F1 relaxes social media rules for teams

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Formula One teams have taken advantage of a relaxation in the rules around what they can post on social media.

In one of the first examples of a change instigated by F1’s new owners Liberty Media, teams are now being allowed to film and distribute videos within the paddock. Previously only F1 broadcasters were permitted to do this.

“The teams, you’ve probably noticed, are putting out a bit more content of what their drivers are up to in the paddock,” said Christian Horner at the track on Monday.

“Not what’s happening trackside because that obviously belongs to the broadcasters. But you could have had breakfast with Daniel Ricciardo this morning, see what he does prior to getting into the car, to the point that he’d got into the car to drive out and do his first lap. That hasn’t been possible in previous years.”

Horner says he’s encouraged by his first contact with Liberty.

“I think the encouraging thing about the new owners are they’re very focused on what they want Formula One to be in terms of entertainment and a sporting spectacle,” he said. “They seem very keen to embrace ideas to make the sport more accessible, to make it more entertaining. We’re certainly looking forward to hearing their plans.”

However he said further changes to the nature of the sport will take longer to arrive.

“There’s a meeting in the next couple of weeks,” Horner explained. “In the immediacy what you can see is Formula One will be made slightly more accessible with a relaxation of social media regulations starting today.”

“But in terms of the product, the product is what it is for this year and probably the next couple of years. What we’re interested in is further down the line what are Liberty’s plans, what are Ross Brawn’s thoughts on what Formula One should be moving forward.”

“There’s a Formula E championship that’s growing, it’s got technology in it. Formula One I believe is about entertainment, about drivers, should be about racing at the absolute limit and should as a result be putting on a great show.”

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11 comments on “F1 relaxes social media rules for teams”

  1. Ridiculous that firstly this was ever a rule and that secondly, it wasn’t removed years ago.

    Welcome to the modern world, Formula One…

  2. wait…..so they actually want fans to be able to follow what’s happening with the sport?

  3. Finally something other than talk emergin from liberty. Keep it coming.

  4. Crikey, I think it dangerous!!

    Lewis will get too excited by this and maybe forget to drive the car, our boy Daniel may not be too far behind him either :)

    Good work Liberty, keep the changes coming!!

    1. Yep, i’m waiting for the first snapchat while on the grid!

    2. I am pretty sure Hamilton will attempt either a snapchat or atleast a selfie while crossing the finish line and then we will see all the teams banning such activities on track. I remember two years ago Marcus Ericsson posted a selfie during testing while he was in the car (not sure if he was driving), but he got away with it I guess.

  5. Make Formula One Great Again!

  6. :D Yeah after years of this “BS”… finally relaxed them rules. It should be even more relaxed. Teams should be able to stream some parts of race weekend.. say pitstop, nervous engineers in padock… etc. Maybe even one or two onboard moments per race.

  7. ha ha… er, wait … careful for what we wish for. :(

  8. Michael Brown (@)
    1st March 2017, 2:41

    Today on dumb F1 rules you didn’t know existed…

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