Honda will make 11th-hour call on Canada upgrade

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In the round-up: Honda may introduce an engine upgrade at this weekend’s race if they believe the gain will be worthwhile.

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Last weekend IndyCar used a red flag to ensure the second race in Detroit didn’t finish under caution. Was this a good move?

The red flag felt a bit unnecessary and forced, and in the end it did’t change anything.

It was nice to see the race play out without yellow flags until the end, and even then it didn’t have much effect.
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49 comments on “Honda will make 11th-hour call on Canada upgrade”

  1. Kubica is back to replace Palmer
    Hope to get this headline in November 2017 :)

    1. I’d happily read that headline in June 2017 already :)

    2. That would be awesome, but unfortunately, it would seem highly unlikely. I doubt his injuries will allow him sustained assault in the current formula.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        6th June 2017, 5:01

        @jaymenon10 give Kubica the car only 3 weekends and I’m sure he could have the same or more points than The Hulk!

      2. nelson piquet
        6th June 2017, 5:27

        one handed kubica is better than two handed palmer

        1. one handed maldonado is better than two handed palmer and stroll combined

          1. But renault is unable to build cars at the same speed maldonado crashes them

          2. One handed Maldonado would have twice the amount of crashes

      3. @jaymenon10, as you say, whilst it seems that a number of fans have this wild fantasy that Kubica can just walk in and will automatically be a great driver, when you listen to what Kubica has to say about the possibility of returning to F1, he seems pretty adamant that chapter of his life is at an end. In the past, he reckoned that at least 20% of the circuits on the calendar would be physically impossible for him to compete at because they required movements of the wrist that he now cannot perform.

        1. You obviously only read comments 3 years ago. This year kubica has said completely different things!

          1. And you obviously haven’t read any current ones .. the only able to drive 80% of circuits. was made in the same interview where he announced that he would like to “try” a F1 car again … exactly 4 months ago


    3. I think the entire F1 community would love to see that. I just feel his injuries were too severe and he’s been out of the sport too long. Also, the cars have gotten even more demanding physically, which will only make it harder for him to drive flat out.

      1. Kubica has been training very hard since last year, back to his lean weight he had when in f1, and trianing on racing bikes with worldclass cyclist, for a moment it looked like he was preparing for a career change to cycling. If an 18 year old boy can handle a current f1 car then so can a super fit kubica. Only question is the hand… we will soon find out.

    4. @magnusy well this is a really early start to the silly season

      1. That;s because we have some silly drivers to replace

    5. I believe a Formula-E one-off for him could be on the table sooner, as the double header in New York collides with the 6-hours WEC event on the Nürburgring on 2017.07.16. Many of the E drivers have WEC contracts as well and have to skip New York to race on the Nürburgring, including the Renault works team E.DAMS as both Buemi and Nico Prost might be departed. That seems to be a solid opportunity for Kubica the return to a competitive single seater series.

    6. It’s also a question of liability. A few tests is one thing, but if you were a team boss would you really want the responsibility of putting Kubica in the car for a weekend, or for a year? If something goes wrong it could potentially result in a bigger accident, or maybe worsening his injuries (although I’m not an expert on this).

  2. “If we have to give up on Canada then we will introduce it in Baku, and if not then it will go to Austria or Silverstone.”

    – Hasegawa

    Sounds like a man with a concrete plan!

    1. Perfect for handling Intel’s X299 products! @todfod

      1. Probably been smoking same stuff with Intel team.

      2. I don’t know. ASRock is releasing X399 for AMD’s TR4. May have a real battle this time.

    2. Translation: We still have no idea on how to improve the worst engine on the grid but will let you know in case of a miracle.

    3. -Will there be any engine upgrades this season?

  3. This is a joke really. The engine is better or not? they dont have test results in a bench? a multi million dollar company cannot decide if they will fit an engine now or in the next race or the race after? if they delay it they will gain something in that time?

    I really dont understand their way of thinking. I know that Japanese people think differently than us the Europeans but this is basic.

    With this and that i dont believe Alonso will stay more in Mclaren.. i was never a huge fan of him but i always respected him as one of the best and considering this i predict this scenario.

    1. Alo goes to MB
    2. Luis goes to Ferrari
    3. Kimi goes to MClaren


    1. @bluechris Luis? Figo? :)

      On a more serious note, my predictions:

      1- Perez at Ferrari
      2- Leclerc to Haas.
      3- Alonso to Renault.
      4- Surprise signing at McLaren. Sainz?

