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What are the big differences between Ferrari’s new F1 car and last year’s model? The team will be hoping the 2017 chassis doesn’t end the season win-less. You can scrutinise the chassis for outward differences using these three interactive images.

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Use the slider below to transition between images of Ferrari’s new 2017 SF70H and last year’s SF16-H. Note some images may have been altered for ease of comparison and should not be used as a reference for measurements.

Top view

Ferrari’s top-down view of its 2017 car gives an excellent basis for comparison with last year’s model. The diameter of the front wheels is unchanged, so we can easily see how the car has not only grown wider as per the rules, but also longer.

The degree of difference between the bargeboards on the two cars is very striking. The new Ferrari also has a duct on its front nose for aerodynamic purposes – something the team first began experimenting with a decade ago – and small additional flip-ups on the nose.

Side view

As with many of the other cars seen so far (notably the Renault), one distinctive difference between the new and old Ferrari is the level of rake they appear to be using. This is adjustable, of course, so we could see different angles in testing.

The shark fin also gives the game away in terms of the angle the car is inclined towards. Ferrari has put the Italian tricolour on its bodywork here but like all the other teams with fins it hasn’t put any sponsors there. This is because the fin may only be used at certain tracks.

Front view

The different focal lengths used for the front-on shots makes this one of the less useful comparisons, but it gives another good impression of the increase in overall width.

Three-quarter view

Ferrari SF-16H, 2016
Ferrari SF70H, 2017

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    27 comments on “Compare the new 2017 Ferrari with last year’s model”

    1. Look at all the fancy aerodynamic appendages around the cockpit area and bargeboards, it’s getting towards 2008 levels.

      1. Amazing, isn’t it? 2008 cars are the best looking ones to date. Glad F1 is going back in the right direction! They are too long though!

        1. @spafrancorchamps WHAT?!? Only If you have followed F1 since 2008. The cars of 1993/1994 make the 2008 cars look like sth to vomit on.

          1. I’m presuming @spafrancorchamps first got into F1 in the 2005-2008 period, and @damon got into F1 at around 93/94. It’s natural to think that F1 cars looked the best they’ve ever looked the same time as we got into the sport. I’m the same – I think 92, 93 and 94 cars are beautiful. But then folk in their 40s and 50s say that about cars in the 70s, and my dad thinks Vanwalls and Jim Clark-era Lotuses are what proper F1 cars look like. And so it will forever be. Unless you first got into it in 2014, surely?!

            1. You’re sure making a very valid point. But I don’t thinkg the impact of that mechanism is as profound as you think. My favourite ever single-seater cars where the Indycars from the 1988-1994 period – a period before I started following the sport. Also, I love the mid-to-late 80’s F1 cars – so again, before I started following F1.
              Actually, to be honest with you, contrary to your statement, shortly after I started following F1, I was already displeased with how the cars looked ;) compared to the IndyCars of that time especially.

              The most beautiful F1 car for me? Probably the 1985 Brabham BT54:

              I’m curious to know what you think about that Brabham :)

              And then on top of this – I adore the new McLaren :)

            2. Haha well, tbh with you guys, it’s correct I started watching in 2008. That probably has something to do with it, nostalgia I guess! I’m sorry Damon, but the Brabham I absolutely dislike. It looks like a toy. I can really appreciate the cars of the late 60’s and late 80’s, for sure. But what attracts me to (for example) the MP4-23, is the complexity it shows with all the smaller arrow parts, while looking very neat and aggressive at the same time. I also loved many of the liveries back then, looking back at those cars it really shows the amount of roadcar manufactorers that were involved in the sport. Best liveries were from the tobacco era though.

            3. Gerulf Dösinger (@)
              25th February 2017, 16:29

              I started watching F1 in 1994 and still hold the look of the cars from 1991 to 1994 in high esteem…

              However, the best looking ones were the cars from 07/08. The 2008 BMW Sauber is still the visually most striking F1 car ever built. It’s like they really built a car out of a concept artists idea.

              When you look at it it feels like it could come to live every second and run off into the wild to claim it’s rightful place as the worlds most dangerous pretador… :D

      2. Almost like they’re modern racecars again! Woohoo!

    2. Yup. Fin again… Almost looks like a white flag….

      1. Limping horses have raised white flag even before the season has started.

    3. @keithcollantine, these are so cool!! Are you going to make one for Force India and Mercedes as well?

      1. Forget it! I just realised neither Mercedes nor FI have released studio photos of their cars so you can’t do a comparison yet..!

    4. Visibly more rake compared to 2016. Red Bull style.

      1. Well the leading edge of the plank was moved back. This makes it easier to increase the rake. As far as I understood that was a deliberate change in the rules to allow for more rake. So no surprise there.

    5. OK, these “slider” views are really well done; nice work!

    6. So much better! Looking mean as hell, I’m very curious what name Seb will choose.

    7. Are you a Force India in disguise?

    8. Those cars are best looking from the top. a shame it’s a view we rarely have!
      On the top view we can see how much the sidepod openings are moved back, lot of work on this car!

    9. Is there an additional wing at the end of the fin?

      1. Yes, they are rocking a T-wing just like Mercedes trialed yesterday with Bottas.

    10. I like the fact that Ferrari clearly have their own studio for these shots as the pictures are near enough identical, perfect for comparison. I’d love to see a comparison of 3/4 years difference in terms of shape etc

    11. Hate the 👃 and hate the fin.

      Hopeful I will love the speed and the sound

    12. Looks heavy and cumbersome compared to the Sauber, McLaren and Merc. Not to say it will be slow, absolutely no way of predicting from looking at it…well besides for maybe Force India.

    13. O. M. G.
      It’s got glasses :D

    14. Is Ferrari going to do another 2012? Dreadful car unique concept, I hope not.

    15. Getting in and out of the car (quickly) seems to become more of a challenge with all the wider and larger things going on around the sidepodarea.

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