Perez says “we finished where we deserved to” after refusing team instruction

2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez defended his refusal to obey an instruction to let his team mate past during the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Force Indias were chasing Daniel Ricciardo for the final podium position in the second half of the race but were being caught by Ferrari. At one point Perez was told to yield to his team mate Esteban Ocon, who had fresher tyres.

Force India’s radio discussion with Perez

To Perez: “Checo at the end of this lap we would like to give you three laps to attack Ricciardo. Otherwise we will have to switch. Ferraris are closing.”
Perez: “It’s a waste of time, man. Ricciardo is degging off. I want the chance to overtake him. I mean, let us race, man. Please.”
To Perez: “Checo the plan is we want to attack before the Ferraris arrive behind us so we are on that plan. If we switch and Ocon couldn’t get past we would switch back.”
Perez: “Ricciardo, I want the chance to go into the lapped cars. Just leave me along now. Give me a chance. We will pick up some traffic. There will be an opportunity.”

Perez said he believed he could get past Ricciardo if the Red Bull driver made a mistake.

“I pretty much spent the whole race behind Daniel, on his DRS window the whole race. I was really close to him. What I needed from Daniel was a single mistake, a single lock-up. He basically drove a perfect race, he didn’t do a single mistake.”

“When the team asked me to let him by we were going to lap some cars so I asked to give me a chance because we probably get some traffic and it’s all that I needed, I was always on his DRS zone. At no point I was more than a second and a half, two seconds behind him. The only point I was behind him was when I was saving brakes.”

Perez was sceptical Ocon could’ve passed Ricciardo if he’d had the chance.

“In the end I had 40 or so laps to put the manoeuvre on Ricciardo and he didn’t do a single mistake. Esteban had 40 or 50 laps behind me on a much fresher tyre and he was never close to me to make a move. So I mean I think in the end we all finished where we deserved to finish.”

The two Force Indias finished fifth and sixth. Perez indicated he was unhappy with his race strategy which left him on much older tyres than his team mate at the end.

“I knew that the Ferraris were coming behind quite quick and I was struggling for tyre grip but I was thinking the podium could be mine,” he said. “The strategy for me wasn’t ideal today but I tried my best.”

“I was losing a lot of rubber so I could have been quite vulnerable after that, not only in that respect but to finish the race with so little rubber. It’s also, the main point for us is that in my career it’s the first time I’ve found myself in this situation. The team as well, we never found ourselves in this situation.”

Ocon believes his team mate’s refusal to let him through cost him a potential podium finish.

“It was a great race, just a shame I couldn’t have the chance to go and pass Ricciardo,” he said. “I think I had the pace by far to do it. A podium was possible today. We have to discuss what happened in the briefing room.”

2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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    127 comments on “Perez says “we finished where we deserved to” after refusing team instruction”

    1. In the end I had 40 or so laps to put the manoeuvre on Ricciardo and he didn’t do a single mistake.

      I’m sorry Perez but that’s not how overtaking works, you can’t just wait for the other to make a mistake. Ocon was faster than you today, and you should’ve given him a shot. And even if Ocon failed he possibly would’ve created enough of a gap to keep away from the Ferrari. I think a potential 3rd was on the table today. Vettel would’ve taken at least one Force India, that’s for sure.

      Ocon meanwhile really maturing, his comments made a lot of sense, he could’ve been swearing too. Might he be a replacement for Kimi perhaps?

      1. Ocon is a Mercedes driver.

      2. Why should Perez give Ocon a chance?, did Kobayashi or Hulkenberg or anyone gave a chance to Checo for the podium?, this is a competition, one that Perez won today on worn tires vs fresh tires, 6-1 in race, 6-1 in qualy are very contundent numbers, in the same strategy Perez is still a lot faster than Ocon in pace. Ocon is a good driver but has a lot to learn still.

        1. i see you are mexican…
          They both drive FOR THE TEAM. Giving ocon a chance he was giving the team a chance too. And he was going to get the position back in case ocon was unable to pass as well.

          Red Bull drivers did that in the past, but Perez couldn’t.

          for things like this Mclaren passed him over and he is stuck on a midfield team for 4 years and counting.
          he is keeping and eye on that Ferrari seat and was a better 2nd driver than kimi today, but he is not getting that seat.

          1. Yes im mexican, and I’d rather see him finishing his career in a Force India than being a pathetic 2nd driver at Ferrari, this guy is no second driver, his racecraft is second to none, he was not that good on qualy but he has also improved in that area, im obvously biased but i dont want to see him as a Massa, Webber, Barrichello or Berger, is better to be on the top of the midfield than to be a docile castrated second driver.

            1. Ok, fair enough. You’re allowed to have an opinion. Unfortunately, this time you’re just wrong and making excuses for your man. ocon could have probably at the very least held vettle off. This really is the brilliance of F1. The drivers are compelled to put their priorities ahead of their team’s for short term gain. Can’t really blame him but he was wrong to do what he did today.

