No change in tyre choices for Hungarian GP

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Formula One’s official tyre supplier Pirelli will bring the same tyre selections to this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix that were used in 2016.

While softer tyre selections have been chosen for some races Pirelli has shied away from allocating the ultra-soft tyres for the race at the Hungaroring. The track was resurfaced at the beginning of last year.

The tyre choices for eight further races are yet to be announced.

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2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “No change in tyre choices for Hungarian GP”

    1. Again, a choice which I don’t understand. The tyres this year are already harder and yet they still hesitate on choosing the ultra-soft/supersoft/soft combination to some circuits like this for example. Baku definitely should have the softest possible combination for the reason of being a temporary circuit alone. Hopefully, they’ll choose ultra-soft instead of medium for Mexico.

    2. Mediums for Baku, Hungary, AND Silverstone? I don’t get that decision at all…

      1. @beejis60 I can still understand medium being chosen for Silverstone, but not for the other two you mentioned.

        1. @jerejj Hence my statement. They used to run hards at silverstone… so why the harder rubber for Hungary and Baku?

          1. @beejis60 ”so why the harder rubber for Hungary and Baku?” – Exactly what I’d like to know as well, LOL.

    3. people who wanted more durable tyres this year for flat out racing can’t complain about conservative tyre choices by pirelli. What difference does it make? The tyres will still be hard just as you wanted them to be.

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