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Hamilton continues Rosberg mind games ahead of showdown

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton continues to take shots at title rival Nico Rosberg via the media, suggesting he wouldn’t be a worthy champion and insinuating about untold stories from the season.

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Pirelli are supposed to be developing lower degradation tyres for next year but will it work out that way?

I would refrain from saying “last race with high-degradation tyres” until after the first race of next season when we see how well Pirelli have done.

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Happy birthday to Desire Wilson, the only woman to win a race for Formula One cars, who is 63 today.

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  • 102 comments on “Hamilton continues Rosberg mind games ahead of showdown”

    1. F1 (Bernie) just doesn’t learn does it / he? This standing restarts thing was rejected for a very good reason. There’s really not a lot of point in wasting time going down that route again.

      1. I heard about it on FP2 and my heart sank… one of the most horrible proposals F1 has produced in my lifetime, and one I thought they’d have more sense than to bring back.

        1. It’s easy to picture a situation where we see a yellow flag followed by a standing start resulting in a pile-up in turn one. This leading to a new yellow flag, standing start, pile-up, yellow flag,…

          1. @celebmir – That’s what one would call a designed to degrade race.

            Victory through attrition.

      2. In NASCAR they say yellows breed yellows. I think with this plan in F1 it would be even worse. All the reasons it was fought back with last go round still stand. I mean, what is the use of earning your position on track while racing only to possibly have it negated by someone else’s mistake on a safety car standing restart. As exciting as the standing start is, one of my favorite things about F1, it is cheapened by this proposal. It is called standing start for a reason, not standing restart.

      3. Bernie looks like he is using this as a negotiation tool, like with qualifying at the start of the year. It’s almost like he has a motive for F1 to look ridiculous and foolish. You can tell me all you like that F1’s currently governed by a tripartate FOM-FIA-top teams arrangement, but when FOM appears to have bought off the other two, it ends up merely reflecting Bernie’s mistakes.

      4. I am pretty sure that it will get shot down in the strategy group meeting. As @alianora-la-canta mentions, it is most likely a bit of a negotiation card played

    2. Hamiltons attitude towards rosberg is really starting to annoy me, criticising him for celebrating that Monaco win, what’s he meant to do, stand there stone faced, come on, I bet Lewis has celebrated wins that he didn’t ‘deserve’. Poor attitude for me

      1. +1

        Lewis crying about reliability etc is boring. Take Kimi for example when told by Coulthard that he would have been champion at Mclaren only for the reliability to let him down. Kimi shrugged it off and said thats part of the game, no point moaning. Lewis should be more humble and less disrespectful towards Nico.

        1. Lewis should be more humble and less disrespectful towards Nico.

          Not to mention the team that just delivered him two titles and a chance at a third.

          1. Unless Hamilton wins this year or next I can’t see a healthy Mercedes team with Nico and Lewis in it. Hamilton don’t function in a team he isn’t leading. Nico and Button have both shown grace loosing to a teammate. Lewis haven’t shown any grace coming out second. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe that is what is needed. I don’t like it. I admire a good looser but then again, I will never win any championships either.

            1. @Tomas

              “Nico and Button have both shown grace loosing to a teammate. Lewis haven’t shown any grace coming out second. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe that is what is needed. I don’t like it.”

              Now that’s just a bold face lie & you know it.

              How many times has Lewis congratulated Nico or Jenson for that matter when they have beaten him? And as for “not functioning in a team he’s not leading” yet more accusations & not factual.

            2. @celebmir

              When Button beat Hamilton in 2011, Hamilton came back in 2012 fighting. Even after letting the first couple of potential wins slip, he soldiered on for the season and gave one of his best ever seasons. He’ll be fine next year if he loses this championship.

          2. Exactly. Lewis just doesn’t realise how lucky he got it with only Nico as his rival. Would Lewis have won two titles if Ferrari and Renault didnt mess up in 2014..I highly doubt it, as I said he should be more humble and respectful.

            1. “would Lewis have won two titles if Ferrari and Renault didnt mess up in 2014..I highly doubt it, as I said he should be more humble and respectful.”

              Yet you have no reasons why he wouldn’t.

