2017 Spanish GP team radio transcript

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s Spanish Grand Prix victory owed a lot to the strategic calls which played out on the radio as well as a well-timed pit stop during a Virtual Safety Car period.

Here’s what the drivers and their teams had to say during the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2017 Spanish Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR To Daniil Kvyat

All OK for temperatures, Danny.
PR From Lewis Hamilton Ricky I need some info on wind direction because it’s in different places.
PR To Lewis Hamilton

Confirm it’s quite strong, looks tailwind into nine most of the time.
2 From Felipe Massa I touched my corner, I don’t know if I have a problem. I think I have a problem. Puncture.
2 To Felipe Massa

OK, copy that, box.
2 To Max Verstappen

Checking the tyres mate at the moment. I will keep you posted.
2 From Max Verstappen It’s the suspension.
2 To Max Verstappen

OK if you have suspension damage then… Can you bring it home Max?
2 From Max Verstappen Yep.
4 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Pace is good Stoff you’re matching Magnussen, he’s P8.
4 From Nico Hulkenberg I think I could go faster but the dirty air is crazy.
6 From Kimi Raikkonen OK somebody hit me from the rear and I broke steering.
7 From Lewis Hamilton It’s not easy to keep up with him.
7 From Lewis Hamilton Tag two right now.
7 To Lewis Hamilton

OK, copy.
7 From Lewis Hamilton It’s not easy to keep up with him, though.
8 To Fernando Alonso

Fernando, how much do you think you are being held up?
8 From Fernando Alonso Yeah, a lot.
9 To Valtteri Bottas

So Valtteri, the most important thing at the moment is if we can pick the pace up.
10 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis you are target minus five. Current lap: nine.
10 To Jolyon Palmer

Try to pick up the pace a bit Jo if you can.
10 From Jolyon Palmer I’m pushing.
12 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis this is a critical time of the race, give it everything you’ve got. I know you’re pushing hard.
12 From Lewis Hamilton Leave me to it, Bono.
12 To Sebastian Vettel

Hamilton has been told to push at the limit.
13 To Kevin Magnussen

Come on you’re doing a very good job so far.
13 To Lewis Hamilton

Give us a balance check when you can.
13 From Lewis Hamilton OK.
14 From Lewis Hamilton What’s going on guys?
14 To Lewis Hamilton

We’re just keeping an eye on our pit wondow. Just keep doing what you’re doing, need that gap as small as possible, you’re doing a great job.
15 To Fernando Alonso

And 100% pace.
15 From Carlos Sainz Jnr He pushed me off.
15 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

We have seen it. He pushed you.
16 To Sebastian Vettel

Very good lap, keep your head down.
16 To Lewis Hamilton

This is the opportunity Lewis, give it everything you’ve got.
17 To Kevin Magnussen

We saw what happened in the garage. We have reported to the stewards. Give us more details Kevin.
17 From Kevin Magnussen He just went on the grass. He’s crazy. He could have taken us both out.
17 To Kevin Magnussen

Yeah understood calm down, calm down, please calm down. We are reporting to the stewards. We saw everything. It’s pretty clear.
18 From Nico Hulkenberg What kind of strategy are we on now? A?
18 To Nico Hulkenberg

Plan A, still plan A.
19 From Lewis Hamilton Can give it more if you need, but…
19 To

Surely this is not a good time.
19 To Lewis Hamilton

We are creating opportunities later in the race, Lewis.
20 From Lewis Hamilton The rears are loose, for sure. Possibly coming back a little bit but rears are the weak point, fronts are OK.
20 To Lewis Hamilton

OK, copy, thanks for the info.
21 To Valtteri Bottas

So currently thinking target plus eight.
21 From Valtteri Bottas Yeah I can do plus eight but it’s going to be really slow. Front-left is going.
21 To Valtteri Bottas

Copy the message.
21 To Sebastian Vettel

Hamilton lap time 26.4. Reporting his rear tyres are going off a little bit.
22 To Daniel Ricciardo

Let’s get stuck into this set.
23 From Lewis Hamilton How far ahead is Vettel?
23 To Lewis Hamilton

Vettel currently seven-and-a-half seconds ahead. We’re on the medium tyre, we’re going to have opportunities at the end.
24 From Lewis Hamilton Is this a longish or short stint? Let me know.
24 To Lewis Hamilton

