Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charlie Whiting, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2016

Caption Competition 119: Press conference

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Press conferences: Every driver’s favourite pre-race activity. Last year’s media briefing in Brazil was particularly well-attended as race director Charlie Whiting was roped in to enjoy the fun as well.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 124 comments on “Caption Competition 119: Press conference”

    1. FlyingLobster27
      14th January 2017, 12:04

      Whiting and the drivers react to the Brazilian proverb, “the closer your hand is to your nose, the closer you are to retirement”.

      1. The honey badger finds out that the other drivers are not coming to his birthday party…

        1. sorry i must amend that, max is saying ‘i told you my penis was and invisisble and huge, look!’

      2. +1 to matching up to pic perfectly

    2. Following Charlie’s Statement that his stance on Track limits was fine there was a moment of silence. Some where bewildered. Hamilton suddenly seemed awfully interested in something else. Some where already out with resignation. “I have to get out of here” thought Rosberg.

      1. it does seem like this was the moment rosberg thought retirement was a good idea

    3. massa “yawn, so what we gonna do?” lewis ” i dunno, whatcha wanna do?”

    4. it was at this moment that vettell realised ricciardo had replaced himself with a wax dummy and had actually sneaked off twenty minutes earlier

      1. I actually laughed with this one

        1. This or the next one, very hard to decide :)

    5. As the drivers often chip in as stewards, Charlie agreed to replace Raikkonen on his driver press conference.

    6. Massa: God, can’t wait for my last conference to get over.
      Nico: *Calculating look* : I have other plans for you Felipe.

      1. Sorry, it’s Brazil, so it should be:

        Massa: God, can’t wait for my this to get over. Just one more after this.
        Nico: *Calculating look* : I have other plans for you Felipe.

    7. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      14th January 2017, 12:19

      Jos Verstappen enthralls the conference with a slideshow retrospective of his career.

      1. LovelyLovelyLuffield
        14th January 2017, 13:30


    8. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
      14th January 2017, 12:19

      Verstappen: I’m standing up for Felipe, I know Martini needed to see proof he was over 25 and I know what that feels like.

    9. We are on a local high school.Charlie is the principal,Lewis,Felipe & Nico are the presidents of the kids & Sebastian,Max,Daniel are about to get punished for something they did.The journalists are the teachers,who make a motion about a possible punishement for the 3 kids.Max shouts “i’m not here to get punished”,while Sebastian & Daniel arrange a ping pong match. :p

    10. VES: Why does he (ROS) get to fight for the championship?

      MAS: Chill out boy, No one can fight with Lewis. It took ROS 3 yrs to overcome Lewis.

      HAM: Nice Watch Charlie 😊

      Charlie: A selfie would be great 😀

      ROS: What should I talk? 😳

      RIC: Look into my Eyes, Emery

      VET: Give me that cap Dan!

      1. VES: Why does he (ROS) get to fight for the championship?


    11. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      14th January 2017, 12:38

      Massa just wishes someone would look at him the same way Vettel looks at Ricciardo.

    12. “You gentlemen have been saying some quite appalling things to Charlie in the last few races, he’s been quite upset actually. Now, I think you’ve all got something you’d like to say to him, haven’t you.”

    13. RIC: Wha- a pokemon!
      VET: You saw that only NOW?
      VES: Where’s my phone?
      WHI: It does not breach the Sporting Code, so…
      HAM: I’ll give it big whiskers and a purple tail.
      MAS: Grrrr zzzz grrr zzzz…
      ROS: Felipe is asleep? I’ll poke ‘m on!

    14. Did Charlie *really* just say that?!?

    15. Instead of using social media to attract younger fans, F1’s rendition of Sesamestreet’s ”One of these things” doesn’t sit well with the drivers.

    16. Max VES: “….again I tried to shake Rosbergs hand, but again he just turned and walked away.”

    17. *Charlie farts*
      Charlie (to himself): Kimi face on now, come on.
      Daniel (to himself): Were the hell are my nostrils?
      Seb: You, Daniel? Be honest.
      Max: It was Nico.
      Nico: One accusation at a time.
      Felipe (to himself): 2008…
      Lewis (to himself): Good thing my phone doesn’t have an olfactory sensor.

    18. Pauline Lowrey
      14th January 2017, 13:40

      Riciardo: I will keep my eyes open, I will keep my eyes open…..
      Vettel: When is this kid gonna stop trying to teach his granny how to suck eggs?
      Verstappen: Well, as I have already ssid many times before…..
      Charlie: Oh no, not again…..
      Hamilton: I wonder how many favorites I now have on twiter
      Massa: Oh please…..I’ve been to some boring press conferences in my time but this one takes the biscuit
      Rosberg: Hmmmm……I wonder……..

    19. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      14th January 2017, 14:04

      Massa: “I should have brought my Dad’s kindle.”