            2. Yeah Aceace! Teach that —— put him in his! Preferably in a cotton field somewhere doing gods work!

              Do you think Mercedes wishes to end Hamiltons contract ? Or that Nicos latest contract not eclipsing Hamiltons best paid driver tells their point of view on how thankful they are to Ham?

        2. What a load of manure, if that’s how you see it than thats your opinion. Because the majority of times he hasn’t does count wright?

      2. @crookeymonster

        Hamiltons attitude towards rosberg is really starting to annoy me

        I think I’m well past the “starting” phase … :)

    3. Best sort of thing for Hamilton to think, I reckon… if he truly believes he would have won had all things been equal (and let’s face it, he would have), it surely lessens the blow of losing the title.

      But no doubt he’ll get pilloried for not being ‘gracious’, or for speaking his mind or something wacky like that…

      1. Yep but Lewis is used to getting pillored whenever he opens his mouth about anything hes unhappy with as though hes some slave that should only speak when spoken too.

      2. …or for being inaccurate on two counts:

        1) “all else” is never equal. No real-world championship has ever or will ever be won with all else equal,

        and 2) if all else was equal, Nico Rosberg would likely have won the title anyway. Lewis’ big weakness has been starts, which are all on him, and unreliability, which is a natural (and in some respects laudable) consequence of Lewis pushing his equipment so hard.

        1. if all else was equal, Nico Rosberg would likely have won the title anyway.
          Pretty desperate fabrication

        2. I disagree with you there @alianora-la-canta the Malaysian gp alone was a 28 point Championship swing.Had that race ended without Hamiltons car failure he’d be leading the Championship right now. His starts have cost him points, but I’d say his reliability issues have hurt him much more.

          1. You can’t change just one race result and assume it wouldn’t have affected the rest of the season. For instance, the last three races would’ve most likely been quite different, if Nico didn’t have such a big lead.

        3. Nico Rosberg would likely have won the title anyway


          Lewis’ big weakness has been starts

          100% wrong. Hamilton has lost 14 points to Rosberg through starts and around 60 through unreliability

          which is a natural (and in some respects laudable) consequence of Lewis pushing his equipment so hard.

          Nope, that is not how modern F1 cars work. None of Hamiltons mechanical issues have been as a result of his driving.

        4. @alianora-la-canta
          Agreeing with the first point made (although the implied infinity ís a long stretch), not so with the second. @hotbottoms is probably right.

    4. Hamilton seems to celebrate his Monaco win ( and rudely made the prince wait while he chatted with his mate Bieber ) without worrying too much about whether he deserved it or not.

      In a couple of years time, no one wifi even remember the detail, just whomever the WDC winner is.

      1. “In a couple of years time, no one wifi even remember the detail, just whomever the WDC winner is.”

        But yet people still remembers the details of the 08 season and still brings it up. There’s already comments here about it.

        1. The reason to why Massa’s bad luck in 2008 (specifically Hungary and Singapore) is brought up so often is because Hamilton fans simply cannot stop complaining about poor Lewis’ bad luck this year on just about every single social media site I go to (Twitter, Facebook, F1fanatic, Autosport forum, etc…). Poor lad he is, driving a dominant car for the past 3 years and only having to compete with one other driver.

          1. Yet more fabricated lies. The 08 season was always mentioned even before he moved ro Mercedes.

          2. Well, that’s not true @kingshark. We, fans of the sport, just love the details surrounding the raw results.
            People still mention Button ’09, Schumacher ’94 or Rosberg ’82 as “undeserving champions”. And it prompts hotted debates.

            As for Massa, I already explained that had he scored more points in Monza (where he started in front of Hamilton) or any points in Silverstone that year, he would be WDC.
            Using your arguments, if Hamilton’s fans should shut up, so would Massa fans (and the anti-Hamilton brigade by the way).

            1. Who in their right mind would say that about 2009? The guy who had the best car for 4 races beat the guy who had the best car for the rest of the season. I’d count 2009 as the last season we had a proper champion.

        2. 2008 is remembered nowadays because the title changed hands on the last lap. If Rosberg cruises to 2nd this race, no one will remember the ‘moral’ winner of the 2016 world championship.

          Phrases like “Despite winning less races than his team-mate, Nico rosberg clinched the 2016 championship.” might be written, but no history books write about ‘moral’ winners.

