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Nico Rosberg certainly left an impression on Formula One when he sensationally departed the stage within days of winning the world championship.

But how much of an impression did he make on you? This brand new F1 Fanatic quiz will see how much you remember about the ten-year career of F1’s newest world champion.

Following requests from many readers the quizzes have been tweaked so you can now see the answers after taking them (for multiple choice questions the correct option number will be shown). This applies to all the previous quizzes including the new Rosberg one.

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As always do boast about your score in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers or you’ll be reported to the stewards.

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  1. 20 out of 20 :)

    1. 21 out of 20. Beat that.

  2. 17/20, I did surprisingly well.

  3. I didn’t think I’d ever be disappointed with 19 out of 20, but here I am.

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