Gasly wins GP2 title in Abu Dhabi


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Red Bull junior team member Pierre Gasly has won the GP2 championship in the final race of the year at Yas Marina.

GP2 champions

2005Nico Rosberg
2006Lewis Hamilton
2007Timo Glock
2008Giorgio Pantano
2009Nico Hulkenberg
2010Pastor Maldonado
2011Romain Grosjean
2012Davide Valsecchi
2013Fabio Leimer
2014Jolyon Palmer
2015Stoffel Vandoorne
2016Pierre Gasly

However Gasly is expected to miss out on a promotion to F1 next year as Red Bull’s two F1 teams have filled their seats for 2017.

The 20-year-old beat rookie team mate Antonio Giovinazzi to the crown despite finishing a point-less ninth in the season finale. Sixth place for Giovinazzi was not enough to overhaul Gasly’s points haul.

Gasly ended a two-year win-less streak earlier in the season and went on to take four victories throughout the season, all in feature races. His most recent win yesterday moved him to the head of the points table.

Gasly’s triumph means Prema won the teams’ championship and had its drivers finish first and second in the points in the team’s first year in GP2.

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    13 comments on “Gasly wins GP2 title in Abu Dhabi”

    1. Still no rookie champion in the Pirelli era.

      What’s next for Gasly and Giovinazzi in 2017?

      1. @paeschli Gasly to do a Vandoorne in Super Formula, Giovinazzi to win the GP2 title?

      2. I think it might be a blessing in disguise for Giovinazzi @paeschli, because he had no solid ties etc for a potential F1 future. But now people have surely started to take notice and if he wins it in his second year that will give his “team” a whole season to find a good spot for him on the grid for 2018, instead of having to settle for disappearing in the sportscars championships somewhere.

    2. Congrats on him, Giovinazzi also had a great season.
      By the way (I don’t got access to watch it, fortunately I got F1 though) How GP2 races in terms of entertainment compare to F1? How the feature/sprint effect the races? How the equal cars shaped up the races?
      I would like to know, thanks.

      1. It’s much better than f1in terms of not being a procession. More safety cars also help. Plus, you do not know who will win unlike f1. Although, on the negative side, the drs are op on overtaking friendly circuita

    3. I hope both Gasly and Giovinazzi takes the manor seats ^^ a man could dream right? ^^

    4. What a boring race. Even with an exciting Gp2 season, we can always count on yas marina making it boring

      1. @lolzerbob Yes, but the feature race was quite good

    5. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      27th November 2016, 12:52

      Here’s hoping Giovanazzi can nab an F1 seat. The guy is going to be something special or another talent wasted.

    6. Really hope Giovinazzi gets a seat at Sauber or Manor. Gasly obviously won’t, and Giovinazzi’s had some fantastic moments this year. If everyone though Gasly could’ve got in at STR, why not Gio in a seat?

    7. Congrats to Gasly, he’s a worthy champion, though to me, the stunning rookie performance by Giovinazzi was more impressive.

      And about Giovinazzi: together with Ghiotto,Marciello and Fuoco he represents the most talented Italian generation of drivers in a long while. Somebody should really step up the plate to help one or more of them into F1. Here’s an idea for hotel magnate,part-time un-gentlemanly gentleman driver and a full-time idiot Giuseppe Cipriani: Why don’t you, instead of wasting money trundling at the back of F3.5 V8 races, getting in the way, and interfering with championship deciders in the most disgusting way, use that money instead to promote a real Italian talent to F1?

    8. Giovinazzi was a surprise considering he never showed in junior formulae that he’d be this level. Having the best car helped, I imagine. Jeez, just looking at the champions 2012-2014 made me want to cry.

    9. Having said that, just seen that Fuoco and Leclerc have been announced by Prema for next season. Surely that means Giovinazzi has a seat in F1 lined up?

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