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Three races in and the 2017 F1 season looks like being a two-horse race for the title.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have filed the top two places on the podium at each of this year’s races so far. But what did they have to say to each other following last week’s grand prix?

That’s for you to decide in our latest caption competition. Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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135 comments on “Caption Competition 127: Hamilton and Vettel”

  1. Lewis: “when we get to Spa, just don’t decide to chop me on the Kemmel straight. You know, like this.”

    Sebastian: “Okay Mika.”

    1. @craig-o Ricardo Zonta moment!

    2. Lewis: Corner 3 I was like “Gettin’ Jiggy with it”.
      Vettel: Na Na Na Na Na,,,,, Yo.

    3. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
      22nd April 2017, 20:21

      Hopefully I have chopsticks down before Japan

    4. Look at the state of my nails dude think I need a manicure

  2. Hamilton’s air disc-jockey act fails to convince Vettel.

    1. nice one

  3. “And then the referee booked me for diving into the pits”.

  4. Hamilton challenges Vettel to a Red-Hands & Stare-Out match to obtain the Triple-Clown.

  5. Filippo Peverini
    22nd April 2017, 12:00

    Your “Walk like an Egyptian” moves need a bit of work, like this..

  6. Hey Macarena

  7. Well if u were directly below him, how could u see him?
    Because I was inverted.

    1. Very good

    2. Evil Homer (@)
      22nd April 2017, 14:27

      Nice Maverick 👍

  8. When I pick up chicks at clubs I like to use this move.

  9. “And when I got this close to Valteri, they told him to move.”

  10. LH “My teammate moves out the way the same as yours now!”

    1. “Bottas was here, and I was here, then we just switched.”

    2. Good one.

  11. After that, all I saw was your rear end!

  12. Lewis: “Will you be my teammate next year? Toto promises equal treatment.”
    Seb: “I don’t believe you.”

  13. Lewis: “Doesn’t Bernie look shorter now he’s no longer in charge? I swear he can’t be taller than this”

    1. Good one :)

  14. Vettel: ‘explain to me how you could have won that race?
    Hamilton: *using hands to demonstrate* ‘so you see, if i deduct the 5 second penalty, I would have been 5 seconds behind you, and passed you to win’
    Vettel: ‘riiiiiggggght’

  15. After a show of hands, Vettel is still unsure of what Mercedes has up their sleeves.

    1. Nice :-)

      1. Could be a winner….

  16. That little kid in the Red Bull is fast becoming a pain in the backside isn’t he?

  17. LH: Gotta take it easy for the new polish to dry now. Those racing gloves mess up the gloss…
    SV: You don’t say!

  18. “… And that’s how I overtake my Finn. How about yours ?”
    “Nah, he’s never in front…”

    1. @tanga You’re right! He was only stuck behind him for like 10 laps 2 races ago.

      1. It’s just a joke. Keep cool

      2. It’s a bit of fun… chill Winston. *sigh

    2. So good

  19. Lewis : “So this is how I overtook Valtteri”

    Seb : “Mbwahh, that was easy, Mark was never make it easy”

  20. “It’s time to get schwifty”

  21. Lewis: “Wanna start a Mexican wave?”

    Seb: “Wrong grand prix.”

  22. Despite sharing the podium, there still appeared to be a gulf between Lewis and Sebastian…

  23. Seb: “Dude, please, you were never that close!”

  24. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    22nd April 2017, 13:28

    Vettel remains unconvinced of Hamilton’s acting chops in the run-up to Liberty Media’s new F1 venture, “The Fresh Prince of Gulf Air”.

  25. petebaldwin (@)
    22nd April 2017, 13:30

    What happened to Stroll this time!?

  26. LH – the brittish public only like me upto here!!!

    SV. – Try paying your taxes bud !!!

    1. Not sure if the swiss public like Vettel for paying his taxes. :X

  27. Lewis: You want to what I have done to my nails…

    1. Lewis: You want to see what I have done to my nails…

      1. Mercedes made their drivers remove their nails to reduce unnecessary weight.

  28. Lewis: if you have a go at it make sure you take both of you out so i can go through? yes? no? i tried!

  29. “So I come up behind Bottas and the team gets on the radio and says “Hey, Nico … er … Bottas, let Lewis by! Hahaha!!”

  30. Seb: How do you manage the singing and racing careers both?
    Hamilton: They are similar man. This can be overtaking as well as DJing

  31. LEWIS: Fernando tells me that at Indy their going this close, side by side, at over 230mph.
    SEB: Using hybrid power?
    LEWIS: Nah man, they’ve got proper engines that still sound good.

    1. “Well, now you can go to a grand prix and keep your hands here without having to cover your ears for fear of damaging your hearing. Doesn’t that, like, spoil everything?”

