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The 21-race 2016 Formula One season is history – and now it’s time to tackle F1 Fanatic’s annual 20-question quiz on the championship.

How much of the season that’s just finished can you remember? Take the newest F1 Fanatic quiz to find out:

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You can compare your overall score with other F1 Fanatics and take more quizzes here:

If you don’t already have one, you will need to register an F1 Fanatic account to participate in the quizzes. Details on how to get one can be found below:

As always do boast about your score in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers.

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17 comments on “Take the new F1 Fanatic 2016 season quiz”

  1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    8th December 2016, 12:21

    A pathetic 9

  2. 19/20 Pretty happy, though I’m not sure which question I got wrong. Suspect it was the final one.

  3. 14/20 not bad,but not great either…

  4. A solid 17/20. What a surprise! I’m usually horrible at these quizzes :)

  5. 15/20… I’ll take it.

  6. 11, could be worst

    1. @broke84 I got 11 too. It certainly could be worse, could be the 2016 F1 season

  7. 19 out of 20… as @mashiat I don’t know which one I got wrong…

  8. The auto correct feature seems to interfere with answering some questions, for example, I entered the number 10, yet the program kept insisting on 1996… ?? Maybe I’ll try again later.

    1. Maybe I’ll try again later.

      You don’t get a 2d chance… :(

    2. @ferrox-glideh Click away from the box and the suggestions close.

  9. Don’t spoil this quiz for others.

  10. I hate these things. 14/20. What did I get wrong? I can’t see a way of seeing detailed results.

  11. I got perfect, knew 19 and one was a guess.

    Even though that I would have liked this to have a question like “this happened for a first time since which race?”, as there was no question where a certain Grand Prix was an answer.

    An example could have been previous race where Belgian driver scored points or car #30 previously used.

  12. 11/20.. not bad by my regular scoring standards 😄

  13. One fat lady.
    8/20’s not great, but neither was the season.

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