Fernando Alonso, Dani Pedrosa, Honda Thanks Day, Motegi, 2016

Caption Competition 116: Alonso and Pedrosa

Caption Competition

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Two-times Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso swaps notes with another Honda-powered Spaniard: Dani Pedrosa.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 100 comments on “Caption Competition 116: Alonso and Pedrosa”

    1. Wanna swap engines?

    2. WHAT?? Your Honda engine is reliable AND powerful.

    3. So, this is how you open a can of Redd Bull, No?

      1. winner!

        1. My browser crashed when I reached your comment.

    4. Joni (@theflyingfinns)
      10th December 2016, 13:07

      Alonso: You look an awful lot like Dani Pedrosa!

        1. @theflyingfinns @fer-no65 Apologies for the screw-up with the names – have made a note to steer clear of two wheeled motorsport as it’s obviously not my strength!

          1. spafrancorchamps
            10th December 2016, 16:34

            You should actually consider following it more closely! What MotoGP produces is by far the most interesting type of racing. Most races are absolutely thrilling.

      1. Poor Keith, he really doesn’t care about bikes! :D

    5. You always have to leave enough space, like this much.

    6. I think a steering wheel should give your bike better handling…

    7. I really like to sit in a deckchair!

    8. …and then, when you press the pedal, it actually goes fast! I’m telling you, this Mercedes engine is something else!

    9. Sadly Fernando made the move to MotoGP just days before the new McLaren became the fastest and most reliable F1 car of all time.

    10. This is how much torque my Honda engine has…

    11. “I had the Mercedes contract and pen, then Flavio said no.”

    12. Alonso trying sign language, because Dani’s earplugs won’t come out.

    13. Hey Dani, you’re sitting in Marc’s chair! (that’s Dani Pedrosa, not Marc Marquez)

      1. Yeah Keith, that’s Dani Pedrosa

    14. We use this thing called a steering wheel to turn.

    15. You should probably at least know what Marc Marquez looks like if you’re going to post this Keith.

      A pity you don’t watch MotoGP as the racing blows away anything F1 has offered for years.

    16. No, no, I’m not going bald. My sponsors make me wear a cap even when I’m pretending to ride a bike.

    17. Alonso: “GP2 engine?”
      Pedrosa: “No, Moto2 engine… Moto2… argh!”

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        10th December 2016, 14:46

        +1 Haha beat me to it

    18. Alonso gives Marques a graphic and life-like demonstration as to the physical and mental extremes he experiences whilst racing in modern F1…….;)

    19. Alonso proudly shows off his 3rd WDC trophy

    20. Wow Marc, you’ve shrunk

    21. The real trick to getting out of a tight contract is to cup em by the balls like this.

    22. “So, you got a face-off style surgery to look like Marquez… Can your surgeon make me look like Hamilton?”

      1. Lol but keith wont pick it!

    23. Alonso: so with your motorbike being so small, you must have a really tiny steering wheel like this…..

      GP2 racer: what are you talking about? Who are you anyway? Someone said Valentino Rossi was here, have you seen him?

    24. Alonso: I once won a trophy this big, but now I am old and I like the slower cars so I moved to Honda.

    25. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      10th December 2016, 14:48

      Alonso: Now if we can borrow two of your bikes and strap them together it would be a good start for our 2017 f1 car. What do you think?

    26. You are certainly bigger than Pedrosa, when I met him he was literally this tall!

      1. Hang on I realised my above comment makes no sense, @keithcollantine as that actually is Pedrosa and not Marquez.

        1. Actually, I think it makes it even better.

          1. Sure, the idea might be that he thinks it’s Marquez…

    27. So I’ll say this instead as that isn’t Marc Marquez

      “Dani, have you been in contact with Messi’s doctors? Last time I saw you you were only this big.”

    28. Flav can get me a drive anywhere. So, how big a carriage clock you want? Like this?

    29. Alonso: “You have to get balls that big ti race in MotoGP, compared to F1 drivers.”

    30. Jonathan Parkin
      10th December 2016, 15:16

      Then you have a hard turn left, just before the sweet shop

    31. “Excuse me Fenando but I still have years of racing and I will not consider you advice about moving teams.”

    32. Alonso – ‘Err did you know your a now a three time world champion….?’

      ‘And F1 fanatic has no idea what your name is?’

    33. Dani – ‘yep that F1 stuff sure is easy Lewis’

    34. So I will tear the contract like this.

    35. Here’s Bernie’s present for Christmas.

    36. In an F1 car, you turn left like this. Do you understand the message?

    37. If the Mercedes deal don’t happen I might join you.

    38. “I went to turn the wheel like this, but then I realised it doesn’t have one!”

