McLaren delay new-spec rear wing to Bahrain

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In the round-up: McLaren have opted not to use the new specification rear wing on the MCL32 in Shanghai, delay its introduction to Bahrain.

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With a new overall lap record around the Shanghai International Circuit been set in qualifying, @jerejj has some observations about the falling laptimes this season.

In Melbourne last year’s pole time would’ve been enough for 6th spot on the current grid while in Shanghai it would’ve been enough only for 18th spot, and the two drivers (Verstappen and Ocon) didn’t beat last year’s pole time only because of having reliability problems and having to abort the lap due to the yellows caused by Giovinazzi respectively, so in theory all 2017-cars are faster than the fastest 2016 car on one-lap pace on this circuit. I expect the slowest 2017 qualifying time to be faster than the fastest 2016 qualifying time assuming no one faces any problems and or has to abandon his flying lap in Spain, Monaco, Singapore, Hungaroring, and Suzuka at least.

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Happy birthday to Jacques Villeneuve who is 46 today!

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