    5. The standing restarts are a ridiculous idea for several reasons.

      Firstly you have half the grid at a disadvantage by starting on the dirty side of the track & with restarts later in a race that disadvantage will be much bigger that at the initial start as not only will part the grid be more rubbered in but the dirty side will be covered in marbles & other bits of debris that builds up over the duration of a race.
      Secondly in a wet/dry race your going to have half the grid starting on a dry line & half on a still wet/damp part of track.
      And with different compounds at different stages of wear unless you let everyone pit for fresh tyres your going to see some massive variations in start performance due to the differing grip levels with may not only be unfair but also potentially quite dangerous.

      Something i’ve seen thrown around as a counter-suggestion is double file rolling restarts like Nascar.

      Worth looking at the fact that Indycar tried double file restarts a few years back & found that while they were fine on ovals they tended to cause a lot more contact/accidents on the road/street circuits so ended up moving back to single file restarts.
      And even looking at Nascar again while the double file restarts work ok on ovals they do tend to result in more contact & cautions on the road circuits.

      Both standing & double file restarts are a bigger issue towards the end of the race where you tend to see more desperate dive bombs into the 1st few corners as its often seen as the last good opportunity to make big gains which very rarely work out, But that never stops drivers (Even the best one’s) from seeing gaps that aren’t really there.

      1. Just another gimmick that will last about as long as the qualification knockout system they employed for the first 2 rounds this season…

        1. Let´s really hope so, as this is one of the daftest and dangerous ideas that they ever have come up with. It once again shows that the Strategy Group is totally incapable to sort out any real problem with the sport and that it needs to get dissolved and replaced by a proper Governing body immediately.

          Who that would be, I dunno at this moment. But I´m stunned by the foolishness of these people who only seems to be able to “answer/act on questions that no-one has asked”.


          1. Reading the description, it looks suspiciously like Bernie did a A-or-B decision concerning standing starts after Safety Car restarts and two-part races. If so, the teams are having to do this as a least-worst option. Just like with aggregate qualifying earlier in the year.

            Thank you for the early warning, Bernie.

      2. I’m wondering how many race starts a F1 clutch can handle before it disintegrates. They are about the size of a saucer.

      3. I think F1 should do something like Indy or NASCAR with rolling restarts, if they want more show and excitement. I would much like to see a restart where the leader is not allowed to floor it a couple of corners before the start/finish straight, but there would be some kind of zone where the start must be done (maybe between the pit entry and the front of the painted grid?), or the drivers would have to react to a green flag/light. Of course, this may put the leader at a disadvantage if the run to the first corner is long, but hey, more excitement for the fans.

    6. Lewis didn’t have a problem with his title when Massa was the moral champion.

      It’s not as if Rosberg didn’t have more reliability problems than him during the last two seasons. And this season he suffered a bit of unfair penalties (for situations that would be deemed legal on posterior races).

      1. That’s probably because “moral winner/champion” only differs from being a pure an euphemism for someone who lost in one aspect: It also tries to take away from the one who actually won. “Unlucky loser” or “tragic second” are always better terms, I’d think. Though Lewis finishing second this year wouldn’t feel that tragic compared to Massa 2008 or Mansell 1986, he has his three titles to comfort him, he’s had time to get accustomed to the idea… so yes, it’d be slightly unlucky for him finishing second, but it just doesn’t feel that important for the outside viewer who is just waiting for the Merc years to be over.

        1. I don’t see it that way. “Moral champion” is better if the person who actually won cheated or was immoral (typically regardless of whether the cheating/immorality was relevant to the win). The classic example is often stated to be 1994, as one of the key influences in Damon Hill being second to Michael Schumacher is a controversial collision which many people consider deliberate.

          “Unlucky loser” is better if the person who won had better fortunes and depended on these to win. A good example is 2005, where Kimi Raikkonen probably would have taken the title had his car not had the apparent reliability of a chocolate fireguard.

          “Tragic second” is better if there was, indeed, some sort of tragedy involved. A mild example (where the loser didn’t end up second) would be 1999, where Michael Schumacher would probably have won the title had his Silverstone crash been mild enough to, say, merely give him bruising, as opposed to breaking his leg.

          All three are relevant – in subtly different situations. Sometimes, taking something away from the champion is appropriate and required out of a sense of sporting honour. Other times, it is not and some other description is more accurate.

