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The first pictures of the new Mercedes W08 for 2017 have been revealed.

The new Mercedes has run for the first time today at Silverstone ahead of its formal launch later today.

Mercedes W08
“It felt incredible,” said Lewis Hamilton after driving the car for the first time. “Yesterday was the first time seeing the car come together, it’s the most detailed piece of machinery I’ve seen so far in Formula One.”

“The car feels almost identical to last year’s car in terms of the ergonomics,” said Hamilton after his shakedown run. “But you’ve just got this bigger, more powerful beast around you.”

Hamilton’s new team mate Valtteri Bottas will drive the car for the first time later today.

“What I really like is how clean it looks but at the same time there’s a massive amount of detail in all of the areas,” said Bottas. “The rear end, around the bargeboards, the front wing, all these details, all the development that has been done, how far everything has been taken with this car.”

“It looks cool and I can’t wait to drive it.”

The car’s livery is slightly changed from last year as it incorporates Mercedes’ new EQ branding. “It’s a new brand from Mercedes-Benz which is going to be implemented in all plug-in hybrid cars on the road,” explained executive director Toto Wolff. “It stands for electric intelligence.”

Mercedes head into the 2017 season looking to extend their run of three consecutive constructors and drivers championship titles. However over the winter they have had to come to terms with the loss of reigning world champion Nico Rosberg and top technical chief Paddy Lowe.

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    168 comments on “Pictures: World champions Mercedes reveal new 2017 car”

    1. Gorgeous looking car!! They are going to test the shark fin later today btw

      1. ohh okay so that is still an option then. We will see what that does to the cars looks

      2. “They are going to photoshoot the shark fin later today”

      3. Gorgeous? It’s the same look as last year’s. IMO looks like the driver is sat right at the front of the car, like the mid 80’s turbo’s, short noses long sidepods and rear ends.

    2. Well they managed to skip the shark fin. Liking this one

    3. Best looking car so far!

      1. by a mile @mashiat

        I’m not even talking about the livery, it is a clever refresh to what they had, and what they will always have. It is a masterpiece, I would pay just to look at it, this is the F1 I love, it is piece of art.

        It actually looks like a shark:

        The detail on the sidepods are just amazing, so beautifully sculpted
        The engine cover with the “short fin” looks great and everything feels fluid
        The nose is simple, we needed that simplicity especially after what force india showed us yesterday

        It looks and feels like a contender. This one put me very excited, lets see what RBR and Ferrari come up with.

    4. Odd that they haven’t gone for a sharkfin. Looks better though!

      1. Okay, it appears that they will test it later on.

    5. Looks awesome, but can’t help but feel the diffuser or at least the middle part of it is sticking out as if it has waited a little too long to go to he toilet, if you know what I mean. ;-)

      1. Its touching carbon

    6. I think the livery is just awful, something about those weird turquoise stripes reminds me of the Honda ‘world’ livery, just didn’t work and neither does this.
      Question for those who understand F1 regs a bit: Why are Mercedes able to produce a normal nose whilst others need to put on that thumb thingy? I don’t particularly mind it on most cars (Renault’s is quite pronounced, FI’s is horrid), but I am curious why some teams can do without?

      1. I assume the likes of Merc and Redbull see there is no significant benefit to be had it chasing weird nose designs. The other teams probably don’t have the resources to confirm their odd noses actually add anything, but persist with them out of hope more than anything :)

        1. It’s more that only a select few teams have enough money free to throw it at development of that @sama. Mercedes off course does have the advantage that they are building on what they already have too. The likes of Williams, FI, Sauber and probably McLaren don’t have the money to ditch into it.

          And Ferrari probably found it is not an italian Idea so they will lament their choice internally by now, externally by maybe the 2-3rd races.

          1. But why is it so expensive to make a (arguably) simpler nose?

            1. Because if you look at it, it is actually not just clean, it is also quite short @hahostolze; getting the thumb as short as possible already takes effort in layup technique to get it strong enough to withstand the tested for strenght in a crash-test; but behind that, those teams have a wider area to give extra strength to withstand a crash with the maximal deformation that is allowed. This nose does not have that wider part, making it even harder to do. And harder to do means: more tries to get it right, meaning money to do that.

            2. The cost are not in the fabrication of the nose. First working in ideas followed by simulating then testing, testing, testing…..and back to the drawing board and start over again….that is a very costly business.

