Compare the new 2017 Haas with last year’s model

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The rookie team of last year is back for a second season. The new Haas again uses technology from Ferrari and Dallara, but how does the team’s second car compare to its first? These interactive images reveal the outwards changes.

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Use the slider below to transition between images of Haas’s new 2017 VF-17 and last year’s VF-16. Note some images may have been altered for ease of comparison and should not be used as a reference for measurements.

Front view

Although the VF-17’s front wing is bigger and wider than the old car’s, the concept behind it has changed little.

It’s a different story further back where extra, wider winglets have appeared on the chassis where previously they weren’t permitted.

Haas is the only customer team using Ferrari’s 2017 power unit and their air intake is similar in size if not in shape. It stands in contrast to the considerably larger intakes on the Mercedes and its customers’ cars.

Side view

Haas is the latest team to sport a shark fin but theirs has a steeply-angled section cut from the back. Delivering clean air to the rear wing is now at a premium due to its reduced height.

Further forward we can see that while the team has taken advantage of the new aerodynamic dimensions available they haven’t been quite as ambitious with their launch specification as other teams. However much of this may change between now and the first race.

Top view

Unsurprisingly, the rear packaging of the Haas doesn’t look as sleek as the Ferrari. As an engine customer, Haas it as a disadvantage as their power unit is not designed specifically for their chassis. They may not receive key information about the dimensions and specifications of the design until some time after Ferrari have. The same goes for customers of other engine manufacturers.

An optical illusion in the top-down picture of the 2017 car gives the false impression Haas has adopted Force India’s ‘nostrils’ from the past two seasons.

Three-quarter view

Haas VF-16, 2016

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    4 comments on “Compare the new 2017 Haas with last year’s model”

    1. Firstly, the most obvious change in my opinion, is the livery, which I don’t think is as nice this year.

      But actually looking at the car I have my doubts. The sidepods are incredibly big. The rear wings of these new F1 cars disappoint me. They’re not as wide as I thought they’d be.

      The barge boards look great though, as do the small wings above them – I’m very happy to see those back. They have them in Formula E too, in my opinion they look so good

    2. Well done Keith! Seems perfect in scaling and comparing old with new.
      Seems perfect fit and scale in old & this year car. Able to see the actual difference in cars, previous posts will give glimpse of same style of car, but not able to correlate.

      Could you please post all the team’s car (at least front view of car or side view) in one single post, so that we can see difference. Thanks.

    3. With these new cars and their very large front wings, I can see a lot of wings being replaced.

    4. For the livery this year, I would have gone with a little lighter metallic gray.
      That dark gray is just too dark….in my opinion.

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