Rosberg celebrates his championship victory

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg began his championship celebrations at the Yas Marina circuit after clinching the title.

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11 comments on “Rosberg celebrates his championship victory”

  1. Such a lovely post, loving all the images of him celebrating. Going to go and watch the press conference now!

  2. Among all the negative things/features the Yas Marina circuit has, nobody mentions one particular issue:
    How big a letdown to end the season at a venue, where the teams and world champions cannot even dring a glass of champagne, cannot celebrate proper way…
    (Yes of course, in a way our culture celebrates)

    1. Good point!

    2. Doesn’t sound that bad, just find the right place:

    3. Are you stupid or just incredibly ill informed? Booze flows like water there. And is “your culture” so addicted to alcohol that you can’t imagine celebrating without it? Like fathoming eating dinner without a glass of wine? Addicts.

  3. I’d not mention alcohol as a way to properly celebrate. Sure it’s a thing, but the laurel crowns were a much better sight and they are long gone.

    Also, I’ve always mantained that F1 should take care of their legends and past winners a bit better when they retire… Heck, not even Schumacher got a proper send off. Posting a video somewhere isn’t enough. Why can’t they join the winners in the podium? or have them there after the podium ceremony for a special interview… You’ve got to say thank you to those guys that helped shape the sport we have. JB and Massa deserve more, and so did many others.

    1. First thing I agree with you on. It would have such impact seeing the greats gathered and showing where F1 came from. May help new fans appreciate and dig into the sport more.
      Still can’t get over how touching Massa’s walk through the pit lane was. Seeing the greats would also evoke emotion in the die-hard older fans.

      1. @sjzelli hurray for our first time agreeing on something, tho I don’t remember discussing anythign with you. Mind giving an example? love to hear different opinions! :)

  4. Lovely pictures.
    You would also notice that Lewis is there to celebrate with the team. He’s not as devilish as some would like.

    1. @x303
      Yeah, you’re right, but I do think that it wouldn’t do his position within the team any good had he been absent.

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