2017 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript

2017 Monaco Grand Prix

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The Monaco Grand Prix was a frustrating affair for many drivers, as their radio messages revealed.

Many of them knew they were settling in for long races stuck behind cars they had little hope of passing. And, for some, even greater aggravation when they discovered their pit stop strategies had cost them positions.

For Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen, both fell victim to the fact that getting first priority on pit stop was, for once, not an advantage. They led the way for their teams in the opening phase of the race but making their pit stops first, which would ordinarily be an advantage, worked against them on this occasion.

Verstappen made his disappointment at losing a podium finish clear. But whatever Raikkonen’s reaction to losing a likely Monaco Grand Prix victory was, it wasn’t broadcast.

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Traffic was another major source of frustration. At one point Raikkonen complained Jenson Button ahead of him wasn’t being shown blue flags. Not for the first time for a driver in 2017, this turned out to be because Raikkonen wasn’t close enough to the backmarker to trigger them – the increased turbulence from the 2017 cars has made lapping considerably more difficult.

Before the race began Button received a special message from Fernando Alonso, whose seat he had taken for the race. After joking that he was going to “pee in your seat”, Button urged his former team mate to “stay safe” during the upcoming Indianapolis 500.

2017 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRFrom Lewis HamiltonThe rears are going to be overheating. I don’t know how long they’re supposed to last but they’ll definitely be overheated.
PRFrom Fernando AlonsoJenson, Jenson my friend, I am sure you wanted to hear my voice before starting the race. Just wishing you the best of luck, we follow you here on television. You did amazing yesterday.
PRFrom Jenson ButtonAh thank you.
PRFrom Fernando AlonsoTake care of my car.
PRFrom Jenson ButtonOK, I’m going to pee in your seat!
PRFrom Fernando AlonsoOh, no please, have fun. You did amazing yesterday.
PRFrom Jenson ButtonCheers man, and you buddy, have a good one.
PRFrom Fernando AlonsoAlright, thank you, good luck.
PRFrom Jenson ButtonCheers buddy, and you, stay safe.
5From Jenson ButtonIs that not unsafe becaus I had to lift in the pit lane? Not unsafe release?
6From Lewis HamiltonIt’s hard to get close to these guys.
6To Lewis Hamilton

Yeah, copy that Lewis. Just look after the car, look after the tyres. Our race comes later
6To Romain Grosjean

B C 10 when you can.
8To Sergio Perez

Checo how is the aero balance? We think there is small end plate damage.
9From Sergio PerezYes I feel a little damage. But it doesn’t change too much the balance.
10From Jenson ButtonYeah bit of a pain having Wehrlein in front but can’t do much about it. Think he’s starting to get deg already.
12To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico, are we being held up?
12From Nico HulkenbergA little bit. For sure if he wasn’t there could go quicker.
13To Max Verstappen

How’s our pace relative to Bottas, Max?
13From Max VerstappenWell, you can see.
16From Daniil KvyatThink his back is losing some oil.
16From Nico HulkenbergI have smoke out of the back of my car.
16To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico we have a major gearbox problem. Retire the car somewhere safely on the lap please Nico.
17From Esteban OconSmell oil in the car. All OK?
17To Esteban Ocon

Looks OK to use at the moment. Hulkemberg car in front with an engine problem.
22From Max VerstappenI think it’s alright.
22From Daniil KvyatI have inconsistent engine braking somehow.
24From Lewis HamiltonTyres seem OK. Grip’s poor. Car’s all over the place.
25From Marcus EricssonEvery time I push I almost go in the wall. So difficult to drive this car. No grip.
26From Kimi RaikkonenCome on, how close do I have to get?
26To Kimi Raikkonen

Still flashing blue at the minute Kimi, still not solid blue for Button.
29To Kimi Raikkonen

OK let’s get back in the groove now, Kimi.
30From Daniil KvyatI had a big snap of engine braking in turn six, big snap.
32From Jenson ButtonOh, this is painful.
33To Max Verstappen

Box opposite Bottas.
33To Valtteri Bottas

Push hard now, Verstappen in the pits.
35To Kimi Raikkonen

Lap mode box, Kimi, lap mode box.
35To Sergio Perez

Checo, engine temperatures are now critical. We have to do something different. If you can’t overtake you need to drop back.
35From Sergio PerezMan, calm down. You boxed me because of safety. Who cares if the engine blows up now?
35To Sergio Perez

Checo we understand but the front wing was broken. We had no more laps on that front wing. Race situation at the moment: The engine is critical.
36To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel you’re doing a very good job, mate. Pace is excellent.
39To Daniel Ricciardo

Box Daniel, box.
39To Sebastian Vettel

Box, Sebastian, box. Mode box.
40From Max VerstappenDid Daniel stop?
40To Max Verstappen

Yes Max. Daniel has jumped us both.
40From Max VerstappenWhat a [censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] disaster.
40To Esteban Ocon

Watch rear-left, puncture.
42From Daniel RicciardoThe [censored by FOM] the Force India doing?
42To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel let’s keep it cool, mate. We will get past them, keep it cool.
43To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis so box, box.
47To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus you’re back in business.
50To Romain Grosjean

Romain, Kevin and a Force India had a puncture from turn one on the left.
53To Jenson Button

