipe Nasr

Understood Felipe we will report. Just keep focused. Still P6.
28From Felipe NasrStill too much water on the main straight.
28To Lewis Hamilton

Red flag, red flag.
28From Lewis HamiltonThe track is fine.
29From Valtteri BottasWhat’s the reason for the red flag?
29To Valtteri Bottas

I’m guessing it’s just the weather Valtteri. No other reason for the moment.
29From Valtteri BottasOK. For me it ‘s just wet weather. You know, are we racing or not?
29To Valtteri Bottas

Yep copy that.
29From Lewis HamiltonIt’s not even that wet now. I don’t know why we’re stopping. This is not even extreme wet conditions, this is normal.
29From Esteban OconThe luck is with us, guys.
29To Nico Hulkenberg

So we’re expecting this level of rain or heavier for the next 50 minutes still. So we’re predicting a time-limited race now Nico.
29From Nico HulkenbergHow much is there left for the time limit?
29To Nico Hulkenberg

One hour, nine minutes,
29To Max Verstappen

Again Safety Car will do a minimum of two laps. It will not be in this lap.
29To Max Verstappen

OK red flag, suspended race.
29From Max VerstappenThe conditions are much better than before.
29To Max Verstappen

Probably conflicts of interest going on amongst the drivers, I expect that’s the problem.
30To Daniel Ricciardo

Any initial thoughts on the track?
30From Daniel RicciardoNothing yet. Seems pretty similar.
30To Daniel Ricciardo

OK understood.
31From Lewis HamiltonWe didn’t have any more new tyres?
31To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis these have just done the laps to grid.
31To Pascal Wehrlein

Safety Car in this lap Pascal. We need to prepare for the restart.
31From Pascal WehrleinNo you are joking.
31To Pascal Wehrlein

I’m not joking mate you’re going to have to try.
31From Pascal WehrleinThat’s crazy. That’s crazy.
31From Lewis HamiltonThe track is no different.
31From Max VerstappenI’m ready to race. It’s maybe a little bit worse than before but we can race.
31To Max Verstappen

OK, understood.
32To Lewis Hamilton

Verstappen now car behind.
32To Max Verstappen

Get in there Maxie.
33To Lewis Hamilton

So Verstappen passed Nico on the outside of turn three towards turn four.
33To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel for info Verstappen found good grip on the outside of turn three.
35To Esteban Gutierrez

You’re getting closer to Button, come on.
35To Kevin Magnussen

Talk to us about the conditions, Kev.
35From Kevin MagnussenJust leave me alone for a bit.
35From Jenson ButtonAny news?
35To Jenson Button

Jenson, Massa’s pace is OK, but he’s in clear air. Inter doesn’t really look faster at the moment, just clear air.
35From Jenson ButtonI think we’ve got to try it, I’m really struggling with visibility.
35To Jenson Button

Copy. Jenson stay out once past.
35From Jenson ButtonToo late, you’re too late, I’m in the pits.
35To Jenson Button

Copy Jenson we’re ready, launch map on. Tyre switch to inter.
36To Fernando Alonso

Nice job Fernando, G2.
37To Sergio Perez

Massa is two seconds slower than you on inters.
37To Nico Rosberg

Verstappen running even wider than that. Try a higher gear in turn nine for more mid speed.
38To Nico Rosberg

So expecting rain to ease for the moment but then it will get stronger later.
38From Jenson ButtonWow. Struggling on both tyres. Just can’t get the tyres working.
38To Jenson Button

Copy Jenson. Pace is OK, matching wet runners.
38From Pascal WehrleinGuys I have so much aquaplaning.
39To Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal just need to stick with it, you’re on the right tyre.
39From Lewis HamiltonIt’s taken a lot out of the tyres, I think.
39To Lewis Hamilton

Copy that Lewis, just keep them as cool as possible.
39To Max Verstappen

OK well held Max, well held.
39From Max VerstappenYeah, heartbeat went a bit higher there.
40To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel watch for the apex kerb line turn 14. Verstappen touched it and nearly shunted.
41To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel box this lap, please, box this lap.
41To Sergio Perez

Checo we expect heavier rain in five minutes.
42From Jenson ButtonOversteer is really bad turn three, turn five, obviously the last corner.
42To Max Verstappen