            2. So Perez is the new team manager !

            3. You reap what you sow. Later in the season he will need a favour from either Ocon or the team. The response….remember Canada !
              Try being a team player instead of a selfish self centred 🐎

        2. Perez was tremendously helped by hulkenberg in the bahrain podium. Hulk intentionally drove slow to back up ricciardo which allowed perez to build up enough of a gap

          1. Come on, Hulkenberg was overtaken clearly by Perez that day and Ricciard didn’t pass HUL because FI was faster that day.

            Man how far can people take things in order to deny credit to Perez.

          2. I thought you guys hated team orders with a passion. Now that Perez is the one involved you start to think they are fair.

            It’s clear that this is not a tem orders issue, this is an issue with a driver you don’t like. A driver that clearly is the best of the rest even when media doesn’t take it into account

        3. Perez should be sacked, he’s not a team player and doesn’t understand that the TEAM employs him. If the team does well, so does he. FI would be a better team with him gone. On a plus side, he is doing a great job of opening the exit door. Lets hope he gets booted through it.

      3. I don’t get any of these comments. Since when everyone is so freaking fine with Team Orders. If Ocon wanted to get ahead of Perez he should do it by himself. And all this team points BS must stop. If anyone thinks that he would do better against Dan than Perez must be delusional. Just let them race without any help from the wall.

        1. Fukobayashi (@)
          12th June 2017, 10:21

          Very selfish from Perez today and they both finished behind Vettel as a result. Someone’s ego got in the way of the bigger picture and if FI lose a constructors place at the end of the year by 1 or 2 points this is what caused it.

        2. +1
          And for all of you saying that Ocon was faster, how come he couldn’t even pass Sergio? and we all know he tried. He was not faster, period

          1. +1 all of the sudden Team Orders are cool in F1. WTH? Guess is part of the new 2017 regulations smh.
            Last season when Verstapen answered with a laud NO! to Team Orders all F1 fans were excited and cheering, but if other driver -negotiates /rejects team orders then is a bum.
            And to the “that’s why McLaren passed on him” comment… it is absurd! Where is McLaren today? Or where have they been during “all those years” that Perez has bern driving for a midfield team? Look at constructors points table for the last couple of years! I bet Alonso would love to be racing at FI now.

            Occon could not pass Perez, how was he suppose to pass Daniel? Would RB radio Daniel and ask him to let him pass too?
            Occon did not fend off Vettel either, Vettel passed Occon on track.
            So all that podium, passing Dan and fending Vettel is just whishful talk.
            Glad it is clear how things will be at the track. Let them race!


            1. Paul Villeneuve
              13th June 2017, 2:22

              +1 You dont ask for a chance, you take the chance. That simple.. PER is the only midfield team driver with podiums, cause he dont ask for the chance, he always take the chances and always get the best possible result, thats why he is 1 point aways from Verstappen, he is why FI is 4th in. constructors

            2. @paul +2 lots of people fail to see ocon couldnt even pass his own team mate with much fresher tires, yet he had the potential to overtake Ric? or hold off Vet… Like Xavi said, too optimistic talk…

            3. +3 I’m tired of all this “now I love team orders” nonsense. There are no “what if”s, if Ocon didn’t pass Perez, he would not pass Ricciardo

    2. I disagree. Had Perez allowed Ocon through, I reckon he would’ve gotten a podium, passing Ricciardo with the superior grunt.

      1. How would OCON could do that, when he couldn’t pass PER on worst equipment and tires than RIC ???

    3. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
      11th June 2017, 21:37

      Ocon had much fresher tyres,he should have given the chance to try at least for 2 laps,but Perez didn’t agreed…Ricciardo was struggling ,he was vulnerable,Perez couldnt pass him during half of the race,so Ocon with 15 laps fresher tyres should have tried…

    4. In Perez defense it is hard for a Racer to just move over. Ocon however is the real deal. Next time Ocon should just take the position from Perez.

      1. I say so, it was racing, If both got a green to race, let´s just race, If Perez won´t move, let´s just pass him and let him deal with ferrari on his own, if no pass is possible then team orders are irrelevant and contradict reality in the name of hopeful strategy, I say the race did not developed to make it an obvious mistake for anyone, Kimi could not become the threat he seemed to be at one point, Vettel did not come close to Ricciardo to challenge for podioum, Force India or not, and Occon had fresh tyres but did not come close to Perez Until the end and the result of that is History now, Perez came close enough to Ricciardo, to challenge but never felt he could succesfully do so, Ricciardo tried his best to keep his position and as every one knows Mercedes was on their own event, and thats where it stands. May be Vettel could have come closer to Ricciardo, and pass, But then again you still have to race the field for that, so it is what it is, and Occon will learn what all veterans have by now, If you want to win, go ahead and take it on your own when you can, be the bad guy in the team, but give them the points they wanted or more, but do it in the race, then what comes next (or should come) is respect from every one

    5. Perez needs to realise that this behaviour of his will have consequences. Ocon may refuse to let Perez past in the future.

      1. It may go further than that …. he is on the radar of bigger teams who won’t be impressed with a driver that does not play the team game.

        1. My comments may not be very popular but here it goes anyway.

          This doesn’t hinder his chances in any way with the bigger teams. Remember multi 21,or when Alonso overtook Massa at pit entry. This just shows how hungry he is. If anything some might say it’s the type of ruthlessness that only champions are made of​.