This is a long stint, we’re going to be target plus 15. Valtteri has stayed out, Vettel tucked up behind him at the minute.
27 To Sebastian Vettel

Very good lap, keep it there, keep your head down.
27 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Good lap, Stoff, good lap.
27 From Lewis Hamilton What time did he do, Vettel last.
27 From Lewis Hamilton Do I need to hold on to him?
27 To Lewis Hamilton

Yep you should be able to match his pace and then tyre deg will help you close in.
27 From Lewis Hamilton Understood.
28 To Stoffel Vandoorne

How is the tyre? Is this pace sustainable?
28 From Stoffel Vandoorne It’s OK. The rears are going away but we have tyo see. I’ll try my best.
30 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK for info starting to get more tailwind now now heading into turn four.
30 From Daniel Ricciardo Thanks for the heads-up on the wind.
31 From Nico Hulkenberg The Sauber will be a problem.
31 To Nico Hulkenberg

Yep we need to pass that car.
31 To Lewis Hamilton

So need to be matching Vettel’s time and then we need to be closing the gap.
31 From Lewis Hamilton How am I going to close the gap with this tyre, guys?
32 To Lewis Hamilton

Vettel will be on the medium at the end of the race so you’ll be inverted on tyres. Just do what you can.
32 From Lewis Hamilton I’m trying, man.
33 To Lewis Hamilton

25.5, he’s coming up on five backmarkers.
34 From Lewis Hamilton Hey man these guys need to be careful. Guys let me past in a safe place.
34 To Lewis Hamilton

OK copy.
34 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis if you cancel the RS magic we’ll use it later in the race.
35 From Felipe Massa Well unbelievable he pulled the car over on me man. That’s crazy.
35 To Felipe Massa

Yep understood. Everything OK with the car?
35 From Felipe Massa I don’t know. Felt a bit strange.
35 From Stoffel Vandoorne I crashed with Massa. Sorry.
35 From Daniil Kvyat Yeah it’s way too slow the Safety Car.
38 To Nico Hulkenberg

OK you pulled one second on the cars behind, there, good job.
38 From Lewis Hamilton That was dangerous.
38 From Lewis Hamilton I was more than half alongside him, he pushed me wide.
39 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel it’s yellow turn five and six, Bottas has stopped on track. He is on the track sideways. Caution turn six.
40 To Fernando Alonso

Nice lap, keep the pace up.
41 From Valtteri Bottas I’m out of power.
41 To Valtteri Bottas

So stop, stop, stop.
42 To Sergio Perez

Last lap Esteban three-tenths quicker. He’s eight second behind, in free air.
42 To Lewis Hamilton

Still good for overtake.
42 From Lewis Hamilton Leave me to it, Bono, please.
42 To Lewis Hamilton

43 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK Carlos try your best to overtake Wehrlein.
43 From Carlos Sainz Jnr OK leave me along now.
44 From Sebastian Vettel No chance. Like a train.
44 To Sebastian Vettel

Don’t give up. He will struggle with the tyres.
44 To Lewis Hamilton

Nice work, Lewis. Get in there.
46 From Lewis Hamilton I’ve got to get a certain distance away from him because he’s going to be quicker at the end.
46 To Lewis Hamilton

Go up on the diff, just think about looking after…
46 From Lewis Hamilton It’s a long way to go on this tyre guys. I need some advice, do I pull the gap or do I cool down. The rear’s already oveheating.
47 To Sebastian Vettel

His rear tyres are overheating,
47 From Sebastian Vettel That could have happened a few laps ago when he was behind me.
47 To Sebastian Vettel

Understood. Keep your head down, Sebastian.
47 To Fernando Alonso

This is good pace, let’s keep closing up on Ericsson.
48 From Lewis Hamilton It’s not easy to pull away from him.
50 To Fernando Alonso

Option and prime are closer in pace than expected. So we think Plan A still.
50 From Fernando Alonso If I have blue flags soon maybe we can take benefit.
50 To Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal we got a five second penalty. The gap 3.7 seconds so we have to push to stay ahead of Magnussen.
50 To Kevin Magnussen

Tell us about car balance. What can we do to go quicker?
50 From Kevin Magnussen Just let me drive.
51 To Sebastian Vettel

