Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2017

2017 Spanish Grand Prix grid

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton will start the Spanish Grand Prix from pole position with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel alongside on the front row.

Row 1Lewis Hamilton 1’19.149
Sebastian Vettel 1’19.200
Row 2Valtteri Bottas 1’19.373
Kimi Raikkonen 1’19.439
Row 3Max Verstappen 1’19.706
Red Bull
Daniel Ricciardo 1’20.175
Red Bull
Row 4Fernando Alonso 1’21.048
Sergio Perez 1’21.070
Force India
Row 5Felipe Massa 1’21.232
Esteban Ocon 1’21.272
Force India
Row 6Kevin Magnussen 1’21.329
Carlos Sainz 1’21.371
Toro Rosso
Row 7Nico Hulkenberg 1’21.397
Romain Grosjean 1’21.517
Row 8Pascal Wehrlein 1’21.803
Marcus Ericsson 1’22.332
Row 9Jolyon Palmer 1’22.401
Lance Stroll 1’22.411
Row 10Stoffel Vandoorne 1’22.532
Daniil Kvyat 1’22.746
Toro Rosso

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10 comments on “2017 Spanish Grand Prix grid”

  1. 1) Alonso :O
    2) Bottas has the measure of Hamilton, easily lost 3 tenths at the exit of the chicane.
    3) Considering the Mercedes is quicker in the final sector I hope Vettel jumps Hamilton at the start so that we see a close battle on the main straight.

    1. But it’s Lewis on pole! His 64th!

    2. I think in the final run in Q3 the Ferrari was quicker in S1, but the Mercs were dominating in S3, which should make the run in to the DRS zone fun.

  2. Macca the slowest car? not in a real world :)

  3. Sviatoslav (@)
    13th May 2017, 14:30

    Unfortunately, Ferrari seems the fastest car on track. Vettel was much faster than Hamilton until the last sector.

    1. Faster only on certain parts of the track, the sectors were shared between Bottas, Hamilton and Raikkonen at one point, which clearly shows the strengths of the two cars and also the driver is making the final difference.
      Its great to see.

      1. At less than 1/10th difference between the top four cars, the difference is not phenomenal between cars or drivers. Tomorrow is going to be about pace, tire ware, and strategy.

  4. Great quali session overall. Almost nothing between the Ferrari and the Mercs. Kimi disappointed again after a promising start to the weekend. Alonso showing why he’s still F1’s top dog.

  5. I think Vandoorne must raise his game quickly. I know how good FA is, but the gap is way too big

  6. Hey! You took away the position numbers! Why? That was one of the things I preferred about your page over others!

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