Signes ‘will be F1’s fastest corner’

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In the round-up: Signes will be the fastest corner in Formula One when Paul Ricard joins the calendar in 2018 according to the circuit boss.

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Neil has coined a new phrase:

Not seeing a happy ending to the Vettel and Ferrari marriage. He must already be close to the Alonso Point*, another mediocre car in 2017 should just about tip him over the edge.

*The point at which a racing driver’s lack of faith in a team acts as a sufficiently strong repulsive force that he finds himself uncontrollably attracted to an even worse team.
Neil (@Neilosjames)

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55 comments on “Signes ‘will be F1’s fastest corner’”

  1. Is Signes the corner at the end of the long straight (the one broken by the chicane?). Do we know if they plan on using the actual fast sweeping corner, or the sharp apex variant? Would be a shame if it’s the latter, there are enough of those already.

    1. Yes, it is. If they use the original corner it probably will be flat in 8th; the sharp apex variant will probably be in 3rd or 4th.

    2. Read that bit again. How could the sharp variant be the quickest corner in F1?

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        22nd December 2016, 9:04

        Because it won’t be!
        I expect down force levels similar to or more than Spa; thus Eau Rouge will easily beat Signes.

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          22nd December 2016, 9:24

          Also with the chicane in place I don’t think they’ll be doing anything like the speeds they do into Blanchimont, 130R etc. Doesn’t look like a layout that lends itself to overtaking to me, too many fast sweeping corners. Even the chicane is angled awkwardly for overtaking.

          1. They’ll have DRS before it, so I think you’ll have cars running side-by-side before the chicane entry.

  2. COTD is epic, @neilosjames and yes I’m entirely agreee, Vettel will jump ship if 2017 Ferrari not a winning car.

    1. I agree. COTD is hilarious

    2. I get the feeling it’s more the other way around tbh. Ferrari will drop Vettel if he put’s in another year with as many mistakes as he did last year.

      1. Lol. /facepalm

      2. @jeffreyj and judging by that article’s summary, they have plenty of drivers of his calibre to fill his seat. One of them is quick on the simulator and everything. I’m disappointed that I’m not mentioned in that article though, I’m quick on the PS4 :-p

        1. @3dom Oh I’m sure Ferrari will not be short of candidates to replace the hysterical cry-baby caliber if he wants to leave. The caliber who, let’s not forget, got his bottom handed to him by Danny Ric, not to mention losing to KR in qualy this year. But yeah, Giovinazzi, a vice champion of GP2(as a rookie!) is also quick on the simulator. Big surprise! He would be an awesome left field choice indeed. Any other smart thing to say PS4 champ?

          1. Aww man @montreal95 I was having a laugh with my cheeky quip, now you’re gonna make me get all serious. I’m neither a Vettel fan or hater, I just think Ferrari’s way of doing things is wrong. They’ve developed a culture of threatening members of the team with the sack as soon as the chips are down. The team members, Vettel included, already know that F1 carries pressure. I just feel that a little more stability to allow proper teamwork to establish itself may yield better results. Stop threatening, start nurturing.

          2. @3dom Sorry, misunderstood then. Not everyone has the same sense of humor :)

            I agree about the blame culture at Ferrari. Trouble is, it was always thus. It was temorarily suspended in Schumacher era but that was more an exception than the norm. I’m not sure you can even call that era team Ferrari at all. I always call it Schumacherrari, seems more apt to me. And therein lies Vettel’s problem. He’s a great driver, sure, but he wants to be the new Schumacher, which he’ll never be. Firstly, because he’s not at the same level ability-wise and also not the same personality. But more importantly, he doesn’t have Brawn and Todt with him to “shield him from the storm”

            SV can either put up with it and try to make the best out of the situation or leave. But first he must understand his problem and that temper tantrums won’t help him solve it

      3. @jeffreyj Ferrari lost Vettel a certain win in Australia and they kept making mistakes in the following races. Not surprising he lost his lot cation towards the end. And even with his abysmal performances he managed to bring home more points than Raikkonen.

        If Vettel leaves Ferrari, it will be his choice, not Ferrari’s.

        1. *motivation

        2. @paeschli In that very race in Australia Vettel made a crucial mistake in the penultimate corner towards the end of the race.