    20. Seb had questions of his own about Daniel’s bravery, and set out to find the answer.

    21. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      14th January 2017, 14:30

      Felipe had had his reservations about the new media strategy, and ‘Charlie Whiting’s Blankety Blank’ was the final straw

    22. DC’s just walked in wearing a mankini.

    23. Question from the floor: “Has Ricciardo told you all he suffers from severe athlete’s foot?”

    24. Max: “….And that’s why i will be world champion next year and single handedly give RB the titel as well.”

    25. Charlie’s Angels: The Parody

    26. Max Verstappen: ”Honestly, I explained it to Charlie over and over again but he’s just to old to understand modern racing”.

    27. Derek Edwards
      14th January 2017, 14:55

      Giving Charlie the power to apply penalty points to drivers using Snapchat during press conferences did not work as expected.

    28. Asked about the Mexican GP incidents, Verstappen instantly responds: “He started it. They started it!”

    29. Max angrily requests an invisible armchair for all the drivers, not just the reigning world champion.

    30. “Are you all satisfied with your 2017 decisions?”

    31. Kimi’s first acting as an FIA’s press officer

    32. ColdFly F1 (@)
      14th January 2017, 15:18

      Drivers visibly excited to support Max’s cost saving suggestion flying economy class.

    33. The mannequin challenge craze begins accidentally in the pre race press conference.

    34. Not everyone was happy promoting the new F1 sponsor hand watches.

    35. Meanwhile, at the world premier of “They Did Their Best”…

    36. Mercedes announce Charlie Whiting as Lewis Hamilton’s teammate for next season.

    37. The drivers’ reaction after Charlie gave explained the latest changes to the rules

      1. Correction:

        The drivers’ reaction after Charlie explained the latest changes to the rules

    38. The audience after the premiere of the Official Review of 2016 F1 season ‘They did their best’

    39. Max Verstappen points to Nico when asked who he thinks would retire from the 2016 Abu Dhabi GP

    40. Verstappen asks why Hamilton’s mechanic is part of the press conference.

    41. Charlie: “bwoah”.
      Lewis: “bwoah”.
      Felipe: “bwoah”.
      Nico: “bwoah”.
      Max: “bwoah”.
      Seb: “bwoah”.
      Danny: “BWOAH?!?!”.

    42. Reactions to Bernie’s new proposals to spice up Formula One by randomly adding Red-EX to a random driver’s fuel load drew a somewhat mixed reception …

    43. “There’s only one way we’re gonna make it across to the Winchester, guys…”

    44. Nico: Hey Felipe, my accountant says the Mercedes pension is the best on the grid…

    45. Vettel thinking….. I want my car back bitch

    46. Verstappen: “I’m not like them, rich and useless..yet”

    47. Verstappen: “That was a stupid question, that’s like asking Nico if he’s gonna quit soon..”

    48. Vettel thinks: Just my luck! I’m the only driver here who’s watch can’t be seen.

    49. A well timed snapshot captures all the micro-expressions when you say the words “World Champion” in Brazil.

    50. Max: I didn’t really gain an advantage by going over the grass … OW! … Someone just kicked me under the table. Anyway, if you listen to the RT transmission you can hear me offer to relinquish to Vettel … OW! Who’s that kicking me under the table. Then I had an air bubble in the fuel line, which made the car go slower than … OW! OW! … What is wrong with this place? Someone keeps kicking me.

    51. Whiting used splash…
      But nothing happened.

    52. Massa: Psst … Nico … If you win the Championship Lewis is going to be so mad. He will drive like no one has ever driven before.
      Rosberg: He he, that would be fun to watch … I mean, yes, I know.

    53. To show the drivers whos Boss, Charlie reads ALL the Rules, and forces Max to translate it into Dutch. Picture is from the fifth hour.

    54. Massa: “I feel like a senior citizen, stuck in a kindergarten class”

    55. Hamilton farts (silent but violent)
      Vettel smells the roses, says: who did that?
      Verstappen: It was Rosberg, I heard it
      Massa, Discreetly to Hamilton: I know what you did. Get me a drive for next season or I let everyone know.

    56. Vettel thinking: These reporters are asking me really lame questions … it’s like Charlie has warned them not to ask me difficult questions … Maybe I said something that offended him. What could I have said that offended Charlie? Maybe I’d said something to the Italian or German media and Google Translator bungled the conversion into English.

    57. Hamilton: “aaaaand bunny filter on Charlie!”

    58. Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy and Bashful ask for help as the evil Queen Bernice had escaped from the sanitorium again

      1. Good one :)

    59. Ricciardo: Here, Sebastian, are the guys at Ferrari still mad about the last race? I mean, they know it’s just racing … don’t they?

    60. “This is the reason I really love F1. So I can explain my weaving under breaking at these enthralling press conferences.”

    61. Hey Dan, can you please tell Charlie to go forth and multiply?

    62. Verstappen: “… and that’s why I’m arguing they should run the Driver of the Day poll on Saturday, Friday and Thursday too.”

    63. The jury is still out, but Verstappen is adamant that Lewis is the one who made the smell.

    64. Question to those in the front row: “Some claim F1 has become boring. What do you say to that?”

    65. MV “you’re all too old, you should retire and let younger and faster drivers save F1”.

    66. Lewis: “I’d prefer watching the wheel of fortune.”
      Felipe: “Oh my God what a torture…”
      Seb: “Don’t get too excited mate, you couldn’t get past Fernando for 6th.”
      Nico (speaking to himself while remembering the previous race in México): “I shouldn’t have let him go in lap 1 that time…”
      Charlie: “Bwoah!”

