Jenson Button, Renault, 2002

Caption Competition 114: Button in 2002

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Next week Jenson Button will start what may be the final grand prix in a series which has spanned 17 seasons and over 300 races.

The F1 Fanatic picture archive has duly been raided for an obscure snap from early in his career. Here’s one from his third season in F1, with Renault.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 67 comments on “Caption Competition 114: Button in 2002”

    1. ”Hahaha, YES! Beat that, Flavio!”

    2. No rear grip.

    3. “If I jump, can I escape from this hellhole at Renault?”

    4. “Now this is off-piste!”

      (apologies for my poor taste in humour)

    5. So this is what it will feel like when I win in Abu Dhabi right?

    6. Over the course of 3 years, Button climbed more mountains than Hamilton.

      1. @philipgb I was just wondering how long it would be before we saw Hamiltons name thrown in here.

        Didn’t take too long, did it!

        1. @stubbornswiss but this is actually pretty good… and I’m a Button fan!!!

      2. He climbed less mountains, but calculating the height of each peak, the combined height he climbed is slightly bigger than Hamilton’s. :)

      3. Considering this was in 2002, Lewis was 17 and racing F3 that’s not surprising…

    7. Asked how he would like to finish his third season of F1, Jenson answered “feeling on top of the world, with a couple of poles”. It seems the Renault marketing department took him too literally.

    8. Button finally reaches the peak of his performance.

      1. @hzh00 ahahah I like this

    9. If I don’t move teams soon these could be my last two poles

    10. Jenson, can you give us a visual representation of how far Honda have to climb?

    11. Over the hill?!

    12. “I’ve hit my peak, and its all downhill from here.”

    13. Buttons demonstrarion of just how far off the monte carlo pole renault would be that year was a slight exaggeration

    14. “Hey, why don’t you put the camera on the end of my stick, and I could-”
      “Nah, it’d never work.”

    15. Jenson was too late to heed the warning that his new Pirelli walking shoes would eventually drop off a cliff.

    16. “Jenson in his low downforce setup”

      … or should that read getup?

    17. Try this guys! The feeling is awesome after retirement!

    18. When you get your mclaren Honda on the podium in Abu Dhabi.

    19. Button finally figured out how to get on top of McLaren’s lack of speed during the Brazilian GP.

    20. Without a Pole since 2012. Suddenly Jenson had two.

    21. Let me pretend that I’ve achieved anything n my own worth.

    22. Having run out of power units for the season, Button inspects his grid slot for the Abu Dhabi GP.
      ”I’ll be sure to get a good start going down into turn 1.”

    23. Lewis who? I had two poles before he even made it to GP2

    24. Buttons latest foray into skiing ended badly when arrived atop the mountain and although he had his pole he was lacking skiis……….and Snow!

    25. The hitman had clearly received out of date information.

      He was asked to push Hamiltons teammate off a cliff…..

    26. Yes! Finally on the podium.

    27. Button-up for the precifice!

    28. The Manor paddle shifters are really this long??

    29. Jenson finally makes it to the top, using sheer brawn.

    30. “Told you I’d get to the top with nothing but poles!”

    31. Cup of tea would be amazing.

    32. I’ll get to the top eventually, but it will take brains and Brawn…

    33. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      19th November 2016, 23:23

      Jenson celebrating two poles at Monaco.

    34. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      19th November 2016, 23:27

      Jenson’s saved 20 pounds on his car insurance and now he feels EPIC.

    35. Button unexpectedly collects 2 poles for the season

    36. no Ron Dennis anymore!

    37. “I love to go a racing…along Monaco track…and as I race I live to sing …a knap sack on my back …Vic-torree, Vic-tor-rer, Vic-torree, Vic-tor-rer-ha ha ha … ha ha ha Victory …a knap sack on my back.”

    38. Future Sir Jenson Button.
      Just watch the queen will knight Jenson.

    39. I wonder if Felipe Massa and Jenson will throw a retirement party together.
      Next up Kimi.

    40. I’ve made it!
      I wonder whether I will ever make it that high in Formula One…

    41. I came to the mountain top to consult Ron Dennis, but he’s nowhere to be seen!

    42. Button tries his hand at another sport that’s going downhill.

      1. Wow! Brutal… I love it.


    44. Button didn’t think 2016 cars were extreme enough for an ‘extreme selfie’

    45. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      20th November 2016, 11:25

      With Charlie’s new track limits clarified, Jenson investigates possible lines into turn 1

      1. Awesome! Winner.

    46. Hasegawa mysteriously disappears when he joined Jenson Button on a trekking expedition

    47. Mclaren are testing Pirelli’s tyres cliff limit.

    48. In 2002, Jenson became the first F1 driver to get 2 poles on one race weekend

    49. Meet the new Jensen, same as the old Jensen. Aiming high and well……

    50. The Balance doesn’t feel right

    51. Jensen celebrates grabbing his first Monaco pole in 2003.

    52. Jenson Button received a 5 second penalty from the stewards after it was reported that he had taken a shortcut across the grass and twice ignored track limits.

    53. Button ready to start his first “flying” lap of the weekend.

    54. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      21st November 2016, 10:21

      Jenson Button underestimates the size of Monaco while trying to take an optical illusion photo.

    55. Alonso:”Whats your top speed while skiing”
      Button:”Better than that Honda engine”

    56. “If i’m still racing at 300 Grands Prix, someone push me off of this thing!”

    57. “Look – I rescued these two massive track rods…the rest of the car’s down there somewhere….!”

    58. Impatient to get to the top, Jensen got out of his MP4-31 and started running…

    59. Rugged terrains are the ultimate challenge yet for survival with unexpected obstacles to encounter.

      Join Jenson Button as he will tackle his greatest challenge since winning the 2009 F1 World Driving Title as the new host of…

      …MAN VS WILD!!!!

      Coming soon only on BBC America.

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