    6. I dont remember Kobayashi or Hulkenberg letting checo pass for a podium, in the end Ocon with much fresher tires couldn’t pass Perez, impossible for Esteban to pass Ricciardo, also Perez teaching defence classes to the rookie. Also, 6-1 in race, 6-1 in qualy (not 6-0 thanks to the yellow flag in Bahrain)

      1. You’re Mexican mate…..

        What occurred in past races is irrelevant. Perez put himself before the wishes of the team. Perez races for Force India, not for Sergio Perez. If he doesn’t like that hes more than welcome to start his own team to avoid this in the future.

        Real situations expose fake people. This won’t go unnoticed by the bigger teams. Only one of the Force India drivers left Montreal held in higher regard by those who matter in the sport.

        1. @bamboo

          You’re Mexican mate…..

          why is THIS relevant?

          1. Because it hurts is objectivity in the matter. I notice this on Dutch forums too, where everyone is defending angel Max, no matter how wrong he is.

            1. I respectfully think that objectivity is already well hurt around European forums, were double standards and morale is seen according driver’s nationality, I have been reading this great forum for a couple of years now and this is the very first time I see people cheering so massively for team orders, and I think it has to do with Perez depreciation over other drivers such like Hulk before and now Ocon.
              Let’s see the other side of the picture, why didn’t Ocon tried to hold Vet more instead of being over Checo? and give Perez the chance to chase Ric without having to defend? And I don’t buy the Ocon was faster idea because he was not able to pass Perez.
              I cheer driver’s spirit to fight to the end, and I think the treatment he is getting is not equal.

        2. Luis de la garza
          14th June 2017, 6:37

          Wth buddy. Enough with your ” You’re mexican”…. i’m Mexican also but it doesn’t cloud my judgement. Let them race. If Ocon wants to pass, earn it. The same will go when Ocon is on front of Checo.

      2. Perez was lucky Ocon took a careful approach, for the team’s sake. Ocon was much faster and could have given the team the spot on the podium today. It would have been nice for the hundreds of people at the factory and for the sponsors who put millions into this team. Too bad, Pérez his ego was again bigger than the sake of the team and sponsors today. That’s the reason why McLaren ditched him and why he will never get a chance again at a championship winning team.

        1. Pérez has more podiums than McLaren and leaving McLaren was the best thing for Perez.

          Every body knows why McLaren and Perez split. Perez sponsors didn’t like McLaren direction and drop the sponsor deal, 4 yrs later seem they were right.

          Alonso / Vandorne will tell you what top team you are talking about, currently LAST of the grid ….

    7. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
      11th June 2017, 21:45

      Something outside the ”Perez vs Ocon” battle,but still in F.I.I dont know of it only me who believes that,but F.I has had so much good luck in those first 7 races(with the exception of Monaco)They will definetely finish in P4 in the constructors(STR & Williams cant catch them) but they have won so much points,due to the bad luck of others…

    8. Perez was ridiculous. He was not fighting for a win, it is not a top team, they can acuatly miss these points at the end of the year. Ocon had much fresher tyres, would have finished p3.

      1. Fukobayashi (@)
        12th June 2017, 10:36

        While I agree with your sentiment that Perez put himself before the team, what would have actually happened is Ocon 4th and Perez 6th. If Ocon couldnt pass Perez then he would not have been able to pass Ricciardo, both were basically doing identical pace.

        1. Exactly… so basically 2 points lost. I’d actually contend that Perez would have finished behind both Ferraris and it was neutral in terms of points.

          They have a 42 points lead on Toro Rosso. Unless something crazy happens during the summer break, those 2 points won’t make a difference.

    9. I don’t like one-sided team orders but in this particular case, Force India were very clear. They told Perez that if Ocon was also not able to pass Ricciardo after being let through by his teammate, they would swap places again before the end of the race to give Perez his place back ahead of his teammate. The team could not have been fairer than that and Perez should have accepted that option. Therefore, I also believe that Perez was wrong in not obeying Team Orders.

      Having said that though, I am not convinced that Ocon could have passed Ricciardo himself if he was let though. True, he was marginally faster than his teammate but the Red Bull was very good through the corners and Ricciardo is usually very good in defending his position. Also, if Perez and let Ocon through only to be passed by Vettel himself (as was very likely), then Ocon would not be in a position to re-swap with Perez till Vettel passed him as well.

      1. @loup-garou To the last point: True, but that still would have been a better result for the team overall (P4&P6 compared to P5&P6), so it would have been worth it.

        1. Also could have been worse without Raikkonen’s problems.

    10. congrats to stroll. against all odds.

      1. Despite himself lol.

      2. Yes, I thought he did well. Finished in 9th place and now has 2 points.

    11. Perez should have let his teammate through to get a chance of scoring a podium – fine, Force India decided not to call a clear order, even though I think it was a mistake on the team’s part. But after that Ocon tried to pass twice on the long straight, and Perez defended far too aggressively, both on the last lap and a few laps before when Vettel got Ocon right after. I agree with Ocon that those moves weren’t fair, especially towards a teammate who’s been lapping faster.