            3. It’s in the development of the aerodynamics. Teams have obviously found a benefit in the thumb nose and are saving costs by keeping it. Mercedes and Red Bull (and Ferrari?) have probably developed a more effective alternative, but at a greater financial cost

            4. It is hard to get all of it working AND not being too heavy AND passing the crashtests with this. It looks simpler, but the opposite is true. The stump is a far simpler solution, because it is slightly longer – giving MORE room for material to stop an impact. Mercedes’ solution is more elegant, but it seems none of the others can get it to work for them as well while also passing crashtests.

              The shorter you get, the more sturdy the existing construction must be. But there are also limits to prevent it being TOO sturdy (to make sure it absorbs shocks), so it is a lot of fine tuning. Remember, Red Bull had to do a boatload of crashtests last time when they changed theirs.

        2. Redbull have them on their previous cars, they just paint it black.

          1. Ah yes, I completely forgot.

            It was well hidden to be fair

      2. It is a tricky thing to do to make the nose structurally sound enough to pass the crash test while being able to give you the maximum aero benefit. The easiest compromise is to go for the thumb tip noise.

        Mercedes have huge resources so they can test thousands of solutions to get one that works while the others can’t because of cost reasons, or if they have funds (like Red Bull) they don’t think the gains are worth the effort.

        1. Here I am thinking that this thumb tip nose is structurally unsound. It doesn’t look like it adds anything in crash safety?

          1. The nose rules were amended after 2014 @hahostolze such that the FIA mandated a maximum amount of distortion on the 1st 10cm (I think) of the nose, not just a certain amount for the whole nose, to make sure that thumb wouldn’t just shatter. Now they certainly contribute something. And don’t forget, well laid carbon fiber is really very strong.

            1. I understand that, but then what is the advantage of the thumb nose over a clean nose?

            2. @hahostolze It gives you that extra little bit of structure that they can use to dissipate the energy of the impact.

              The nose that Mercedes use is very short, so it means they have probably had to look into multiple solutions (and as @bosyber mentions, methods of laying the carbon fibre) to be able to pass the crash test with it. The smaller teams probably don’t have the resources to do this.

            3. @hahostolze I think it was in part to do with the allowable cross section. The regulations were written to try to get a nose similar to what Ferrari had at the start of 2015 (low nose starting in front of front wing that continuously tapered back), it was mandated that there should be a certain cross section at the tip of the nose and another specific cross section a number of millimetres behind the tip (this was written in a way in 2015 that stopped teams from being able to produce “gentleman sausage” noses). Teams ideally wanted more air under the noses, to travel along the sides of the car and aid downforce at the rear of the cars, and the shorter noses also helped increase downforce. The thumb tips are kind of a loophole that allow teams to meet the tip cross section regulations, but have a short nose and have the nose supports set wider and higher, so that they can get more air under the nose. Mercedes have found a solution that allows them to have a short nose but is low and narrow, similar to how the people writing the regulations intended, without compromising flow down the car, others just can’t seem to get it to work and benefit them as much as their thumb noses without pouring huge resources into it, resources that they feel would be better used elsewhere.

            4. It’s almost certainly a design philosophy with regards to airflow around the bottom part of the car. Just look at the difference in the turning vanes/panels just behind the front suspension between the merc and the renault. The merc has considerably more complexity in their aero parts there which would have to be an indication that they are managing airflow in a different manner – and that probably costs a bundle to design and test.

    7. Best one so far :) love that they keep the nose so simple.

    8. Duh-Dun


      Duh-Dun Dhuh-Dun

      Duh-Dun Duh-Dun Duh-Dun Duh-Dun


      DUN! DUN! DUN!


      I have been waiting to comment this since yesterday, and they spoiled it for me.

      1. I’m really glad they spoiled it! :D

      2. @johnmilk

        Too funny, but watch you back now, Brody & Hooper may seek their lawyers :)

        1. @evilhomer free marketing, they wouldn’t, I am opening the door to formula 1, it is a fitting soundtrack

    9. Also, those wing mirrors, is it me or are they too far from the cockpit to be legal?

      1. Surely they are legal. Mercedes wouldn’t forget such a simple detail. I am certain they are on the very limit, but I doubt they cross that limit.

    10. It’s nice! I’m starting to like these 2017 cars more and more.

      I really, really wish they hadn’t made them so long, though. It’s definitely visually undoes (?) a lot of the positive work done to make the cars wider.

      1. I thought that too, but then I saw the Sauber video and the comparison photos on track with last years’, and it wasn’t at all disproportionate. They look good.

