Daniel Ricciardo, David Coulthard, Red Bull, 2017

Caption Competition 122: Ricciardo’s latest shoey

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He’s been at it again. The new season hasn’t even started yet and Daniel Ricciardo’s done his first ‘Shoey’ of the year.

This time he was joined by four other members of Red Bull’s newest sponsor, but David Coulthard was reluctant to sample a Shoey for himself.

Can you come up with the funniest caption for this picture? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 98 comments on “Caption Competition 122: Ricciardo’s latest shoey”

    1. Dark Schneider
      4th February 2017, 11:54

      David Coulthard :
      “Blueearrrrghhhh …”

      1. David Coulthard : Wait this is the clean one!!

    2. David Coulthard : Errr no thanks

    3. David was wary of ‘Schuey’ having been beaten to 7 WDC’s by him.

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        4th February 2017, 15:29

        Good one

    4. For the first time in his life, the man on the left is unhappy he has large feet.

    5. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      4th February 2017, 12:21

      “Must it be Fosters?”

      1. Love it!

        1. Evil Homer (@)
          5th February 2017, 12:45


          Hey Nick- its actually a flawed assumption – very few Aussies drink Fosters, the only time I ever did was in London LOL
          Many did, but it was on the 80’s.

    6. Looking to replace their aluminium cans with shoes, Red Bull’s latest focus group yielded a 5 out of 6 approval rating.

      1. Bravo!!

    7. Shoey, we’re home!

    8. We wear kilts, that’s enough of a weird habit in itself.

    9. David could not participate as he had already put a foot in mouth commenting on the color of the shoe.

    10. DC: I would drink, but my chin is so massive I’d spill it.


    12. DC: Oh gee look at that…not my size…oh well.

    13. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      4th February 2017, 12:53

      Coulthard sings Diamonds on the soles of their shoes as red bull receive their first payment from liberty

    14. The unveiling of Red Bull’s latest alternative to the Halo caused quite a stink

    15. As the Red Bull contingent is happy to treat Renault-colored shoes with disdain and drink champagne off it, DC prefers to treat his last engine manufacturer with more respect.

    16. After twelve years, David Coulthard finally wins a race in Red Bull colours.

    17. Coulthard reacts to his latest ‘Schuey’ moment.

    18. Coulthard, always the ‘thinking’ driver, fully aware of the corporate requirements of a driver/pundit struggles with the concept of a shoey…

      ‘Don’t want to make a prat of myself here so is that really Aussie speak for a retread, a resole, a ret(y)re or do I just get these crap trainers free for a year?’

      Mission accomplished..

    19. During a Red Bull fan event, team members try to sniff out which shoe was worn by Helmut Marko while participating in a charity shuffleboard match.

    20. Nothing can ruin fun activities as much as corporate events.

    21. As per his new year tradition, Coulthard was waiting for Hakkinen to finish first.

    22. DC: Sorry guys, I’m sure I put the keys to the RB13 in one of those shoes….right down at the toe….

    23. Coulthard contemplates the effects of athletes foot on the digestive tract.

    24. Red Bull: Gives you wings, indigestion and ringworm.

    25. “Please no, I just got rid of my athlete’s foot!”

    26. Drink till you puke.

    27. “Here at Red Bull, each and every member of the team is constantly working to help Renault find the extra horsepower we need.”

    28. What a shoe-tgun!

    29. Never had four sizes too large shoes been a good thing. Until just then.

    30. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      4th February 2017, 15:37

      DC: You guys are disgusting……….. how could anyone possibly drink Red Bull!!!

    31. Commentator: And the winner of the Guess The Shoe Size competition is David Coultard.

    32. DC: Thank god no one is wearing thigh high fishing boots.

    33. David Coultard conducting a class on the importance of checking your shoes for fleas and bed lice while preparing for a race.