How are conditions Max? What do you think to inters, for info?
42From Max VerstappenJust tricky in the last sector.
42To Max Verstappen

42From Max VerstappenI’m struggling a bit more with grip now on those tyres.
42To Max Verstappen

For info lap times are the same as Lewis and three-tenths faster than Nico last time around.
43To Jenson Button

Jenson other cars starting to pit for inters now.
43From Fernando AlonsoI think the Ferrari put me off the track, quite clearly. Very clear.
44From Esteban Gutierrez[Unclear] feels really bad.
44To Esteban Gutierrez

We are trying to fix it. Driver default Charlie 12.
45From Esteban OconHe pushed me off the track.
45To Nico Rosberg

Pick pace up now please, pick pace up now. Got a good opportunity to get Verstappen out of your window.
45From Jenson ButtonOoh, that was a bit scary.
45To Jenson Button

Copy, Jenson, is the car all OK?
45From Jenson ButtonWell, not sure what you mean by ‘OK’. I didn’t hit anything, no, but I think the rivers are getting a bit worse up in the last corner and my tyres are getting older so really struggling with aquaplaning. I think we’re going to have to come in and put wets on. Aquaplaning’s really bad.
45To Jenson Button

Jenson other cars are still going to inter.
45From Jenson ButtonI don’t care. I cannot drive through the last few corners with this tyre.
47From Lewis HamiltonPretty sure it’s raining more.
47To Lewis Hamilton

We concur, Lewis, we’re keeping an eye on the lap times.
47From Lewis HamiltonPace still OK?
47To Lewis Hamilton

Yeah pace is good at the moment. Nico had a half-spin exit 12, through 13. Rears spun up. Just exercise caution.
47To Nico Rosberg

So Nico expecting to stay out covering rain. Expecting the rain to increase shortly. Still got a really good opportunity here, Nico, doing a really good job.
47From Esteban GutierrezIt’s going on power when I brake.
47To Esteban Gutierrez

Understood, we are looking into it.
48From Esteban GutierrezOK something is really wrong.
48To Esteban Gutierrez

We are looking at it.
48From Esteban GutierrezFix this [censored by FOM] problem.
48To Esteban Gutierrez

Come on Mariachi, try to stay calm, we are trying to do our best…
48From Esteban GutierrezYeah but it is going crazy the car in the corners.
48To Esteban Gutierrez

I understand.
48From Felipe NasrIt’s raining more.
50From Lewis HamiltonI had a bit of an aquaplaning moment just now. These tyres are getting low.
50From Nico HulkenbergAt least it’ll be good for the front, no? Give them a little breather, a break.
51From Jenson ButtonYeah seriously the car is just not working guys. I’ve not suddenly forgotten how to drive in the wet. It just comes from qualifying, the car’s the same.
51To Jenson Button

So Jenson, Massa is in the pit entry. The pit entry is blocked by Massa. You need to keep to the right as you pass pit entry.
51From Jenson ButtonYeah the aquaplaning’s just getting worse and worse through the race so it’s going to happen.
51From Felipe MassaGuys it’s finished.
51To Felipe Massa

Yep OK. We see. You OK?
51From Felipe MassaYeah OK. Thank you anyway.
51To Felipe Massa

OK thanks Felipe. So it’s a Safety Car.
51From Sebastian VettelRain seems to get stronger again. And the aquaplaning in 13, 14 did get worse last couple of laps.
51To Sebastian Vettel

Copy that. For info as I told you we don’t think the inters are doing many laps so this is the right tyre now.
52From Nico HulkenbergThey need to clean up well. There is a lot of debris.
52From Daniel RicciardoJust keep me posted if the rain gets heavier. The rivers are starting to come a bit more.
52To Daniel Ricciardo

OK understood.
52From Fernando AlonsoThe mirrors are useless so tell me cars that will overtake me, please.
52To Fernando Alonso

So it will be Magnussen and Gutierrez.
53From Lewis HamiltonDon’t know why but the Safety Car is going very slow. Can’t keep temps up, they’re going too slow.
53To Lewis Hamilton

OK copy Lewis I think they’re still trying to clear that debris so they’re just keeping the pace down.
53From Lewis HamiltonWhat’s the weather forecast.
53To Lewis Hamilton