    11. That is such a great looking car. The level of aero detail is astonishing for a launch spec car.The bargeboards/sidepod turning vanes are insane, the sidepods are tiny and there look to be in excess of 9 tyre squirt slots.

      Really excited to see what Red Bull come up with now.

      1. Looks good, need some better angles though. That side profile does make it look like a boat. Sooooo long!

        1. I think the photos are deceiving. After seeing the video of the Sauber on track and video from the Renault launch, they don’t look anything like as long as they do in photos.

      2. Absolutely! Scarbs has some good shots on his twitter now; the level of complexity underneath the nose between the barge boards and front wing is quite something to behold!

    12. Best looking car so far by virtue of not having the shark fin (not a fan myself). I know they’re gonna test one later today, but I hope they keep the car the way it is. Looks ferocious and elegant at the same time.

      1. Lewisham Milton
        23rd February 2017, 11:35

        Please can they test it with no ugly fins at all.
        I don’t mean the no.2 driver – no shark fin and no triangular thing either, just a sweeping curve like the designer intended.
        Otherwise the design wasn’t broke so they didn’t fix it. Nice work.

        1. If it gives a benefit, it will stay regardless.

    13. Now that’s an F1 car! Normal nose; no billboard shark fin and a subtle update on a classic livery. I hope that the green/blue painted trails are painted in reflective paint as was suggested yesterday… would look completely awesome at Singapore and Abu Dhabi!

      1. Bahrain as well.

    14. petebaldwin (@)
      23rd February 2017, 11:23

      The livery looks like a right mess on the sidepod. I’m sure it’ll be quick but it’s not as interesting and as the others so far for me.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        23rd February 2017, 11:25

        Should add, I have had a proper look at all the finer details yet until I’m home….

      2. I’m not a fan of the livery either.. I mean it’s not a tad different from last season.

        I have a feeling that Ferrari will win the looks department this year, with Red Bull in 2nd.

    15. Amazing picture quality, well done Keith or Keiths photography chum.

      Floor looks ridiculous from the plan view. Have to make sure I park my helicopter at Monza before they race. Still the Sauber for prettiness for me but this beast has some beauty and no little ability- in all likelihood

    16. I pooped a little. Looks like a winner. Can’t wait to see the Ferrari and McLaren tomorrow.

    17. I have only just noticed, it has whiskers.

      1. I don’t know why everybody’s going bonkers with this car, it looks like last year’s car with the same boring silver livery, a place to seat two mechanics in front of the rear wheels, and a moustache.

        1. “…looks like last year’s car…” sure, there are subtle differences when it comes to evolution between the old cars and this new reg ones. We knew there wasn’t gonna be a revolution, it’s not like we were going to get something like next year’s formula E changes:

        2. I agree mate. Nothing really special here, more of the same. Renault, for me, have the best looking car so far.

          1. The same too me, it’s good, but the livery it’s really uninspiring… but the winner until now it’s Renault, with Sauber in close second to me.
            But the worst is Force India for sure.

        3. New sidepods, new engine cover, new design throughout the body, new rear wing. Sure the nose is similar, but look closely, s duct is bigger and the nose is slimmer.

          You have to look past the colour, that is the least important thing there. And don’t really understand what people expect, its the silver arrows after all. I bet you the Ferrari will be red and the redbull blue with a red bovine and a yellow dot

    18. Which clampit within f1 said these cars would look like beasts? I see nuthin.

      1. I don’t really understand people who say that. I mean, what exactly did yo guys expect? The regulations were pretty clear. I think you got way too hyped up about it. They’re still F1 cars, and they definitely look more aggressive compared to any of the previous iterations between 2009-2016.

      2. It’s like a before and after photo when Kim Kardashian got implants.

        1. I wish Kim looked better after she got her implants. This, though, looks elegant, fast and smooth.

    19. Best looking car… 4th year in a row!

    20. Certainly not ugly, but not pretty either. Renault have produced the best looking ’17 spec car so far without a doubt. The Force India is as ugly as a horses ass.

      1. Totally agree. Renault looks the best so far.

    21. The two top-view photos are something! Those sidepods have a really interesting shape and the bargeboards are huge and there are a lot of winglets on the sidepods. Really interesting.

      Cool looking paintjob, but of course not revolutionary! (let’s leave that to the Mclaren)

      1. The top views really point out how awful the size of the floor looks compared to the actual narrowing of the body work.