      Such a shame for Ocon, it would have been a great story if he could have stood on the podium less than a year after his debut and on a new track for him. Nevertheless I think he’s one big star for the future, I hope there will be another shot for him to get up there this year.

      1. It’s becoming clear why Ocon beat VER in the junior formulas. I bet Ocon would wipe the floor with VER in the same car. As for Perez and Ocon I think Perez is up against the best teammate he has had since JB.

        1. Lennard Mascini (@)
          12th June 2017, 2:49

          I might be Dutch, and thus biased, but I would like to say a few things.
          1. During the only season they raced together (barring F1), Verstappen finished above Ocon in 13 out of the 21 races they both completed (62%). I would not call that wiping the floor.
          2. Ocon was driving for Prema, who had delivered the champion in the first two years of the European Formula 3 Championship, along with third and fourth the previous season. Meanwhile, Verstappen was driving for Van Amersfoort Racing, a team that had never before delivered a driver to higher than 9th in the championship.
          3. Verstappen had almost no single seater experience, doing only twelve races in Florida before this campaign. Meanwhile, Ocon had had two seasons in FR2.0, doing a total of 47 races, about 4 times as much as Verstappen.
          4. As mentioned previously, Verstappen had never driven a single seater in Europe before, and was thus unfamiliar with all of the circuits. Ocon, however, had raced previously at every track on the calender bar the Norisring, where Verstappen won and got fastest lap for all three races and had pole position for two of them, only being beaten to race one pole by Felix Rosenqvist, who was doing his 5th season in F3.

        2. Hahaha, Perez must be a freaking Senna-level talent because he he is beating Esteban “would wipe the floor wth Verstappen” Ocon 6-1 in races and qualy (and that one in qualy was because a Q1 yellow flag).

          1. I don’t know about Senna level but he is definitely a special talent.

    12. If Verstappen does it the european press and fans “he is a genius, the champions are selfish”, if Perez does the same “he is ridiculous, he made a mistake”, come on, the force india team picked up 22 points in the end, this was a great result, a great battle and a grat show for the fans, thanks to Perez “selfishness”

      1. @juanmelendezr1 I agree with you. Although team orders might sometimes be particularly important for small teams, from driver’s point of view they are the same. Asking Perez to give up a potential podium finish is no different from asking Raikkonen to give up a victory because Vettel is faster and needs to win the championship. So kudos to Perez and thanks for the great race.

        1. Lennard Mascini (@)
          12th June 2017, 3:01

          There is a difference, and said difference is in the words you used “potential”. Ocon was faster than Perez, and all they wanted was to give him a chance to overtake Ricciardo. Another difference in these two instances is that from a constructors championship point of view, which is what is most important for teams, it doesn’t matter in what order drivers finish in a 1-2 in, while coming 3rd and 6th (potentially) is a lot better than 5th and 6th. The main reason the FIs fell victim to Vettel was that, when Ocon attempted to overtake Perez, Perez defended aggressively and thereby lost the DRS to Ricciardo. If Ocon was in the lead of the two FIs, he would have definitely been able to hang on to Ricciardo, and maybe even overtake him, while Perez could hang on the back of the train and get tagged along, while not having enough pace to attack Ocon and slow them both down.

          1. Paul Villeneuve
            13th June 2017, 2:31

            You dont have to give someone a chance, he has to take that chance. Do it by his own merit. Why is everybody agree about giffting a place to a driver? Absurd

      2. @juanmelendezr1: Exactly. If Ocon was faster he should have been able to overtake Perez without the need of team orders. Double standards from media as usual.
        Despite that, it was an awesome drive by Ocon!

        1. Just a caveat : perez had drs which ricciArdo hadn’t. Ocon could well have managed it against a no drs Renault engine rather than a faster drs mercedes engine.

        2. James Coulee
          12th June 2017, 1:46

          There’s the very real question of him busting the tires fighting with Checo and then have nothing left on them for Ricciardo. Not only that, both would be more vulnerable to the Ferraris after wearing the tires down fighting with each other. It’s very easy to say “then just pass” but it’s too simplistic in the face of the complexities of a race. Checo did no good for the team nor, in the long run, for himself.

      3. I agree there has been a complete double standard for Perez since he started in F1. It’s true the commentators can talk up VER for about a half hour it seems. I think Ocon would wipe the floor with VER if he was in the same RBR.

        1. Lennard Mascini (@)
          12th June 2017, 2:51

          Please find my comment above.

        2. Fukobayashi (@)
          12th June 2017, 10:41

          Dreaming guy. Both are very good but Max is absolute world standard and will win a WDC before Ocon.

          1. Fukobayashi (@)
            12th June 2017, 10:42

            And had Verstappen been in that FI he would have found a way past Perez I have absolutely no doubt.

            1. @offdutyrockstar Perez had drs on ricciardo…and as soon as Ricciardo pulled away, Ocon was consistently challenging Perez, with Perez defending aggressively.