How about switching to Plan C?
51 From Sebastian Vettel Well, I don’t know. His tyres, doesn’t look like he’s pushing all out. But I guess there’s nothing more to do.
53 From Jolyon Palmer Yeah rear tyre overheating. Stuck behing Perez.
53 From Lewis Hamilton Which sectors look weak for me?
53 To Lewis Hamilton

It’s middle sector, a tenth off.
54 To Lewis Hamilton

Good job, keep building that gap. OK that’s a good target lap time. Gap now 2.7.
54 From Lewis Hamilton What’s your thinking?
54 To Lewis Hamilton

Two backmarkers ahead, we need to get through the quickly. We think Vettel might go for a three-stop so we need the gap to protect against it.
55 To Daniil Kvyat

OK Wehrlein still have five seconds penalty. Now they have opened the gap, we are above. We need to close the gap.
55 From Daniil Kvyat OK, leave me alone now.
55 To Romain Grosjean

You’re half second quicker than him first sector, we’re still struggling in the third sector.
55 From Romain Grosjean OK mate at the moment it’s the best I can do.
55 To Romain Grosjean

OK dude understood.
57 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis we need to keep this gap. This prevents Vettel from converting to three-stop, we can get to the end.
59 From Carlos Sainz Jnr Yeah as soon as I push one lap the tyres go away.
59 From Carlos Sainz Jnr I have less power now.
59 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Carlos we are on it.
61 From Sebastian Vettel Why does it have to be Massa all the time?
61 From Felipe Massa I think he must be afraid of me, man.
61 To Fernando Alonso

Nice work, let’s keep the pace up until the end
63 To Nico Hulkenberg

Scenario two please Nico.
63 From Nico Hulkenberg Really? It’s not the right time now.
65 To Daniil Kvyat

Potential puncture for Magnussen.
65 From Daniil Kvyat Yes.
65 To Daniil Kvyat

OK, bring it home.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

Get in there, Lewis. What a race mate. That was an awesome drive.
VL From Lewis Hamilton Guys, what can I say, fantastic job this weekend. Thanks you so much. Strategy was on point, pit stops, just all weekend. Really appreciate all the hard work, and back at the factory.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

Thanks Lewis, awesome drive today mate, really good moves.
VL To Sebastian Vettel

And P2 Sebastian. Strong race.
VL From Sebastian Vettel Grazie a tutti. Thanks.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job mate that’s P3. Good driving today.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo Thanks guys. Honey badger will take what he can get. Cheers.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Well done mate. Looked a bit lonely out there. Hopefully we’ll see more of the opposition in the coming races. Well done.
VL To Sergio Perez

Well doen Checo great job. P4 and P5, well done. Take the pick-up.
VL From Sergio Perez Good job guys. It’s been a hard weekend but good job, awesome job.
VL To Esteban Ocon

Well done guys. Awesome. Really good job for us. Congrats.
VL From Esteban Ocon Well done Esteban. P5. Good job mate.
VL To Nico Hulkenberg

Well done Nico, excellent job, well done mate.
VL To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Good job Carlos, P7.
VL From Carlos Sainz Jnr Yeah we took our chances there. Good job. Great job on the second one so congratulations for the mechanics. I have a surprise for you: [Speaks in Italian].
VL To Pascal Wehrlein

P8 at the end Pascal. Great race. Super.
VL From Pascal Wehrlein Good job. This was [unclear] with the car. Thank you very much. Perect strategy. Woohoo!
VL To Pascal Wehrlein

Only talk to us when it’s important! Great race.
VL From Pascal Wehrlein Just a shame about the pit stop but I was too late. I expected already something.
VL To Pascal Wehrlein

Yep no problem. Was a good job to beat Magnussen and the group behind.
VL To Daniil Kvyat

Very good job, I’m very happy about that point.
VL From Daniil Kvyat It’s two points, no?
VL To Daniil Kvyat

Yeah it is.
VL From Daniil Kvyat Thanks man, I am proud of you.
VL To Daniil Kvyat

Yep very good. I’m really happy. So the gap unfortunately was a bit too at the end. Wehrlein pushed at the end and opened the gap up. Never mind.
VL To Romain Grosjean

So P10, good job getting to the end.
VL From Romain Grosjean Good job everyone, good point. Difficult on the last set. Keep working, good job.
VL To Romain Grosjean

Good job.
VL To Marcus Ericsson

P11. The brake issue we’ll have to investigate.
VL From Marcus Ericsson Well done. Congratulations for the point.
VL To Marcus Ericsson