We’re just expecting it to stay at this level of rain. Massa was kerb on the inside of turn 14, touched kerb.
53From Nico RosbergMore water now there’s more water than last time ’round.
53To Nico Rosberg

Copy that.
53From Nico RosbergHow many more crashes do they want to see? There’s just massive aquaplaning on that straight. Especially with inters, it’s not possible to drive there.
54From Daniel RicciardoWhat’s the life on these [full wets], how old are they?
54To Daniel Ricciardo

These have done eight laps but all were behind the Safety Car. So they’re pretty fresh, mate.
54From Lewis HamiltonTyres have lost all temperature.
54To Lewis Hamilton

Copy that Lewis. They will come back once we get a bit more pace into the car. Get those brakes up to temp.
54From Lewis HamiltonThe Safety Car driver needs to speed up, man, this is so slow.
54To Max Verstappen

Max, what tyre would you prefer to be on at this stage, mate?
54From Max VerstappenOne hundred percent the [full wet].
54To Max Verstappen

54From Max VerstappenBut then we are dropped back in traffic and then you are [censored by FOM] slow.
54To Max Verstappen

Yeah but how much of an impression do you think you can make on an inter now?
54From Max VerstappenIt’s all in the last sector. It was the same before. Just no grip there. You lose all the time you gain before that.
54To Max Verstappen

So basically do you think you can get through a train of traffic on a full wet?
54From Max VerstappenPace is there. I can drive at least different lines. Here I’m just fighting the car.
54From Max VerstappenAh mate it’s like a boat in the last sector, I can’t do anything.
54To Max Verstappen

Do you want to pit for full wet Max?
54From Max VerstappenWe are waiting for a crash to happen like this.
54To Max Verstappen

OK understood.
55From Jenson ButtonYeah you know just past the pit entry we’re not even full throttle. Where Kvyat had his problem. It’s a lot of aquaplaning there.
57From Pascal WehrleinOK Pascal we can find lap time being a little less aggressive into turn 12. Move your braking point earlier.
57From Felipe NasrI can’t see [censored by FOM].
57To Felipe Nasr

Keep focused, Felipe. P6 at the moment.
58From Fernando AlonsoSorry guys. I could not see anything.
58To Fernando Alonso

Yeah no problem. Pace is very strong. We can get back to the points.
59To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so a reminder outside of turn three grip looks good. Verstappen just drove around Bottas around the outside of turn three. Verstappen is the next car behind you.
59To Esteban Ocon

OK good lap time. We’re P8 at the moment. Let’s keep pushing.
60From Jenson ButtonBasically it’s the same car as yesterday, it’s just wet now.
60To Jenson Button

Pressure just starting to recover now, let’s see if the grip improves.
61From Felipe NasrI cannot hold him.
61To Felipe Nasr

No worries, Felipe. Position is still very good. Focus on the race.
61To Esteban Gutierrez

Slow down, slow down and box.
61From Esteban GutierrezWhat happened? [Censored by FOM] hell.
61To Esteban Gutierrez

Sorry man. Really unbelievable. Button behind is approaching you. OK Button is behind you, let him go. We need to retire the car. So box, Esteban box.
62To Esteban Gutierrez

OK we need to stop in pit box and there is an emergency situation so you need to jump out. Please tell me if you understand what I said.
62From Esteban GutierrezCopy.
62To Max Verstappen

Well done mate. The next one is Hulkenberg.
63To Max Verstappen

You and Lewis are the fastest cars on track.
64To Sergio Perez

Checo forecast is getting better but it’s still raining in the pit lane so we still think wet to the end.
65To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK you are [unclear] now. Vettel will try to pass you in these laps. Use the overtake.
65To Daniel Ricciardo

The level of rain in the pit lane has reduced slightly.
65From Pascal WehrleinMagnussen pushed me off the track.
66To Nico Rosberg

So six laps remaining, possible more rain in a couple of laps.
67To Max Verstappen

Atta boy! Go on.
67From Sebastian VettelHe pushed me off the track. I was a little bit ahead with my nose and he just pushed me off the track.
68To Esteban Ocon

