Video: Watch McLaren launch their new 2017 car live

2017 F1 season

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McLaren are about to launch their new F1 car for the 2017 season. You can watch the launch live here.

The MCL32 will be the third car of the current McLaren-Honda generation.

The launch is due to begin at 11am UK time.

Update: The car has now been launched. Find pictures of it here:

2017 F1 season

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27 comments on “Video: Watch McLaren launch their new 2017 car live”

  1. Imagine if it turns out to be Grey/Silver!

    1. That would be hilarious!!! Also, there’s a shark fin…..

    2. I’d quite like that, just for the laugh. They’ve been posting so many orange things today.

  2. Are they presenting this in the Galactic Senate?!

  3. I see SkySports F1 are being impartial between all of the F1 teams again.

    Sky Sports is a joke.

  4. It’s a Manor!!!!

    1. Sorry, Marussia

  5. Welcome to the McLaren Arrows Honda!

  6. So, it’s a Marussia….?!

  7. MARUSSIA!!!!! Yeeees

  8. The neverending elements behind the nose are insane!

  9. Marussia McLaren Honda

  10. Those wing struts are insane

    1. It looks ace actually

  11. It’s Orange thank the lord. Like the nose pylon detailing, otherwise from the angle we have it looks fairly conventional 2017 in comparison to the other launched cars.

  12. OOhh, McLaren have built a Spyker!

  13. thought Marussia had left F1?

  14. I like that they bring back orange, I also like that they keep the black!

    But I feel they could have done so much more with the livery, it looks kind of boring!

  15. I really like it – so nice to see them change their livery and ignoring the Marussia similarities I think it looks great

  16. Wow, it’s a Spyker!
    Great looking car though, wow, so aggressive

  17. Looks like the Spyker from yesteryears, lets hope its faster

  18. Great to see proper launches back from teams and video available afterwards. Very different approaches between Mercedes and McLaren but great to have that sharing moment with the fan after the long wait.

    Fun to see someone in the background leaving after Zak said “It you are not a McLaren fan, just leave” (3:22:30 in the video)

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