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Nico Rosberg has shocked Formula One by announcing his immediate retirement from the sport.

Here’s a look back on the 11-year career which brought him to the world championship.

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27 comments on “Rosberg’s 11-year F1 career in pictures”

  1. Such a great picture of Rosberg leaping from his car last weekend! The elation is infectious just looking at it.

    1. There is an even better one IMO, straight from the side. Look it up :)

        1. Looks awesome from any angle. It actually looks like Ros is a Dragon Ball Z character about to take off.

          @naylamp, @ju88sy

  2. I forgot what a good looking car the FW29 was.

    1. wide tyres, low and wide rear wing, what’s not to like.
      2017 will have some mean looking f1 cars.

  3. The picture of Rosberg on the Singapore podium is from 2008, he missed out on a podium in 2009 after crossing the white line upon exiting the pits.

  4. A very, very good career by anyone’s definition. His results have got better year-on-year throughout his 11 seasons and he leaves after the only result he can’t improve. Another intelligent decision.

    In reality, he knows how difficult it would be to beat Hamilton again next year and frankly he has nothing to gain from trying to do it again (£30m-ish contract aside…).

    Well done Nico.

    1. Statistically he could improve by being a double… Triple… Nth world champion but otherwise agree.

  5. I forgot how much I missed his yellow and blue helmet, and then the all yellow vs the all red of Schumi.

    However his latest helmet with the matte black and chrome detailing is great too.

    He’s had to contend with being teammates to MS and LH as well, I’d love some insight from him on those 2

  6. I remember excitedly telling my dad ‘Rosberg’s going to be a world champion’ after his performance in Bahrain in 2006. One of my favourite ever F1 characters, I’m going to miss him.

  7. It’s such a shame. I love the precision of how he drives a racing car, I love his generally cerebral work ethic. I am disappointed that this perhaps represents a duller edge to his competitive instincts, and just generally spreadeagled by the decision. It makes no sense…so long as he hasn’t developed a strong passion for slippers and pipe-tobacco…

  8. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    2nd December 2016, 16:36

    Off topic, but, people, how do you prefer the Williams? Blue with white nose, or white with blue nose?

    1. Tommy Scragend
      2nd December 2016, 19:05

      Blue with white nose.

      The nose is the most prominent bit, and having it white makes it stand out from the rest of the drab colours.

    2. White nose, blue wings for me.

  9. Brazil 2007. Do you remember he nearly gave Hamilton a title in his debut year when he lunged at Heidfeld? Thankfully they survived that moment!

    1. Anyone else feel he’s probably given Lewis a title today?

      Crazy, crazy news but I feel robbed of a 2017 title fight.

    1. Is math hard for you? 2006 to 2016 inclusive = 11 years.

  10. As an 11 year old I remember my Dad telling me about Keke Rosberg’s debut in Brazil and how impressed he was with the way he drove in a vastly underpowered car to those of the turbos. From that moment I became a Rosberg fan and it was very natural for me to support Nico when he came to F1 in 2006. The trait that I admire above all in the both of them is the steely determination and intelligence when faced with a clear disadvantage. Keke himself professed that he often went beyond his limits in his attempt to keep up with the turbos. Nico, not as blessed on the driving talent, but his application behind the scenes to compensate for that deficit, has been extraordinary and highly undervalued, perhaps until now. What a very smart and admirable decision.

  11. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    2nd December 2016, 20:41

    Nico’s ability to control his ego is truly amazing. He has practically admitted on occasion that he isn’t as good as Lewis but he used his intelligence and application to reach the very best level season after season. Usually when a driver is beaten by a team mate they tuck in as the subordinate but he kept coming back stronger and stronger. Now he has achieved the ultimate he walks away, something incomprehensible for most sporting stars in their prime. He doesn’t care about racking up more wins or adding to his legacy, he’s achieved the ultimate in the sport and now it’s time to enjoy family life. Good luck and farewell to one of the most professional drivers I’ve ever seen and a true sportsman. Thanks for the memories as a Williams fan and some fantastic drama with Lewis. An era that will go down in F1 folklore. He will be truly missed.

  12. Looking at the pictures it shows how long he’s been in F1. He’s grown up in the sport and when I first saw him I wasn’t that impressed. I didn’t think he was good enough to be a champion, I’m glad I was wrong. Could it be a gamechanger? Guys are entering the sport younger and the pressure and the mental toll these guys go under to win the hardest championship in sport, it must be exhausting. Anyway good luck to Nico and his family, well done champ enjoy it!

  13. IMO Williams’ best driver since Senna.

  14. I always love post-BMW/pre-Martini Williams livery..

  15. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    3rd December 2016, 15:40

    I feel like the villain has left the show – it’d be like watching Dallas without JR Ewing or Dynasty without Alexis Colby.

  16. Farewell “Brittany”

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