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2017 F1 season

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Red Bull will continue to brand their Renault engines under the TAG Heuer name for the next two seasons, the team has confirmed.

The team has already extended its deal with Renault up to and including 2018. Following a win-less 2015, Red Bull has won two races with its TAG Heuer-branded Renault power units this season and will end the year second in the constructors’ championship.

“TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing are two brands which both have a passion for racing and a drive to do things differently, and this forms the basis of our partnership,” said Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

“The TAG Heuer motto of ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ is something that we at Red Bull Racing live by day-to-day, so we look forward to helping TAG Heuer tell that story in the seasons ahead.”

Toro Rosso will also return to using Renault power next year, meaning both Red Bull-owned teams will again have the same engine supplier.

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18 comments on “Red Bull extend TAG Heuer engine brand deal”

  1. I don’t understand this deal and what Renault gets out of it.

    1. Sounds like Renault doesn’t expect to be fighting at the front any time soon. Perhaps this way they avoid the perception of being destroyed in the classification by a customer team?

  2. Is Toro Rosso going to use Tag or Renault branding?

    1. Maybe they can carry on the theme. Casio engines?

  3. Will Toro Rosso continue to have one year old engines?

    1. @shimks – Toro Rosso will return to using Renault engines, which will be current 2017 engines (i.e. developed through the year) and not year-old engines as they currently use in 2016.

      1. Thank goodness for that. Thanks, @phylyp!

  4. Toro Rosso will also return to using Renault power next year, meaning both Red Bull-owned teams will again have the same engine supplier.

    What is not clear in the article?

    1. a.k.a. TAG Heuer

  5. Why Renault supplies engines to this arrogant p@#$%s especially after they were lambasted by RB because of an off year is beyond all reasoning.
    Then Renault lets them “re-brand” their engine. The ultimate insult!
    I wish Dennis would have let Honda supply them engines!

    1. Dennis who ?

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see McLaren-Tag return if Honda aren’t right up there next year, now that Ron is gone but the Tag connection remains.

    3. soundscape (@)
      26th November 2016, 6:05

      I wouldn’t be so quick to assume this is at Red Bull’s request. The Renault factory team aren’t likely to be challenging any time soon, and it might be quite embarrassing to be shown up by a customer. At least making a deal with Red Bull – whom I can’t imagine really give a damn who’s brand is on their engine – allows them to avoid at least some of the embarrassment.

  6. Maybe they should ask Aston Martin to suppy them engines. DB9 engines. I mean, at least give some real sense to that AM badge being placed on the car. I’m pretty sure AM doesn’t supply RBR even the AM decal!

  7. It wasn’t classy how they dealt with Renault last season, trying every other manufacturer, even bleeding Honda, but I feel they’ve been more magnanimous this season, and Renault have definitely delivered.
    Good for Toro Rosso to, we can claim they were victims of the Red Bull Renault war, but it was their own decision at the time, really glad to see them get a current engine. If James Key is on it, maybe we can finally see Sainz try and prove he’s as good as he wants the world to believe.

  8. Also, Renault are developing a new engine from scratch as we speak. If the right people are on it (the people responsible for the changes this season) then it may well create more parity in the field, which is good for the neutral

  9. I must admit to not being very technical but perhaps the more enlightened of you could clear up whether apart from money if Tag -Heuer have made any contribution to Red Bulls engines this year. I have one of their chronological products in my collection but it seems to have not increased in performance this year.

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