    2. “Well, now you can go to a grand prix and keep your hands here without having to cover your ears for fear of damaging your hearing. Doesn’t that, like, spoil everything?”

      1. Sorry for the double post. A case of chubby fingers versus damn small buttons on my phone…

  32. It’s all about the champagne. Hover your hands above an open bottle and you’re drawn to it. Podiums guaranteed!

  33. Evil Homer (@)
    22nd April 2017, 14:31

    “A rap album…. really? Go offline for a couple of months………”

  34. Lewis I am feigning interest in your DJ mixing abilities.

  35. Unlike Nico, Valterri doesn’t freak out when I get this close.

  36. Travis Humphery (@)
    22nd April 2017, 15:20

    And then I slowed him down like this…

  37. Lewis: “So, Dan was behind me in the pits and I thought it would be funny if I held him up”
    Seb: “….”
    Lewis: “I got a penalty and lost the race… but you should have seen the look on Dan’s face!”

  38. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    22nd April 2017, 15:24

    Lewis: “Thanks man! Yeah it’s just shea butter and a little argan oil”

  39. Carlos Patrão
    22nd April 2017, 15:26

    Wax on.
    Wax off.

    1. Winner for me

  40. Yeah Seb, my right hand does know what my left hand is doing…see?

  41. This is how I massage Toto, and then he rewards me with team orders.

  42. SV – “Are you nervous that your new team mate will beat you?”
    LH – “No, see …… hands aren’t shaking at all”

  43. Lewis, getting in Seb’s head: “Remember that time in Sochi when Daniil gave you a nice double shunt? Do you think that will happen again this year?”

    Seb: “Are you serious, man? Obviously I remember.”

  44. “So they were just next to each other, like…”
    “Yeah, two desert seagulls!”

    1. This is great.

    2. Excellent

  45. “I love my new team mate, he let me through just like that…” Lewis

  46. “I’m still faster. Let’s try some red hands and I’ll show you.”
    “No need, I can see it’s not just your hands that are red.”

  47. …and he was rubbing in the suntan oil when i mistakenly said a little higher, Nico.

  48. Lewis: “Seb on the first lap you were flying like a falcon and by the last lap there was big ‘Gulf of Air’ between you and me”

  49. LH: “No, cause you see my jaw is not even, so I shave the right hand side a bit higher…. Like this… see… It makes it even, right?”
    SV: “Yea…..ah, I guess…”

  50. “So what was the plan with Nico anyway”
    “I just would have moved a little like this on his overtake”

    1. anyway?*

    2. (I could almost believe it with Vettel’s expression)

  51. Lewis : … And that’s how you do the ‘Ketchup Song’ dance step Seb!

  52. “Remember the days before everything relied on aerodynamic grip, when we could race like this?”

  53. Ham: There are similarities Seb, like moving the LP. The sound is not the same, but yeah, you got to be smooth.
    Seb: Oh men, another bites the dust

  54. Lewis: … This race shows the problem Fernando will face at Indy car. It’s only at the start of an F1 race when you get cars off the straight at high speed wheel to wheel while braking with one each side of the racing line right through the apex, then accelerating. At Indy car you do that at every corner …

  55. Side by side on an oval sounds dangerous, Seb. But I guess Alonso doesn’t have a career in music to fall back on like me.

  56. LH: I tell you it was a real overtake, I passed him like this …
    SV: Ha ha, that was team orders man, who are trying to kid.

  57. Lewis: you put you right hand out first then you put your left hand out and shake it all about and you turn your self around, then you put your right foot out first then put your left foot out and shake them all about and turn ourself around and that you do the hokey pokey.

  58. As FOM tries to bring back the success of the early 00’s, they introduce the Las Ketchup song Asereje at the end of race celebrations

  59. W (@vishnusxdx)
    22nd April 2017, 19:15

    “Maybe we should just level the top 2 podium spots…”
    “Uuh bwoah I don’t know, Lewis”

  60. Lewis – This is how I DJ..
    Seb – No I was asking if you heard about VJ

  61. Lewis – I am really a good DJ.
    Seb – I don’t believe you.
    Lewis – No really, this is how I wacka wacka wacka ….

  62. Lewis: so I did this really cool pass on Valterri…
    Seb: oh, I couldn’t tell. Obviously my mirrors are kind of small and obviously they vibrate a lot. But I think you were too far back anyway…

  63. Hamilton “And I was here and Danny Ric was here so I backed him up a bit and took a 5 second penalty”
    Vettel “worth it to not have to do a shoey”

    1. hahahha

  64. Antoon van Gemert
    22nd April 2017, 20:37

    Lewis: “Abracadabra Sim Sala…….?”
    Sebastian: “……..Bim?”

