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From Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg colliding in Spain to Max Verstappen’s immense save in Brazil, here are ten of the best F1 fan videos from 2016.

Russian Grand Prix: Kvyat takes Vettel out

Daniil Kvyat’s home race turned out to be his final start for Red Bull. Having already knocked Sebastian Vettel into the team’s other car at the first corner, he then rammed the Ferrari out for good at turn four. Kvyat’s loss soon proved to be Max Verstappen’s gain.

Spanish Grand Prix: Hamilton and Rosberg crash out

Round five and Lewis Hamilton was desperate to stop Nico Rosberg taking his eighth victory in a row. This crash meant he succeeded, but not in the manner he would have preferred.

Austrian Grand Prix: Hamilton and Rosberg clash again

Despite strong warning from Mercedes to avoid a repeat of what happened in Spain, just four races later the pair clashed again. This time it was on the final lap at the Red Bull Ring and both drivers were able to make it to the finish, though Rosberg dropped out of the podium places.

Belgian Grand Prix: Verstappen tangles with the Ferraris

With Hamilton at the back of the grid Rosberg looked vulnerable to Verstappen and the Ferraris on the grid at Spa. But the trio took themselves out of contention with this first-corner collision.

Italian Grand Prix: The Ferraris pass Hamilton

If there’s one thing they like to see at Monza it’s red cars passing silver ones. Another poor start for Hamilton allowed the Ferraris to get ahead, though it proved only temporary.

Malaysian Grand Prix: Vettel crashes into Rosberg

All seemed lost for Rosberg when he became the latest driver to be involved in a first-lap collision at Sepang. But Hamilton’s retirement with an engine failure later in the race swung the championship balance in his favour.

Mexican Grand Prix: Hamilton, Rosberg and Verstappen cut turn one

The controversy in Mexico began with the run-off area at turn one which three drivers cut during the race. Verstappen was the only one of the three to pick up a penalty. In an unprecedented move, race director Charlie Whiting joined the drivers for a press conference to explain the reasoning behind the decisions:

Brazilian Grand Prix: Ocon misses Raikkonen by millimetres

In pouring rain at Interlagos, Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari aquaplaned into a barrier. With the field blinded by spray Manor’s Esteban Ocon missed him by what he described as “millimetres”.

Brazilian Grand Prix: Verstappen’s incredible save

Max Verstappen went on a charge at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix, passing car after car in treacherous conditions. But he was fortunate to still be on the road following this incredible save while chasing Hamilton for the lead. The crowd clearly appreciated his efforts.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Rosberg celebrates with doughnuts

After a nerve-shreddingly tense final race, Rosberg finally clinched the 2016 world championship and celebrated with a few doughtnuts.

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2016 F1 season review

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  1. These videos just fill in the missing emotions during FOM recordings.
    Great stuff.. you can feel the emotions and the raw speed on some of the videos.

    1. Yeah FOM camera placement is bad, focused on seeing the sponsors more than the cars moving

  2. What if it was possible to somehow show fan videos during the live broadcast. That would be cool. These videos make it look so er, real.

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      18th December 2016, 23:08

      Like FOM would admit that fans can make F1 look more exciting than they can.

  3. I plan on watching these videos at least every second Sunday until March.

  4. The engine sound is ridicoulus

  5. How close was Lewis from being taken out in Sochi?!?!

    Also the Austria video really highlights, for me, the fact Rosberg made little attempt to turn in at all.

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