Use overtake button. We also need to improve turn 11. Turn six as well. Use overtake every lap.
68From Esteban OconLet me focus, please.
69To Max Verstappen

Come on boy, let’s go.
70From Daniil KvyatThese tyres are too [censored by FOM] old.
70To Daniil Kvyat

Daniil we have car damage, we have car damage.
70To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel for info outside line in turn ten looks good.
71From Daniil KvyatOh my God the understeer, guys. I think it’s getting worse, I don’t know what’s going on now, it’s undrivable. The damage is too big. I’m out, it’s done, my front is completely gone now. I cannot even turn any more. Something is wrong.
71To Daniil Kvyat

Can you stay out?
71From Daniil KvyatIt’s dangerous.
71From Pascal WehrleinWhat is wrong with the car? I can’t believe I’m still having aquaplaning.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonWoohoo! Yes! Brazil!
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Nice job Lewis, that’s the Brazilian win mate.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Terrific drive Lewis, really brilliant.
VLTo Nico Rosberg

Good drive, Nico. Nice recovery in turn 13.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Brazilian Grand Prix data

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    66 comments on “2016 Brazilian Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. Try a higher gear in turn nine for more mid speed.

      Sounds like driver coaching to me!
      Is this still forbidden?

      1. @coldfly – Radio restrictions on driver assistance were removed some races ago.

      2. @coldfly – To be specific, from the German grand prix onwards there were no radio restrictions. Restrictions are in effect only for the formation lap, where drivers prepare the car for the start unaided.

      3. petebaldwin (@)
        16th November 2016, 13:26

        I’d love them to actually sort this out so that certain drivers can’t be coached through a race by copying their team mates settings etc but having seen the previous attempt at resolving this, I’d rather they just left the team radio alone for now… If in future there are some people with an IQ score at least approaching double figures involved in F1’s rule making process, they can have another try then.

        1. I think it’s literally impossible to do.

      4. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        16th November 2016, 15:16

        @coldfly Remember the penalty to Rosberg for that “radio assistance”, only to remove it the next race?
        That is something Hamilton hasn’t experienced this year. I will try to remember mentioning it next time someone brings up the Malaysia failure on LH car.

        1. A penalty that costed him 1 position and 3 points. Almost the same as losing 28 points at Malaysia.

        2. Er, Baku, @omarr-pepper? When they both had a defective engine mode and Rosberg encountered it as soon as he changed mode, but because it only kicked in at a certain lap it came out of the blue for Hamilton and the team couldn’t tell him what it was? 5th place instead of what? 2nd would be +8 points…

          1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
            16th November 2016, 16:25

            @lockup thanks! You’re right. Well, so there both got punished by the silly rule.

            1. Yep, the rule does look extremely silly when you go back and watch those races @omarr-pepper.

            2. Check that…at the time Paddy Lowe said LH’s problem cost him .3 to .4 seconds per lap. And one of Hamilton’s comments regarding that frustration was that with radio aid to fix it he ‘maybe’ would have caught up to the guys in front of him and ‘might have’ been part of the show. Ie. He made no attempt to argue that it cost him points paying spots on what was already a ragged weekend for him. So to say it cost him going from P5 to P2 and 8 points is a huge exaggeration. It actually cost him something much closer to nothing, rather than 3 spots and 8 points.

            3. Even if it was only .4 of a second per lap that’s still the best part of 25 seconds of race time lost. However when he solved the setting issue he went over a second a lap faster so I don’t buy your argument.

              “The team was saying it’s not that big an issue, then the power came back and I went over a second faster so it obviously was,” Hamilton rued. (Autosport)

              Either way the lack of power hindered his ability to pass cars, kept him in traffic longer which increased the tyre graining he had, further hampering him. It is just plain wrong to say it cost him nothing, or even close to that

            4. It’s not ‘my argument’. Lowe said .3 to .4 seconds per lap and the issue lasted for about a dozen laps. So 25 seconds lost is again a huge exaggeration. He was not in traffic when this happened. So I don’t buy your argument whatsoever.

            5. Again from autosport

              [Hamilton] made no progress over the first lap, and almost immediately the reigning world champion could feel something was wrong with his Mercedes.