  65. You should be feeding your dogs with a food that has a stomach calming effect

  66. “Can you feel the heat coming off this bottle?”

  67. HAM: “I could have pulled up alongside you.”
    VET: “What are you on about, mate? You’re in a Merc!”

  68. So I cut down on my throttle, turn tight and I’m on your 6 o’clock. Saw you trying to shake me off throught that chicane but I stick behind like a glue. I though I had you cold when I realised I got no guns on my ship.

  69. Laying the pizza is the most important part, you should do like this, and this, and this…

  70. Hamilton: this is how Sainz destroyed the car of stroll
    Vettel: seriously? What’s up with this rookies?

  71. Lewis: I thought I seen your floor moving on the straight?
    Seb: ehhh….

  72. LH:……..and he cuts me off just like that .”

    SV: “Kids ! they’ve got no respect, shouldn’t be allowed in F1 till they’re 25 at least.

    LH: ” Yes, that’s what I’ve been telling Toto”.

  73. Ham : When Fernando was my team mate , he taught me that you always gotta leave this much space.
    Vet : Do you think there is any Champagne in his garage ?

  74. LH: …but Ferrari let Kimi come back, why not Alonso?
    SV: Come on Lewis, let me enjoy my podium.
    LH: I’m just sayin…
    SV: Please, he couldn’t even beat a rookie, and that was ten years ago.

  75. MarcSaunders
    23rd April 2017, 0:11

    Lewis: “We are so close but at the end of the season I will be the champion”

  76. Lewis: “…and I mix up my music like this…”
    Seb: *How do I explain him that I don’t care*

  77. Lewis explaining what trickery he did on pit lane, Vettel in awe after not thinking about it first.

  78. “I’m not even thinking about the championship, Seb. Just taking it one race at a time…”

  79. LH: Let me demonstrate how it is with my hands. My right hand is me, my left hand is you. See how my right hand is higher than my left hand, so I win.
    SV: Yeh whatever.

  80. If you ever get beside me, i gonna bump you off like I did Nico.

  81. Lewis entertains Vettel by performing his own adaptation of the Sainz-Stroll crash.

  82. I know I said I wanted to fight but if you could just stay behind like this far?

  83. Vet: “Ah, I see.. already doing Tai Chi to calm your anger down? Arrivabene sent me to a Tai Chi course after my fallout with Charly…for, you know, anger management”
    Ham: “Uhm, naah, I was just thinking I it is time for a manicure again”

    1. sorry for the “I” that is too much

  84. LH: “I’ll show this magic trick see – one minute I’m behind my teammate, the next minute I’m in front of him! Magic!”

    SV: “That’s not magic! It’s called unspoken number one status.. which is actually really handy for making sure your teammate disappears.”

  85. Seb – “Lewis, you need to stop going for manicures before races”

  86. racer69 (@matthewstephens)
    23rd April 2017, 8:24


    “Erm they’re both your hands Lewis”

  87. Spoken to the other guys. We are going to let Button win Monaco to annoy Alonso. So we both drive like this…

  88. and then NICO’S HIT ME, Nico’s just hit me.
    SV: arhhh he’s retired now mate…, you. really. need. to. let. this. go.

  89. Seb: You look shaky Lewis
    Lewis: Yeah, this “Rose Water Lifestyle” ain’t good for me

  90. “Yeah? Well, I was only THIS tall when I won MY first championship!”

  91. Lewis-“So, I’m right next to Bottas in the middle of overtaking him, and he blows me a kiss!”
    Seb-“You too!”

  92. If you no longer leave a gap, you are no longer a 2nd driver

  93. Lewis” Hey Seb what do you think about my new nail Polish color”

    Seb” Bwoah…

  94. They told me, multi 444, I didn’t understand at first…

    1. Well, just realised v
      valterri’s number is 77, erase this from your memories

  95. Lewis: “Toto would love you to join us next year – and he hates issuing team orders. Me too. However, if we’re side by side – but I’m faster – he will. ”
    Seb: “Whaaaaaat?!?!?”

  96. Lewis: So the guy tells Bieber, “you gotta be this tall to ride”.

    Seb: I thought he was grounded????

  97. LH: “then i turn on HAMMERTIME, the team tells bottas to move over and off i go”

  98. “And Sainz just steams up the inside like he wasn’t there!”

  99. Hamilton: You passed me in that first corner when I wasn’t looking!
    Vettel: All right, the next time I’ll flash my headlights.

  100. Hamilton have big experience now

  101. Sea-vet: Macarena huh?

    Lewis: No. This is the “Ketchup” dance.

  102. Daniel Stocco
    27th April 2017, 12:19

    It was a Saturday in Hungary 2007. I was here. Fernando was there.

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