Sergio Perez, Force India, Circuit de Catalunya, 2017

2017 Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Pictures from practice for the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix.

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16 comments on “2017 Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. I don’t really get the point of the driver’s letters on their cars. What was the point of the personalised driver numbers then? Seems a bit redundant, and I wasn’t aware it was an issue for the fans.
    Also the mandated changes regarding the number displays is odd as well. The Ferrari looks really odd with the white, and the Mercedes numbers bland in more with the car than they did before. All in all, strange set of rules .

    1. It makes it more accessible for casual viewers who don’t know the driver numbers is my best guess.

  2. I hope this season becomes more competitive with more teams getting involved. At the moment it looks like it is just Vettell who is getting close. It will be interesting to see how McLaren reacts to Fernando Alonso’s ultimatum the other day a well. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  3. Torro Rosso, FI and to some an extent Redbull and Merc have there numbers on the front so “high up” the nose (where is becomes parallel to the ground) you can not see them head on.

    1. Spot the number on the FI in the side on view…. TR’s font looks very small….

    2. I could barely make out Force India’s numbers on the side pods. It looks like those are just as flat.

  4. Has the merc had a nosejob too? That nose looks a lot slimmer than before!

    I think they have pretty much replaced the whole car!!

  5. What a stunning grid of cars we have this year.

    Also I notice a new helmet for Sainz.

  6. I like the REALLY BIG NUMBERS, a lot. Ferrari’s are a nice retro effort and a big improvement on the illegible ones they had before.
    Teams who put them out of sight should lose one set of tyres and the use of DRS. I’ll include Mercedes in that to Improve The Show.

    1. Tommy Scragend
      12th May 2017, 16:01

      I don’t see the point of putting the numbers so high up that you can’t see them head on, on some cars. I can get that where there are sponsors, they’d rather have the sponsors visible than the number (FI, Red Bull maybe), but on some cars (Mercedes, Toro Rosso) there’s a big blank space lower down the nose where the number could easily have gone.

    2. Is that all, may l suggest no tyres at all and one engine has to last three years?

  7. Nice Marlboro chevron on the sharkfin for Ferrari ;)

  8. I think McLaren has a very bad designer team -> does anyone agree?

    1. To say the least, they’ve lost it completely

  9. The nose on the Force India looks much better now they’ve added that bit of pink in the gap to make the holes look more like nostrils

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