      1. Apologies to David Coulthard for spelling his name incorrectly.

    34. It’s like gun roullette but instead of a bullet someone has athletes foot …

    35. First stage of the F1 budget cap, the yard of ale drinking competition, reduced to the foot of ale…

    36. Once again Coulthard finds himself defeated by a Schuey.

    37. Coulthard realises being shamed is not as crippling as one would think

    38. Hope it is off season, coz F1Fanatic searching for some spice to keep their fans fanatic about F1…

    39. 6 dudes no cup

    40. “I know this is ‘coult’ but I find it very ‘hard’ to perform.”

    41. DC ” I think someone as Trump-ed in mine “

    42. DC: oh darn it some one put shampage in my shoes.

      1. Correction:
        DC: oh darn it someone put champagne in my shoes.

    43. While his mates inside enjoyed another shoey and the bouncers continued to shake their heads, David once again regretted wearing white trainers on the team night out.

    44. DC watches the shoe & thinks “Thank god i’m having the microphone😂😱”

    45. Ref Bull are still short after recovering some of their stolen cups.

    46. DC: “In my day we put shoes on our feet”

    47. DC “Daniel, are those the shoes I saw you wearing yesterday?”

    48. David Coulthard takes the role of the lead vocal as The Red Bull Rock Band with their new instruments are preparing to open for Eddie Jordans’ V10 this night.

    49. Drinking or driving ?
      Formula one reach a new low of attractiveness.

    50. David Coulthard: “I think my shoe has a piece of cheddar in it instead of champagne.”

    51. DC: “Not always appealing – but that’s shoe business.”

    52. DC: “Someone has to be the sole rebel – I select me!”

    53. Liberty Media said less rules. They thought that also included the rules of civility and decent behaviour.

    54. DC: “Sorry. I feel like a heel, but we’ve ran out of champagne – and disinfectant.”

    55. DC: No thanks, I have athlete’s foot.

    56. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      4th February 2017, 23:36

      Never have I ever…..been faster than a team mate…

    57. This is what happens when nobody does the washing up for a week.

    58. serious sole searching at yet another f1 corporate event

    59. “For a team that’s won a lot of cups, you’d think they have a few champagne glasses too.”

    60. Hell no, I’m keeping my foot down on this one!

    61. Coulthard avoids drinking and driving to make sure not to miss making Shuey fly off in Spa 98 :)

    62. Upon realising that the shoes were of Eddie Jordon and not Air Jordon, DC decided to skip it!

    63. With the fear of getting the shoe stuck under his square jaw, DC decided to stay away from it!

    64. Waiter there’s a fly in my shoe.

    65. Meanwhile out in Straya…

    66. Red Bull Driver Training 101 – Podium Conduct.

    67. At last the credible explanation of F1’s falling popularity.

    68. “No David, we can’t find it either. The sole of formula one is gone.”

    69. That moment when you realise that all of your mates have been to a Grand Prix before and you haven’t…..

    70. Red Bull: Gives you wingtips

    71. Evil Homer (@)
      5th February 2017, 12:48

      Newey- “Screw this low salary and bonus deal, just pay this guy his money so we never have to do that again”

    72. Cocktail recipe – Red Bull mixed with shoe deodorizer = V6 turbo-lax. Serve in a sweaty shoe for fast and effective relief.

    73. COULTHARD : “Red Bull and cheese? No thank you !”

    74. “The F1 penalty system is getting ridiculous”, Coulthard said after getting a 5 second time penalty for refusing to drink foot juice.

    75. Willem Cecchi (@)
      5th February 2017, 14:54

      DC just about keeping his FOMO in check.

    76. All of us: This is not funny anymore

    77. Idiots, the lot of them, sans one.

    78. Red Bull showcase extreme shoe drinking as a consideration for the next X-games.

    79. DC: That’s not Single Malt!

    80. EXCLUSIVE: Shoe slams “shoey” initiative – interview with DC on page 7

    81. Coulthard: Wasn’t this one for Max? Looks like someone hass
      added Syrup of Figs!

    82. DC:Time to terminate my RB contract

    83. Puma’s novelty phone cases were proving to be a step too far.

    84. “DC was pretty sure that someone had laced his drink…”

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