        It’s like when you don’t have the right lego brick, so just go with whatever you can find.

        I understand the actual purpose of the floor being as big as possible, but it looks stupid. You could carry passengers on there like a motor bike and side car!

        .. Otherwise car looks great (probably unbeatable) apart from livery.

        1. The floor is 2 meters wide, the car is not. They did lengthen the car so it’s now basically a long narrow boat…. Hooray!

    22. I think it looks rather bland to be honest.

    23. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      23rd February 2017, 11:35

      That looks BIG!

    24. What a beauty 😍😍

    25. woah, those sidepods are something

      1. The back of the car reminds me of the 2014 McLaren.

        1. Let’s hope so, then we might have a different leading team ;-)

    26. It really does look like a boat. Its enormous! Good looking boat though.

      1. IKR, if the rear axle was positioned where the black on the sidepods starts and you maybe shaved a bit of length off the nose, it would look a bit better proportioned to my eye. I mean compared to the previous regs it looks like a proper slab of a car; the driver looks tiny:

    27. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      23rd February 2017, 11:46

      From the top down view the rear end looks so tightly packaged, it’s so thin around the engine and gear box it almost looks like something’s missing. Amazing. Now show me what Newey has come up with please!

    28. Sleek, I do hope they don’t find the sharkfin beneficial.
      And that rear is packed tight!
      Bargeboards are going to be the thing this year, aren’t they. They are apparently very open to interpretation

    29. Meh, not the biggest fan of the livery on the side. Will probs look good at night races but just eh in every other race. Renault still have the best one so far, followed by Sauber, then Mercedes, then Force India,

      1. + 1

        Agree with your order of liveries.

    30. If they generate downforce with all the open-sky floor… holy jeebus.

    31. what are those “horns”above the bargeboards???

      1. To me it looks like the design philosophy behind this car was to maximise the airflow over the big floor section at the back and therefore to the diffuser. To do this they appear to be the first team to use the extra width to make the sidepods wider, I’m guessing to accommodate as much of the cooling equipment as far forward as possible, before the abrupt change to the narrower section. However large curvatures can cause the air flow to become detached, basically no longer be able to follow the bodywork, meaning the air is not going where you want and creating a load of drag to boot. There are ways to condition the air to prevent this and allow it to be worked harder, a famous example of this is the S-duct which helps keep the flow attached over the curvature at the top of the nose. The multi-element turning vanes to the side and the arches above the sidepods are ways of conditioning the air over the rest of the bodywork.

        I’m guessing those Viking horns above the barge board are being used to improve the performance of the arches overhanging the top of the sidepods. Similar to the canards you see on a fighter jet.

        Incidentally are doing a great series analysing each car in detail, (and will probably prove me wrong when they get round to the Mercedes.)

    32. It looks as long as the school bus.
      And to think the whole point of these regs is to make cars look better.
      Angled wings are just ridiculous. Looks so immature, as if some hyped kid draw what they thought looked fast.

    33. Hamilton was right, it looks like a boat, hopefully they won’t add the sail.
      Apologies for saying the 2017 cars were better proportioned, l was wrong, this looks ridiculous, awful.
      Werent these cars were supposed to look fast standing still?

    34. I don’t understand what people were expecting. The rule changes have made the cars look better, in my opinion, but it was never going to be so drastic that they’d look completely different. It’s still an evolution of previous years, with alterations to some areas of the car.

      As I’m not a big fan of Mercedes, I was hoping I wouldn’t like this car, but I have to admit it looks good, and my favourite of the current generation so far. Hopefully, for the fans’ sake, it’s not as dominant as its predecessors.

      1. +1! The Renault is my fav still, though. I am in love with some of its rugged design elements. And the livery is jaw dropping.

    35. Looks amazing. So exciting.

    36. thats Lovely – but still not as striking as the Renalt. a big imprement on previous years though from this bunch. im not sure that the silver front wing look ok, at least not from the top veiw, but just look rear – mmmm – like looking at my favourit meal. All in as classy and designer as it should loom for a chapionship winning team.

    37. What a BEAST 😭😭😭😭 AMAZING.

    38. It the main picture, I am sure the mini shark winglet on the engine cover is so thin it is see-through. You can see the rear wing support through it I am sure.

