Rosberg and Hamilton celebrate with Mercedes

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World champion and ex-Formula One driver Nico Rosberg joined his team mate and Mercedes to celebrate at the team’s traditional end-of-season event.

The Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen was the venue for the celebrations, where Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton drove examples of the team’s F1 cars.

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18 comments on “Rosberg and Hamilton celebrate with Mercedes”

  1. Come on Mercedes, why no number 1 on the car…

  2. I think they’ve just found the answer to the Halo question!

      1. Trophy on the front of the car

    1. Hahah genius as a caption competition entry!

    2. Haha! Took me a minute, but I got it :p Good one

    3. Hahaha ..
      Good one :D

  3. I haven’t commented until now about Rosberg’s race what with only just being able to get onto the internet.

    Absolutely gutted! As someone who has been rooting for him, I’m well and truly gutted. I’ve never been so attached to a driver and rooted for a driver to win so much. But I can tell he’s following his heart, and focusing on his family after he’s achieved a lifetime ambition of his to win a championship, to me does not diminish all the effort he has put into this year’s championship battle. As he’s said, the previous year’s losses and hardships have only fuelled him even more.

    1. yeah, it’s not like the championship wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter due to consistent mechanical reliability issues with his teammate.

      Respect ROS, give him credit where it is due. Personally, I think hes glad hes out of F1, he probably hates behaving like a robot and ‘acting’ the part so people can believe what his sponsors want them to believe.

      1. Let’s not kid ourselves. Mechanical failure played a significant role, for Lewi’s loss of the 2016 WDC, especially after that complete engine failure at Malaysia. As Toto Wolff said, ” This year, clearly, Malaysia cost Lewis the championship. It’s clear.”

  4. Is that a test track of some sort? Looks tight.

    1. Yes, it is a test track, here is an in-car video:

      1. Cool thanks man!

  5. Traditional? They’ve been in F1 less than 10 years!

    1. Mercedes is active in F1 since 1995 and since the event is about all motorsport activities they have done this since 1993.
      In Motorsports 23 years is quite a tradition dont you think?

      1. The article states the “team’s traditional end-of-season event” and is quite clearly only about the F1 team.

  6. I must admit the Mercedes looks gorgeous in those pictures.

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