Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Shanghai, 2016

Caption Competition 120: Bottas and Hamilton

Caption Competition

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Here’s new Mercedes team mates Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas spending some quality time together ahead of the start of last year’s Chinese Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 88 comments on “Caption Competition 120: Bottas and Hamilton”

    1. Bottas: “I may win this championship as my eyes may actually look where I’m going rather than being glued to my phone the whole time”

    2. LH: this rabbit filter is hilarious
      VB: let me pose now before Lewis puts me on his snapchat

    3. Introducing Hollywood’s newest cop-buddy movie: he’s the cool, successful, hair-trigger guy on the town. But one day, his world will forever change, when he is partnered with Val, the vanilla milkshake, rules-first cop from the cold North. How will these two work together? Find out in: Overtake.

      Rated PG13

      1. Winner!

      2. +1 This is hilarious, and I would watch it for double the price!

      3. This has brightened up my Sunday for sure. Good job!

      4. After reading this, I just laughed. Imagine reading it in proper Hollywood intro voice.

    4. Lewis: “I’m just practicing next year’s view, Bottas does look good in the mirror.”

    5. Valtteri: “What are you taking a picture of? There’s nothing in front of you.”
      Lewis: “Precisely what you won’t be seeing.”

    6. Bottas : “A bunny with sunglasses, that’s something I’ve never seen before.”

    7. hamilton still looking at the standings from last year

    8. Bottas: That is very interesting. Looking at Serena advance once again.

      Lewis thinking: YOU GO GIRL!!!

    9. *Lewis holding Bottas’ phone*
      Bottas: When I asked for tips, I didn’t mean teaching me how to use Snapchat…

    10. Bottas trying out his Putin look for Lewis’ Snapchat app.

    11. Bottas’ thoughts-

      “…wonder how many Snapchat-induced breakdowns I’ll spark in him next season…”

    12. “Look Valterie, we’re the Caption Competition on F1 Fanatic this week”

      1. LovelyLovelyLuffield
        21st January 2017, 12:42

        Nnngh! So meta!

    13. “I’ll Jailbreak you next year.”

    14. Hamilton’s searches google: How to find a replacement for my blonde girlfriend.
      Google: Look back.

    15. LovelyLovelyLuffield
      21st January 2017, 12:46

      Pictured: a hardcore PC gamer (L), and a casual mobile player (R).

    16. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      21st January 2017, 12:48

      At the race following Bahrain, Hamilton shows Bottas how to correctly swipe left.

    17. VB: “So… this is just… every day for you?”
      LH: “Pretty much, except I’m normally doing a lot better at Kwazy Cupcakes than this…”

    18. “Circles? I don’t see no stinkin’ circles!”

    19. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      21st January 2017, 13:00

      “Hey you’re not following me on Twitter man, I thought we were friends.”

    20. After taking a sneak peek on Lewis’s girlfriends pics, Valteri can’t help but putting his hand on his pocket ;)

    21. Valterri…

      Even on foot and playing a video game at the same time, he’s faster than me! What does it take to beat this guy?

    22. Wonder what Bottas has just seen on Lewis’ phone – its clearly very exciting!!

    23. “Maybe if I keep playing on my phone Valteri won’t suspect me of putting the itching powder in his jeans …”

    24. Bottas finally understands what Rosberg meant when he warned that the media like to make a big deal of Hamilton using twitter.

    25. You know Hamilton, there’s more to life than driving in circles,…

    26. BOT: Did I just read on HAM’s phone that Rosberg is not going to be there next season. Better call Toto now!

    27. Just leave him alone, he knows what he’s doing.

    28. Lewis has the check the date on his phone to see if it’s not 2011 after he feels Massa hit him from behind again.

    29. Here’s some Mercedes telemetry to prove I’m right Valtteri, it’s not like I haven’t tweeted stuff like this out before, or like we’ll be teammates or anything.

    30. This was the very last time that Bottas was able to pass Hamilton without him noticing.

      1. Ham: It’s time for a selfie. How do I look? It’s all about me Hekki, uh uh I mean Val.

    31. Nokia will rise again…

    32. When you need photographic evidence to show just how tiny Bottas really is..

    33. That’s it Valteri ! Perfect, exactly one pace behind.

    34. Why don’t you come on over, Valtteri ?

    35. “Valtteri, let’s try not to collide like we did at the start of the last race. Normally it’s only my team-mate that crashes into me”

    36. How about the hat, Lewis? At least let me wear the team hat!

    37. Give me a second to find the Mercedes filter on snapchat…

    38. “Hmmm…it says on Wiki that Bottas lives in Monaco also. Maybe we can car-pool.”