          1. How about oral champion.

            1. I presume that’s someone who talks a good game but never delivers on track? :D

      2. Why was Massa the moral winner in 08? And please don’t bring up Singapore unless you’re also going to bring up Spa. Or how about the fact that he also had a teammate that was capable of taking points offf Hamilton? Who was Lewis’ teammate that year again?

        Reliability issue per driver per the last 2 seasons:

        HAM ’14 – DNF: Australia, Canada & Spa
        Qualifying – Brake failure Germany & engine fire Hungary

        Rosberg ’14 – DNF: Silverstone, Singapore & ill give him Abu Dhabi (even though that had no effect on the standings)

        HAM ’15 – DNF: Singapore
        ROS ’15 – DNF: Monza (blown engine whilst chasing Vettel for 2nd, using an engine that had exceed its mileage quota & was told to turn it up by the team. Russia (failed throttle damper)

        Every penalty he got this season, with probably the exception of the one in Germany, he deserved.

        If Lewis finishes the season with more wins, poles & podiums than Rosberg despite all the mechanical issues he has had, then it’s understandable why he’d see himself as the moral Victor. Does Massa still not think he’s the 08 champion?

        1. Massa’s teammate was also capable of taking points off Massa himself, which he did in Spain for instance. And Massa lost 20 points easily in Singapore and Hungary alone.

          1. Massa had 5 DNF’s compared to Lewis’ 4 that season. They both lost points at crucial stages in the season.

            And his teammate gave him points too, China. You highlight all his “bad luck”, but make no mention of Spa.

            1. Massa objectively lost more points than Hamilton that season. Massa lost 20 points in Singapore and Hungary alone. Hamilton lost 4 points in Belgium. Therefore, using Hamilton fanbase logic, Massa was the rightful champion of 2008.

            2. Again Spa. Please. Spare. Us.
              Most. Deserved. Penalty. EVER!!!

            3. Apologies Hyoko not Hyoid

              *spelling courtesy of iOS

          2. Massa lost 10 points by not scoring in Silverstone. He was hopeless the whole year in the wet. How can he be WDC?
            People still cite Hamilton’s result as an example of driving in the wet…

            1. @x303 “He was hopeless the whole year in the wet.”

              except he wasn’t. he was competitive in the wet at monaco, monza, the wet parts at spa & brazil.

              the problem at silverstone was that both ferrari’s were using a more dry setup & both massa & raiikonen struggled that day. people always bring up massa spinning 3-4 times (1 of which happened while he was driving in a straight line & was not his fault, pure aquaplaning) but forgot to also bring up that raikkonen also spun 3-4 times that race.

          3. @kingshark So what Massa had a better car Hamilton would have wrapped it up long before with the Ferrari. Also makes me laugh how people say Nico had more problems last 2 yrs. Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg 3 yrs no reliability Haamilton is champion every year. Reliabilty has not cost Nico a WC. HJe had 1 more failure in 14 and he was behind Lewis when his car failed, Lewis had more problems in qually. Then in 15 what did the reliability cost Nico? Oh but 16 realiabilty did determin the winner.

        2. Massa had more wins

        3. Its all the same old speculation, ifs and buts. Here’s a new silly one for the pot…

          Had Alonso remained at McLaren in 2008 he would have taken far more points away from Hamilton than Kovalainen did

    7. Michael Brown (@)
      26th November 2016, 2:38

      Because doing a standing restart on worn tires with marbles covering the track is a great idea.

    8. This season finale will also be a test of Hamilton’s attitude to losing a championship to a teammate. I’d lose some respect I have for him (off-track, obviously because on-track he’s dynamite) if he isn’t magnanimous.

      1. @sravan-pe – if he were to lose, I’d expect him to be magnanimous in the immediate post-race interviews. A little later however, he’ll then start plugging his tell-all book that’s 10 years away and will start dropping dark hints about “stuff”.

        1. I think it will be ok. He’s not as evil as some fans think he is.
          But I’m curious about those “untold stories”. We know a lot happens in F1 behind closed doors. I’m surprised that no one at Mercedes reacted to this. Usually you would have Toto or Nicky jumping around denying what Hamilton said.

          It doesn’t mean Lewis is right, just that there is more than what meets the eye.

