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Ferrari president says it’s “about time” the team won again

2017 Australian Grand Prix

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Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne congratulated the team on their victory in the Australian Grand Prix, saying it was “about time” they won another race.

Sebastian Vettel victory is the team’s first since the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.

2017 Australian Grand Prix in pictures
“It was about time,” said Marchionne. “I am delighted for the team and for our tifosi who stood by us throughout this whole period.”

“We’ve been waiting for this victory for almost a year and a half. Hearing the Italian national anthem again was very moving. ”

Vettel was followed home by the two Mercedes drivers with team mate Kimi Raikkonen 22 seconds adrift in fourth place at the chequered flag.

“Sebastian delivered a great race and I am sure Kimi will be soon up there battling alongside his team mate,” said Marchionne.

“Of course, this victory is something to share with the entire team, both at the circuit and back in Maranello, because teamwork is the only way to achieve major goals.”

“Now, however, it is absolutely essential to remember that this is not the destination but the first step on a long road that must see us all focused on improving each and every day.”

Marchionne added “congratulations to Antonio [Giovinazzi] for his debut in Formula One”. Giovinazzi is the team’s third driver.

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11 comments on “Ferrari president says it’s “about time” the team won again”

  1. Alonso, Ferrari is faster than you

  2. After giving us the best street car for a very long time, Alfa Romeo Guilia, Ferrari actually went back to the track and provided winning car for Seb and Kimi!

    1. @hubis, of course, you should be aware that Ferrari was spun out of Fiat and is now an independent organisation – it’s not even officially Italian now, since Ferrari’s official headquarters are now in Amsterdam…

      1. What O_o it’s crazy how far capitalism is reaching..killing every identity *sigh
        You got some source btw?

      2. Ahaa team has some new type of brainstormin sessions. Marchionne: “alright nerds, research says that a spliff a day makes you think outside the box.. oommm…”

      3. Fiat has its HQ in Amsterdam too. Location of HQ means nothing though. Starbucks, Netflix, Hitachi, easyJet, and many others have their headquarters in the Netherlands. But most companies that do, have a “headquarter” there consisting out of 1 mailbox. Fiat’s and Ferrari’s do have a true headquarter in Netherlands, but their cars are still produced in Turin and Maranello.

  3. Say what you want about Ferrari, they are the most consistent team in the history of the sport. For the past 20 years they have won races (almost) every season, and never finished below 4th.

    1. @kingshark And that despite some very weird driver choices in the past 10 years.

    2. @kingshark
      +1 You always hit the nail with the head.

  4. Now, however, it is absolutely essential to remember that this is not the destination but the first step on a long road that must see us all focused on improving each and every day.

    Finally the sense prevailed for Higher authorities in Ferrari. This is exactly the way to go instead of every year same old big statements.

  5. I’m encouraged to see the cars at the top of the grid are closer in times this season than in past seasons, but unfortunately the racing still appears it will be processional, with not nearly enough passing and wheel to wheel fighting. That bit is not good.

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