              “It just felt like I had a lack of pace,” [Hamilton] said. “I felt it particularly at the start of the straights. I was losing ground – therefore I was struggling to overtake people.”

              As it turned out a particular setting related to Hamilton’s Energy Recovery Systems was not performing correctly, giving him a de-rated amount of electrical energy deployment on the straights. Essentially, his engine was down on power because the mode it was set to was not working properly.

              Hamilton’s engine was placed into this faulty mode from the start of the race

              Hamilton was carrying this ERS deficit from the start – reporting de-rating of the ERS as early as lap four – but running in traffic during the first part of the race caused his rear tyres to grain, which compounded his lack of pace.

        3. There is another aspect that you have to consider between these two incidents. Mercedes had time to weigh up things for Rosberg and decided that giving him instruction over the radio and risking a penalty was probably less damaging than permitting the problem to continue affecting his race or rectify itself. In fact they suggested the problem was terminal, so unless Mercedes were lying (which could have attracted a much harsher penalty) Rosberg could have lost much more than one place as a result of a penalty. However correct me if i am wrong but didnt the gear problem clear itself up for Nico or did he just keep skipping seventh.

    2. F1 is a team sport, and Rosberg really puts the “team” in team sport. His radio comms might not be against the rules, but they sure don’t win him any admirers.

      In radio communications, I’ve noticed that both Mercedes drivers often refer to the other in a very neutral way – “the other car”, “my teammate” rather than by name. Is this a psychological tactic of depersonalizing the enemy? There are exceptions where they’ve used names (“Nico hit me!”) but those tended to be more spontaneous radio calls.

      Finally, who is it who decides which radio calls are broadcast, and which are not? Vettel has come across as a big whiner in 2016 – while that is no doubt due to the content of his messages, I wonder if selecting his messages/complaints more often for broadcast is also a factor. Similar to how Alonso’s complaints about the car are unerringly broadcast.

      1. FOM control the broadcasting, so in other words, it’s Bernie.

      2. @phylyp Nudity sells! Or as it goes in F1, controversy sells, a driver saying something upsetting, oh boy oh boy.

      3. You consider whether a factor in Vettel being a “whiner” in 2016 is due to the selection/edit process, why isn’t that a possibility for the Rosberg coaching thing? Do we know that other drivers don’t get similar coaching? Possible that it’s just not broadcast.

        1. @s-w-webb1 – absolutely, yes, its quite likely that others are also coached. And as long as its not against the rules, a smart driver is one who uses all the tools at his disposal, so I’m not dissing Rosberg for what he’s doing.

          @xtwl – With Bernie the circus master at the helm, yes, that definitely makes sense.

          @ijw1 – cheers!

      4. Yes, it absolutely is ‘a psychological tactic of depersonalizing (sic) the enemy’, although I find it odd you’ve singled out Rosberg for this.

    3. petebaldwin (@)
      16th November 2016, 13:28

      68 To Esteban Ocon – Use overtake button. We also need to improve turn 11. Turn six as well. Use overtake every lap.
      68 From Esteban Ocon – Stop calling me Button.

      1. @petebaldwin – you got me, I had to scroll up and check.

      2. @petebaldwin Very good! Note also the creation of hybrid racer ‘Jenson Massa’:


        I understand that at the end of the year he’ll be retiring twice.

        1. Jenson Massa – very good. During their McLaren years together, me and my sons made up a hybrid character called Jelewis Buttonton

    4. Fascinated by the conflict of interest remark. What do people reckon?

      1. @hahostolze I think drivers’ opinions on whether the conditions are race-able are definitely influenced by their competitive situations. Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but note Rosberg made the strongest call we heard from him to have the race stopped just after they reached the 75% threshold for full points to be awarded, at a time when it seems none of the other drivers were calling for a stoppage.

        But I suspect race control’s decision at the time of that message to Verstappen had more to do with the weather forecast which had deteriorated.