            2. Fukobayashi (@)
              12th June 2017, 11:04

              @neutronstar yes i’m aware of that. But Ocon didn’t pull off any of those do or die, later than late braking moves that Max is renowned for. He would have pulled off something similar to how Vettel got past, he finds grip on parts of the track where others cant.

            3. @offdutyrockstar Hmm…you may be right, but we’ll never know to be honest…since Perez was so intent on taking the inside line for the final chicane both the times Ocon tried to pull off an overtake. It’s really difficult around the outside there, in my opinion.

              But yeah, I do agree that with Verstappen, the chance of an overtake would have been definitely higher. We are yet to see a great overtake from Ocon, even if we’ve seen impressive speed. I hope that happens soon. :)

            4. Fukobayashi (@)
              12th June 2017, 11:20

              Yes agreed. Taking nothing away from Ocon, I personally would vote him driver of the day yesterday for keeping his head in a very tense situation, just could have been a tiny bit more brave.

      4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        12th June 2017, 13:07

        @juanmelendezr1 @girts

        Overtaking Perez in a race in which the team is enjoying their best results of the season and one of the best results in the team’s history is a different thing than overtaking your teammate. Sure Ocon could have overtaken Perez but most likely no Force India cars would have finished the race or maybe 1 would have in some other position. Then Perez would have blamed Ocon for passing him while he smashed into him to defend his position…

    13. I think it was the right decision by Perez. Come on, he believed in an opportunity, why shouldn’t he follow his instincts? If Ocon had been faster, he should’ve passed Perez anyways. Btw, I think both drivers were superb today. Perez defending with very old tyres and Ocon showing a lot of speed.

      1. ForceIndia do not have the deep pockets of Ferrari, Redbull, Mercedes or Mclaren. Every single point matters to them. They win nothing if one of their drivers wins the world championship and the come 6th in the constructors. Their priority is to maximise the team’s potential. That is where Perez was wrong.

        1. Force India can thank Perez for most of the points they have collected in latest years, including all podiums but one, so I think the community can cut him a slack for being competitive and have racer’s blood in the veins.

    14. The mysterious case of the 50 shades of red.

      If you are on the darker spectrum do not dare to have teams orders, especially if they go in favour of the shade no 5. (And even if they aren’t any someone will imply otherwise)

      On the other hand if you are closer to the lighter shades don’t dare to defy them.

      Maybe we need another ban on them? Just saying.

      1. @johnmilk: That is pure GOLD!
        Comment of the year!!

      2. +1 very good comment

      3. cant help it but it crossed my mind too right away. comment of the race.

    15. Perez is starting to feel Ocon’s heat. Good on both of them. Ocon for his brilliant drive and Perez for his racer instinct. A great pairing and Force india are reaping rhe rewards.

      1. Both are top team drivers in my opinion.

    16. While Perez was stubbornly refusing to let Ocon, past, I was just laughing at his stupidity. He thought he would have a chance in the end. Meanwhile a great red shark was closing in fast about to devour them both.
      Force India are in with a chance to challenge Redbull. There existed a slim chance of further reducing the points gap. The team should have been more insistent.

      1. in your opinion…

    17. Regardless of the battle for 3rd place, I get the feeling that Perez compromised Force India chances of a P4. Ocon had more chances to hold into that place than Perez.

      Had Ocon overtaken Perez, he’d have pressured Ricciardo and Perez could have held Vettel as long as possible. Then, if Vettel got by, Ocon would be much higher up the road.

      A 4th and 6th place was better than a 5th and 6th. A missed chance by Force India. Where they ended up was their worst result possible, anything else was good enough to try.

      1. And to make tje matter worse, Perez gave Ocon a real hard time blocking, and simply didn’t put a fight against Vettel (not that he had a chance of keeping the position but he didn’t even tried).

    18. Lost a lot of respect for Perez today. Didn’t want to be beaten by his younger teammate, cost the team a potential podium and valuable constructor’s points, and gave Vettel a suspiciously easy time in passing him for 4th compared to his defence against Ocon. Selfish, not a team player, and with only his long-term interests in mind. Hope to see Ocon in a Mercedes next year, because he’s progressing and maturing rapidly.

      1. @newfangled

        Same here. Thought it was especially selfish considering that they offered him the swap if Ocon couldn’t get the job done. Instead, Perez defends over aggressively to keep his teammate behind and eventually loses a lot of ground to Ricciardo in the closing laps. Perez put himself before the team today, and robbed them of their only podium shot of the season so far.

        It’s funny that Perez is trying to impress the top teams with his drives, but instead Ferrari and Mercedes probably won’t consider him in the future just because of his antics today.

        1. Paul Villeneuve
          13th June 2017, 2:46

          I would hve lost the respect for PER if he hould’ve allowed OCO pass, He is a top driver, he has champion blood, he is no mediocre driver, I think he did what any other top driver would have, you want my spot? Earn it!!!! Suddenly everybody likes team orders, common! Podiums are Earnd not giffted by a team order. PER knows that very well.

