Lap time watch: 2017 pre-season testing day five

2017 F1 season

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Has Formula One got five seconds faster under the new rules? Here’s the full data from pre-season testing so far.

Have they hit the ‘five seconds faster’ target?

The new regulations have been created to make F1 cars five seconds faster compared to the pole position time at the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix. This was the most recent race at the track which hosts pre-season F1 testing at the time the regulations were finalised.

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How do their lap times compare to 2015?

Mercedes set the pole position time at the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix. The graph below shows how much of an improvement each team has made compared to their own performance in that race weekend.

For reference the lap times for 2015 pre-season testing have also been included.

How do their lap times compare to last year?

Lap times fell last year after Pirelli introduced softer compounds at some races. For this reason, plus the usual car development, teams will not have improved by as much compared to 12 months ago.

Mileage watch

Here’s how much distance each team has covered so far in 2017 pre-season testing:

Force India1955.1km
Red Bull1782.865km
Toro Rosso1238.23km

2017 F1 season

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4 comments on “Lap time watch: 2017 pre-season testing day five”

  1. sunny stivala
    7th March 2017, 13:16

    FERRARI looks the most rock solid, fast and consistent.

  2. How is Haas on the first graph? That team didn’t exist in 2015.

    1. Its the distance to the 2015 pole, which was set by Mercedes. All of them are compared to that time, not to their best qualifying time of 2015.

      1. Sorry, misread that.

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