        1. I suggest it would have been more beneficial for Rosberg if it was stopped prior to 75% threshold

        2. @keithcollantine

          Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but note Rosberg made the strongest call we heard from him to have the race stopped just after they reached the 75% threshold for full points to be awarded

          Like tom said, that was one the less suitable moment for Rosberg to call for a race stoppage. The perfect moment for that would’ve been right after Massa’s crash and Verstappen’s subsequent pit stop – he would’ve lost just 3.5 points to Hamilton at that stage. Or 5 before Verstappen’s pit stop. In any case, less than he was bound to (and eventually did)
          lose after the 75% threshold.
          Also, Hamilton had reported an aquaplaning moment just 3 laps earlier (before stating on the podium that he “didn’t have any moments”), as well as complaining about the safety car going too slow and his tyre temperatures dropping – on the same lap as Rosberg’s rant.

          I think that’s two good reasons to believe that the conditions were indeed very difficult at that stage, and that there was more to Nico’s words than selfish scheming.

          1. P.S.:
            And even if we take into account that the radio calls were usually broadcast with a certain delay, that moves Rosberg’s complaint to just before the minimum distance for full points was reached. That’d only make sense if we assume that he thinks that the Stewards were at his beck and call.

        3. To be honest, given how often and hard Red Bull close ranks when there’s a controversy, I find it odd hearing them talk about other drivers speaking in self interest.

        4. Interesting that Ham was also saying it was ‘dangerous’ and clearly called for safety car start. The conflict of interests point shows for him too in my view. Also interesting that he was complaining he couldn’t see anything behind the safety car, so perhaps the race wouldn’t have been so ‘chilling up the front’ if he had needed to follow another car in the race. As for people complaining that Ros was being given tips, we don’t see all the messages and it clearly happens with them all, e.g. telling Ham exactly how Ves passed Ros, so he would be better prepared in case he had to deal with it too.

          1. I really do wonder if people just see what they want to see?

            Clearly it’s quite possible to have no experience of wet weather racing in the armchair but to immediately all jump on Hamilton with ‘double standards’ and ‘chilling’ comments as proof positive he is somehow conning us all with a stunning race that humiliated NR…

            By referencing a comment he made regarding the start while on the lap to the GRID which was long long before the race had started, during which the weather both abated and increased and a lap during which Grojean fell off immediately!

            That, but let’s ignore his requests during the race to get started?

            While others screamed for it to be stopped…

            Must the dislike be so clearly shown people?

            It’s becoming really tiresome.

            1. I think it’s just fair to point out that all the drivers comment in their best interests. Frankly, it would be bizarre if they didn’t. In the interests of balance, a comment on the way to the grid is obviously relevant as it might influence whether it would be a grid start or not, something which could have changed the outcome of the race entirely.

      2. @hahostolze – which is why I personally feel Race Control should listen only to Bernd Maylander’s opinion about the weather and traffic conditions when he’s out there. Balancing out drivers’ comments against their motivations would be a needless exercise.

        1. *track conditions, not traffic conditions

        2. The problem is that Maylander only sees what conditions are like in the safety car. Everyone else is in an F1 car.

          Maylander could consider the conditions totally safe, but an F1 car is aquaplaning everywhere. Conversely, it could be completely safe in an F1 car, but Maylander still feels it’s dangerous to go racing.

          The officials should listen to the drivers, but should take their calls with a degree of scepticism and a regard for their personal motivations.

          1. @drmouse – good point regarding the difference in cars 👍

            1. not only that, but Maylander also doesn’t have to deal with spray and an open cockpit! :)

          2. Maylander also has Good Radial Tyrels instead the Pirelli ones.

            1. Try going 200mph and see how good Maylanders radial tyrels are ;)
              Its safe to say everyone feels safe in the speeds of the safetycar but they can imagine what it would be during race condition.

    5. Keith your laps and some comments aren’t in sync. Some of the remarks about Raikkonen’s crash are at like lap 27 when it was earlier.

      1. Oh sorry didn’t see the broadcast remark.

      2. @hahostolze As noted above the lap refers to when the message was broadcast. There was a lag of several laps on the Kvyat/Palmer incident messages.

    6. lap 4 from Jenson Button “I don’t care. I cannot drive through the last few corners with this tyre”. I’m sure he also said “I kid you not”

    7. Hamilton and Ocon having water in the helmet looked strange, even my local go-kart track supplies good waterproof helmets.

      Some infos on that matter?

      1. Those gocarts helmets weigh 1kg, came equipped with tearoffs for a 2hour race and coped with 200mph waterspray?

        They have waterbottles failing in those cars but its not because they cant build a bottle its because they are shaving off every milligram they can.