    39. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      10th December 2016, 16:29

      In a sensational twist to the F1 driver market, Sauber announce their 2017 line-up.

    40. I’d like to grab hold of my contract just like this and……….

    41. “…so he just had to sharply turn left like this, and that’s how I won the Singapore Grand Prix.”

    42. “…then I steered to the right, a few push of the brake pedal, aaand this is how I managed to avoid those early dreadful races with that trainwreck Mclaren Honda. “

    43. Alonso: Look, here’s one of the 154 Pokémon I caught with my Poké Ball while racing this year.
      Pedrosa: Okay… I know you said Formula 1 is too easy now, I didn’t realise that easy.

    44. “. . . so I’d take Bernie’s head like this, one ear in each hand just so, and . . .”

    45. And for my next trick, I make a you disappear too. Just like Nico.

    46. Alonso: “in cars, we steer like this”
      Pedrosa: “nooo, really..”

    47. Alonso… can you see my new Mercedes contract…

    48. “Firstly Verstappen goes this way. Then he goes that way. Then back this way again.
      Or so Sebastian told me.
      I just pull to one side of the track and let him lap me”

    49. Dani: How do you survive with so few corporate sponsors logos on your overalls?
      Fernando: Yeah, I don’t know. At one time our marketing manager’s in tray was this full every day with requests … but now it’s all dried up.

    50. “So, are you interested in the seat I’m going to vacate, Pedro? You have experience with the team already. Oh sorry, I thought my invite read Pedro dela Rosa… Forget I said anything… Doo doo de Dum”

    51. Fernando: hey Dani I am this close getting a seat at Mercedes.

    52. Dani is very excited to meet Fernando, but finds a way of hiding it.

    53. Fernando: It sort of dangled like this.

    54. Dani: “i thought you guys wore fireproof overalls not leathers”
      Fernando: ” i changed after melbourne”

    55. So then Nelson turned like that and the race was mine.

    56. -Yeah, and there were bikes and cars models this small, with our names and World Champion’s #1…
      -Sure? I don’t remember that!!!
      -Neither do I… they do whatever it takes to sell merchandising!

    57. FA: In America, that NASCAR series only drive to the left!

    58. Alonso” and then grosjean went over me like this. Its easier to clean up wearing this, ferarri had to power hose it off the tub.”

    59. We have these things called steering wheels…

    60. Alonso: ”You’ll have to leave the space. Always leave the space. And so Nico retired.”
      Pedrosa:”Wait what?”

    61. “And then I tried to connect my earphones and I couldn’t find the jack on my steering wheel. They said less weight will make us faster. But now that they started testing with less number of tyres I know exactly what Jack warned me about.”

    62. I turned the wheel like this and the engine exploded.

    63. During the races I feel like my car is this big

    64. FA: “No, it’s actually really simple, you just take the contract like this, screw it into a ball, and drop it into the bin.”

    65. …and I said to Nico “If you don’t retire now and leave the seat free for me I’ll twist the other one as well”

    66. And-a then, we have-a to wind up-a the engine like-a this…

    67. “Take a look at this Wehrlein fellow. For sure he would be a nice team mate”

    68. Dani you must have cojones this big to race with only two wheels!

    69. Alonso: So your wings are this big and you are afraid of dirty air???

    70. “And for steering we use a wheel

    71. Alonso – “If your bike breaks down then just grab a deck chair and open a can of …”

    72. To go left, you should turn like that! See, noob?

    73. I think if I add it to a jug of water and shake, it will show if the contract is truly watertight

    74. KA……ME……HA……ME ……

      1. Haha nice one !

    75. “And then I decided to turn left into Nico’s garage but suddenly saw my McLaren contract flashing on my steering wheel.”

    76. – How would you’ve gone through that corner in a F1 car?
      – You turn the wheel like this.

    77. -So I double the amount of salt, AND pepper!
      – :O

    78. What, you don’t have paddle shifts in MotoGP? Not even a steering wheel?

    79. This caption begs for a counter steering-related comment.

      Alonso: So you’re telling me that if were to turn the wheel to the left like this, my car would go to the right?

    80. Now Dani, when play cricket my ‘box’ is about this size and I wear it discretely INSIDE my trousers….

    81. Fernando: Dani – Your face is like ugly silk.

      Dani after taking out his plugs: WHAT DID YOU SAY?

      Fernando: I said Indy Car will give you milk.

    82. You can turn in flat out with a GP2 engine

    83. No, they changed them. The new ‘whoopass’ cans have a screw top, I didn’t know either, … so that’s 2 years written off!

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