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2017 Chinese Grand Prix

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Little was heard on the team radios during the two practice sessions on Friday as very little running was completed.

First practice

The first practice session was red-flagged minutes after it started.

The cause was a problem with the medical helicopter, which was unable to land at its designated airport due to visibility problems. It was responsible for further delays during first practice and the complete cancellation of the second session.

Chinese Grand Prix practice in pictures
Palmer: “Red flag.”
“Oh, there’s a red flag, so box this lap.”
Palmer: “What’s the red?”
“Not sure at the moment, Jo, I haven’t seen anything on the telly. We’ll let you know.”

To Giovinazzi: “So Antonio there will be a delay of at least 30 minutes so you can jump out.”

When the session resumed drivers took the opportunity to do what turned out to be the only laps of the day. However both Haas drivers spun on the slippery track:

To Magnussen: “OK we will perform a start on the right side before the end of the pit wall.”

“Is it OK to go on with these tyres?”
Magnussen: “Yeah, no damage.”
“OK, good.”

Grosjean: “Tyre temperature, don’t get the rear, front is good.”
“Understood, Kevin spun in turn nine, I think he’s moving now, track clear.”

“How are conditions for these tyres?”
Ricciardo: “OK, just greasy.”

Vandoorne: “We need to box because we are damaging the tyres a lot.”
“Copy, box, don’t push.”

Kvyat: “I had quite a big negative torque into turn six.”

Massa: “I had a little mistake.”

Worn tyres caught Hulkenberg out
Nico Hulkenberg’s session came to an end when he spun into a gravel trap. But after that the cars never reappeared.

Hulkenberg: “Front-left is having a hard time already. I think I want to box at the end of this lap and crank up a lot of aero balance. Just check for one more lap before it gives up.”

Hulkenberg: “How are front tyre temperatures?”
“Tyre temperatures generally low at the moment. Report from your pit stop is the front tyres look quite heavily damaged already.”

To Ricciardo: “OK so there may be a vehicle on track at three getting Hulkenberg out. Caution at turn three.”

Ricciardo: “I’ll try and wait so I get a green the next time.”
“OK, the car is just about to go behind the barrier so shouldn’t be too long.”

To Giovinazzi: “Red flag, box this lap, red flag.”

To Ricciardo: “Daniel for info can’t see anything on track so possible helicopter issue again. Confirm there’s no problem on track it is the helicopter.”

To Ricciardo: “Just caution on the way in, it is still wet in the pit lane.”

Second practice

No radio chatter of note was heard during the cancelled second session.

2017 Chinese Grand Prix

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