    19. Like it or not , Formula 1 was and will always be a team’s sport first and foremost .

      Force India should have been more stern and more demanding in letting Ocon past Perez for the good of the team, if Perez wants to whine he can find a different team to race for next season, he is supposed to drive his best and do it for the good of the team first then for his own glory second. There’s a whole bunch of engineers and analysts in the team whose sole job is to crunch numbers and determine what will work and what won’t while the driver only knows what’s happening directly in front of him and directly behind him, so as a team player he should accept what they decide is best and discuss his personal opinions in the team hearing after the race.

      1. Austria 2002 should be a reminder of team orders, I personally do not like them. If a pilot wants a position he should figt for it.

        1. Ross Brawn Q&A: A1-Ring, May 12th, 2002

          Q: You said at the launch in Maranello that is Rubens was in the lead you would not ask Michael to go past him. What’s changed your mind in the six races since the launch?

          “The situation today was that Michael had 44 points and Rubens had six. If they were both fighting for the championship on an equal points basis we wouldn’t have made the decision we made today. And Rubens understands that. I have no problem with the decision we made today, and nothing’s changed it.”

      2. Is it? What comes to your mind when you remember the 99 season? Mika Hakkinen WDC or Ferrari WCC? Or 2008? Was it the year of Lewis or the year of Ferrari?

    20. All those people blaming Perez, why should he give the position to Ocon? Its just ridiculous, even blue flags are ridiculous, at the end of the day besides every driver droping the “teamwork” word in every conference, their teammate is the first one to beat, and in Formula 1 when teams are looking for drivers at the end they will be looking at plain numbers and Im sure it doesn’t have a “How many times did he not let his teammate pass” category. You want to see soft teammates like Bottas? Not even seeing Lewis through all the race? The old Alonso Massa joke? i mean this is the circus F1 has become, everone whinning about everything, rules for everything, -“Oh he step on the white line by 1 inch, 15 seconds”, at the end of the day we want to see real racing, real rage like Vettel showed today, this Perez Ocon RIC kept me no breathing for minutes, it was nice to watch, enternaining. So if you all want a F1 where just every driver is trying to please other interests rathen than racing, well thats sad. Ocon couldn’t pass Perez on fresh tyres? Too bad, better luck next time. He did a good race? Yeah he did and I think he is a great driver with a great future ahead.

      1. Now this is a comment one can agree with! Great points you made Carlos. Which driver has brought the most points to FI this year? Yeah that’s right Perez and nobody let him pass, Ocon could have always used his newer tires, skills and DRS for it.

        I remember when people used to said “Perez had no place in Formula 1, he is only a paid driver, no skills, etc. He has demonstrated those guys wrong for sure.

        Great race from both Ocon and Perez and yes their fight kept me thrilled and that’s what makes F1 great! not letting teammates pass because of team orders.

        1. Lennard Mascini (@)
          12th June 2017, 3:06

          Perez drove well and was faster than Ricciardo, but Ocon was faster than Perez. He would’ve been able to overtake Ricciardo. Would you not have rather seen a scintillating battle for third between Ocon and Ricciardo, with Perez and Vettel nipping in as well if mistakes were made, rather than one where the only question was whether Ocon managed to overtake Perez?

    21. Perez was in 4th place when the team order was given and finished in 5th place (10 points), but narrowly avoided finishing in 6th. If he had obeyed the team order then he’d have finished 5th or 6th. Ocon, who he was battling, finished in 6th place (8 points). So the team, who supply him the racing car, got 18 points for their effort today.
      Meanwhile, Vettel finished in 4th place (12 points). We don’t know how things would have played out if Perez had relinquished a place to Ocon, but one scenario is Ocon 4th and Vettel in 5th place, so Force India would have one 4th place (12 points) and one 6th place (8 points) so got 20 points.
      Currently FI are sort of half way between Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, so at this stage of the season the points difference isn’t critical.
      While this isn’t the outcome I think is right for FI, it is one that is liveable.

    22. I have an opinion
      12th June 2017, 2:03

      Ocon started and finished the race behind Perez. He had ample opportunity (approximately ten laps in clean air) to leapfrog him in an overcut. If he was indeed faster than Ricciardo after the pitstop, by inference he should have also been faster than Perez and able to overtake him on track.

      Ocon’s only asset was fresher tyres. He had neither the track position nor the speed to get third.

    23. See the rise of Force India. Now they are beginning to face the problems that top teams face

      1. Exactly what i thought during the race

    24. Many people have commented that Ocon should have been able to overtake Perez if he was actually faster. I disagree, simply because Perez had DRS on Ricciardo. Hell, even Vettel struggled to overtake the Force Indias (he was much faster than both) and wouldn’t have been able to on that lap if Perez and Ocon hadn’t gone side-by-side into the final chicane. That’s how strong the DRS was here. Considering Perez and Ocon have the same machinery and the same engine, it really was near impossible for Ocon to overtake Perez on merit in this scenario. He did try to overtake twice in the end and both the attempts were possible because Perez didn’t have DRS.

      I think following the team instruction was worth a try at least. Ocon was given a 3-lap deadline anyway. He was on fresher tyres, could go possibly faster than Perez and thus, had a better chance at the podium. How can Perez decide how well Ocon would have done? If he thinks that Ocon wasn’t “close enough” to him in the first place, it’s because of the reason I’ve mentioned above. If Force India managed a podium, would he say that the team didn’t deserve it?

