Perez also wants to race at Indianapolis

2017 F1 season

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Sergio Perez would like to emulate Fernando Alonso by racing in the Indianapolis 500.

However the Force India driver admitted he is reluctant to take time away from Formula One’s most famous race to do it.

“I certainly wouldn’t miss Monaco because for me Monaco is my favourite weekend in the whole calendar,” said Perez. “I wouldn’t miss Monaco, and normally you have that clash.”

“I’d like to do some other racing, I certainly have some interest in IndyCar. The Indy 500 certainly is one of the best races in the world so I’d definitely like to do some.”

Perez says Alonso will have a lot to learn when he switches codes but expects him to be competitive in his first start in the famous race.

“There is so much to learn in a completely new series,” he said. “We’ve been doing this for many years through the lower series as well, so [it would be] going to a completely new tyre, new characteristics, new ways of setting up the car, driving in the traffic.”

“But I think Fernando it’s one of his strengths, how he can manage the race situation. I think he’ll be really good on that. I think Indy really depends the last ten laps so I think he will be really good there.”

The Force India driver says his priority this weekend is ensuring he qualifies and starts well to be in with the best chance of scoring points.

“Basically the whole difference is getting a perfect qualifying, because if you don’t it’s the difference between P8 to P15. So having a great qualifying makes a huge difference to your weekend.”

“The first lap counts a lot as well. And just having a good strategy calls, executing a perfect weekend. Otherwise that’s the difference between scoring points and not scoring any points.”

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    24 comments on “Perez also wants to race at Indianapolis”

    1. All in all, could it mean that Liberty will try and NOT have Indy and Monaco on the same weekend next year?

      1. Wouldn’t that be nice. I think when you look at the publicity this has generated for both Formula 1 and IndyCar it really makes sense to try and avoid a clash. If they could make sure they could avoid a clash with Le Mans too we could get drivers regularly going for a triple crown.

      2. if i was Chase i would definitely be trying to avoid a clash.

        1. Unfortunately, the reason that Monaco is always on the same date as the Indy 500 is to keep F1 drivers from doing this. It’s an incredible story and huge racing news for F1 and IndyCar. This has to happen more often as it’s fantastic publicity for both.

          I cannot wait to see this! Amazing!!!

      3. But I do love the full day of the top races of F1 morning, Indy mid-day, and Cup late into night. It’s a long full US holiday weekend of racing and grilling

      4. Might be hard with Liberty wanting to squeeze in more races into the calendar.

        Maybe have a race in the US in the run up to Indy? So the drivers are “in the area”.
        Swap Spain and Canada, and have Monaco/Spain as back-to-back races?
        [Granted, I haven’t taken into account who’s toes F1 would be stepping on]

        I’d love to see more F1 drivers given the opportunity to take part in races outside F1. Especially lower-field drivers who want to show what they can do; rather than be known for just driving at the back of the field for that year.

      5. petebaldwin (@)
        13th April 2017, 16:06

        I think attitudes might change a little if Indycar’s viewing figures start to rise and F1’s start to drop with more and more drivers talking about joining other series.

        F1 was always viewed as the pinnacle of motorsport but if we’re saying that 2/3 of the most important races are outside of F1, perhaps it isn’t anymore?

        1. @petebaldwin “if we’re saying that 2/3 of the most important races are outside of F1, perhaps it isn’t anymore?”

          I think its more to do with each race being the historically iconic race of each respective discipline.

          1. petebaldwin (@)
            13th April 2017, 21:56

            Yeah I know what you mean. I suppose it’s not a case of it not being the pinnacle, it’s more that it shows how important these other series are. WEC and Indycar often get viewed as less important but I think winning Monaco and Indy 500 is more impressive than winning Monaco a bunch of times. F1 may be faster, more difficult and cost more but it’s not more important.

            1. Agreed. I’m far more impressed by a driver demonstrating their skill though success in multiple disciplines, than specialising in a sole series (which is impressive in its own right).

      6. We should recall that Monaco is a weekend, but Indy is weeks of work.

    2. Evil Homer (@)
      13th April 2017, 15:13

      Let’s hope so. Maybe we can get back to the times F1 drivers could turn a wheel in other categories 👍🏁

    3. I hope not because Perez is a Monaco master

      1. Máster at divebombing, mostly

    4. Awww….Ickle Sergio wants to be like – cue music – SAMURAI RACING WARRIOR ALONSO.

    5. When Vandoorne said he’d be racing Spa 24hr instead of Hungary I was like “BWOAAAHH??”

      And then I realised it was a joke.

      And then he realised nobody was laughing at it.

    6. Michael Brown (@)
      13th April 2017, 15:45

      Monaco is perhaps Perez’s strongest track

    7. Perez looks sooo sad not to be racing at Indianapolis there :( xD

    8. I sense a trend. It’s like Movies and TV. A few years ago, Movies was everything and the biggest names would only do movies. These days they are switching to TV as that’s where the better writers and audience are. Maybe in a few years the best drivers would drive Indy Cars and not F1 and we would see a better competition because of that? Sign me up!

    9. I was kinda sad that he didn’t race the Daytona 24 when he became associated

      1. With TRG-Aston Martin and was only an ambassador of sorts.

        It’d make sense as it’s so early in the season.

    10. Ok guys – one day you will have to choose between F1 and Indy – you can’t leave F1 for a race or two and then come back.. it will ruin both classes – somebody have to explain this to king Alonso (being the new teamboss at Mclaren) – and his backup Perez..

    11. The problem with this was that in the past F1 drivers would get injured or killed racing other series. I am sure some of their contracts don’t even want them on a motorcycle. It was nice to see but I prefer to play it safe.

    12. Well, there’s one less great driver that Perez will have to tangle with in Monaco.

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