          It wasn’t the only mistake he made. VET also made contact with Raikkonen in China hurting both their races (while trying to pin it on Kvyat who did nothing wrong at all), spun at the British GP (and generally had a poor race there), was the main culprit in the Belgium starting incident, had a great race in Singapore, it has to be said, but then layed a major turd in T1 at Malaysia and was subsequently warned by Ferrari at the Japanese GP with Arivabene saying that Vettel needs to earn his next contract (in reaction to a question about the willingness of Ferrari to re-sign VET). He then got penalized for ‘moving under braking’ in Mexico and should have been penalized imho for the profanity he shouted through the radio. In Brazil he pushed ALO wide only to complain hypocritically about being pushed wide after being passed by VES. He should have backed out when VES overtook him (like VES backed out a few corners earlier) when it was clear VES had the racingline (ie poor show of racecraft). Instead he was caught complaining ágain.

          Basically, VET has had 1 standout performance this year (Singapore) but overall he’s been inconsistant, mistake prone and a bit of a PR-nightmaire on the radio (hence Ferrari telling him to complain less next year).

          Saying publically that VET has to earn his next contract ánd publically telling him to stop his negative radio messages are two stern indications, imho, that Ferrari might be the one who wants to part ways with VET rather than (and regardless of) the other way around.

    3. My question is, where will he go? Mercedes is very unlikely and Red Bull is already “booked”. His best option would be a competitive McLaren if Fernando calls quit, but both fast McLaren in 2017 and Alonso retiring by the end of the year are not locks…

      I’m expecting Seb to tone-down and stick with Ferrari for, at least, 2 more seasons.

  3. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    22nd December 2016, 0:44

    If F1 doesn’t get better and more entertaining next year, I think I might reach the Alonso Point soon… maybe to start watching Destruction Derby or Nascar :(

    1. Suit yourself @omarr-pepper. I enjoyed the season quite a bit really. The bad starts meant we even saw the MErcedes having to do some work in the races at times, we saw Verstappens first victory (and some really good to watch racing from him too), we saw Daniel get back into form after that wake up call, we saw Kimi drive better than he had done for the last 3 years, and we had Abu Dhabi that was made worth watching by Hamilton doing what he could in the hope of robbing Rosberg of that title last race.

      1. Exactly, I think 2016 was the best season in years! So much happened, even the silly qualifying format at the first two races were (in hindsight) entertaining, because of all the controversy. Not to mention the Red Bull driver swap, the Mercedes clash, the ruined Ricciardo race, the great Silverstone overtake, first lap Spa, the eventul Mexico race and the very wet Brazalian one. I have sat at the edge of my chair more than once. Loved it!

        1. Really? I thought it was easily one of the most dull years in some time. 2012 was still my favourite in ‘recent years’. I know it was down to Pirelli, but I said it at the time – it was the same for everyone, and it was awesome to see ALL teams on the backfoot being puzzled.

          I thought this season was dull. Absolutely no competition at the front in recent years has dampened my interest. It made Red Bull’s dominance look like child’s play.

          Really hope next season is more competitive.

      2. The off season has been electric too. Can’t remember an early winter like this!

    2. I think sir has reached the ‘A dummy spitting out point’

  4. Signes is a corner made for Max. He will doninate through there and leave the others looking like kids.
    More stars are aligning. Daniel Lewis and Seb will cry through here

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      22nd December 2016, 9:41

      What a fantastic insight. Will Fernando cry through there as well? It wasn’t clear from your well versed post. Maybe with all the tears on the track it might not just be an unnoticeable kink they all take flat out.

    2. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      22nd December 2016, 9:55

      “Daniel Lewis and Seb will cry through here” �����😂�����

      Hilariously inaccurate, but also quite hilarious.

    3. John, by your response, it looks like you’ve not actually understood what is being said and have just jumped to automatically praising Verstappen.

      If, as Stephane Clair (the circuit manager for Paul Ricard) points out, Signes is likely to be a flat out corner for all drivers, why would Verstappen be dominant through a corner where the relative performance of the car or the driver won’t have a significant impact on apex speed?

  5. 2018 Driver Line Ups:


    Red Bull


    Van Dorne

    1. Interesting. Now a little more conservative





      1. So, your teams are:





      2. Wrong

        -Gaston Haryanto
        -Esteban Larini

        -Damon Clark
        -Niki Stallone

        All the other teams will cease to exist

    2. Hamilton to Ferrari makes commercial sense. Most marketable team and driver together. The company cars would suit Hamiltons lifestyle as well…not that he doesn’t have one already but hey everyone loves a freebie. As a Ferrari fan who has a growing appreciation of Hamilton that would be great.