      Max: “Still I don’t see why do we have to watch the replay of the 2014 Russian Grand Prix right now!”

    67. From the floor: And what will you be doing this time next year Felippe?
      From the floor: Filippe…?

      From the floor: Filippe…?

      From the floor: Filippe…?

    68. “Are we there yet?”

    69. New that Jolyon Palmer has retained his seat for 2017 emerges..

    70. Despite his previous sentiments, Vettel now wished that *he* could ” off” from this press conference.

    71. Despite his previous sentiments, Vettel now wished that *he* could ”(censored by FOM) off” from this press conference.

    72. Seb: I know Kimi is the oldest driver on the grid, but he’s really starting to look his age these days…

    73. As proceedings became sufficiently boring, Lewis and Seb simultaneously execute their dare to touch their neighbors leg…

    74. After he himself joined the press conference of drivers whiting declares it as Boring than his job of race direction.

    75. “So, do you guys ever miss your old teams? “

    76. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      15th January 2017, 8:43

      Catching all the action on the monitor, Nico can’t help feeling some pride in German humour as Daniel becomes the latest victim of Seb’s knockwurst-down-the-back-of-the-pants gag.

    77. To a man, the drivers express the thrill and excitement of modern Formula One.

    78. Max: These drivers are so old and drive so slow that I have to take alternate racing lines to avoid hitting them.

    79. As the youngest driver on the grid, Max has yet to learn that the best way to dodge questions is to avoid eye contact with the reporters.

    80. Lewis – “Wow, no wonder Charlie is known as the big man around here.”

    81. Daniel. “Why is Vettel looking at me like that? Is he after my drive?”
      Seb. “I’m not listening to this Dutch child any more”
      Max. “I didn’t do anything wrong. Sure, we shook hands afterwards. But it was a bit limp-wristed”
      Nico. “I’ve had enough of all this”
      Felipe. “I was World Champion here once for almost ten seconds”
      Charlie. “I’ve never held a microphone before. Is this how it’s done Lewis?”
      Lewis. “No Charlie. Unless you is hoping to become a rapper.”

    82. Alright who farted

    83. 35 minutes later, Charlie regretted challenging anyone to recite the 2017 Sporting Regulations.

    84. While the front row ignores Max’s exuberance of youth, Seb observes Danial’s reaction as Max explains how he’ll blow his teammate away if it rains.

    85. Massa: “I really wish I could lean back”

    86. 3 Toro Rosso alumni, 2 GP2 alumni, and 1 Schumacher Alumni.

    87. Everybody found a different reason not to shake Verstappen’s outstretched hand.

    88. Max says what the others don’t dare: that he doesn’t approve of Whiting replacing Rosberg at Mercedes.

    89. Champions and race winners contemplate their prospects in face of the arrival of a certain young driver

    90. Everybody was fascinated by Verstappen’s descriptions of the 33 different handshake styles which inspired his race number.

    91. Ricciardo just realizes that it wasn’t a dry but a wet fart and Vettel smells it…

    92. This year’s media briefing at the Grand Prix of Brazil caused a bit of a stir. As Daniel Ricciardo’s appalled reaction and Sebastian Vettel’s anticipation of his subsequent outburst may have given away, the topic of discussion was Charlie Whiting’s suggestion of a possible ban of shoey’s as a podium celebration. Max Verstappen is trying to plead his case against it by stating that if you don’t go for a gap, you’re no longer a racing driver, even if the gap is that a champagne-filled PUMA racing shoe. Mercedes AMG-drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, frequent victims of the controversial celebration, seemed to sunk deeply into their own thoughts after the suggestion that the shoey is unhygienic and disgusting and remained mostly silent for most of the briefing.

      Williams’ Felipe Massa was also invited to offer his veteran point-of-view, but seemed rather bored with the subject, seeing how he will never reach a podium that will allow him to possibly encounter the shoey anyway.

    93. Lewis sighs mournfully at the loss of his phone.

    94. Verstappen: “I’ve asked Charlie to join us here today to persuade these old men to stop complaining about my driving style and just let me through.”

    95. Charlie Whiting hosts the grand finale of “The Biggest Complainer 2016”

    96. All but the Red Bull drivers managed their poker face at Charlie’s “explanation” of the Turn 1 decisions at Mexico.

    97. Charlie drops the bomb shell “2018 cars will be driver-less due to safety concerns”

    98. Reporter: Give us one facial expression that represent 2016 season

    99. Serial killer Vettel eyes his next victim.

    100. Danny Ric finally gets a chance to practice his mannequin challenge pose

      1. Vettel is not ammused ” I mean honestly what are we doing here, interviews or poses”

    101. Epiphany: The exact moment Nico realizes that if retires he will never again have to listen to Max explain his own personal definition of “track limits”.

    102. They look like the rich kids and the jocks in class having to listen to the nerd answer a math problem.

    103. “Anyone hungry?”, asks Max Verstappen.

    104. “And then Ricciardo blocked me” , explained Max

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