      1. LOL- see what you mean, but a reflection of the near side support I should think

    39. EQ stands for electric intelligence, how’s that then?

      1. When I was a boy EQ was emotional intelligence…

        1. Both brand words used by Mercedes.

    40. It’s a bit of a cheap PR ploy to not launch it with the shark fin (that it will blatantly have when testing commences) to up their aesthetics rating! By far the worst car launch I have seen in years as well.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        23rd February 2017, 13:57

        @asanator – It’s either as you have said or they have something special they don’t want to show off yet….

      2. @asanator scares thinks they didn’t have the shark fin today because it was too windy

    41. That’s a mean looking Formula One car! Was hoping they changed the livery a little but it still looks pretty good.
      No shark fin but just a little fin at this stage- can we refer to this as a ‘Dolphin fin’?

      1. Car has backbone.

    42. Still Sauber most beautifull design.

        1. Looking at the air intake… looks suspiciously tiny compared to all other cars so far.

      1. It’s all just guesswork

    43. It’s like Merc’s advantage is so big that they can afford to make their cars look even if it costs them a tiny amount of performance.

      If you’re going to dominate, make it look pretty.

      1. @royal-spark no one knows how they will compare with their competitors when there have been such large regulation changes. Expecting them to dominate is jumping the gun, Merc don’t expect to, so they are going to put things on that make them go fast, not satisfy at a beauty contest

    44. I really don’t like the livery, I never have. The car itself is STUNNING though. The incredible amount of detail. Those side pods, that front wing, everything about this car. It looks like a car you finish your season with, not one you take out for pre-season testing. Incredible. However, I am worried Hamilton has already won this championship. Here’s hoping for a Red Bull or Ferrari (or at least a Bottas) upset!

    45. Still not my cuppa – there’s enough room between the airbox and the rear wing for about ten Jean Alesis to hitch a ride. It looks like an F1 stretched limo. And that livery: Honda RA107, anyone?

      Four cars down, and only Renault, in my opinion, have made aesthetic improvements over last year…despite a much black, blander livery!

      1. You prefer last years Sauber to this?

      2. Just seen a pic of the driving car en profile. You’re right, it just looks weird. Luckily that’s not a thing we’ll see much during races.

      3. Well I really liked the Earth Honda livery and I like the new streaks on the Merc too.

    46. Shall we crown them now? Defenitely stands out from the rest. Glad they stayed away from the thumb nose. Rumor has it that Ferrari has as well. Thank goodness…

      1. Impossible to say we have only seen midfield or back of the grid teams until today. Cannot see how they would not be the favourites based on last 3 years though. 3 or 4 rac3s into the s3ason we will have a better idea.

      2. I think we can safely say both championship in the bag….

        1. Lol let’s check their reliability as the season goes along. And everyone’s. And their performance. And everyone’s. And see if some are stronger at certain types of tracks. Can we enjoy all the races before we hand out a trophy?

    47. Great looking car! Hard to see how they will not be big favorites again.

    48. There are subtly details taken from the F2008, which was also part designed by Costa

    49. Some of those actions photos. It’s low, it’s wide, it looks fast. Loving the 2017 regs so far.

    50. OOhhhhhh….the others are in so much trouble……might as well hand the title now…..

      1. i like this comment sooo much, PMA -positive menatal attitude

    51. Stunning! Prettiest car in 9 years

    52. Gorgeous car.
      Hope it wins the championships, not as easy as before though.

    53. Looks like a winner!

    54. Sad to say I’m liking the new looks less than I’d hoped. From these pictures I can see why Hamilton thought the car looked boat-y. Why exactly again did they make the cars longer? Anyhoo we’ll see how it all plays out on track. If we get good racing who cares about the looks. Sauber’s my favorite one so far.

      1. The greater the plan are the greater the downforce. The wheelbase is limited to an extent by track width as cornering suffers when the ratio is too high.

        I’ve thought for a long time that they should set a maximum wheelbase. I’d love to see a scaled comparison between this and say a MP4/4 to see the wheelbase comparison. Or even see the wheelbase changes over different eras but I’ve never been able to find the data. Anyone?

        1. That’s plan area…

    55. Amazing looking car. Looks good without that fin but best so far!

    56. That’s some secsay packaging, very nice sidepods. Now waitin’ for packaging porn from Toro Rosso ;)

    57. Stunning, absolutely stunning

    58. From most angles 2017’s cars look wonderful, but en profile they are truly too long. The bit from the airbox to the rear wheels gives it a naked, empty sort of look.

