Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari F60, Ferrari World Final, Daytona, 2016

Vettel and Raikkonen hit the oval at Daytona

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Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen took a pair of Ferrari F1 cars onto the Daytona oval during Ferrari’s end-of-season celebration event last weekend.

The pair demonstrated a pair of F60s decked out in the team’s current livery on the 31-degree banking of the course best known for its 24-hour sports car race and 500-mile NASCAR season-opener.

Pictures: Ferrari World Final at Daytona

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29 comments on “Vettel and Raikkonen hit the oval at Daytona”

  1. Wow, the old 09′ cars look really alive with nowdays livery

    1. I think that side-on shot really does flatter them. I do prefer to see cars in their correct liveries but can’t deny that looks smart.

      However my favourite picture here isn’t of an F1 car, it’s this.

      1. Wasn’t the ’09 car the F60 @keithcollantine?

      2. have to agree with everything you say there @keithcollantine, what an awesome picture, that.

  2. Those grandstands were so empty.

    1. The grandstands were but the infield along the track, the pit and garage areas had quite a few people. No pictures of the 640 which was out there on track is disappointing but there were around 10-12 F1 cars represented. I’ll go back again next year. 40.00 US a day wasn’t bad for the sights and sounds.

  3. What are they celebrating?

    1. third place

    2. Getting a bigger chunk of prize money than Manor and Sauber for just turning up?

      1. Fixed: Getting a very significantly bigger chunk of prize money than champions Mercedes, and any other team for that matter, for just turning up?

  4. I don’t really understand why the teams don’t use the original liveries on the old cars. I mean F60 (2009 Ferrari) with current livery and Red Bull RB7 with the livery of RB9 in 2013, with the livery of RB11 last year, and with the current livery this year. Yes, some sponsors that were part of the team then have left, for example, Infiniti isn’t a Red Bull sponsor anymore, but still, they could keep the original livery of the RB7 or RB8, but just without the logos of the sponsors that aren’t part of the team anymore.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      5th December 2016, 12:34

      I don’t get it either Jerejj. You pay a team to put your name on a car, you invest in its creation, you have a fruitful partnership together, and once its all said and done, they rip off your decal because Ray-Ban.

      It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, this modern habit of repainting the older cars. Where does it end? Ripping the Marlboro off the old McHondas and slapping a big ‘ol CHANDON on there?

      It seems keeping your current corporate buddies happy has now become more important that keeping your heritage intact. Its a sad turning point I think.

      If I was paying to see the F2009, I would want it as it was meant to be, riding on Bridgestones as designed; not this Frankenstien creation.

      Worst of all is when Red Bull remove the Renault decals from their championship winners and stick Tag Heuer on there instead. These are Renaults championship winning cars as well, they didn’t run on taurine. That really grinds my gears.

      1. So what kind of supply of old Bridgestones should they keep to satisfy everyone years down the road? Hard as rocks by now.

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          5th December 2016, 13:25

          It is possible. I saw all the Toro Rossos last year, and all the pre 2010 cars were correctly Bridgestone-shod.

          The tires are getting wider next year. Would you suggest sticking the new wider tires on the old cars too, once the skinny Pirellis are less common?

      2. WeatherManNX01
        5th December 2016, 19:36

        Sponsorship deals, especially in F1 where equipment from previous seasons can be used for many years afterward, are surely very complicated. It’s possible that they used current sponsors and livery because it’s a run with a recent generation of car with current drivers. If the cars had people not named Seb and Kimi in the car, perhaps they might have run with the period livery and sponsors (and they may still do so in the future).

    2. Sponsorship. Not only would current sponsors be upset, they’d be promoting old sponsors for free.

      It makes sense current sponsors want only their names on the cars too, they’re paying for it after all.

      1. @saint-jay Yeah, but I just stated ‘they could keep the original livery, but just without the logos of the sponsors that aren’t part of the team anymore.’

  5. 412, the last pretty Ferrari F1 car.

    And is that Alesi driving, or someone wearing a replica helmet?

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Some nice ones in there.

    Just a little thing I noticed, the car labeled as F1-2000 (with the 197 on the front) is actually the F399 from 1999. The raised sidepods were unique for that year.
    Also, the car with the 271 on the nose should be an F2008 as well (like the 266), and not the F2007.

    1. Dennis, you really are an F1 fanatic. You know your ferraris.

  7. Not sure if I’m jealous of the guy in the F2004 with slicks XD

  8. Enticing imagery, I wonder if Liberty will be able to wangle a deal for a US oval F1 race as part of their supposed U.S. expansion.

    1. Duncan Snowden
      5th December 2016, 17:13

      There used to be an agreement with the US open-wheel people: F1 doesn’t race on ovals in North America, and they don’t race on “road” circuits outside it (street circuits were acceptable). I don’t know whether it was an informal handshake thing with Bernie or dated back to the the dropping of the Indy 500 from the championship, but it’s one of the reasons for Rockingham, Lausitz, and Motegi, back when CART was threatening F1 in popularity. However, CART held a race at Zolder in its final season, so the agreement, if it still existed at all the time, has been broken.

      I’d love to see F1 on ovals. Maybe only a couple per season; I wouldn’t want them to become a mainstay of the series, but it would be an interesting variation. Doubt it’ll ever happen, though. (For that reason, really: the setup of the cars for an oval being so different from anything else, it would cost the teams a fortune for very little gain.)

  9. would love to see f1 cars on banked tracks running side by side…not necessarily a full oval couse, but a track like Daytona where part of the oval can be used -like in the 24 hour race, and where drivers can get a run on the driver in front coming onto banking, and then run side by side for half a mile or so before a braking section.

  10. Wow. Imagine having a Grand Prix at Daytona with a layout similar to that of the 24 Hours layout- which uses a short infield section and almost the entire oval with a fast chicane inserted before the banking that comes after the backstretch. I’ve been to the 24 Hours of Daytona before and to see even sportscars run around there is pretty awesome.

  11. I’d like to see F1 have one oval race in the calendar. Variety is what makes the calendar exciting and having an oval would certainly provide more variety.

    Monaco is in tight streets, Australia on park roads, Baku in a big city, Silverstone on a former airfield, Austria on a small layout, Italy at impressive speeds, Singapore at night, Bahrain at dusk, Abu Dhabi at sunset, there are two main types of circuits I feel are missing: a mountain circuit, and an oval.

    1. Austria is a mountain circuit.

  12. Friends don’t let friends RACE on ovals.

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