Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Sochi Autodrom, 2017

Caption Competition 129: Verstappen in the cockpit

Caption Competition

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Was Red Bull’s Spanish Grand Prix upgrade not everything Max Verstappen was hoping for? That’s for you to decide in this weekend’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 96 comments on “Caption Competition 129: Verstappen in the cockpit”

    1. Damn it, ruined Q3 again.

    2. 98, 99, 100!!


      1. You can stop guys. We already have the winner

      2. Sundar Srinivas Harish
        20th May 2017, 12:14


      3. I’ll stop reading the other comments. Nothing can top that one

      4. Brilliant!

      5. Hahahaha brilliant :D

    3. Godverdomme!

    4. This helmet is on backwards

      1. knoxploration
        20th May 2017, 18:21

        I asked my eight-year old what his caption for the picture was and he said “Max Verstappen puts his helmet on backwards.” So it seems you’re in good company!

    5. Max couldn’t keep his hands off his helmet.

    6. Carlos Patrão
      20th May 2017, 12:00

      Did we get help from Honda?

    7. Dad signed up to work for my team? When will my quest for privacy ever end?!

    8. After all the Halo ideas being put forward, Verstappen demonstrates his low-budget idea.

      1. You beat me to it :P

    9. Even with a visor, Riccardo’s smile is still blindingly white

    10. Argh Dad, you’re so embarrassing!

    11. Verstappen reenacting Hamilton’s expression in last year’s Spanish Grand Prix

    12. “Oh God, now I have to stand up and everyone’s going to see the RedBull RompHim they’re making us wear.”

    13. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      20th May 2017, 12:40

      Max still rues his failure to catch that Charizard in Spain…

    14. Max Verstappen tests his new head protection idea.

    15. Daniel Ricciardo attempts to give Max Verstappen some advice… Max doesn’t want to know.

    16. To the Max !
      20th May 2017, 12:57

      Max believing Red Bull really gives him wings tries to hold himself down.

    17. Angry Birds Red Bull Edition

    18. If I duck down, maybe Marko won’t see me.

    19. “Damn it, Daniel, you glued it again !…”

      1. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
        20th May 2017, 14:43

        Hahahaha great

    20. Not funny guys…who put glue in my gloves?…Daniel? Is that you I hear snickering?

      1. Oops @miguelbento saw yours once I posted mine.

        1. No problems, yours is even funnier :-)

    21. Max realises he forgot to do his math homework again.

    22. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      20th May 2017, 13:36

      ‘Why did Bottas have to get that Mercedes seat?!”

    23. Must resist the temptation of trying 3 wide at turn one…….

    24. I can’t win this race, but I will win at hide-and-seek!

    25. “so the new engine is postponed until Hungary” [facepalm]

    26. Gimme a break.

    27. Gp2 engine, gp2 engine…

    28. “Justin Bieber’s doing the post-race concert?”

    29. Daddy, that little crying boy said it was my fault… Tell him Valtteri made me do it!

    30. “I’ve just insulted a country with 208 million people. I’ll never win DOTD.”

    31. “Argh! Can’t believe I left the keys in my other overalls!”

      1. Hahahaha, this one is great!

    32. Max Verstappen tries to get a meeting with Kimi Raikkonen.

    33. Lewis’ contract at Mercedes runs out at the end of 2018 … at exactly the same time as my contract at Red Bull runs out … I wonder if he’d like a few years at Red Bull?

    34. New Verstappen tactics : “If I can prove that I didn’t see any blue flags, I don’t need to let them pass right ?”

    35. I hate those Monaco simulations! Why can’t they have some grass you can drive over?

    36. The moment when you realize you left an embarrassing tab open on your browser.

    37. Close my visor. Driver of the day!

    38. In Spain, no one can hear you scream…

      1. knoxploration
        20th May 2017, 18:23

        Oh, nicely done!

    39. Max realising his Dad’s gonna be very cross after his Turn 1 crash.

    40. Paul (@frankjaeger)
      20th May 2017, 17:11

      There’s no place like Mercedes, There’s no place like Mercedes, There’s no place like Mercedes…

    41. Aaargh! Why didn’t I wait another year and go to Ferrari?

    42. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      20th May 2017, 17:13

      As Max demonstrated his idea for an alternative to the Halo, he could sense that there remained a few doubters.

    43. “It’s not you, it’s the car
      It’s not you, it’s the car
      It’s not you, it’s the car.”

      1. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
        20th May 2017, 18:40

        Hahahaha I guess he will always be “the child”, even 10 years from now.

    44. Red Bull… Honda?????

    45. OK… Here we go. Focus.
      Speed. I am speed.
      We got new update.
      Wait…, the update is useless.
      No, no, no, stay focused.

    46. Rob Sealbuster
      20th May 2017, 18:18

      I did not get to the finish because of the finnish

    47. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      20th May 2017, 18:58

      Max really wants a signed hat and his picture taken with Kimi.

    48. Clemens Wenners
      20th May 2017, 19:37

      Damn.. did I turn off the oven before I left?

    49. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…”

    50. Verstappen’s race engineer consults last year’s data in preparation for Monaco.

    51. Verstappen tries his hardest to visualise both Mercedes and Ferraris crashing at turn 4.

    52. They can rebrand my gloves to Tag Heuer, they still feel slowwww…

    53. Three wide in the first corner works every time.
      Three wide in the first corner works every time.
      Three wide in the first corner works every time.
      Three wide in the first corner works every time.

      1. Well. It was 2 wide before Räikkönen decided he needed to go left of Bottas. Max was already beside Kimi at that point. Wtach the onboard.

    54. Verstappen does his best impression of the kid from the Spanish GP

    55. Max had a bad vision of his gramma.

    56. Red Bull finally told Max they really are leaving F1 this time.

    57. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      21st May 2017, 2:49

      Teenage boys and their helmets.

    58. Please dad, don’t hit me again.

    59. When Helmut Marko opens his mouth…

    60. Daddy, I’m invisible!

    61. Max prepares for Monaco by memorising his previous races there.

    62. JungleMartin
      21st May 2017, 10:55

      Max wished that just for once he could switch off the Helmut audio.

    63. Verstappen reacts to seeing Bottas, Stroll, Vandoorne and Palmer challenging each other into turn 1

    64. Horner – “Max did you like the Renault upgrade?”

    65. Jos Verstappen asks his son if he wants to go to the swimming pool

    66. Where’s the Ferrariiii?
      Oh, there it iss!!!

    67. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      21st May 2017, 18:05

      Left, right, left, right, brake for turn 1

    68. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      21st May 2017, 18:22

      Oh no! Dad’s on the vodka Red Bull’s again

    69. MV: Daaaaad!!! What do you mean you got me into mclaren for 2018?????

    70. Why





    71. I am sitting in a Ferrari !
      I am sitting in a Ferrari !
      I am really sitting in a Ferrari !

    72. Mad Max into the Bone Dome

    73. Jason Jaxon
      22nd May 2017, 6:11

      Sheesh i hope they start the engine soon, I cant hold this fart in much longer!

    74. WOW!!! This is the best Samsung helmet that is not in markets with a special VR visor that can hold 5000 GB of space an…


      JOS: HURRY!! SOMEONE GET HIM A DUTCH APPLE PIE!!!! (PAUSE) A WHOLE ONE. Max: the next time you put this type of drama, ummm… I will call Andretti to swap rides with Rossi.

      MAX: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Oh Dad, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
      My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends…

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