Jean Todt, Circuit of the Americas, 2016

Todt seeking third term as FIA president

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In the round-up: Jean Todt will seek a third term as the president of the FIA, Formula One’s governing body.

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Keeping the body active 😇

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Comment of the day

A theory on Alonso’s early break down in first practice:

McLaren-Honda are clearly sandbagging; they can complete a few laps, but don’t want to show their hand so soon.

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  • 30 comments on “Todt seeking third term as FIA president”

    1. Neil (@neilosjames)
      13th May 2017, 0:28

      No doubt everyone eligible to vote in the FIA election will be eagerly anticipating a postage stamp dropping through their letterbox with a long list of Mr. Todt’s many accomplishments as President.

      1. I’ve just done a search, trying to find out what Jean Todt has done while with the FIA. I can’t find anything except heading a group that promotes smart technologies for cars. That’s it. When you look up Max Mosley, you can find a huge list. So… what HAS Todt done over the course of 2 terms? Anyone?

        1. The real value of a president is the number of crises and disasters they avert, not the number of destabilising changes they’ve made.
          And unfortunately they don’t publish those.

          1. Money for Nothing – Dire Straits

    2. COTD, nearly choked on my toast. Short but sweet. Congratulations @flig .

      1. Thanks @hohum , @phylyp . As the translated saying goes – “I laugh so as not to cry”. Sad to see Alonso and McLaren in this situation. Thanks for my first COTD, Keith.

    3. The Spanish GP will probably see very low attendance this year.

      1. The stands on Fp2 were alright. I’d say I wouldn’t come out to watch the new 2018 Mercedes lap the field.

    4. Bob Fernley makes a very good point. They pay for those engines because of its advantages, but if Mercedes then goes and helps Honda with their engine so McLaren can steal points off Force India, there’s a very big conflict of interests.

      Force India doesn’t get help from Mercedes to develop their chassis, so why should Honda receive help for their engines? I had not thought of that, it’s a very reasonable argument.

      1. Soooo… force India would prefer if Mercedes simply sold McLaren their engines, which is the alternative.

        1. Of course. At least McLaren wouldn’t have a few 100 million dollars lying around which they could invest in the chassis.

      2. It is a very interesting point. However, you could make the argument that Mercedes playing nice with other engine manufactures in return for continuing to support an engine formula where Mercedes still have an advantage might be beneficial. For Honda, Renault and Ferrari voting for radically a radically new engine formula is a chance for them to dethrone Mercedes as the best engine supplier. However, by introducing new regulations again they could end up in a situation similar to 2014 where Mercedes is head and shoulders above the other engine suppliers. By appeasing the other manufacturers and allowing them to close the gap, they’re less likely to vote for radically different rules to disadvantage Mercedes as they’re essentially gambling on the fact that they won’t end up in the same situation as 2014. Ferrari aren’t so outspoken about the power unit regulations now theirs is competitive.

        The information Mercedes give to Honda should help them improve the engine, but it will most likely be some way behind the Mercedes engine even after the assistance. Although McLaren has talked up their chassis, the idea that they’d be winning or competitive with an engine comparable in performance to that of the Mercedes is still a fantasy.

        Mercedes in a way is protecting all their customer teams by trying to ensure they continue to have the best power unit.

        1. Well said @aqualyn, I understand the argument by Fernley @fer-no65, but as illustrated by @selbbin, it is a short term view of F1, and may be costly in the medium term future already.

        2. @aqualyn @bosyber that’s an equally good point! very well thought too. Just goes to show how difficult things have become to everyone involved.

      3. Good point by Fernley.
        I’m sure they struggled with their decisions in the past to switch from Ferrari to Mercedes and when picking up the McLaren (!) gearbox in 2008 :p

        1. @f1-liners, Force India had more than just a customer supply deal with McLaren for their gearboxes – they had a joint research and development agreement with them, which I believe Mercedes also indirectly supported through McLaren.

      4. Mercedes wanted to help Renault in 2015 get competitive and rumour I heard was they did actually help them and certainly the 2016 PU was far more reliable than the 2015 disaster. Mercedes are just extending the same offer to Honda, Force India are just worried that they will be knocked back on the grid due to a more competitive Mclaren.

        It’s good seeing the top manufacturer reaching out to help other manufacturers get competitive.

    5. @flig – beautiful COTD! :-)

      1. +1 COTD cracked me up

    6. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      13th May 2017, 3:07

      Am I the only one who can’t get over just how much Todt resembles Master Yoda?

      1. @tophercheese21 – Hehe, maybe a slightly updated avatar for @ben-n is in order?

    7. Its great to see the drivers getting involved and showing support in f1 volunteers day.

      13th May 2017, 7:36

      I’ll say it:
      Why does a billion dollar industry need unpaid volunteers to run their show?

      Yes, grassroots motorsport is run on coffee and sammiches, I’ve stood many a rainy hour back in my day on an intersection with my hiviz vest stopping cars not driving on to the rally sprint stage, but F1 is a different world.

    9. The 35-year-old is flying straight to America after the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday

      His flight is scheduled to take off at 14:05 :)

    10. Mr Blatter…sorry Mr Todt, you have had your time. You are part of the problem not the solution. Fresh face fresh ideas please !!!

    11. All that money and the sport relies on volunteers, makes me sick.
      The next time the teams sit round arguing over how many millions more they are entitled to they should think about that.

    12. Force India have a point there. Their funds help Mercedes to constantly invest resources to make the engine better. Now if they were to supply Force India’s rival with engine information, it definitely wouldn’t help Force India’s cause.

      To be honest, I’m against Mercedes helping Honda as well. Heck, if you can’t cut it at this level of motorsport, then leave. You can’t sit out with a begging bowl and expect the FIA to change rules to help you because you’re poor at your job.

    13. Todt should go back as Ferrari team boss, he was better in that role than as FIA president.

    14. Evil Homer (@)
      13th May 2017, 14:51

      Todt has to go, the guy is like a cancer (sorry to say that) but like BE the sooner he goes F1 can move forward for the positive.

      I would vote for Keith or Joe Saward much sooner !!

      1. The realist in me thinks the next FIA president might be Luca de Montezemolo or Ron Dennis (Ha!!!).

        The cynic in me expects the next FIA president to be Vijay Mallya.

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