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Can it really be ten years since the turbulent 2007 season began? Lewis Hamilton vs Fernando Alonso, Spygate and that stunning title conclusion still seem fresh in the mind.

That remarkable championship is the latest subject of our F1 Fanatic Quizzes. And it also means we now have one for each of the last ten seasons of grand prix racing.

Tackle the newest quiz below and refresh your memory on the nine seasons which have past since then. Can anyone get a perfect 200 out of 200?

Due to popular demand from F1 Fanatic readers you can now see check the correct answers after taking the quiz (for multiple choice questions the correct option number will be shown).

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As always do boast about your scores in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers or face a $100 million fine.

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9 comments on “Test your knowledge on ten years of F1 with this new quiz”

  1. That picture can have so many captions.

    Fernando: You know, this new phone, it can play music and take pictures.
    Lewis: Give me 10 years, I will be doing the same

  2. Lewis: I am going to beat you as a rookie and go onto greater heights.

  3. “This is me, team leader with my new rookie team mate. On my way to victory!”
    “Not so sure, Fred. Not so sure.”

  4. Got everything apart from question 13 right.

  5. 12/20, very impressive considering I did not follow F1 so much anymore in 2007 after Schumi retired.

  6. 4/20! I’m the opposite to @banana88x above, I started watching again after Schumi quit, but I think the memories must have long mouldered over!

  7. What a great pic for a caption competition. Who would have guessed that Lewis learnt the selfie from Fernando!

  8. Keith the answers page tells you the number of the answer but not the text. Looks like the SQL is bringing back the wrong column. Weirdly it only happens for the first six questions.

    1. @danielh See the note about that in the article.

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