Jenson Button, McLaren MP4-6, Motegi, 2016

Alonso, Button and Vandoorne in action at Honda Thanks Day

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Fernando Alonso joined Jenson Button, Stoffel Vandoorne and a host of other Honda-backed drivers for the company’s annual end-of-year thanks day.

The trio sampled racing machines from a range of disciplines including motorbikes. Button, who has indicated he could race in Japan’s Super GT championship next year, tried an NSX Concept GT racer.

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  • 17 comments on “Alonso, Button and Vandoorne in action at Honda Thanks Day”

    1. In picture 8, Alonso is clearly dreaming of what might be and thinking…..what the xxxx am I doing here. I should be in Merc overalls.

      1. @mach1 he’s clearly doing his best Brazil ’12 impression.

    2. Jenson is going to be fun to watch for years to come, I’m excited for him. As for Fernando, I’m sure his cell phone was on vibrate at this event;)

    3. wow I read ‘Alonso’ in the first headline and I thought ‘OMG IT’S HAPPENED!’

      then I read the rest of the headline and saw the picture…

      take it easy on the Alonso stuff keith…


    4. Most likely one of the most fun days of both Jenson’s and Alonso’s year.

    5. Stoffel driving the MP4-6 , must be a honour to drive!
      the screaming V12 vs. 2016 hybrid vacuumcleaners

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Current engines are a mix between vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers.

        The MP4-6 is -for me- the best looking F1 car ever. Simple aero, beautiful livery and… mechanical gearbox !! #Love

        1. Lynda.R.J.Green
          5th December 2016, 21:06

          @bebilou it’s also probably 10-20 seconds a lap slower than modern cars.

          if f1 went back to cars like that they would probably be among the slowest single seater/open wheel cars around.

      2. You are ignoring the fact that the “2016 hybrid vacuumcleaners” are significantly more powerful than a V12 from the early 90’s.

        1. Lynda.R.J.Green
          5th December 2016, 21:05

          @geemac and your clearly forgetting that most modern f1 fans seeming prefer less powerful engines just because there louder.

          when so called ‘fans’ are putting noise above performance it tell’s you everything you need to know about the current fanbase & why we have stuff like drs, cheese tyres & all that. modern so called ‘fans’ don’t know what real racing is, dont know a thing about this sport & how its always been about technology & performance because they need constant satisfaction be it by push of a button highway passing, dozens of tyre stops or loud noises.

          us older fans understand & appreciate what this sport is supposed to be about so would gladly take performance over noise!

    6. The one with them both in the chairs talking is
      Alonso and Pedrosa not Alonso and Marquez

      1. Yeah Keith, the 9th picture – its Alonso and Dani Pedrosa

    7. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      4th December 2016, 23:21

      Why are they saying thanks to Honda? lol.

      1. To show the state of the world these days…

      2. @come-on-kubica Honda, and their drivers/riders, are saying thanks to the fans.

    8. Wonder who won the kart race?

    9. 2017: Alonso in MotoGp and Rossi in Mercedes, would be a crazy (nearly impossible) thing, but very funny.

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