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Pictures: Alonso’s first IndyCar test


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Fernando Alonso tested an IndyCar for the first time today at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Here are the first pictures of Alonso preparing for his Indianapolis 500 debut later this month.

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  • 10 comments on “Pictures: Alonso’s first IndyCar test”

    1. Awesome driver with an awesome helmet in a very fast ugly car. Looking forward to this!

    2. He looks happy there.

      1. Be prepared for GP2 engine GP2 engine aargh ..

        1. Shouldn’t that be “Indy Lights engine”?

    3. Love the helmet and McLaren Orange. He did great for the temps and track condition.

    4. Wow that is one cool helmet

    5. Why did he change his helmet design? I think his F1 helmet is pretty iconic so no point to change it and it looks better than this.

    6. Thanks for the pictures :)

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