    59. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      23rd February 2017, 15:31

      The more I’ve looked at this car the more impressed I’ve become. I really feel we are looking at something special here, this car looks revolutionary and a game changer. The detail is exquisite, it’s a work of art in areas, particularly the side pods and tiny rear end. You’d have to presume they’re holding some details back as well. I even like the subtle EQ livery change. This will take some beating and that’s just from looking at it on the surface, I suspect what’s under the engine cover is just as spectacular ….. Over to you Adrian…..

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          23rd February 2017, 21:21

          @3dom Yeah 😬 it’s a bit weird. Hope that’s not there to stay. I’m surprised it would be legal actually. This car wouldn’t suit a shark fin either but I do like it on the Renault.

          1. @rdotquestionmark. It’s supposed to make the rear wing more efficient. I don’t mind the “T-Wing” to be fair. Scarbs seems to think they may have found a small gap for it in the bodywork regulations. Clever if so.

            Heard that they will try a shark fin, it was just too windy to try it today

            1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
              24th February 2017, 6:17

              @3dom Ah right I see, very clever I’ll have to look it up.

    60. I like the way it looks- but from the top, the floor looks too big in my view, almost as if its an after thought. Regardless of that I am actually doubful for Merc now- these aero rules seem pretty radical despite the engine regs being stable. Everyone is assuming- maybe rightly so that Merc will still be the team to beat but I think back to how Mclaren went from the 2nd and sometimes the fastest car in 2012 to being backmarkers the next season with relatively stable rules. The same with Merc (well Brawn) in 09 and the same in 2010. So with greater emphasis on aero and Newey’s well earned reputation I wouldn’t bet my house on Merc walking it this season but it’s till early days yet.

    61. From a bird’s eye view, the front wing looks very hammerheadish.

    62. Wow, this is the best looking F1 car that I have seen in ages!

    63. Looks extremely racy.

    64. Stunningly beautiful but wow do the cars look so much bigger this year! #Perspective #SeeingIsBelieving #RegulationChanges

    65. I wouldn’t be surprised if that T-wing isn’t banned by the end of the season!

      1. @asanator the gap for the T-Wing in the regs is only supposed to be small, so not supposed to be room for massive embellishments. Bit surprised that they’ve shown it already, wonder if it’s to take focus away from something else that they’re going to reveal later?

    66. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

    67. Loving this, especially the simple nose.

      Though deep in my heart I hope Redbull come out better haha .

    68. Any pictures of the shark finned W08 yet?

    69. The best of the lot. Let’s hope the good looks are supported by speed and reliability. Can’t wait for the tests to start!!!

    70. Here comes the reigning champions, deliverin the best looking car, especially in the nose and fin department. Remembering they are in a business of selling cars… Nobody would buy a finned car.

    71. definately gonna win season with this, only another championship win. ? is Bottas or Hamilton or Me?

    72. Smart to release the car on track. The cars always looks better in their natural environment (let alone Williams renders, ew).

      Airboxes getting bigger and bigger while the sidepod air inlets keep getting smaller.

      Sauber still has top spot from a purely aesthetic standpoint for me. Those sharp lines really do it for me.

    73. I’ve seen buses that are shorter. Made for pile-ups in Monaco.

    74. Also the cars are super long, like 4-5m long, full sized family car long. What is going on?

      1. @jureo I’m quite disappointed with that myself. The length counteracts the width. The 2017 cars just grew, got lower rear wings, delta shaped front wings and less aero restrictions, big change…

    75. Michael Brown (@)
      23rd February 2017, 19:36

      I can’t argue with a low rear wing and big tires.

    76. Again the Merc stands out by featuring a normal nose. The proportions are very odd particularly looking at the sidepods from the rear. The car look as usual far too long, the details are really nice but the new rules on the bargeboards only help the car look longer and more disproportioned. From the front it’s good but I wouldn’t guess the cars got any wider, they just grew.

    77. Nice looking car. The smaller wing makes it look sleeker.

    78. The car is actually Dali-esque from the side – the PETRONAS logo almost melts and it’s followed by the rear wing dipping in the center as if it’s also melting.

      1. Should we nickname it the “persistence of… victory”?

        It would be appropriate if it does win!

        1. the Silverfish

    79. I think W08 will look better if/when they install a shark fin.

      So far Sauber is leading the beauty contest.

    80. I like how Mercedes paint the ends of the front wing black, to give the impression that the wing is narrower than it is. Of course, it really shouldn’t be that wide in the first place.

    81. Did anyone do some measurements? How long are the cars? I imagine longest in history of F1.

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