    9. Whatever his faults and shortcomings, Nico handled his 2014 championship loss at Abu Dhabi with grace – he elected to stay out and get lapped in a failing car rather than accede to the team’s desire to retire him to save him that embarrassment.

      Once can only wish that this Sunday’s loser – whomever it may be – can be similarly gracious.

      1. @phylpy Easy to act with grace when you were never going to win it anyway can you seriously compare them. I would hope Nico would be like that. It would be far differnet to him leading and being ahead in the WC to do it.

        1. Well, Dan, in 2014 it would be fair to say that reliability played its role too in giving Hamilton the advantage vs. Rosberg.

      2. Yeah, lets hope we don’t get a repeat Nico being a bad loser last year.

    10. Well
      In 2013
      Rosberg got 3 race ending mechanical failures, he lost a possible top 6 finishes in both Australia and China (In Hungary he was retiring from 9th, but he was forced wide in the first lap)
      In 2014
      Hamilton got 2 race ending technical failures while Rosberg got 1 race ending technical issue, but we need to remember that in Canada both cars have issues and Rosberg coped them better while in Abu Dhabi his mechanical issues are simply bad enough to throw him out of points (and double points also exist in that race)
      In 2015
      Rosberg got 2 race ending failures in Russia and Italy (one of then is costing a likely win) while Hamilton only suffer 1
      If we sum up the total Race ending failures since they become teammates, its 6-4 to Rosberg favour, but if we discount Canada 2014 (where both have same identical issues) and we add 2 races worth (Abu Double) its 8-3 for Rosberg.
      Yes I agree Hamilton have been very unlucky compare to Rosberg this year in terms of mechanical failure, but we just can’t simply forget that Rosberg had a problematic car in the past Mercedes car.
      Disclaimer : I dont count momments when they clashes nor qualifying issues

      1. That’s just counting race issues. Throw in all the qualifying problems as well where Hamilton has had to come from the back or outside the top 10.

      2. Re the Canada failure – This is yet another one of those Baku moments, Rosberg coped & Lewis didn’t, but as always, key information is purposely being ignored

        The brake/ERS issue happened on Lewis’ car first & Rosberg was then instructed to move his brake balance forward, which made it much easier for him to deal with.

        1. That’s factually wrong kgn11. Mercedes have even said the cars suffered different issues and Lewis couldn’t do the same reset as Nico because of how the car was wrongly set before the race. It’s absolute nonsense to say Nico could manage and Hamilton couldn’t because the issues were completely different. And you say key information is being ignored…

        2. That’s not how I remember that race – ROS was slowed significantly by the braking issue allowing HAM to attack (until his completely failed).

      3. Rosberg was second when he hit troubles in 2014. He had already lost the championship in the first corner.

      4. @deongunner lol counting Abu double as 2 failures. He could have dominated the race he still won not be WC. Oh and he was 2nd when he retired. Give Lewis his Malaysia win and we get a complete reverse. Hamilton could then get a 4th and be WC. Nico has not lost any title to Lewis because of reliability.

      5. I know, I know it didn’t cost Rosberg a title, but the main point I want to show that mechanical issues is part of the game, and for me people need to look that its not like Hamilton got all the issues, in fact Rosberg also did.
        I am fully aware that Rosberg was 2nd in Abu Dhabi and 3rd in Italy.

        1. McL
          That’s easy enough to say but your analysis forgets a few things.

          Hamilton’s reliability issues in all years have resulted in numerous back of the grid starts. Not once has Rosberg started less than a self induced gearbox penalty.

          In 014 Rosberg was never in a position to win even if he won the last race because Hamilton would have retained second. As it happens he was out full stop.

          Year on year Hamilton wins twice as many races as Rosberg. Twice as many!

          Last year Rosberg was gifted a race (and for the poster earlier Hamilton has never inherited a race or lead) and the tally stood 3 to 10! Until the last three.

          Without the four race plus one Spa head start Rosberg had this year I see no reason to imagine it would have been different.

          In each year it is only the car and reliability that keeps Rosberg anywhere near.

          This year is no different.

    11. In regards to Lewis’ comments

      Generally I really ignore these kind of comments as I treat them nothing but ‘mind games’ being played however; like many of you, it’s started to irk me too in regards to Lewis constantly playing down Nico’s points lead and bringing up words like “moral champion” etc.