    2. I sense a great disturbance in the force. Search it in yourself lord @bluechris, you will know it to be true.
      Remember, the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural, they could become powerful allies.

      Only through them they can achieve a power greater than any manufacturer

      The Force is strong with them! A powerful engine they shall become. Henceforth, they shall be known as Darth… MACONDA

      1. @johnmilk But knowing the weaknesses of the dark side Darth McLaren will ultimately turn against emperor Hondatine for the greater good.

        1. When they do it will be too late and Kylo Sauber will finish the job of his grandfather

    3. @bluechris Well allow me to explain how the japanese people think in general. The engine is better but maybe not better enough to justify starting from the back of the grid.

  4. “performance factor, but if it is very small, it’s not worth changing engine for the next one.”

    Yeah. Epic. Fernando should be allowed an Indy honda engine.

    1. Didn’t his blow up?

      1. Better to be competitive and blow up than to be toiling around having been lapped before the halfway point!

  5. Honda look like they’re trying to minimise penalties at a track they do quite well at (Canada), may use it if one of their cars ends up getting a large penalty on Friday or Saturday.

  6. “I don’t look at Canada and say I need to finish in the points because that would be the wrong approach.”

    Sorry Lance, as a lifelong fan of Williams I do think that should be your approach. The FW40 is a good cr, at the moment it is probably the best of the rest behind the big three and you have scored no points. If Williams want to overhaul Force India you need to start scoring quickly. Montreal is a great opportunity for the team, the track should suit the car.

    1. @geemac – Baby steps – let’s see Williams try to get back in front of Toro Rosso first.

  7. I’m sure Toro Rosso wil be happy too keep their drivers. Question is will Dr Marko? And what would Sainz do if Ferrari did came knocking? Another year at Toro Rosso or driving a race winning car?

    I still feel like Kvyat is walking on egg shells and if Sainz stays in 2018 it will be his fourth year at Toro Rosso, a record amount for the junior team. Sainz’s career would stagnate like Hulk’s. Great talent, but wrong place at the wrong time.

  8. Yeah, changing engines mid-way through weekend! Who would ever do that, mr. Hasegawa.

  9. I’m really intrigued by the news of Kubica’s test. There are a few aspects that make me think it could be more than just a fun run for old time’s sake.

    1) They’re bringing Sirotkin. It’d be interesting to see how their times compare on the day and I wonder if Sirotkin is there for specifically that reason.

    2) The recent comments about Palmer. Renault are clearly unimpressed with the gap between Hulkenberg and Palmer and will surely be looking to replace him as soon as it’s logically and financially viable.

    3) The timing of the test. Kubica has been vocal about not being able to do around 20% of the circuits on the calendar, including Monaco. Monaco has now been and gone, leaving the rest of the season with tracks he could in theory do.

    Personally, I think Palmer’s time is up after Canada and Renault are searching for the replacement. Sirotkin is the logical choice for a mid-season change, but if Kubica has the same or better pace, he’d be a much bigger draw PR-wise.

    Maybe I’m dreaming but the pieces add up for me.

    1. Would be amazing to see Kubica back.

    2. That 20% number is from 3 years ago, he has improved a lot, he said so himself this year. After the crash kubica always said he would never test an f1 car until he is ready, as there is no point if he cant race. he had numerous test opportunities for renault and mercedes, and he owns an f1 car (his 08 bmw) . well, he must be ready, as after 2300+ days away he is testing.

    3. Dude you are seriously on to something.

  10. It almost looked like Hasegawa had a difficult decision to made, but in reality it’s actually very easy: even if they decided to not change the engine for Canada, one or more will probably blow up anyway, so that will be the decision made for him. He will certainly never going to decide whether to “introduce it in Baku, and if not then it will go to Austria or Silverstone.”

    I meant seriously, Austria or Silverstone?? Is he really looking that far? Got to be kidding me!

  11. Stroll really does say all the wrong things.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with what he is saying.

  12. ‘Understanding the Mercedes diva’

    I automatically thought this was going to be about Hamilton.

    1. Biting satire that mate. Well done you.

  13. Can Honda tell us if they are on top of the vibration problem that was causing problems earlier this year…..which stopped them turning it up???

    1. Considering that they are still figuring out what their problems from pre season testing were, I’m guessing their answer is a No.

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