    39. Although it was there in black and white, very few people wanted to accept that Lewis was in fact ahead of Bottas

      1. Very good !

    40. Bottas thinks to himself – so that’s what its like to do a hammy in F1

    41. Toto gifted me this mobile, Its too slow.
      Show me yours.

    42. Ham: Enough about me, let’s talk about you Hekki, I mean Val. What do you think about me so far? Time for a selfie.

    43. “This new mirror app is cool. Look Valtteri, I can already see you in my mirror!”

    44. “I don’t know Valtteri, Donald Trump just tweeted that you joining Mercedes is a total lie fabricated by the media. I believe him.”

    45. Bottas hidden behind the cameras.

    46. Yep, definitely closer to me than Nico. But make sure you maintain that gap Valtteri for sake of the Constructor’s championship.

    47. *Snapchat error* Sorry Lewis, even we cannot make Bottas look funny.

    48. Lewis was happy to see that his assumption on how much later he brakes in the corners was borne right even in strolling terms.

    49. Hamilton reads text from Toto that Mercedes have selected Bottas to partner him in 2017.

    50. Lewis is shocked to identify in the reflection of his phone the person who had caused clutch issues in his Mercedes

    51. “Just wondering why you’re so slow? Currently unsafe to Bottas.”
      “I suggest you guys let us walk.”

    52. “#blessed with W08”
      Message didn’t delivered yet

    53. “Siri, message Valteri and tell him I can’t talk right now.”

    54. Ham: Call me when you win a race.

    55. HAM: I like my BB better…
      BOT: By how much?

    56. Hamilton gets news of Rosbergs new foray into the WEF series while wondering what the track at Davos is like.

    57. Hamilton does some research about Finns on his phone and is alarmed to discover they are immune to psychological warfare.

    58. Evil Homer (@)
      22nd January 2017, 12:49

      Is that A PINK PHONE?? Beating Lewis will be easier than I thought!!

    59. Hamilton having a look at his mirrors since Bottas announcement.

    60. Hamilton as facetiming with Toto wolff

      Hamilton: Hey Toto, how’s Dorothy?
      Wolff: still not funny Lewis. I’m calling to say we found a replacement for nico. Valterie Bottas will drive the other car next season.
      Hamilton: epic I always wanted to drive alongside a rookie.
      Wolff: He’s younger than you, but I wouldn’t call him a rookie.
      Hamilton: oh, so he has had a lot of simulator time?
      Wolff: that and the three seasons at Williams…..
      Hamilton: really? Those guys are still racing? Wow, I never noticed! You’ll have to point him out to me.
      Wolff: (in true panto fashion)….. HE’S BEHIND YOU!!!

    61. I hope this one knows how to turn at the corners!

    62. The video call between the new Mercedes team-mates didn’t go quite at Lewis had expected.

    63. Apple Apple in my hand,
      who is fastest in this land?

      1. You are if you say on track
        But stray and you’ll fall to the pack
        Lead by one behind your back

    64. Ham: “My crystal ball app says:” A new man will come into your life. “Weird, I wonder who that would be?”

    65. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      22nd January 2017, 15:33

      Lewis Hamilton with a reliable Finnish. The only time Lewis would hear that over the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

    66. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      22nd January 2017, 15:44

      Lewis phones Toto: “Hey I just want a reliable finish man!!”
      Toto: “Okay no problem Lewis, we have one in mind.”

    67. Young Vladteri Putin tries his hand at Mercedes team.

    68. Still reeling from the penalty points in Bahrain, Bottas takes a cautious approach as he attempts to pass a distracted Hamilton.

    69. HAM: That’s funny, I cannot give myself bunny ears?
      BOT: Don’t look round, someone is already lending a hand.

    70. Willem Cecchi (@)
      22nd January 2017, 21:19

      Nico unfriended me! That’t not cool, Valterri. That’s unbelievable. I can’t believe he unfriended me.

    71. Valteri will now have to practice in the smiling simulator.

    72. OK you’re in +1 for the fashion show.
      Wear something nice and for god’s sake smile.

    73. Hamilton – “Hang on.. just sending out the tweet now.. #blessedteammate #titlewrappedup #thankstoto”

    74. LH Tweet:
      “WDC in a @mercedesAMGF1: 2-0 @nico_rosberg! I am going to FINNISH you this year!”
      “Typo funny way to FINNISH what you have started, @nico_rosberg”

    75. Pauline Lowrey
      23rd January 2017, 8:33

      The best thing about a mobile phone is that it can be used as a mirror……

    76. Serena wants to know if any Finns really drink Martini…

    77. LH receiving a peculiar text message: “Be wary of those that are CLOSEST to you! XoXo Gossip Squirrel”

    78. It says “OK Lewis, remember to drink.”

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