Wehrlein will be back to his best “soon”

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Sauber’s Pascal Wehrlein has said it will take him ‘a few races’ to be back at maximum level following his missing the first week of testing.

Speaking after his first day behind the wheel of Sauber’s new C36, Wehrlein says he will not be able to drive to maximum potential in the early part of the season.

Testing day five in pictures
“I don’t think so,” says Wehrlein “In terms of my own level, I will be back soon. So for sure, the first race will be quite tough. Also the second race. Because everything will be new – new team, new engine, new tyres, new regulations.”

The second year driver was unable to participate in the first week of testing time after being sidelined following injury concerns around his Race of Champions crash.

“I lost two days of testing, explains Wehrlein. “So of course, in the beginning, I will lack something. But for sure I will catch up quite quickly and after a few races, I’ll be back where I should be.”

Despite keeping his strong ties to Mercedes and Valtteri Bottas having only been signed on a one year contract, Wehrlein says he is not thinking about any potential Mercedes move in 2018.

“I am focusing on this year,” he said. “I am a Sauber driver and I want to do the maximum I can do for this team this year and then let’s see what happens next year. Could be anything.”

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  1. After not making it into a AMG for this seasons he won’t have a chance for next year considering the available drivers.

  2. By the number of posts on this article, I think it’s safe to assume that we are all very excited about Pascal being back at his best.

    1. Yeah, and missing two days of testing means he needs “a few races” to catch up? Get with it man.

      1. He’s already had as many laps as Alonso or Vandoorne, well almost, and next year, it’ll be Williams.

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