    25. How biased we have become! If instead of Ocon, Pérez would have had any other driver behind him, we might be writing about how superbly Pérez defended his position… And indeed he did! Yes, maybe his stubborness costed FI a couple of points in the manufacturers’ championship but it added two points on his lead over his team mate in the driver’s championship. Pérez has helped FI enormusly in terms of developement and financial support over the past four years, I think he deserves to be a little egotistic once in a while.

      1. Paul Villeneuve
        13th June 2017, 2:50


    26. I do see where Perez is coming from but he needs to understand that his team can see things, strategies which he can’t. He is an employee of that team, no more,no less. I’m a gardener, fully trained, qualified and I know way more about it than my employers but if they say I want you to do such and such today, I don’t refuse, I make my case and if they insist, I do! End of.

    27. So Perez is the new team manager !

    28. I thought both Perez and Ocon handled themselves really well and graciously post race.

      Perez made a very good point – he was behind Dan for quite a few laps when he had fresh tyres and couldn’t pass him and doubted that Ocon would have been any more successful. He also judged that they’d have a chance when Dan hit the slower cars in from and asked for that chance. Rightly or wrongly his reasons (and the team agreeing to it) were sound.

      Ocon, once out of the car had a smile and took it well with a “my time will come”

      I’m enjoying watching FI progress this year – 2 top drivers and a decent set of heads in their strategy department. It’s little wonder that they’re well ahead in “the best of the rest”

    29. In 2014 Perez came to Force India from his less than successful year at McLaren. While team mate Hulkenberg started the year with two top 6’s, Perez had a 10th and a DNS. His carreer looked in serious trouble, quickly becoming a ‘might-have-been’. Then came the Bahrain GP. In an eventful race he moved up the order and then made that relentless pass on Hulkenberg, showing he was just a little more determined (or desperate, if you want to be a cynic). From then on things were on the up. While Hulkenberg continued to out-qualify Perez for most of the time in their seasons together, Perez gradually edged closer in the races and then ahead and in 2016 he was the leading driver most of the time. Reputation restored, and it started with that magnificient battle with his teammate in which he came out on top. And he did not need a team instruction for it.

      Now the situation between Ocon and Perez is of course slightly different, but if Ocon wants to make his mark, what’s the value of a team order? It will only undermine his reputation. If Ocon wants to gain the upper hand he should beat Perez the way Perez beat Hulkenberg. Then he’s not just building a reputation, but also building a character.

      And for the team interest thing, apperantly Force India didn’t really believe either driver could take the Red Bull, as they didn’t make a big deal of their drivers squabbling over preference.

      1. Paul Villeneuve
        13th June 2017, 2:56

        Great point.

    30. Seriously unimpressed with Perez. He should have been generous and let Ocon through. He’d have finished with the same points and the team and his team mate with more. If the reverse happens in the future, highly possible, he’ll presumably recall how teamwork functions. Fact is, it seemed he was relying on his financial clout with the team to get his own way. There’s no way his image comes out positive from that with anyone. Spoilt behaviour.

    31. All I know is if VER would have done the same as Perez most fans would be ok with it. That is why if you ask me Perez did the right thing. If Ocon wants something them come and take it.

    32. Force India is loving the “drama” this has created.

    33. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      12th June 2017, 13:18

      Personally I was a bit surprised by Perez’s behavior today. But the best part of this, were Ocon’s and Checo’s interviews conducted by Will Buxton. Ocon delivered the best response of all time. Buxton’s questions to Perez were probably the best interview questions I’ve ever heard and the most entertaining. Kudos to David Hobbs for pointing it out.

      Of course, he doesn’t want Ocon getting a podium at Force India. Only Checo can do that…without overtaking anyone…

      It just shows you what a nice guy Nico Hulkenberg was – they literally screwed up Nico’s seasons by building a car for Perez. If they built a car that was quick, Perez would never have seen Nico on track except while he’s being lapped. And Perez isn’t slow, he’s just slow relative to Nico…

      1. That seems a bit bias to me. I disagree Perez is a very talented driver. He has a few podiums in cars many do not.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          12th June 2017, 15:25

          I don’t disagree that Perez’s talented – he has accomplished podiums where almost no one would have but his podiums were never accomplished on overtakes and outright pace, although that would be a tall order for a team like Force India. Imo Perez does better with a midfield car that’s easy on the tires – he falls back at the start or does an early pit stop courtesy of the Safety Car and then ends up on the podium at the end of the race.

          1. Explain Bahrain 2014 or Baku 2016

            1. Paul Villeneuve
              13th June 2017, 3:00

              In Monza he passed 2 ferraris in a sauber, just for u to remeber, also in Malasia, and Baku

            2. Monaco 2016

    34. I want to put some thing in order:

      First I don’t think any team would gave team orders to their drivers for a single race. For a championship maybe, but only when one driver has no real chance to win it and the other has. But what I want is irrelevant since the very begining of the F1 were team orders and there will be in the future.