    8. Anyone know what happened with Gutierrez’s car? Whoever said the message to retire to him didn’t sound happy. Almost making it sound like it was his fault.

      61 To Esteban Gutierrez Slow down, slow down and box.
      61 From Esteban Gutierrez What happened? [Censored by FOM] hell.
      61 To Esteban Gutierrez Sorry man. Really unbelievable. Button behind is approaching you. OK Button is behind you, let him go. We need to retire the car. So box, Esteban box.
      62 To Esteban Gutierrez OK we need to stop in pit box and there is an emergency situation so you need to jump out. Please tell me if you understand what I said.

      What might the problem have been? Gutierrez said earlier that his car brake was acting like the throttle. That sounds really worrying.

      1. @thegianthogweed – A fault with his hybrid power system that kept worsening through the race. That’s why he was also asked to jump out, due to a risk that the car was not properly de-energized.

      2. If Grosjean’s car also went on power when he pushed the break on his way to the grid, that would explain his spin

        1. Looking at Grosjean’s radio call, it does indicate he was going to say somethingm but, decided against…

    9. I’m a bit surprised that there’s nothing to/from Kimi around the time of his accident. I’m sure it would have been monosyllabic expletives from him, but the team would surely have spoken to him. Censored by FIA or Ferrari?

      1. @nickwyatt – He would have said “Bwoah!” but the race director would have thought that was just the sound of the crash and ignored it.

        Attempts at humour aside, good question – unless his radio was damaged which prevented comms going through, and there wouldn’t have been much use in transmitting only the pitwall’s questions.

    10. 39 To Max Verstappen OK well held Max, well held.
      39 From Max Verstappen Yeah, heartbeat went a bit higher there.

      And…. race on, he didn’t even flinch

      1. Cannot see were DR mentioned his viser probs to his engineer?

    11. Does anyone else find it strange that Ricciardo didn’t mention his visor fogging up to the team? I get the feeling he just used it as a lame excuse…

      1. We don’t get all the messages.

        There aren’t any messages between Kimi and the pitwall but it’s clear there would have been some.

        1. (after Kimi’s crash) this is what I get for posting stuff when I should be sleeping.

        2. They broadcast even Ocon’s helmet issues, they would have certainly broadcast Ricciardo’s.

      2. Arnoud van Houwelingen
        17th November 2016, 15:02

        And if Ricciardo had visor problems couldn’t he switch to a new helmet in one of the red flag periods?

      3. Verstappen sais he could not see a damn thing… and had to drive different lines. Hamilton and Vettel complained as well

        I am pretty sure each driver had problems with their visability, some just cope better then others

    12. Why is Rosberg asking for Lewis’s brake balance? I thought this was an individual bias; based on how the driver prefers it?

      1. It is but one assumes the gulf between them in wet weather racing has to do with braking feel and uncertainty.

        Therefore Rosberg will have asked for Hamilton’s settings in the guess they would be a good reference. And better than his given his uncertainty.

        However, braking in the wet and front rear balance is a complex thing and as you can see his engineer tells him he can’t use that to start – probably because he would be unable to caused by many factors from ability up to and including he was behind and potentially would have colder tyres or brakes.

        1. It’s very interesting because I understand that in qualifying in Mexico Nico was struggling with his set up so in Q3 he decided to copy Lewis’s, which appears to be the reason for him improving and eventually getting P2.

          In contrast as a result of the hydraulic problems Lewis experienced in Singapore and him not being able to ‘dial in his car’ the team suggested he copy Nico’s set up – however Lewis declined. For both of them we can assume such decisions made a difference of at least one place further up or down the grid. So was this a foolhardy decision by Lewis or a brave one ?

          Note I have a vague recollection, but if anyone wants to correct me, I realise I may be wrong about the races were these events actually happened.

      2. Because Lewis is faster. Everyone knows this, even Nico will admit Lewis is faster. However, Lewis is moody, inconsistent, careless, mentally weak, and little things snapchat-gate can ruin his race weekend. Congrats to Nico if he can copy his teammates set-up and still beat him to the title.

    13. How come Felipe Baby didn’t ask for the white visor?

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