      I remember Lewis, far more gracious in defeat back in 2007 when I felt he deserved the title the most. Compare that to now and he’s sulking already. No doubt, he has been relatively unlucky than Nico this year but that’s sport for you and although you feel you deserved it, at least don’t talk down the one who has actually won it.

      In my opinion, Lewis is one of the greatest drivers of all time in this sport but I am disappointed to say that he’s one the worst champions at conducting himself in public apart from acting ‘cool’.

    12. LH already sounding like a sore loser and the race hasn’t even begun. So thinking back to last year when LH won, and then just wanted to end it there…job done, party time, who cares about the last 3 races, wish the season was over…Nico goes on to win 7 in a row.

      The more LH speaks these days, the more I think he and his paranoid fans are onto something…the team has indeed been backing Nico. Why? Because of LH’s entitled attitude. So…look in the mirror LH. Tell us in 10 years that the team favoured Nico in 2016. Then tell us why. Honestly.

      1. He’s a 3x champion, why should he not feel entitled? Did Vettel not feel entitled? Did Schumacher not feel entitled? Did Senna not feel entitled? I could go on and on and on.

        1. This is about LH. But no those three drivers didn’t whine and insinuate ‘truths’ that they won’t talk about for 10 years. LH is being his own special kind of drama queen, already making mystery excuses before he has even lost, like an insecure person would. It seems it is not enough that his performances are often better than Nico’s, plain for all to see, and that sometimes in racing some unreliability and a few bad performances himself put him 12 points behind at this point. Not enough that he has just won 2 WDC’s in the last two seasons. He has to now make fake excuses, as if to ensure people get completely that he has been robbed somehow, obviously intentionally, since he won’t tell us for 10 years. It’s surprisingly weak and it’s disappointing and the team must be saying ‘thanks alot’…really appreciate you throwing us under the bus for some apparent reason to be named later.

      2. @Robbie bless you been along time this moment for you. You comment about Lewis more than any other driver lol and you a Nico fan. Lewis is a better driver that is a fact. Even this year the gap is even bigger(check the qually gaps). Ill never forget Nico being outscored by two Rbulls over 8 races without any reliability problems(Great for someone driving better than ever).

        What pressure has Nico had lol he is awful in the clutch lol 2014 we seen that and the same this yr who is the one under pressure every race it aint Nico. Lewis turnt it around going into summer breat with NO RELIABILITY issues for Nico lol that is terrible. Then we come to Spa and the monetum is gifted by a back of the grid start.

        Will you be fine if Nico retires in Abu Dhabi?

        1. Dan just ignore Robbie he’s repeatedly twisted things to have a dig at Hamilton.

    13. Big Lewis fan but sometimes his mouth really annoys me … but there again I don’t totally believe everything written by the press either.

    14. I think its nearly impossible to be a multi times world champion and a nice bloke. We’ve seen some ‘accidental/circumstantial’ world champions that come across as nice, but they were never the top within the top, just happened to be in the right car at the right time. You simply need a bit of @!”*# to be a multi times world champion

      1. I think you’re onto something there @mayrton. It’s less about Hamilton and more about that winning spirit they all share (or they are not on the top spot).

    15. Words are words and Hamilton always gets screwed by the media (as do most people). I’m normally a support the underdog guy but I’ve been following motorsport for almost 30 years and the way rosberg is just cant let me support him. I’ve seen the way he is and the way he has been through the junior formulas not just on the track and just don’t like him. He’s shown he will cheat and crash to try and win also. Hamilton may annoy lots of people with his self belief and little whines but he’s not underhand and pompous like rosberg. Rosberg may win the championship Sunday but its just an empty cup, imagine if both Mercedes got dsq from the championship and Riccardo won, I bet he would feel pretty hollow that his first championship he wasn’t the best package that season.

      1. My memories from Rosberg in the junior formulae is a bit hazy but I don’t remember him ever cheating.

        If Rosberg has started to use these ‘dirty tricks’, well he has learned them from Hamilton.

        1. Rosberg is serially dishonest like his fake fans @paeschli.

          1. What does this even mean? @lockup

            1. @paeschli That it is bitter nonsense to accuse Hamilton of anything but you must swallow with a smile whatever Hamilton fans throw at Rosberg or any other driver because when they say it’s a fact.

