Button reverts to Brawn helmet design for last race

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Jenson Button is using a helmet design based on that from his world championship-winning year with Brawn for what is set to be his swansong F1 race.

Button has switched to a day-glo helmet of the type he used in 2009 to match the livery of his Brawn F1 car.

The McLaren driver indicated yesterday he is treated this weekend as his final race despite the fact his contract may allow him to return in 2018.

“Wearing my old 2009 helmet design today was great,” said Button after practice “The colours are fantastic, but the memories are even better.”

Button won the title with Brawn in 2009

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Button reverts to Brawn helmet design for last race”

    1. Excellent! Great idea and a tribute to a fantastic career with the helmet that I relate to JB more than his traditional helmet design

    2. ZZZzzz… Wake me up once he’s gone will you please?

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        25th November 2016, 10:50

        Sweating envy?

      2. Aww, feel better now?

      3. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
        25th November 2016, 13:16

        Nah we will leave you to sleep so we get peace, quiet and more respectful comments to focus on

        1. @peppermint-lemon +1, I’m quite disappointed with what I have read

      4. Spot the WUM…

    3. Luckly for him McLaren have hardly got any sponsors to mess the design up.

    4. So the reason McLaren still don’t have a title sponsor is because they didn’t want to ruin Jenson’s retro helmet design? How nice of them.

    5. I wish he had used the pink one. That was my favorite design of his my a mile!

    6. Whos name is on the visor?

        1. @drycrust, I think @zukman meant K. KHULAR. Does anyone know who that is?

    7. Ah yes, the Brawn design. Very nice indeed! My second favourite JB helmet design, most favourite being the classic red and blue.

      1. +1

        Yup, despite winning the title using this design, I’ll always remember, back in the day, those eyes poking out of the red and blue helmet at Hungary.

    8. What a lovely way to finish your career!

      To all the people who aren’t fans, at least respect his achievements.

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