  6. Excellent cotd : )

  7. Has anyone got an FIA press pass? If so, could you please Vettel during one of the televised press conferences next season if he’s at, or approaching, the Alonso Point? :D

    1. @neilosjames that has to be in dictionary as soon as possible, a bit like google did

    2. Its very good. well done. ~says through clenched teeth~

  8. Maybe the fastest right hander. I would think they aren’t going to get enough speed out of the chicane to match 130R.

    For that matter, I suspect Eau Rouge will be faster with more downforce than before — I can’t recall if they have been taking it flat with this current generation of car or not.

    1. Isn’t T1 in Russia the fasted corner?

    2. Eau rouge has been flat out in the dry but i suspect they save their peak hybrid power for places where it would matter.

      With more downforce Eau rouge would be taken slower.

      1. In the race only a few cars were flat trough eau rouge in 2016, and even those not often:

        1. not the best examples @juzh

          In the first laps it is normal not to do Eau Rouge flat-out, they carrying a lot of fuel on that stage of the race.
          Then in that video there are a lot of occasions where the on-board driver is right behind another, which mean they are loosing down-force, and in a turn like Eau Rouge that is very important, hence they have to lift. We also don’t know the condition of the tyres at any given moment, that might explain why some cars can do it, and other don’t

          I remember that some couldn’t due to the lack of down-force, particularly the Manors struggled quite a bit

          In the latter stages of the race there are plenty of drivers doing it flat when nobody is around.

          With that said, Eau Rouge will probably be flat next year, thanks to the increased amount of down-force, and therefore I expect it to be even quicker

      2. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
        22nd December 2016, 9:56

        @rethla “With more downforce Eau rouge would be taken slower.”


        1. @offdutyrockstar

          Yes it would and thats why everyone is running low downforce on that track.

          The aero will get more efficient next year just like every year but all high speed sectors will probably be slower than this year. The medium and slow sectors however will be alot faster but that aint eau rogue.

          1. @rethla Eau Rouge is done flat-out in F1 due to the amount of down-force the cars have, the more of it the better. If we increase down-force, as it will happen next year the high speed corners will become quicker.

            They run low down-force in Spa due to the big straights, not because of Eau Rouge. And the high speed sectors maybe slower, but if that happens is due to the increased drag in the straights

            Add to that the increased mechanical grip, and I am almost certain Eau Rouge will be faster in 2017.

          2. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
            22nd December 2016, 11:44

            Agree to disagree @rethla – you’re discounting the increased mechanical grip offered by the tyres and the stability that only Mercedes and Red Bull enjoyed this year through Eau Rouge, some cars were flat and some were not. Next year expect almost the entire field to be flat through there.

          3. Im not discounting anything but by all indications the cars will be faster in low to medium speed and slower in high speed sectors next year. Its fully possible that cars not being able to take eau rogue flat out this year will be able to next year but the fastest times seen through eau rouge this year wont be beaten i think.

            Theres nothing to agree or disagree on its just speculation ;)

          4. they can be faster trough Eau rouge, and slower in the overall sector, those care two different things

          5. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
            22nd December 2016, 14:47

            Yes! Lets wait and see. It’ll be interesting to see how some corners in general are taken next year in comparison to the last 7!

      3. I disagree, with more power and downforce (though even withe the drag from the wider tyres, they can produce downforce more efficiently with the lower/wider rear wing and significantly longer and taller diffuser, so I suspect top speeds to be similar) they will accelerate faster. The greater power will mean the tyre scrub effect through the corner (the main limiting factor in the dry) will have slightly less of an effect.

  9. Williams should dress Massa’s car with the martini livery, and Stroll’s Pepsi instead.

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      22nd December 2016, 8:57

      Blue WKD

      1. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
        22nd December 2016, 9:57

        Hahaha spot on.

  10. Ferrari management trying to pretend they’re not worried about how Sebastian will react if they give him a dog to drive next year.

    One thing we can guarantee – Seb won’t hold back if it’s not up to standard. Definitely will reach the Alonso point a lot quicker than the originator of said Alonso point.

    I think Alonso Point should be nominated for comment of the year :)

  11. Seb to Mercedes 2018 Bottas back to Williams.. Or potentially Ferrari grab Hamilton…

    As long as Hamilton is the best driver of this generation, it is only natural Ferrari try to bring him in.

    One can only imagine the astronomical SUM that would be though.

    There are also other drivers worth more for their buck like Riciardo.

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