      Saying so, I disagree pilots disobey team orders, but one thing is to disobey a direct order and other thing is to question and orden and the team let them fight as requested. Here ir a statement from Force India: “After the pit stops, Esteban was right behind Sergio and had a pace advantage thanks to his fresher tyres. We advised both drivers of the situation and considered switching them around, but ultimately we chose to let them race. They were tough with each other on the track, but it was a fair fight.”

      So the team “ultimately” chose to let them race, so there is no a disobey order from Checo. Of course the team may have a better result if Ocon were ahead of Perez at the end, but the team already made a decision that compromised Perez situation calling to boxes several laps before Ocon… and even so, Ocon didn’t get the advantage coming ahead from his teammate with such laps out.

      Also many accused Perez for not beeing able to overtake Ricciardo, for waiting a mistake to have a chance, but just remember that Perez was the driver who made the most overtakes for positions this year in places where no body attempt to. For example, just remember the last race in Monaco.

      Force India are happy with the result and the don’t regreat for the “maybe’s” of the switching position. Here is the rest of the statement: “Sadly we couldn’t contain Vettel, but picking up 18 points extends our points advantage in the championship. We now have scored more than twice the points of the fifth placed team. We also saw really competitive car pace this weekend and that’s encouraging for the races to come, especially Baku in two weeks’ time.”

      I’m also aware the discussion of Verstapeen against Ocon or Perez and I think the main reason from many Perez haters are the Ocon and Verstapeen are europeans, and they rather prefer an european driver in a top team than a latin american driver. Just remember that are drivers that not follow orders the way the team expect to do, and everybody defends them, like Hamilton in the last race 2016. Or we already forgot that?

      1. Paul Villeneuve
        13th June 2017, 3:01

        Amen budy!

    35. it’s too bad for force india, they are the big loosers.. not only for possibly missing out on a podium, but now I would bet that ocon isnt willing to help perez any….

      ocon was obviously quicker & the fact that the team stated “if he doesnt get past riciardo, ocon will give the place back” or something to that effect.

      I was waiting for ocon to punt perez going into turn 1 after the checker flag…. the ole paul tracey – chrome horn / red mist…whatever you wanna call it!

    36. Only on a Formula One website can you read a thread this long supporting team orders.

    37. Ocon with fresher tyres couldn’t take on Perez, so how do you expect to take on the Red Bull.
      Also I would like to see Ocon to be a better team player and contain Ferrari but his rookie mentality screw the team.
      Hope Ocon can learn more from Perez and stop crying like a baby and grow up.
      If he believes can be faster than Perez he should have a try to do it by himself.

    38. Perez and Ocon (and any otero driver) are employees, they have to obey instructions. Period

    39. Would love to see how Ocon performs at Baku, yes I know his first quote will be I have never race here before…starts with all the excuses, I would like to see who he blames now, I’m very disappointed with all his Rookie comments after Canada…not so sure what he smoke to make him believe he could have podium changes if he couldn’t even passed Sergio on fresher tyres. LOL Instead he opened the door to Vettel, very smart rookie decision…Ocon change the dippers and grow up…be a team player please…

    40. No real F! driver obeys team orders…not even Lewis obeyed last year…but nobody cares he is European and yes he is Lewis. OMG
      Please stop trolling Perez, he is by far one of the most talented drivers. Would love to see him at Ferrari teaming up with Vettel.
      Again, Ocon please grow up and learn from Perez…and overtake under racing conditions without any team orders.

    41. Only Massa and Barichello obeys orders that why they were and will never by Champions…that’s it its the looser mentality…
      Sergio keep it up..

    42. @Armando “Ocon please grow up and learn from Perez…and overtake under racing conditions without any team orders”

      I think Ocon raced maturely & didnt put Force India @ risk by having 2 cars end up out of the race & 0 points.

      Perez said “oh, ocon was never close to me to make a pass”… yeah right, like that time you forced him under braking before the chicane?

      Everyone knows that perez is difficult to pass.

      maybe ocon watched sergio & massa during the 2014 canadian GP & thought it was better to take the points in hand.

      I get it & agree to you that they are all out there to race…. but let’s see, massa & rubens both have 11 wins each & sergio has how many? This is coming from someone who likes perez.

      1. Again is not a fact Ocon could have pass RIC , specially cause he couldn’t pass PER, which was in worst car and tires …

        PER is becoming a point ☝🏽 of reference for the show every race 🏁, is funny how many people either love or hate him, same as HAM

        Team orders were banned not to long ago, I like the Mercedes approach of let them race 🏁

    43. Perez has some talent but not enough to ignore the team. He had ZERO chance to pass Ricciardo and he knows it since he knew only would happened if Daniel made a mistake, certainly did not have the pace. Now Ocon I guess didn’t have the speed to pass his teammate or couldn’t from how Perez was driving, he should of let him pass because he has WAY more of a chance to get the last podium place. He basically threw away points and is not a team player and will never be a world champion. That’s why mclaren-mercedes dropped him and Redbull, Ferrari or Mercedes won’t ever sign him. He is not smart enough to see the bigger picture or past his own self inflated ego, he should because his nose isn’t big.

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