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Fernando Alonso resumed preparations for his Indianapolis 500 debut on Monday in the first practice session for this year’s race.

Practice continued yesterday and he will have three more days of running before the qualifying begins on Saturday. The grid will be set in the final qualifying session on Sunday.

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19 comments on “Pictures: Alonso continues Indianapolis 500 preparations”

  1. So does Alonso have to have the rookie day-glo strip on his car just for practice, or for quali and the race too?

    On another note, I’m loving Castroneves’ new look, white and gold.

    And its still weird seeing Dixon in blue. It’s the Indycar equivalent to Williams racing in red in 98 and 99!

    1. I believe it’s on for quali (admittedly not needed since cars are alone) and the race too.

    2. It is required for all activities, including the race.

    3. What glo strip?!

  2. Scott Dixon in blue reminds me of his first win in CART. I’m gonna say Nazareth, 2001, driving for PacWest. And he was the youngest winner in Indycar at that point. If I’ve got all that right I’m a genius. I’m gonna have to go check it now…

    1. Bang, all correct. 20 years old, his third race in CART. This Unicron guy is so cool.

      1. ^5.

        Bonus points because I know you can’t edit posts on F1 Fanatic.

  3. Uh oh Alonso, Montoya has that “bring it on” look in his eyes.

    1. Yeah, fire in the belly of the guy that never cracked under Schumacher’s pressure.

    2. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      18th May 2017, 1:09

      I believe that’s a hereditary trait when you’re from Colombia and Venezuela, you need to be a kingpin in everything you do.

    3. It looked more like hungover eyes bothered by people taking photos.

  4. That dw12 sure is one ugly car.

    1. And F1 Shark Fins and T Wings are beautiful…

      1. I like the sharkfins tbh. Didn’t mind the t wings either but agree the bigger biplane ones like Current Ferrari style are a bit Silly. However the dw12 Is just plain ugly. The truck-meets-gokart rear, Formula e front tyres…. jeeesh

  5. Racerdude7730
    17th May 2017, 22:10

    It is an ugly car but 2018 will be better. This is the 2018 super speedway car. The high downforce car will be reviled next week. No air box on the new car or rear bumpers

    1. Racerdude7730
      17th May 2017, 22:15

      From what I hear it will be a throwback to the 1990’s CART cars everyone loved with simple front wings no air box no bumpers and be a groundeffects based car sorta along these lines

    2. I believe they may still run the rear bumpers on ovals to prevent the sort of relatively minor wheel to wheel contact between cars doing similar speeds that has sent cars flying in the past.

      They also have the added benefit on the ovals of improving the racing by punching a larger hole in the air & allowing a much greater slipstream which has generated the sort of back & forth slingshot passes we have seen at Indy & the other bigger ovals since 2012.

  6. Fukobayashi (@)
    18th May 2017, 10:06

    Alonso looks in his element here. I reckon if he doesn’t manage to win it he will do a full season of Indy next year, im sure McLaren would rather that than lose him to another team.

  7. I will be very interested in seeing how Fernando holds up over the entire race.

    Minimum time is 2.5 hours with no cautions, which is a significant step up on the hortest (time) high speed F1 race @ about 1.5 hours.

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