Gap to Wehrlein 12.2 now.
53From Jenson ButtonYeah it’s more fun catching eighth to ninth.
54To Valtteri Bottas

Possible raised manhole cover exit turn one.
56From Lewis HamiltonHow’s my pace?
56To Lewis Hamilton

Pace is very good, Lewis. You’re the fastest man out there at the moment.
57From Jenson ButtonTrack breaking up in the exit of turn one.
59From Sergio PerezHe’s just such an idiot.
59To Sergio Perez

Understood, Wehrlein blocked you.
62To Pascal Wehrlein

Are you OK.
62From Pascal WehrleinYes. It would be better if I could jump out.
62To Pascal Wehrlein

OK be patient they will help you soon.
62From Sebastian VettelWehrlein OK?
62To Sebastian Vettel

Yeah Wehrlein is OK. No problem.
64To Lance Stroll

Just watch the brakes, be careful on the brakes.
64From Lance StrollIf I don’t brake I mean I have no temperature and I’m going to crash as soon as we restart. I don’t have brakes, I don’t have tyres and and I don’t know what to do.
65To Marcus Ericsson

Marcus all OK?
65From Marcus EricssonAgh!
65To Marcus Ericsson

What happened?
65From Marcus EricssonI’ve hit the wall.
66To Max Verstappen

Right Max, let’s get stuck into Bottas.
67From Stoffel VandoorneI’m in the wall at turn one.
67To Stoffel Vandoorne

Copy. Turn the car fully off.
68From Kevin MagnussenNow is clear. You can push like an animal.
71To Valtteri Bottas

If you’re comfortable, strat six.
71From Valtteri BottasDoes it look comfortable?
72To Sergio Perez

Yellow seven drive position nine and green cal one.
72From Sergio PerezGuys you really want me to crash, eh? Stop [censored by FOM] around. I mean just leave me in one position. I just need to drive, man. I need a hundred percent focus.
74To Lance Stroll

We have a temperature issue on the front-left. We need to retire the car so box this lap, straight into the garage.
78From Lewis HamiltonThe battle’s not over, guys. Let’s take these points.
VLFrom Sebastian VettelWoohoo! Yes yes! Grazie ragazzi. Grande lavoro. La machinna estata molto buono. The two laps with the old tyres I was giving everything I had.
VLTo Sebastian Vettel

Bravo Seb.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

Only messages which were played during the television broadcasts of the race are included.

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Monaco Grand Prix data

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    15 comments on “2017 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. So it is not possible to see the total transscript anywhere?

    2. Missed the final words from stroll

      If I don’t brake I mean I have no temperature and I’m going to crash as soon as we restart. I don’t have brakes, I don’t have tyres and and I don’t know what to do. [b] Please help me [/b]

      1. correction

        “I don’t have break temperature and I don’t have tyre temperature. I don’t know what to do. Can somebody help me?”

        1. He sounded so lost, I felt sorry for him. It’s becoming painfully obvious that he isn’t ready for F1. But I really can’t be mad at him after hearing his genuine desperation on the radio.

    3. Why are we suggesting raikkonen reacted at all.

      1. looking at his podium reaction, it seems logical there were some harsh words before

        A word from Kimi
        “It’s hard to say really [how it feels]. It’s still second place but it doesn’t feel awfully good.

        1. @anatoli68 Thanks for that – still none the wiser but we can at least tell that, unsurprisingly, he wasn’t best pleased.

      2. Did you watch the race?

    4. “the increased turbulence from the 2017 cars has made lapping considerably more difficult.”

      This is just not really applicable to lapping backmarkers. The driver behind needs to be within a second for blue flags to be shown. The two most well broadcast examples of blue flags not being showed this year have been with Kimi in Monaco and Verstappen in China.

      Yet, ironically, both times the lead car said “where are the blue flags” and couldn’t get within a second, they had their teammates right behind within a second of them! And Kimi had no problems getting past Button and Wehrlein once he was on new SS.

    5. The more I think about it the more I have a feeling Fernando participating in Indy 500 as well as that radio chat was a great publicity scheme by Liberty Media for F1 in America.

      Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing my favorite driver racing oval and discovering this great race.

      I just feel there is more to it than merely Alonso desiring a new challenge.

    6. 35 To Kimi Raikkonen Lap mode box, Kimi, lap mode box. That was before he asked if he should box or what. Lap mode tells me that they want the driver to put in a couple of fast laps before boxing. From that, it would appear that Kimi was not suddenly called in. In order words, business as usual and no dark conspiracy.

    7. Scuderia-Racing-Or-Ping-Pong (@)
      2nd June 2017, 17:32

      What happened to Verstappen was a total [angry team radio] [angry team radio] disaster. And Ricciardo who got blocked by Ocon (if I recalled it correctly) went 100% like “get out of my way bleep”.

    8. Lap 29 To Kimi Raikkonen OK let’s get back in the groove now, Kimi.

      @keithcollantine Where did you get that from? Was it transmitted in the British coverage? Because it does sound Kimi was told to push 6 laps before he pitted, and he still posted high 16’s. Which completely proves, once and for all, that Ferrari was right to pit him and it wasn’t an orchestrated move.

    9. I love how Vettel’s italian radio comments’ transcript includes his questionable pronunciation :-D

      Is it intended? Do you do the italian ones yourself, Keith?

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