    16. ColdFly F1 (@)
      26th November 2016, 9:02

      There are so many thoughts I have on my mind, which I can’t share with you just yet.

      Playing mind games there – just with the wrong mind ;-)

    17. Interesting to watch the fact LH needs mind games more then ROS. HAM has a very unstable mental condition and is easily put off balance. So what he does is projecting his own fears to his opponent. To no avail it seems. Only his own vulnerable position and insecurity are shown.

      1. @seth-space I guess you missed 2014 Abu Dhabi press conf before the race go and and watch it it was golden Jensen Button could barely contain himself at Nico comment about hitting a teammate. No fear for Lewis he is in a win win do you seriously think it is better to be dominated by Nico and lose? Or would you feel a lot better as a 3x WC and the fact you still have this guys number? I mean come on lol Lewis is actually further ahead than every in qually have you seen the gaps this yr in qually. Nico went way off the boil since 14 in that department.

        Lewis is a legend already 2nd all time in wins and could have been against 3 world champions if Nico wins and he has beaten them all more than the other way round.

      2. On the other hand, if Rosberg came and claimed “I’m the king or the world, I can beat Hamilton whenever I want”, half of the room would lol as most people rate Hamilton as the faster of the two.
        Rosberg just can’t play that card, so he’ll use something else.

        Neither of them is a saint, the are playing with the cards they were dealt with.

    18. Relaibilty has not cost Nico a WC that is a fact. 14? Nope. 15? Nope. 16 relaibilty HAS come into it.

      I also laugh at the Ham has had it easy, I see so many comments saying Alo would be WC lol. Alo would have only ever came close this year with the bad starts. He is not quicker than Lewis or Nico over a lap that’s for sure. Nico has to be the most underrated driver he is the only teammate I have ever feared to beat Lewis in qually at a good rate. Lewis has great stats he could be on 70 plus poles with someone else as teammate. I have seen Button and Alo vs Lewis and Nico is by far the quickest over a lap.

    19. Can anyone tell me who has raced most WC as teammates? Surely if Nico wins it this helps Hamilton in a way his legacy will be crazy he raced 3 WC and came out on top in all battles

      1. I don’t know who has raced the most, but Nigel Mansell had these WC teammates – Andretti, Keke Rosberg, Prost, Piquet and Hakkinen.

        I also don’t know if he managed to beat them all. And Hakkinen wasn’t a WDC yet. But i’d say that 5 WDC as teammates is pretty impressive.

        Prost also had 5 – Lauda, K. Rosberg, Senna, Mansell and D. Hill

    20. Richard Williams in the Guardian has some gall talking about drivers’ supposedly declining ‘moral compass’ while himself studiously obeying Bernie’s edict to be dishonest about Mirabeau. Hamilton is about the only person to have behaved with integrity about it.

      Though at least Daniel Johnson put his record straight in the Telegraph, just before he moved on and didn’t need his F1 accreditation any more.

      Anyway I love how Lewis exposes Nico’s lack of integrity. Chooses his words so well to put it across. Whereas with Jenson over Turkey and Canada he let them go, because he knew JB is basically honest even though he had pushed the limits those couple of times.

      1. The only lack of integrity LH has exposed in these last few days is his own.

        1. The driver you claim to support is a serial cheat @robbie.

    21. A bit of satire:
      Trump: I will not accept the results if I lose, its rigged!
      Lewis: I will not accept the results if I lose, its rigged!

      After result:
      Trump: I won!??? ” We love democracy!!”
      Lewis: “Its rigged!!”

    22. “Maybe I ought to keep this private, but I feel a certain way in my heart about how I have performed,” he said. “If he is labelled the world champion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is the way it is labelled in my heart.”

      That’s all Hamilton said and people are getting up in arms. Anyone can see that Hamilton has been objectively the better driver of the 2 over the season and I don’t think anyone here, were they in the same position, would feel any different. All he is saying is he feels he has done a better job than Rosberg. He doesn’t say anything derogatory about Rosberg. Why is he not entitled to feel like that when it is factually true? As ever any excuse for people to get their little digs in.

    23. … The atmosphere is really taking away from my enjoyment.

    24. So Hamilton is saying he lost the championship because they changed the team around? Does that not then say he won the previous 2 by default having the better crew? Ha

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