Thank you. Good team result.
VL From Felipe Massa Yeah OK. Very unfortunate, guys. So not so much to say. Again we lost a lot of points.
VL To Felipe Massa

Yeah we did. Given what happened to the cars in front, absoutely no reason why we couldn’t have finished fourth today. But on to Monaco. A whole different challenge.
VL To Jolyon Palmer

That’s the chequered flag. You finished in P15. Difficult race.
VL From Jolyon Palmer Yeah. I don’t get it.
VL To Lance Stroll

OK so another finish. A tough race, unfortunate at the end there. But another finish. Well done.
VL From Lance Stroll The medium was not working I just couldn’t push. I don’t know why. The whole race I had no grip.
VL To Lance Stroll

There was a group of five or six cars, Wehrlein, Kvyat, Grosjean ahead. During that stint on the medium we were gaining on them three or four tenths, then levelled out. It was pretty even

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

NB. Only messages heard during the race broadcast are included. Due to a technical problem some messages may have been omitted.

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Spanish Grand Prix data

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    18 comments on “2017 Spanish GP team radio transcript”

    1. I never got the whole ‘lewis had a perfectly timed pitstop during the VSC’. On TV the VSC ended as he got to the end of the pit lane entrance. So the effect must have been negligible.

      1. @sato113 Actually the message on the screen stated that the VSC was ending as Hamilton was entering his pit box. There is a random (up to 15 seconds?) delay from when the message says “VSC ending” to when it actually ends. I suspect that the VSC actually came to an end just when Hamilton was out of the pit box and running towards the pit lane exit.

        1. If you look at the TV when the VSC is on there is a yellow indicator. You will notice that it does indeed end just before he reaches his pit box. So he did not gain much advantage.

      2. He was 7.5 seconds behind Vettel during the VSC. When Vettel came out of the pits 1 lap after VSC ended, they were side by side. I wouldn’t call that “negligible”.

        1. http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/19387487/spanish-gp-fight-triumph-formula-one-2017-rule-change

          Hamilton’s out-lap on his fresh soft tyres was crucial in turning the tide against Ferrari and he delivered with truly awesome times in the middle sector (30.792s) and final sector (28.367). To put those figures in perspective, they were on the sort of pace that would have secured a place in Q3 during qualifying on Saturday despite Hamilton’s car being laden with half a tank of fuel for the rest of the race.

          Unsurprisingly, the two sector times were still the fastest of the race when the chequered flag fell 30 laps later and were nearly over a second quicker than the sector times from Hamilton’s official fastest lap two laps from the end. If they’d been combined with a first sector that didn’t involve exiting the pit lane, Hamilton’s theoretical fastest race lap would have been in the high 1:21s — a genuinely brilliant lap time for a car with that fuel load and one that would have been quick enough to secure pole position at last year’s Spanish Grand Prix.

          I think that the VSC had an effect, maybe 3-4 secs (still not negligible but not enough to decide the race), but the rest was down to a incredible out lap, one which I think was crucial in Hamilton winning the race.

    2. Leave me to it, Bono.
      I loved how Lewis replied to Bono, priceless.
      What can we say about Jolyon really, it feels like he is driving an F2 car in an F1 field, this guy should really improve if he is to stay in F1.

      1. and he still says please

    3. I think it’s time to get rid of radio communication and let the drivers use their own abilities.

      1. Oh god not this again.

        1. Yes Martin

          1. No Fran

    4. I’m missing Stroll’s transcript; “gasp, puff, gasp”

      1. Thats Hamilton

        1. Nah, thats: “huh, waz, wha? This visor is really dark, fell asleep on the straight”.

    5. This is a long stint, we’re going to be target plus 15. Valtteri has stayed out, Vettel tucked up behind him at the minute.

      Does that mean that Mercedes were intending to pit Hamilton just once without the virtual safety car? The fastest 2-stop strategy would have consisted of two longer stints on soft and a short stint on mediums. A long stint on mediums would only make sense if he’d gone for a 1-stop strategy.

    6. What is ‘ rs magic’ ??

      Heard it Durk f the race, brundle sounded intrigued but then then vandoorne side swiped massa and its like they forgot to discuss it.

      Could be nothing but I was curious.

      Lap 34

      1. **during the race

      2. IIRC, it’s a code for race start mode that gives extra boost.

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